800 balas (2002)



Let the battle begin…

Julián Torralba is a former movie stuntman in Almeria, Spain. He and several of his colleagues, who once made a living in American Westerns shot in Spain, now are reduced to doing stunt shows for minuscule audiences on the decaying set built for those old Westerns. Julián wrestles with dark memories of the death of his son, also a stuntman, and with estrangement from his daughter-in-law Laura and her son Carlos. Carlos, a young boy, becomes intrigued with his late father\’s life and runs away to join Julián and his band of has-beens. There Carlos is initiated into the rambunctious life of these hard-drinking faux cowboys. But when Laura, a powerful executive looking for a new site for a tourist resort, learns that Carlos has joined the hated Julián, she moves to destroy even this remnant of Julián\’s once-proud career. Julián and the cowboys decide to fight back the only way they know how.

Written by
Jim Beaver <[email protected]>

Genre: Comedy,Crime,Drama,Western

800 balas (2002)
Release Date: 18 October 2002 (Spain)
Country: Spain
Director: Álex de la Iglesia
  • Sancho Gracia
  • Ángel de Andrés López
  • Carmen Maura
  • Eusebio Poncela
  • Luis Castro
  • Manuel Tallafé
  • Enrique Martínez
  • Luciano Federico
  • Eduardo Gómez
  • Terele Pávez
  • Ramón Barea
  • Cesáreo Estébanez
  • Eduardo Antuña
  • Gracia Olayo
  • Berta Ojea

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11 Responses to 800 balas (2002)

  1. mrjosh-1
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    Not a bad movie. I enjoyed it.

    but if Michael Jackson is in trouble for messing with little kids, then why is this movie allowed? Why does Blockbuster even carry it? There is a very graphic scene where a whore teaches a pre-teen boy how to fondle her breasts. And not just touch them, but fully grasp them. She even says "that feels good" implying she is getting sexual gratification out of the touch. Then, when the boy is talking to his mom on the phone, she is pulling up his shirt. The next morning when he wakes up, the lady is fully nude. So, we get full on tit touching, and some sort of implied sexual liason…..why isn’t this illegal? I liked the scene. Hell, I wish I was that kid…..

    but is there some sort of double standard here?

  2. groggo
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    Did anyone else notice the odd casting in this film? Carmen Maura was 57 years old when she made this movie, and she looks it. Yet she’s the mother of a 12-year-old boy. Sancho Gracia, who plays Maura’s FATHER-in-law in the movie, is a mere nine years older than Maura. Maybe we’re not supposed to notice these things. I could have believed Maura as the GRANDMOTHER of the boy, but the mother was stretching it. I love Maura, but she was miscast in this flick. Wasted really. She’s a terrific actress who shines in comedic roles.

  3. oldsenior
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    It didn’t have to end like it did. The Hero didn’t do anything more than anyone else to deserve his ending. What made the ex-wife change her mind so suddenly and too-late, was solely the contrivance of the script writer, not a good idea. Otherwise I thought the movie was excellent.

  4. neamtzu_rau
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    I think he should, if he didn’t.

    If he did, I think he’s proud to be remembered and reveared by the Spaniards

    in such a gallant way.

    This film is so romantic, brings out the good oll’ big screen Wild West to life

    without even trying so hard.

    I think the sets were already there from former western productions,

    but the idea and the script are wonderuful.

    Congrats to the makers of this film.

    (even tough they don’t even read this )

    signature :

    …something deep and overwhelming…

  5. Tturtle
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    Did they look fake? I can’t tell. I can only say they looked good.

    knuck if you buck

  6. steve-pet-peeve
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    This and Crime Ferpecto feel like American made, or at least heavily influenced, movies, not European films as I’ve come to understand them. Though I may only have a stereotypical notion of what a European film is, and perhaps completely wrong. But European films have always seemed much less concerned with tight, coherent plots and having dreary endings. Lots of time they can be unconnected scenes, perhaps exploring a theme, a meandering story that ends happily for all. Whereas American movies tend to focus on pleasing and audience, which means giving them a typically happy ending. And also keeping the story moving forward at a ferocious clip; cutting things that don’t do so.

    I don’t watch a ton of European movies, but have felt that way about many French and Spanish movies that I’ve scene recently. And I wonder if it’s because, perhaps, the films are partly subsidized by the government and the director/producer/whoever doesn’t have to please the audience the way his American counterpart does. He can make a movie that, basically, only pleases him and not get drummed out of the business if few people see it. This, perhaps, results more in different styles of movies. I ask this because these filmmakers seem to by making Hollywood style movies. They feel like they could have been made over here — especially Crime Ferpecto — so I’m wondering if that’s because they’re influenced heavily by this type of filmmaking/storytelling.

    Or perhaps there is no real difference and I’m just getting the stereotype wrong. Or perhaps there is a difference but I’m drawing the wrong conclusions as to why, and that it’s just a cultural difference in how we like our stories told. These guys just struck me as "American type" filmmakers/story tellers, which is probably they appealed to me so quickly.

  7. thebadmf
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    Anyone recommend another BODY of work she’s done? She’s amazing….

  8. Mithrandir24
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    At first i actually thought this is western, which i personally don’t like, but then i saw a wonderfull comedy with some great insights on life and most simply very enjoyable movie. Go and watch it.

    Hello, my name is Mithrandir22, and I’m a Gibberish talker.

  9. Yabier
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    In respect of Almeria, Clint Eastwood started there his long bejewelled way, and the film it’s almost a eulogy to his person.

    I wish like to know if he was offered to appear in the movie. In Spain, the original actor did the dubbing, so it was quite real. I don’t know if Clint did the same.

  10. woowickerwacker
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    It’s a bit long and subtitled but if you watch it at double speed a, you can still read the sub titles and not really miss anything.

  11. skeletor12345
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    Anyone know how to get a copy of this fine movie?

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