Boomerang! (1947)



It comes back at you again and again!

The true story of a prosecutor\’s fight to prove the innocence of a man accused of a notorious murder. Full summary »

Genre: Crime,Film-Noir,Drama

Boomerang! (1947)
Release Date: 28 April 1947 (Sweden)
Country: USA
Director: Elia Kazan
  • Dana Andrews
  • Jane Wyatt
  • Lee J. Cobb
  • Cara Williams
  • Arthur Kennedy
  • Sam Levene
  • Taylor Holmes
  • Robert Keith
  • Ed Begley
  • Philip Coolidge

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in the 1947 film boomerang whar was the mental problem the priest eas referring to;

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  1. ian-brown-5
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    [Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the film!]

    I saw this film the other day, and thought it was excellent: tense and well-acted.

    However, what do other people think was the nature of the matter the ‘real murderer’ Crossman was seen discussing with Father Lambert? The priest recommended that he go to a sanatorium, and said that he would tell the man’s mother. The fact that a mother rather than a wife was the major female figure in Crossman’s life suggests – in the cultural context of the forties – some kind of pathological sexuality. Homosexuality? Paedophilia? Or could it have been a mental problem related to war-service? An ordinary crime wouldn’t seem to involve a stay in a sanatorium. Whatever it was was evidently something which couldn’t be discussed onscreen in 1947.

    Does anyone have any theories?

  2. jackboot
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    The imdb credits list the character, Jim Crossman – Killer, was that character listed that way in the film’s credits? Since the case is described as unsolved at the end of the movie, that would see to be incongruous. Yes, I realize that Crossman as Killer was probably dropped in as a suggestion of resolving the case in order to throw a bone to the production code, but was he listed in the movie’s credits as Killer? I didn’t see him listed there.

  3. sametic
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    There’s probably more but just something I noticed..

    In Boomerang, the box office employee witness was named Catherine Manion, and the defendant in the film Anatomy of a Murder is Frederick Manion. Seems like a meaningless coincidence until you do some minimal googling:

    Robert Tavers is the author of the 1958 novel upon which Anatomy of a Murder is based. However, it’s a pen name used by John D. Voelker (1903-1991), the attorney who in 1952 successfully defended Coleman A. Peterson, the man upon whom the character of Frederick Manion is based. It’s not a stretch to conclude that attorneys would go see the latest courtroom drama movie, so Voelker had probably seen Boomerang in theaters when it was released in 1947.

    Perhaps using Manion as a surname is a subtle reference to Boomerang, perhaps it’s the result of the subconscious seed planted in Voelker’s mind. In any case, seems more than a coincidence, given they’re both courtroom dramas adapted from novels based on real events.

  4. robertgraham61
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    Here is a link to the actual Connecticut attorney ‘Harvey’ and a reference this absolutely fantastic case:

    This most assuredly remains a mystery. I am surprised and am lookking forward to either a remake of this movie or an actual investigation of this case. TRUTH is stranger than fiction.

  5. whimsical5
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    was this case ever solved?

    nice socks, man…..

  6. kapnkirk
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    Did they ever explain why the priest was killed? I know they were framing Arthur Kennedy but did they ever explain his death?

    When you spot your flower, you can’t let anything get in your way.


  7. arhirii-1
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    Does anyone have any idea if the Fox Film Noir issue of Boomerang! has in fact been cancelled (was originally scheduled for release on Jun06/2006)? If so, why? Will it be released at some later date? Any feedback greatly appreciated.

  8. hobnob53
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    (Please see the Update below.)

    It appears that the release of Boomerang promised for 9/2/08 has been canceled, as has happened every other time a release was due. As of one week before that scheduled date, it has been deleted from every site except Movies Unlimited, and I’m sure it’ll be only a matter of time before they yank it from their site too.

    We’ll keep checking to see if and when it may be rescheduled. (Doubtless only to be pulled again.)

    What I don’t understand is why this keeps happening. Fox is clearly having some rights issue that keeps preventing the film’s release. Such things happen. What I don’t get is why they get as far as announcing a release date, make it seem as if it’s about to come out, only to call it off yet again. Why would they announce a release without knowing for certain that they can, in fact, release it? What keeps cropping up that forces the studio to constantly think it has everything settled, only to have to embarrass itself by withdrawing the title at the last minute? It’s this continuous back-and-forth that’s baffling. How does this happen every time?

    UPDATE 9/3/08: Apparently Boomerang has been released after all, on schedule. Many of the sites that had suddenly dropped it from their listings over the past two weeks have brought it back, and the two posters immediately below have ordered it, so I assume it’s finally available…although no one’s reported actually receiving it yet! If it is now out, it remains a mystery why so many sites actually did pull it from their listings recently. All in all, getting this movie to market has been a hell of a job.

  9. pb-2
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    The DVD of Boomerang is definitely available. Blockbuster sent it to me a couple days ago, and I just watched it, found it most enjoyable. Give it a second viewing with the Commentary on. Alain Silver and James Ursini are excellent.

  10. bazooked
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    Scheduled to air at 8:00pmEST on Thursday, October 2nd.

  11. Noirkiss_3
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    I found it strange that the DVD couldn’t be released but HULU has it for free.

    Here is the link

    When there are two, one betrays-Jean-Pierre Melville

  12. hobnob53
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    We’ve been here before, but, for what it’s worth…..

    BOOMERANG! is now absolutely, positively set for release on Sept. 2, 2008, as part of the next trilogy of Fox Film Noirs, along with ROAD HOUSE and MOONTIDE.

    They really seem to mean it this time. Just like they did all the other times. Okay, we’ll go along with the gag. Again.

    I managed to get a copy in 2006, and I suppose the discs that will be released [sic] will be the same ones grabbed back by the studio two years ago due to the mysterious copyright (or whatever it is) dispute that keeps keeping this film off the market. Still, two more months will tell….

    UPDATE 8/26/08: Guess what?? "Boomerang" has been pulled yet again. Details in a new thread above. Surprised?

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