Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)



A high school prom faces a deadly threat: a flesh-eating virus that spreads via a popular brand of bottled water.

Genre: Horror,Thriller

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)
Release Date:
Country: USA
Director: Ti West
  • Rider Strong
  • Noah Segan
  • Alexander Isaiah Thomas
  • Giuseppe Andrews
  • Alexi Wasser
  • Regan Deal
  • Rusty Kelley
  • Marc Senter
  • Michael Bowen
  • Amanda Jelks
  • Angela Oberer
  • Lindsey Axelsson
  • Lila Lucchetti
  • Andrea Powell
  • Patrick Durham

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33 Responses to Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

  1. simpsoniac12

    I have a theory that Lionsgate will release Ti West’s director’s cut in the Blu-Ray format some time in the distant future. They did the same thing with Eli Roth’s original cut of the movie, and they only released Cabin Fever 2 on the DVD format so far. One could imagine that the director’s cut version will eventually see the light of day on Blu-Ray. Who knows? With all the negative feedback about this so-called "producer’s cut", the studio will realize that they were so wrong (as always) to have their ways and release the version that will hopefully be more superior. Not that it would make the movie A LOT better, what do you think of my theory?

  2. rio64

    Way to ruin a succesfull story. The rating says it all seeing how he directed it I won’t even watch it.


  3. LoudYoungNobody

    That scene made me laugh incredibly hard. Giuseppe Andrews is the man.

    Say what you will about the movie (I loved it minus the stupid animated scenes and the terrible, out of place ending) but how can you not laugh when the security guard tells those government goons "This water’s *beep* man!".

  4. jts102585

    I was very excited about this movie,and it took forever to come out. I don’t think i’ve ever been so disappointed after watching a movie. First off I don’t think this has any business having the Cabin Fever title. I was very excited to see that Paul and Winston were returning for the sequel. Paul’s 2 minute part was very unsatisfying. They made it seem like he was actually gonna be in the movie. Deputy Winston’s character was different. I felt like he was trying too hard to recreate his character from the first one. Besides the opening scene the fist 20 or so minutes had to be the most boring thing i’ve ever seen. This reminded me of a crappy zombie movie instead of a virus movie.

    there are plenty of other things that I didn’t like. Let me know what you thought of it.

  5. MovieMutt

    I’d give it a go.

    "You have no power over me."

  6. sylentvoyce

    Not sure if this type of post has been done yet for this film but I’m goint to put it in place. Contrary to several plot deficiencies, bad acting, pacing, rediculous gore, and semi lamo ending; I really liked it. I was giggling through the whole thing, shaking my head at the nonsensical scenes, and generally having a good time. So, bump if you enjoyed it.

  7. simpsoniac12

    The scene after he leaves the prom in a P!$$&#-off fit and then the girl confronts him was definitely worth seeing because even if you disagree with the quality of the writing, I would definitely say that I enjoyed what the main character was saying to the girl because there wasn’t a hint of leniency in his verbal skills and tone of voice. It’s rare to find that in typical Hollywood fare in these conventional situation, but the writer(s) went completely no-holds-barred with this exchange of words that I must compliment them on that note (even if a majority of people would disagree with the whole movie. For the record, the movie is something of a guilt pleasure). What sucks is that there is no quotes section on the Cabin Fever 2 page and I was wondering if anybody could be generous enough to type up the dialogue, word-for-word of the aforementioned scene. Thanks.

  8. LuvHaji

    I tried to figure this out from the end credits but couldn’t…does anyone know the titles of the songs that were played over the beginning (animated) and end credits?

  9. indecentactions

    Did anyone get a nod to the original RnR film? With the mascot who looked an awful lot like the rat. The teacher who looked liked Mary Warnov?

    Is it just me?

  10. sepsism

    Clearly Irreversible-inspired fire extinguisher head crushing scene near the end.

    While not nearly as realistic, brutal or sickening…. NICE.


  11. lavalight

    Anyone who has said this movie was great until the tacked on ending must be completely INSANE. It was awful. I didn’t care about any of the characters. I actively was rooting for them all to die. The budget for this film must have been five dollars because the "gore" sucked, they could only afford to pay Rider Strong for 30 seconds of "acting", and with 10 minutes left they just devolved into *beep* animation of what would happen. Nothing made sense. Why would the cop pick up the bloody girl when he’s fleeing town to get away from the disease? Why would the 8 officers pounce on the one armed guy, letting the girl go free? Why would did the popular kid want to sleep with that girl in the pool? Why was it set in the 80s? The first one was obviously present day. It was just awful. The cinematography was also terrible. You couldn’t see *beep* about 15% of the time. It didn’t have ANY of the humor the first one did. It didn’t have any of the bizarre quirkiness.

    My friends and I were excited to watch it because we loved the first one when we were in high school, but this was just terrible.

  12. jah298

    Before anyone tells me that Cabin Fever 2 was the producers’ movie and not his, I already know.

    But if his movie The House of the Devil is any indication, the pacing issue is all him. For about an hour and 15 minutes of that movie, absolutely nothing happens except several music videos of the main character dancing around listening to her walkman. Then suddenly BOOM lots of action, then 10 minutes later the movie is over.

    Cabin Fever 2 is basically the same thing. Lots of nothing, except several sequences which are basically music videos. An entire song plays while nothing substantial happens onscreen. Then the prom finally comes, and within 15 minutes everyone is dead from the virus.

    West has a real problem with setting a pace that would make the movie suspenseful in any way. With both of his movies I’ve seen, the payoff at the end was not even close to being worth the boring build-up, or lack thereof.

  13. nickjo

    What a load of crap …..

    Victims………..arent we all.

  14. HighNRG

    Anyone else pick up on the nods and homages (and possible rip offs) of other films?

    Overall, I liked the film. It was a bit disappointing but had a lot going for it. Here are some nods I picked up on, anyone else pick up on any others?

    1.) The bus scene – Winston talking to the bus driver after they run over Rider Strong. This scene was almost identical to the scene in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me when a similar scenario is taking place.

    2.) The walk home with the Mark and Cassie (I think those were the names) The neighborhood, camera shots, color was very similar to Laure Strode’s walk home from school from Halloween.

    3.) CARRIE: Need I say more?

    The whole thing had a very David Lynch feel to me.

    Anyone else notice anything else?

    They say it’s the last song. They don’t know us, you see. It’s only the last song if we let it be.

  15. RomeroXWannabe

    I may be reading too far into this piece of *beep* but it seemed like there was a heavy theme of how easily something like this flesh eating virus could pass from one person to another so easilly because of how idiotic people are about their health. Granted AIDs prevention is easier than spotting a flesh-eating virus that almost no one even knows about (even though AIDS infections are still through the roof) but almost half of the characters got infected from sexual encounters or bodilly fluids(aka when the jerkass janitor peed in the punch) And the ending animation showed how eailly the virus spread, just as easy as AIDs spreads

    so if you can ignore the poor acting and the constant overused hollywood stereotypes like small town folk being violent idiots, small town cops being *beep* or the myth that the CDC has an armed military group that shoots first and treats people later, then you can see (well I see) a theme about the spread of AIDs,

    again I may be reading too far into this, I mean this movie lost me when the CDC started shooting and gassing students instead of properly quarentine them.

  16. fergisimo

    I really thought this was awesome. Total blast from start to finish.

  17. LanceWeller

    During the movie, in the medical book the guy had, I noticed "necrotizing fasciittis" and me and my friend were like ‘I wonder if that’s real, I’ll check on it when I get the chance’ so I did and I must say, the movie was low-budget, but for the disease being real, I give them a thumbs up. It’s a flesh-eating bacteria that’s been reported to kill the person within 24 hours if not treated.

  18. Dawnishere

    I have been looking forward to this since I first saw it on IMDB. I just saw it last night and here are my thoughts.

    1.) OMG. That actress playing Cassie was a miscast. She looked old 3 years ago when this was filmed. Who the hell cast her in the lead as the girl he’s been in love with all of his life? She wasn’t much to look at and she looked older than 30 then. Not very believable as a high school student. I know she isn’t 30 yet, but the girl looks old.

    2.) Britney Spears’ 2nd cousin: I don’t care what acting school she went to and I don’t care what kind of humor it was meant to have to it. That scene of her naked in the pool was disgusting. That was scarier than anything else the disease could’ve possibly caused or showed. As a person or actor, she shouldn’t have done that. Have some dignity about yourself. It wasn’t funny, it was grotesque.

    3.) About the gross stuff: Thank you for adding stuff for shock value and I was glad to see they went back to original special effects instead of CGI, but the herpe, penis leak, etc, were just for shock value and not impressive. Thanks for the blood urine in the punch bowl, but as another poster said, this looked like an 80’s Prom Horror flick.

    4.) What the hell with Rider Strong? He was in it for 2 minutes. The back of the box even states he tries to stop the water from being distributed like he has a major part. He didn’t look like he knew much of anything before he got splattered all over the highway.

    5.) Faraway camera shots and throwaway lines sucked. They shouldn’t have made the movie. Best part about it was the returning deputy.

    It’s a shame. It had potential.

  19. cheryllchance

    at the beginning the cartoon was kind of cute because alot of movies do this but at the end? that was just really stupid………….

    She’s a real carpenters dream "Flat as a board and needs a screw"

  20. PureChildInside

    I mean, it wasn’t even scary it was just bizarre. With the popular guy having sex with the fat chick, the black janitor peeing into the punch bowl, the goo coming out of the guy’s penis, the girl spitting cum into the sink, and other nasty gags, it was just strange. I rented to get a good laugh and because I knew there was a lot of gore in it, but this movie just left me with cliffhanging vibe. It was kind of scary, but not terrifying scary just bizarre-scary. I was more freaked out than anything.

    Don’t worry be happy

  21. ClenRen

    thank god I did.

  22. RyanRJKyleWaterparkGuys

    Why is Rider Strong listed in the number 1 spot?

    That kid (well, guy now) is barely in this film!

    Boy Meets World fans around the globe will be pissed off I tell ya. Due to the horrible sales, most won’t see it, but there are still Rider Strong fans out there. And they won’t be too happy renting it under false pretenses.

  23. ferrjdjs

    could bi-hazard people just come into a school and start shooting everyone dead?

  24. BouncyX

    the look of the movie, the music and even the fashion made it seem like it was taking place in the 70s or 80s. that wasn’t a problem in of itself but this is a direct continuation of the first movie which took place in modern day.

    i did notice its the same director who did House of the Devil so maybe he has a fetish for that time period but it didnt make sense here. lol

  25. ImDrunkerThanMoses

    If they make a 3rd one.

    Try drinking bleach, its fun?

  26. OrlandoEastwood It isn’t known if this will be Region B locked. Coming Soon to DVD!

  27. Da_Dark_Defender

    I enjoyed this movie but the part where John and Cassie make out and the saliva comes out and is connected to both there mouths i actually felt like puking.

    A hooker is a terrible thing to waste Vince Masuka

  28. southsideac

    Who worked in this movie:

    Just look at their profile comments.. nothing and registered and last active same day as when he wrote it

    Name is: WileysarahB

    I just rented this movie, about to see it.. better not suck.

    La Raza 4-life.

  29. mikejonesdrama-1

    yes, spoilers.

    Maybe its already covered, but why is it that the main girl is drinking the infected water in the very beginning of the film, yet has nothing happen to her in the end virus wise. Yet, the girl that resembled jaba the hutt got effected like right away.

    God was this movie awful.

    "I don’t have time for ‘Catch me, Rape me’" – Chugs

    ~Sorority Row~

  30. Joe_Francis

    So the stripper scenes were not originally in there? They felt completely tacked on and took you so far away from the movie. It was SO great until then, and it just leaves you feeling like a schmuck for watching the damn thing.

    Up until that, though, man that was the best direct to video movie of all time. but with that tacked on part, I can see why West was pissed…ESPECIALLY if he didn’t even film it!

    here’s my small review of it

    That’s my blog, watching a new movie ever day for the entire year. feel free to subscribe or pass it along.

  31. jrosehuntington

    lol I need that song title to put on my hubbys mp3 player

  32. hammar4ever

    Where is the Cabin in the Cabin Fever 2?

    It should called School fever!

  33. simplepimple911


    good film though.

    anyway here’s last weeks report of the UK Box Office

    UK top 10, 26-28 February

    1. Avatar, £2,260,319 from 398 sites. Total: £86,799,652

    2. The Lovely Bones, £1,203,251 from 424 sites. Total: £3,848,574

    3. The Crazies, £1,194,207 from 345 sites (New)

    4. The Princess and the Frog, £870,953 from 486 sites. Total: £9,985,495

    5. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, £853,859 from 472 sites. Total: £6,413,038

    6. Valentine’s Day, £822,366 from 432 sites. Total: £9,330,161

    7. Leap Year, £728,251 from 331 sites (New)

    8. From Paris With Love, £678,950 from 280 sites (New)

    9. A Single Man, £381,489 from 105 sites. Total: £1,950,350

    10. Invictus, £292,899 from 238 sites. Total: £4,225,080

    How the other openers did

    Micmacs, 85 screens, £182,529

    Extraordinary Measures, 240 screens, £131,759

    Everybody’s Fine, 111 screens, £68,948

    Karthik Calling Karthik, 28 screens, £62,903

    Capitalism: A Love Story, 15 screens, £29,595

    Teen Patti, 21 screens, £13,368

    Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, 6 screens, £13,247

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1 screen, £5,450

    She, A Chinese, 1 screen, £1,350

    Freestyle, 6 screens, £1,232

    Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, 6 screens, £98


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