Casino Royale (2006)



Everyone has a past. Every legend has a beginning. On November 17th, discover how James…became Bond. See »

In his first mission, James Bond must stop Le Chiffre, a banker to the world\’s terrorist organizations, from winning a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro. Full summary »

Genre: Action,Adventure,Thriller

Casino Royale (2006)
Release Date: 17 November 2006 (USA)
Country: USA , UK , Germany , Czech Republic
Director: Martin Campbell
  • Daniel Craig
  • Eva Green
  • Mads Mikkelsen
  • Judi Dench
  • Jeffrey Wright
  • Giancarlo Giannini
  • Caterina Murino
  • Simon Abkarian
  • Isaach De Bankolé
  • Jesper Christensen
  • Ivana Milicevic
  • Tobias Menzies
  • Claudio Santamaria
  • Sebastien Foucan
  • Malcolm Sinclair

33 Responses to Casino Royale (2006)

  1. jordanthomas_2009
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    i dont like being bitter about films, it makes me feel guilty afterwards, but with this one i’ll make an exception, im gonna be brief, firstly why is this bond film so boring… secondly wheres brosnan when you need him… furthermore why the fook did they cast daniel craig as bond he plays him too rough, bond is meant to be suave and sophisticated this misserable and unhappy. i do not like this bond film at all octopussy was well better along with the rest of them

  2. jordanthomas_2009
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    wouldnt it be funny if he retires this character in his late 50s, it’ll be like those old roger moore ones with the obvious stunt doubles and slow fight scenes that many say are embarisingly funny, not to mention the jog scenes where he jogs away from a car chasing him lol could anyone imagine craig as a middle aged weak bond full of wrinkles

  3. ryano2099
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    The scene after Bond wins and is having dinner with Vesper, she gets a text and says, "Mathis needs me..Good Night". She leaves and Bond sits for a second then goes…Mathis?? And gets up to see her get kidnapped.

    Anyone explaine to me how Vesper getting a message from "Mathis" makes Bond realize something is out of place?

  4. UltraOK
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    The end to Casino Royale sets up a completely different film, if you ask me. The first time I saw it in theaters, I imagined the sequel as having Bond bringing Mr. White to MI6, where they interrogate him and find out about the secret organization he’s a part of. MI6 then sends Bond on a mission to bring the organization down for good. The film would have been two hours long and ended with a grandiose battle sequence a la Goldfinger for The Spy Who Loved Me.

    Instead, they gave us a half-baked Bourne clone, with a bit of Licence to Kill thrown in. After Bond had stopped a major terrorist attack at Miami, miraculously beaten LeChiffre at the casino, and captured Mr. White for MI6 to interrogate him, it made no sense for M to have revoked his license just because he killed a couple of thugs (isn’t that his damn job?).

    The plot to QOS was just an excuse to pilfer off the Bourne series and latch on to modern action movie trends with lightning fast editing and shakycam. The end of Casino Royale had Bond becoming Bond, but in QOS he acts exactly like he did in the first half of CR, like a thug. It took away the impact of that final scene and Bond saying the infamous line.

    Not only that, but Quantum wasn’t explored to any depth. CR sets up a sequel where Bond brings down Mr. White’s organization, but all we got with QOS was Bond saving Bolivia’s water price from inflation. Wow. Mr. White gets away again (and now that Jesper Christensen has no interest in doing any more Bond films, his character will probably be dropped altogether), Quantum remains active at the film’s end, Bond ends the film essentially the same character.

    "You let all the monsters out while the chief was gone!"

  5. NothingButDVD
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    Normally I’m rather cool and collected on the boards, but this chick bugs the hell out of me.

    1. Vesper looks horrible in makeup. Her best scene is in the bathroom *before* she’s "ready" to go. She looks beautiful! Wtf is with the makeup people on this movie?

    2. That dress was hideous. Wtf were the wardrobe people thinking? The cut of it was awful, not flattering at all for her body contours.

    3. Vesper is a bitch. She’s not nice to him. Is this why Bond likes her?

    Because he’s one of those guys who are attracted to girls who are bitchy and snobby?

    Sorry, I just had to put this out there. Feel free to ignore. Boom, done.

  6. threefords
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    Saw this Bond film the other night. What a bomb! PROS: New Aston Martin DB5 (although it has very short screen time as he rolls it in a chase) That’s about it! CONS: Daniel CRAIG is NOT James Bond, he is a rough looking actor pretending to be Bond. (bring back Brosnan). He is sooo mono-tone and stiff, with no sense of humour at all and hardly smiles at all. I never, ever in my life thought I would say this, and I give you permission to forehead slap me, but I reckon even Timothy Dalton was a better, more convincing Bond.

    Craig looks just ‘OK’ in a suit, not dashing and debonair like Moore, Dalton and Connery did in their days as the British spy

    Very little gadgets used. You don’t even get a look at his watch, he just says, "I wear an Omega".

    Only gadgets used is pretty much stuff already on the market today (IE: mobile telephones, heart starters, guns, bugs, tracking devices) I mean, COME ON, use some imagination and create something really 21st century like ‘Q’ the gadget man is NOT in the movie, or even referred to whatsoever??? (shame shame shame on you producers)

    The Bond girl isn’t really all that sexy. Pretty attractive, but just doesn’t cut it. Doesn’t even have a sexy name (Vesper)

    There is very, very little 007 theme music used during the action scenes. Just typical drummy action movie score. Didn’t ‘feel’ like a Bond film

    Not too many cheesy one-liners. The cheesy one-liners MAKE a Bond movie, a Bond movie! Particularly if you can pull them off like Roger Moore did. He doesn’t even say "My name is Bond, James Bond" until right at the very end, and even then it is just put in to satisfy the fans only, you can tell it has nothing to do with any real NEEDED dialog.

    Daniel CRAIG portrays 007 as an icy looking cold hearted serial like-killer! (twisting peoples heads, strangling villains, pretty average sort of stuff) 007 was not written like that, he is meant to be a polished, charming character.

    Miss Moneypenny is not in the film. What is a Bond film without the flirting scenes between Bond and Miss Moneypenny?

    There is a torture scene which is pretty lame (bashes his nuts with a PIECE OF ROPE!) Sheesh, bring back a gold cutting laser like in Goldfinger

    The villain looks like a pursed lip homo (wait until you see him, he looks less scary then Judi Dench)

    There is an extra long dragged out casino scene between Bond and the villain, and unless you understand the game, FORGET THIS SCENE! It is yawn………well….hhm……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Doesn’t use a Walther PPK in true British secret service style

    CRAIG’S behavior is not at all in true Bond demeanor. He resigns by way of a tacky email from a laptop on a beach. Now come on, is that a way for the best spy in the world to ‘toss in the towel’.

    I could go on, but I wont.

    RATINGS: 3/10

    Certainly a TV film. What the hell were they on about when they quoted Casino Royale as being "The best Bond film ever!" Just goes to show, never ever trust so called ‘independant’ reviews.

  7. Backlot_Manager
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    Moore’s Bond was the worst of the lot.

  8. UltimateOllie
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    Casino Royal is just another hackneyed action movie, but clever marketing has fooled the public into thinking it is something special. They have tricked us into thinking that this so called ‘bad ass’ version of Bond is better than the original humorous Bond that we all loved, and that we should be thankful for them ousting the cool but ‘unrealistic’ gadgets, the exciting but ‘ridiculous’ car chases, and the funny but ‘silly’ humor.

    Well I am not thankful for this change, as it no longer feels like a Bond film, but instead feels like just another action film, which is average at best. It has tried to imitate films like The Bourne Identity, but it has failed to even come close to that films quality.

    Casino Royal has got to be the most overrated action movie out there, as it has somehow sneaked into the top 250 with a solid but undeserving 8 star rating. What a joke.

  9. lbra73-3
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    Good movie and all, but doesn’t have the characterisitcs of the prior Bond movies which is somewhat disappointing to me.

    Also, I hate Daniel Craig in this role, he is too old and goofy looking and the blonde hair doesn’t work.

  10. go-yankees
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    Ugh, I know they need to shorten the film (I guess) for cable, but I really hate that they cut out the scene where Bond gets poisoned. That was one of the most intense scenes of the film as he is closer to death there than at any point.

    Really hate that they cut it out. Wish they could just run the whole film.

  11. oocherry_bubble00
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    I don’t understand why she killed herself. She could have easily lived, but why did she choose to die?

  12. Arec_Barwin
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    Saw this on TV for the first time last night and thought the character of Vesper was the best drawn out female lead in a Bond film I’ve ever seen. The impossible situation in which she found herself which led to her betraying her personal beliefs and the man with whom she had fallen in love was always just beneath the surface of the self-assured, professional woman she was outwardly presenting. Impeccably played by Eva Green, it was so easy to understand why Vesper, utterly lonely in her tragic dilemma, had no choice other than to take her own life.

    When somebody mentions Bond girls, I automatically think Diana Rigg and Shirley Eaton but now Green puts them in the shade.

    I’m ****ing Irish. I’ll deal with something being wrong for the rest of my life.

  13. killdawabbittn
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    I just saw this a few days ago on DVD. I thought it was perfect. Daniel Craig. Finally a serious believable James Bond. I wasn’t expecting Vesper to die. Good touch. Can’t wait to see QOS.

    I would prefer only posters who agree. I would like to their opinions.


  14. JackSparrow92
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    It was a silver coloured Ford. Bond’s driving it when he’s en route to the Ocean Club. Anybody know the model of that Ford? Always thought it looked somewhat cool (though admittedly, that was probably because Bond was driving it…).

  15. Jason_the_psycho
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    Why did Vesper refused James Bond’s help by the end of the movie? She’s about to be drowned to death.

    Was she feeling guilty or what?

    I don’t get it.


    ‘What is fame? Everybody knows your name; never again are you alone.’ – 2Pac

  16. Tilden_Katz
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    When Le Chiffre says "wow you’ve taken good care of your body" and then swings the giant phallic shaped rope over Bond’s nude body I LOL’D at the homo eroticism of the moment.

    007 Status Confirmed

  17. Lewis0111
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    I have to create a survey for my statistics class, i was hoping all you bond fans out there could help me out it will only take about 30 seconds.

    Heres the link to the survey….:

  18. masterron1
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    Favorite Bond: Timothy Dalton

    Top 5 Bond Girls: Tatiana Romanova, Teresa Bond, Holly Goodhead, Melina Havelock, Vesper Lynd

    Top 5 Main Villains: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Savalas), Francisco Scaramanga, Max Zorin, Alec Trevelyan, Elliot Carver

    Top 5 Bond Films: From Russia With Love, The Living Daylights, Casino Royale, For Your Eyes Only, Goldeneye

    Favorite M: Bernard Lee

    Favorite Q: Desmond Llewelyn

    Favorite Moneypenny: Samantha Bond

    Favorite Felix Leiter: David Hedison

    Favorite Bill Tanner: Michael Kitchen

    Favorite Bond Ally: Felix Leiter

    Favorite Henchman: Donald Grant

    Favorite Gadget: Attache Case (From Russia With Love)

    Favorite Car: 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger)

    Favorite Director: Martin Campbell

    Favorite Composer: John Barry

    Favorite Gun Barrel Sequence: Licence to Kill

    Favorite Pre Title Sequence: For Your Eyes Only

    Favorite Main Titles: Casino Royale

    Favorite Bond Song: Surrender (KD Lang)

    Favorite Bond Novel: From Russia With Love

    What are your Favorites in the James Bond Franchise?

  19. Anonymous
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    This message has been deleted by the poster

  20. ChrisTreborn
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    He sucks as dumb James BOnd.

    D.G made the character Rough and Tough. Much like Jason Bourne.

    Brosnan worshipers go back. He’s done and finished, AGED SKINNY 007

    If we stay the course, we are dead! WE ARE ALL DEAD!

  21. imaintdan
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    Casino Royale made it pretty high on the list of best sequels of the decade. Do you agree it should be on there that high or possibly not at all? 1d4-The-Wednesday-10–The-Top-10-Sequels-of-the-Decade

  22. luks-11
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    During the foot chase at the start of the film, Mollaka (the guy Bond is chasing) throws some builder from the construction site he is climbing and he drops something which causes the big explosion. Anyone have any idea as to why something so explosive would be on a building site?

  23. krazy_amz
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    I went to the cinema to see this film thinking it would be decent. The scene where they played poker was just tedious and the film in general was mediocre. OMG he has a heart attack and then plays poker again! BORING! And just when you think it is finished you have to endure some more bullcrap. 8/10 on IMDB is very high though. Am I missing something that everyone else can see? Or is everyone blinded by the James Bond franchise? This movie was CRAP. In fact most films nowadays are crap and far too long. Discuss.

  24. mikeybks
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    Was re-watching Casino Royale last night, and the first thing that kept popping into my head was that this film Should of won an oscar for its beautiful cinematography!

  25. CokeZeroStoleMyFlavor
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    "Global warming can’t exist because the world is flat" Mike Huckabee 2/3/2004

  26. charliebad
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    The first time I saw this I thought ok, good for a laugh, quite clever etc…. 6/10. Now I’m giving it 4/10 and that’s just for the humour. What a complete joke this film is. This is a great example of how hype made it good. How a story can solve so many serious problems via a cut/edit and expect us to believe it, is beyond me. 4 out of 10 for the laughs :D:D:D:D What a load of shiii


    For every shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light.

  27. nineinchnail1981
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    I just recently started reading the book Casino Royale and something in the first chapter is puzzling me. When Bond gets back to his hotel, he opts to take the stairs instead of the elevator because he says, "A lift can be an obliging danger-signal, and although he didn’t expect anyone to be moving around on the first floor, he preferred to be prudent." I don’t get it. Why did he not want to take the elevator? "Obliging danger-signal"? What does that mean? Help.

  28. jewelparsons1234
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    OK I just wanted to know whether this exchange was meant to have deliberate sexual overtones or not.

    When they are sitting on the train, eating dinner;

    VESPER: How’s your lamb?

    BOND: Skewered. One sympathises.

    I’m wondering whether it was meant to be purposefully suggestive or not.

    It certainly alluded to something. My question is whether Bond uses it to refer to himself or Vesper.

    My thinking is that he’s effectively calling Vesper an innocent little lamb, whom he is going to/wants to "skewer". However, why the heck does he then say, "one sympathises"?

  29. lauradunks
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  30. mrmcpherson
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    Does anyone know when the next Bond film is being released. I’ve heard scenes are being shot in Charmonix..I stumbled on a vid of a stunt shot on set with the new Bond car. The Lotus Evora Lotus Evora!

  31. too_legit_to_quit
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    Mine would have to be Casino Royale

    because it was bada$$ and something new!

    "The world has no use for another scared man, right now the world needs a hero!"

  32. jocke-
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    Says so in the Trivia section.

    Well duh…

    Why put that in?

  33. vamp_frost04
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    Im sorry to bring this up again, but Im never going to see this movie because daniel craig is ugly. No offense but he is not james bond. James bond is attractive suave, handsome. Daniel craig looks … just ugly as hell. Theres no other way to describe it. Peirce brosnan, timothy dalton hell EVEN sean connery were better looking then craig. Cant anyone see that? I feel like im taking crazy pills here. He has a huge nose, hes BALDING. WTF. Also whats with his eyes? Hes got bags their red,droopy he looks like hes got down syndrome.

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