Chato's Land (1972)



The scream of his victims is the only sound he makes. See »

After Pardon Chato, a mestizo, killed a US marshal in self-defense, a posse pursues him, but as the white volunteers advance deep in Indian territory they become more hunted then prey, leading to internal strife. They rape Chato\’s woman, and are hunted down to the last man by the unrelenting warrior.

Written by
KGF Vissers

Genre: Western

Chato's Land (1972)
Release Date: 30 June 1972 (Denmark)
Country: USA
Director: Michael Winner
  • Charles Bronson
  • Jack Palance
  • James Whitmore
  • Simon Oakland
  • Ralph Waite
  • Richard Jordan
  • Victor French
  • Sonia Rangan
  • William Watson
  • Roddy McMillan
  • Paul Young
  • Lee Patterson
  • Roland Brand
  • Peter Dyneley
  • Hugh McDermott

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19 Responses to Chato's Land (1972)

  1. ianprl
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    This was probably an anachronism, amounting to a goof, but I don’t know how to notify a goof.

    The americans treated the mexican with contempt. Presumably he was trash and not as well-off as they were.

    The americans were shown using muzzle-loading rifles for longer-range shooting.

    The year the movie was set in was not obvious, but if cartridge rifles were available it seems more likely to me that the americans would have them and the mexican would not. The mexican is shown wearing a belt of huge cartridges across his chest. I do not recall him having a rifle.

  2. moviefan82
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    What happened to the last remaining hunter in the movie? In the closing scene of the film, we see Bronson close-in on the final hunter while staring him down, emotionless as always. So what exactly was the fate of the hunter? Did Bronson let him live? or was the hunter seconds away from death?

  3. Picasner
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    It seems strange to me that the title character, "Chato", says in the beginning

    of the film: "Back off, lawman." and that this is the only lines he has (in English) in the whole movie? Later, he has a conversation with a band of Indians that is all in Apache and it’s never translated or explained. Did anyone else notice this?

  4. KobiyashiMauru
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    OK folks you know the drill.

    1. Chato’s dog likes eating Mexican.

    2. If you duck low and ride like hell the last riders will be picked off first.

    3. If you try to pick up married Indian women by raping them you could end up

    with hot nuts.

    4. The American Civil War was a Good War.

    5. The North had more of everything, the south had less than everything.

  5. lvrepoman
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    Several times the camera shows what appears to a prop of someone’s idea of a saguaro cactus. This must be the most ridiculous prop I’ve ever seen in a movie. Besides the fact that the thing only vaguely resembles a saguaro, it is plainly constructed out of fabric as it flaps in the wind!

    I don’t know what the director was thinking. Far better to leave the cacti out of the picture than to fake one with this monstrosity. Maybe this is a good movie, but it’s hard for me to take it very seriously after seeing that thing.

    "He was running around like a rooster in a barnyard full of ducks."–Pat Novak

  6. wmjahn
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    Did anyone notice that Charlie made 2 of his best (maybe his best) pictures one after another, both directed by Michael Winner (who did some more nice entries in tbe Bronson-catalogue), both scored by Jerry Fiedling (superbly, if I may add), CHATO´S LAND and THE MECHANIC (from whom Tarantine chose to quote in "Kill Bill II") ??!!

    I musta have watched both movies app. half a dozen times and they seem to get better with every viewing (despite knowing its ending)!

    First, these are films made for men, not children or family-viewing. And let´s be honest, if you wanna see a good, though, well played movie today, what you´re gonna do?? Certainly not go to the cinema, were you see noisy, trashy high-budget *beep* in a row. You buy yourself a DVD or watch some late-night viewing of a 70ies movie on TV! And these two movies are certainly as good as it can get!

    Second, these movies are moreless silent! You don´t hear some *beep* dialogue throught it all, but just men saying a few words, when it´s really needed. Those people, who talk a lot in such movies, are happily the first ones that gonna be shot (and it´s good this way)!

    Everybody´s always pointing out who little Arnold is saying in TERMINATOR (of cousre the hirst one), a real good movie, too! Well, get yourself CHATO´S LAND. In the German dubbed version good old Charlie (God bless him!) spoke less than 10 words in German and maybe another dozen or so in some tribal language, that´s it! I´d take a bet that there is most likely no other non-silent movie every made, in which the hero says as few words as in this one!!

    And while we´re at comparing it to Schwarzenegger/Terminator, did anybody notice those MUSCLES of Charlie??!! And these are certainly no anabolica-stuff, but real hard & honest earned ones! If we´d take Charlie in his prime (when he made this one, he was HALF A CENTURY OLD = 50 years!!!) and compare it to Schwarzenegger, when he was 50 not that long ago … I´d say Charlie would have wiped the carpet with him, should there have been any reason for an argument. I´d just wish I´d have looked that well, when I was 30, not to speak of being 50 (not yet).

    The guy is just SO COOL in this movie as well as in THE MECHANIC (and many more in fact))!

    OK, I hear the critics saying, this is just a "silly" revenge-movie (note: made before DEATH WISH I !!). Nope, it ain´t !! First, it´s not that important, what the story is, what really counts is how it is delivered: movie-experts doing what they can at the highest level! It´s just GREAT to watch them delivering all the expected scenes without getting whimsical, talky or making compromises. This is a men´s movie made for men! And second, it´s not stupied at all! Why does everbody has to go on his knees in front of authorities (the sheriff)? Esp. if you´re part of a badly treated minority! He´s on his own, when a big croud invades HIS LAND (like the USA did in Vietnam) and he wipes them off. He knows the land better than everybody else, he´s trained and intelligent (the followers are more stupid, but not completely), so he does what he has to do. At the end the winner is logical and probabaly that´s the movie, Mr. Bush should have watched before entering the Iraque …

    OK, back to the movie. What about the acting? Wooden??? Come on, it ain´t, it´s just perfect for this movie!! Would you like to see some what-they-call-"actor"-today (say, Adrien Brody, who wasn´t too convincing in KING KONG either) delivering this?? It would just be loughable. And the other members of the crew? Just perfect! Palance, superb (as always, but he should have avoided City Slickers), Basehart and Whitmore, great! Just the kinda support crew one needs and which is simply NON-EXISTENT today (and which is sadly missed!).

    So to sum up: you can´t chose better for a great action movie of the 70ies (and that´w when most of the great actions movies were made!).

    Moreless the same can be said about THE MECHANIC: tough, not-talky, thrilling, superbly shot and acted, great support cast, too, and what an ending !!!

    I´d LOVE to see these out on DVD with much bonus material (scenes from the set, one of Carlies too rare interviews: well, the guy stayed silent when there was not much too say, smile, although I would love him to still be among us and write some great autobiography!)!

    What a loss, but then again he´s hopefully having superb times, wherever he´s now!

  7. mozartmessiah
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    Just watched this on Encore Westerns and it appeared to be the full, uncut version. Did anyone else see this, and does it differ from the US DVD version? If so, does anyone know where can this version (uncut and in English) shown by Encore be obtained?

  8. mlbroberts
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    1. Good characters and good acting.

    2. Bronson had a killer bod – never looked better.

    3. When I’m really pissed at some man, I can look at Richard Jordan’s roasted nuts and feel a lot better.

  9. floyd_dylan
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    The full uncut version is on Region 2 German DVD where it contains all the scenes missing from R1 and R2 UK disc.

  10. Stupid_Young_Fellow
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    I can’t help thinking that Chato’s Land was a big inspiration for the makers of the first Rambo film, First Blood. Rambo is even supposed to be half Apache.

  11. p-kozlowski
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    Okay, First things first: They all deserved to die. Some more, some less. No one should have made it out alive.

    But as far as I recall (although I had some problems to keep some of the characters apart) only the 2 Hooker Brothers raped is wife and the last 2 guys to die (The religious guy and the one Chato drove back into the desert) wanted to get away as soon as things turned ugly (when the religious guy realized that they were all only driven by hate) but Jubal thretened to kill them (or at least take away their horses and water which is the same in that environement). During the rape scene one of them begged them to stop until he got stopped by a gun pointed at him.

    But still they suffered the most. I think even Elias had it easier then they. And Elias was my hate character number one. I would probably have started a party if he had been tortured more (Although the fire between his legs was rather a fitting punishment).

    I wonder if this is a symbol for anything. Like "Hate turns you blind and once hate enters the scene there is no more justice"

    Just asking for your opinions.

  12. CmdrCody
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    Many viewers don’t like "Chato’s Land." They think Bronson has little dialogue so it’s not very interesting.

    I disagree. Less is more in Chato’s Land. And the plot is obviously about the hunters becoming the hunted. That slow, imperceptable realization by the posse reflects our own experience in Vietnam…where our leaders plunged our country into that SE Asian jungle, ordering our men to hunt down "Charlie," and yet who was hunting who?

    Next time you watch this western, see if you agree with me.

    Thank you for reading my remarks.

  13. hepe-1
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    great film to say at first.

    why is chato rejoicing, when he sees

    that his pursuers are with the mexican scout?

    i liked the religious guy, so i did not understand

    he had to die that way, but maybe the movie wants

    to show how bad it is to let bad things happen and

    "just pray" without changing something?



  14. shokwave-1
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    it’s unfortunate most of Bronson’s lines aren’t understood by most of the viewers. were there subtitles?

  15. kfcdou88
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    How many words does Bronson says in "Chato’s Land".I know they ‘re very few but I never counted them.

  16. mr-norman-bates
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    I hear that it is uncut, but can’t find it on Ebay. Does it go by a different title than CHATO’S LAND (similar to SOLDIER BLUE having a different title in a german language)?

  17. snoorton
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    this story of chato,,, sounds very much like the true story of the Apache Kid, of arizona.


  18. keithnormand
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    I’ve occasionally seen a TV version of this movie where the only scene that I recall that is different is the "rattlesnake vs. Ralph Waite" scene towards the end, where when Waite reaches for his pistol on the ground Chato shoots him through the hand…in the VHS version all you see is Chato shooting the gun – on the TV version you see his hand "shot".

    The other differences on the "uncut" version are the wife is naked during the rape scene, and Palance gets upset when Chato’s brother is being burned, so he shoots the brother as a mercy killing while he is on fire.

    Is there anything else different about the "uncut" version?

  19. Fujifilm ????????
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    Most people Previously Laugh about japan – But Now We laugh at all of them

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