Communion (1989)



On December 26th, 1985, Whitley Strieber had a dream. Weeks later, he discovered his family had the same dream. Months later, he made the most shocking discovery of his life. Now, you will discover it. See »

Whitley Strieber goes with his family and some friends to his holiday home in the forest. They experience some weird occurances, are they UFO activity? Whitley is abducted and then faces a horrible dilema; was I abducted or am I going mad? He sees a psychiatrist who tries to use hypnotic regression to discover the truth.

Written by
Matthew Stanfield <[email protected]>

Genre: Biography,Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller

Communion (1989)
Release Date: 10 November 1989 (USA)
Country: USA , UK
Director: Philippe Mora
  • Christopher Walken
  • Lindsay Crouse
  • Frances Sternhagen
  • Andreas Katsulas
  • Terri Hanauer
  • Joel Carlson
  • John Dennis Johnston
  • Dee Dee Rescher
  • Aileen Fitzpatrick
  • R.J. Miller
  • Holly Fields
  • Paula Shaw
  • Juliet Sorci
  • Tifni Twitchell
  • Joshua Miller

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33 Responses to Communion (1989)

  1. TheMasterDebater1985
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    These Aliens who abduct people are EVIL, and for their Crimes

    Against their human race(Abducting People)

    These "Greys" and the other aliens MUST be Exterminated

    There must be a Physical Extermination of these Aliens who abduct people..

    and scare the S–t out of humans

    I don’t advocate killing all aliens, just the ones that come to Earth and Abduct people

  2. Kottandogi
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    Her story goes something like this…..

    Augest 18th 1967 Pureto Rico.

    Its start’s off as family picknick up the forest at around 5at noon and after a couple of hours two youngsters ages 12 and 15, both sisters decide to go and play in the deeper part of the forest and go off the trail, after a couple of minities of play some small rocks get in the shoes of the 12 year old so she decides to sit down and get the rock out, in the mean time the older sister is playing with a twig and then spots something from the corner of her eye, her face is shocked and she takes off running leaving her 12 year sister behind.

    So the 12 year is like What the hell is up with her?. she finished removed the rocks from her shoes but feels as if something or someone is watching her so she gets up looks around sees this strange looking thing sitting there. Its about 7 possibly 8feet tall, greyish tan skin with big black eyes, as she sits there it stretches its arm to a nearby tree branch and grabs it with 3 very long fingers.

    As the young 12 year approaches this strange life form, the thing takes a step forward exposing its leg which the young woman discribes it as a "Horse leg or pig feet" at that moment she panicks and runs for about a mile before colapising and fainting.

    Hours later they where taking a local hospital, the sisters where both asked questions about what they had saw and the both of them where ordered to draw pictures of what they had seen and the both of them drew pictures of the exact same life form. A US ARMY officer had taken the pictures never to be released or seen by public useage again as if it never happend.

    Keep in mind before this ordeal occurred, there where reports in the general area of people disapearing with out a trace and Horse or pig feet tracks where found in the areas where the people where gone missing.

    Last but not least, the 15 year old also turned out missing and has been missing for 35 years now. She is still missing to this very day.

    This is the story about my mother who had this terrifying encounter. When she saw the cover of this movie she knew that these things exsisted and where out there. Now she doesn’t go to any forest or anyplace where there’s alot of trees because she fears of a second encounter with the possible demon.

    My personal opinion about this is that as much as it is where people think that its fake or what not why is it that people actually see the same thing?. You can’t replicate any of this and if someone really discribes it well its not a fake bullsh!t story, especially when one will not go to the forest without being worried.

    Get the *beep* off of my obsitical course!

    Get the *beep* down off of my obsitical course now!.

  3. jambrose124
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    It has been forever since I have seen this film and I was young when I originally saw it. There was a scene near the end that I had always wondered about and would like to ask people’s opinion of it. It’s one of the scenes where Walken is with the aliens. He seemed happy to be there with them. One of the aliens (a Grey) allows him to touch its face. In so doing Walken sees that it is a mask. He removes it to see an even stranger, more wicked face. What do all of you out there in IMDB world think of this?

  4. hifispock
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    ANYBODY who suffers (yes SUFFERS) from this awful condition will tell you it is one of the most terrifying "experiences" a person can go through.My own personal experiences of it have always occured if I go to sleep on my back, and it starts when you’re half way between being awake and asleep.The same place as when you jump in bed just as you’re "going off", because it feels like you’re going to fall/roll off the bed.

    It starts with a what sounds like high-pitched white noise, like an untuned TV which, in a couple of seconds fades up from nowhere to deafening.If you’re quick, and realise what’s about to happen, you can, if you try VERY hard, bring yourself out of it, but once the noise is at full intensity, it’s got you.

    As it starts it wakes you up, and you feel as thought an entity, or something with a negative motive is in the room with you, and it is this "Lifeform", that has rendered you imoble.It is this that drives your terror.This is how I would imagine abductees feel when they’ve been physically frozen before an examination.You’re fully concious, but you’re completely paralised.It feels that if you could move a finger, shout, or even open you’re eyes, it would bring you out of it.The best I can achieve while in this altered state is to open my eye lids half a millimeter, and hazily peep-out.My natural reaction is to scream, but can’t.All I can manage is a quiet "clicking" sound in the back of my throat as it opens and closes in an attempt shout.What I’d give for hicups at this point!!

    My Mother has also experienced this which leads me to believe it is hereditary.She also describes seeing "Black figures" (sometimes upto 4)around her bed and feeling movement, people/entities kneeling on her bed, and even breathing on her face.She left her own house for months and wouldn’t return it freaked her out so much.

    If I was imaginative enough, I might suspect it to be some kind of "neutraliser", much like the one in "Progeny" when the two main caracters are bonking.

    The length of these trips varies between what seems about 30 seconds, to 2 minutes, depending how well you fight it.Suffice to say, I don’t sleep on my back anymore.Even lying on my side, slightly facing up is enough to start it off.

    If you’ve never experienced it, then words can’t describe it, but others will know EXACTLY what im talking about.

    "How do you know my name..?"

    …"It’s stenciled on the back of your shorts". {"\ (*_*) /"}

  5. ebertfan92
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    Macs suck

  6. Bixbyfan
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    If so, check this out: KEN_W0QQitemZ250600917082QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=it em3a58fa885a

  7. Fenrir_82
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    I’m 26 now, but I remember seeing this when I was young, and that part where the alien peeks out from behind the wall, holy *beep* hahaha

    Watching that scene now (looked it up on youtube), it’s still creepy, but man, I was completely terrified for a long time when I first saw it….I remember not turning off my lights for quite a while. =P

  8. captkirk_4
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    Is this out on blue ray yet? The creepy abduction scenes were far scarier when I saw it in the theatre than on a grainy tv set and it could use a 1080p 16×9 along with dolby digital.

  9. djshatter
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    Just watch for when he walks downstairs and looks around the living room. One of the spookiest shots in sci-fi/or Horror movies ever.Creepy.

  10. steveicm
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    Does anyone buy this concept ?

    The reason I ask is because I looked at the book and several other books, plus

    several Documentary’s on this subject.

    The concept that they are saying is that the aliens came to earth during another decade (The 50’s) and wanted human DNA.

    So the United States Government cut a deal with the Aliens, trading human specimens (DNA) for Technology. Thus explaining the technological advancements

    of the last several decades.

    However the plot becomes more sinster. The Aliens want our DNA, so they can cross bread with us.

    The Documentary’s and books are full of interviews with people who claim to have been sexually assulted/raped buy aliens who are seeking human DNA.

    In the film communion there is a woman in the therapy group who claims she was pregnant, then one night a bunch of little blue men came marching into her bedroom and abducted her. When she awoke she was no longer pregnant !?

    In one of the documentary’s there is a man who claims that the aliens used some type of annul probe to tickle his prostrate, so that he would ejaculate.

    The man also said that he has been abducted in this manor more then once.

    During the interview the he said that

    "the Aliens either use a tube to capture seamen or force intercourse with a

    creature that is so vile you cant even look at it".

    Then later they abducted him again, to show him the results.

    Seven of his crossbred alien children !

    Another women claims a similar story where the aliens impregnated her and then removed the child form her womb.

    Later, she was abducted and introduced to a female high breed alien that looked a lot like her.

    A lot of this stuff can get pretty intense on this subject.

    The theory is that the aliens are crossbreeding with us so they can eventually have there own race of high breeds. When the time is right they will take over the planet and use the human race as cattle.

    Have you heard or read any stories like this ? IF so where and what ?

    What are your thoughts on this subject ?

    I’m a Cinemajunkie !

  11. Movies_For_Life
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    Just looking for simple thoughts or opions here, if you watched any of the bonus features on the dvd you know the director says somewhere that the alien face from the book/movie became an icon, surely you’ve noticed all those little alien peripherals/gimmicks like the dolls, posters, keychains, etc. that closely resemble the same figure of the book or movie, so was this coincidence or did Whitley start something that led to that particular alien face becoming part of the 90’s culture?

  12. PoltergeistregnagleppoD
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    there are the tall greys who are considered the leaders and the short greys who do most of the work.

    i know there are many more reported types, but i never heard about these ones, let alone know about them appear at typical grey abductions

    Yume yume utagau koto nakare, yume miru kodomo no yume no yume…

  13. aussieboy1982
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    any comparisons?

  14. MaxZorin
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    Does the DVD version include the scene where Walken dances with the "little blue *beep* right before the magic show on the ship?

    I rented a VHS copy at Blockbuster years ago that had the dancing scene… but never saw it in any other version since.

  15. zeeboe82
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    I have a huge fear of aliens a.k.a. The greys. Have since I was a kid. Anyhow, I am a 25-year old guy and huge movie buff, and horror is one of my favorite genres…but this is the only movie that scares me so much that I am reduced to being a child again. Last year when I tried to watch it, it scared me so much that I turned it off several times with my heart about to explode out of my chest. I eventually stopped watching it.

    Anyway, for the most part…people who bad mouth my favorite movies on message boards get on my nerves. After all, why come on the board of a movie you disliked? My only answer is because they enjoy provoking others. But I actually hope people who disliked this film and/or thought it was funny will continue to bad mouth it cause it helps take the edge off a lot.

    In closing, I know no one asked for my life story…but if you read this much then you must have been curious so please save the whining if that’s what you were thinking of doing. ;-)

  16. hifispock
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    You know the scene , that living probe – thing that gets "inserted" into Walken’s kak – pipe. What is it for..? Does it deposit something , or remove something? He does say "you’ve broken my mind" , could it be a mind – probe..?

    Also , whats it attached to , behind that little circular shutter..


  17. jskkmr
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    Does anyone believe there is truth and/or substance to the author who wrote the book?

  18. dfeatthedarkness-1
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    Did this actually get released like a mainstream movie? if so, did anyone see it in theaters? I didn’t find it very scary at all and i was wondering if maybe it was more intimidating on the big screen???????

  19. gustavlem
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    I dont remember in the book the aliens using a mask, but on the movie in one scene you see one of the aliens with half of the face and the mouth is different. Any thoughs?

  20. zeeboe82
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    (Fair warning: This will be a long post, and I don’t suspect the mockers of this film (who are probably just young immature guys) to read much of it because reading it requires actual intelligence, patience, and having an open-mind to someone’s opinions that differ then you’re own.)

    I feel bad for Walken. Too many people don’t take him seriously anymore. He’s one of the greatest actors in the world, yet a lot of fans (mostly young male morons) want to turn every one of his performances as a joke, and make fun of him and/or just not take his work seriously. (BTW: I’m a 26-year old man with a great sense of humor, but I know when to pick my spots unlike others.)

    Communion is a wonderful film, and one of the scariest movies ever made. To cover up some people’s fears, they want to mock this movie, the idea of aliens, and anyone who claims to have had contact with them, and the fact that Walken is in this movie only increases these immature young men’s drive to turn every role Walken does as a comedy. Then they wanna point out the lack of the special effects. It was the 80’s. You spoiled brats who are use to CGI need to understand that, and there are more to movies then special effects, like good acting, and a great story, and Communion has that, but your immature way of thinking blinds you to that.

    People fear what they don’t understand, and that fear soon grows to hate, and some people express their hate differently. Most young men just wanna smirk, and make bad jokes, and mock what they fear.

    Aliens are the most realistic "monsters" in the horror world, and everyone knows that. Any one of us could be a victim to alien abduction. That is where the discomfort of it all comes in, and for anyone to think we humans are the only living creatures in this giant universe is just plan egotistic, but it wouldn’t surprise me that the haters/mockers of this movie would be too cocky to know that.

  21. CallmeLightning
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    I watched this an was completely blown away. This movie is absolutely hilarious. During some scenes I could not contain myself. All of the special effects are completely laughable and way below the standards of what could have been accomplished in 1989. Chirstopher Walken’s frantic meltdowns are espeically funny. I won’t get into too much detail about all the things I found amusing. But I would like to start a thread to list some great terrible movies for those of us who like to laugh at unintentionally funny movies. Everyone list your favorite bad movies:

    Collsion Course-Jay Leno and Pat Morita,buddy cops!(I’m not kidding)

    Communion-Enough said.

    Battlefield Earth-Really stupid dialogue.

    Jingle All The Way-Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie is like watching someone get killed, it’s just painful.

    R.Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet-What a complete trainwreack. What’s worse is that he takes the whole thing completely serious must be seen to be believed.

    The Room-I don’t suspect many of you have heard of this. However this is the Citizen Kane of godawful movies. Every aspect of this film is completely botched. It’s mind blowing how bad this movie is. Words can hardly describe how bad it is, but I promise you will hardly stop laughing through out the film. For this reason the film has a huge cult following in California and the director/star/writer pretends it was intended as a comedy to save face.

    I look forward to starting a discussion here and seeing some great(terrible)entries.

  22. Barteltja
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    Ever since I was a kid I have always been afraid of Aliens. Everytime I see something on them on the tv, and they show a sketch of a Grey, I get terrfied for weeks.

    Last summer I remember watching something on the discover channel about aliens, and I stopped sleeping at night. I didn’t want to tell anyone because people would assume that I was crazy. I would always peak out to see if there was anything there in the darkness, and whenever my body feel alseep but my mind stay awake, I thought I was being abducted.

    I’m still terribly afraid of greys, the over sized, jet black eyes for me are the most chilling image I can ever imagen. I would like to know if anyone else shares this fear of Aliens? Or am I just crazy.

  23. kestanafout
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    I saw thie movie in ’89 in VHS, and i remember Christopher Walken dancing with the aliens on a funny music somewhere at the end of the movie.

    Now i watched this movie again on DVD and was impatient to see this scene again.

    But it’s not there anymore, and i am sad because it was very important for the greatness of this movie.

    Can anyone tell me if the director reedited the movie in order to be more SF-like, "noir" or dark, cutting hilarous or non serious scenes ?

    Is this the only version now available ?

  24. blake_savage
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    I’ve only seen this movie once, in 1994. What the heck was that robot that flew into Streiber’s room and hovered over his bed? I read the book and I don’t remember anything like that described. I do, though, remember Streiber had many hallucinations including owls and fairies; this might just have been another of these.

  25. burninblazes
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    That has to be the funniest line. Santa does indeed know.

    _ _ _

    "Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams come true?"

    — Ed Wood, the movie

  26. New_York_Confidential
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    when Walken is getting anally probed and shouts out "How dare you", lol, priceless.

  27. Z108517
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    Could somebody post pictures of the aliens in the movie or describe to me what they look like? I can’t rent this movie at Blockbuster, and I can’t find it for sale anywhere near where I live, so could someone post pictures or post a link to a site that shows pictures?


  28. blake_savage
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    If executed correctly, this movie could have been great.

    I was 17 when a high school friend recommended the book to me, which I checked it out from the library and read. The book freaked me out to the point that I had a couple of weeks of sleepless nights waiting for the "visitors" to come and take me. I figured my extreme reaction to the book was caused by an abduction, the memory of which I had repressed. I even looked for scars from the abduction. Just the image of the grey on the cover gave me chills. The artist should be commended for creating such a disturbing image.

    That summer, my family rented a cabin in North woods of Wisconsin, and I had to sleep on the porch. Of course, I had dreams I was floating up into the trees as Whitley described.

    Of course, I don’t worry much about this stuff anymore.

  29. griffmailz
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    Interesting scenario:

    A talented creative writer of vampire/warewolf fiction whose latest works have met with subpar success, suddenly realizes he’s been abducted by aliens throughout the span of his life. The writer then markets these interstellar memoirs as NON FICTION. Almost instantly his new work is catapulted on the best sellers list. A movie deal follows, plus a subsequent franchise of alien experience related books, all of which have made said writer a multimillionaire.

    How convenient…

    I mean who would believe THAT A SEASONED HORROR FICTION AUTHOR would have the capacity to fabricate such a story…

    Anyway with that being said, Communion is still one of my favorite movies, it is delightfully bizzare and surreal… In fact, even though I am staunchly oppsed to remakes, this is one movie I would like to see get re-visited (no-pun intended. I don’t even know if it was released theatrically, but for whatever reason it’s not a well known film, and I think that’s a shame because it is such an awesome story.

    Can you imagine if they pumped a hundred mill into it.. how insane they could make it?

    "Communion, Directed by David Lynch" <=== OMFG I would sh*t myself.

  30. Jonny-boyy
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    but i laughed at the dancing aliens.. a lot. xD

    if my questions seem stupid, they’re rhetorical.

  31. gustavlem
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    You can see the special effects, one og the high points of the movie without cgi, and the oouttakes with walken

  32. toodark00
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    I cannot believe this….

    You people think this movie is bad? (gloriously bad special effects, dialogue, etc…..) Do any of you even understand WHAT THIS MOVIE WAS ACTUALLY ABOUT? If you did, and knew how to critique movies, you’d already know this was almost a sci-fi masterpiece. The effects were bad INTENTIONALLY geniuses. This movie was made to be interpreted, not to SCARE you, or AMUSE you, etc….

    You know what, I rarely begin posts on this site, and I was going to interpret the movie for you, but you know what? THis is one of those movies, like Citizen Kane, that you either GET or you DON’T. I could interpret this all day and nobody would care, so go watch TRANSFORMERS for its wonderous special effects and humor, or even the new Underdog movie. For God’s sake, don’t watch anything else you might actually have to rub two brain cells over at the end.

    It’s actually too bad because no matter how many trolls show up to bash a movie, there is nearly always SOMEONE who ‘gets’ what a good movie was trying to do, but for this title, I don’t see too many favorable posts, and when I do, it’s "this movie was great….really funny…..or ……really scarry!"

    The heck with it.

  33. ASKconard
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    I recently took the opportunity to see this film since I am a fan of "Close Encounters" and other extraterrestrial cinema.

    I found the film to be probably the most bizarre and disturbing film I’ve seen. That’s not to condemn it. In fact, thinking about it, I like how it ‘messes with your mind’ for lack of a better term. You have a difficult time deciphering what is real.

    In that sense, I think the film is more about the depths of human consciousness and dreams than it is about trying to explain extraterrestrial life.

    Glad I saw it, but I don’t think it will be on my viewing list in the future.

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