Creation (2009/I)



How he saw the world changed it forever

English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to find a balance between his revolutionary theories on evolution and the relationship with religious wife, whose faith contradicts his work. Full summary »

Genre: Drama,Biography

Creation (2009/I)
Release Date: 25 September 2009 (UK)
Country: UK
Director: Jon Amiel
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Paul Bettany
  • Jeremy Northam
  • Toby Jones
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Jim Carter
  • Teresa Churcher
  • Martha West
  • Zak Davies
  • Harrison Sansostri
  • Pauline Stone
  • Christopher Dunkin

33 Responses to Creation (2009/I)

  1. jthibs22
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    That’s really all I have to say. I’m tired and Im going to bed right now. And I don’t pray but I can at least appreciate what an extreme minority Creationists really are.

    Plus I am feeling a tad immature and bored so forgive me. I fully don’t expect anybody to actually reply to this post and I wouldn’t blame them.

    I am just thankful tonight.

  2. Ponzer
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    Yeah I know, OT(but hey, have this board ever been anything but) but the thought struck me today and I know there are many people who are good at biology/evolution here.

    I’m talking about animals living in a northern climate and in woods. They are usually brown or gray colored(elk, bear, deer, wolves etc). But wouldn’t a greener shade or even camouflage colored(like military outfits) been better for a creature living in the wood? Anybody know the reason why it’s so? Sure, there are green birds, lizards etc, but I can’t think of any mammals that are green.

  3. iknowitwasyoufredo
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    very disappointed with this movie,

    i was looking forward to a depiction of the voyage of the beagle, the writing of his great works and the publics’ reaction to them. most of the movie though concentrated on darwin’s grief and guilt for his sick kid. boring.

  4. frontiersmantanis
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    I would like to see some sort of statistical ratio of the standard of living of a country compared to the average biological understanding and inclination of the country. I don’t know if anything like this exists, if it doesn’t it should.

    Youtube users to sub;

  5. geode
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    The film "Creation" is about the life of a great scientist. Should they make a companion film, "Creationist" about the life of a great young earth creationist ? Which "great" should this be about, Kent Hovind ?

    Oh Lord, you gave them eyes but they cannot see…

  6. geode
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    At least a couple of entities who post on this board have claimed to be neutral or "agnostic" about subjects such as the age of the earth and are unwilling to accept that they are "young earth creationists" when some focus is made upon their beliefs. Scientific subjects are either ignored or anti-science/evolution posts are made and they usually debate religious topics. When you think about it the posts they make are usually off-topic.

    Are people such as this really "lukewarm" creationists (to borrow a label they place upon some Christians) ? They may actually have young earth creationist beliefs but lack the courage to defend them.

    Oh Lord, you gave them eyes but they cannot see…

  7. geode
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    I saw a creationist book once that showed the dinosaurs running up a hill and getting caught by the flood as an explanation for why they are extinct. They couldn’t run as fast as some other extinct animals who made it further up the hill before losing it. This was an explanation of the order in which the critters are found in the fossil record. So why did Noah leave the dinosaurs off the ark ? Was he not commanded to include two of every kind ?

    Oh Lord, you gave them eyes but they cannot see…

  8. off_center
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    It’s been 150 damn years since evolution by natural selection was discovered and detailed. Come on, dammit.


    Someone, somewhere, has to cry. We’re under zenith again.

  9. magx01
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    Okay, this will be rather simple. Look at this picture: Ac4/s1600-h/Evolution4.png

    Read the text contained within, and then answer the following question:

    If you have a problem with Evolution, you have a problem with one or more of these fourteen points. Which is it?

    I am not to be feared, my atheism is not "of the devil."

  10. frontiersmantanis
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    Two 1.9 million-year-old skeletons found in a South African cave have added a new and intriguing member to the primate family.

    Dubbed Australopithecus sediba, it has many features — including long legs and a protruding nose — common to Homo, the genus that eventually spawned humans. Other features, such as extra-long forearms and flexible feet, date from deep in our primate past.

    Youtube users to sub;

  11. castlewood
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    I’ve made the comment for awhile that Christians are a huge minority HERE. I’ve estimated Christians are a minority at least 20-1.

    It didn’t seem that way when I came onto this board two years ago.

    I’d like to know.

    Who’s a Christian here?

    (I’ll post this on a couple of other boards and bump it for awhile)

  12. Angelcake89
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    Any thoughts? (please no trolls)

    Hello, I’m Harvey Milk,and I’m here to recruit YOU!

  13. LaurieMann
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    Is it ever going to get a little more distribution? According to IMDB, it’s playing in something like six cities. Is it ever getting closer to Pittsburgh than five hours away?

    Laurie Mann

    Pittsburgh Flicks – Movie-making in the ‘Burgh

  14. wautdooghejan
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    First Ever Multicellular Animals Found In Oxygen-Free Environment

    By Stuart Fox Posted 04.06.2010 at 5:30 pm 9 Comments

    In the 236 years since oxygen was identified as a life-giving necessity, no scientist anywhere has discovered a multicellular animal capable of living without the stuff. Until now. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona, Italy*, have discovered three new species that live their entire life in an anoxic pit beneath the Mediterranean Sea. This discovery drastically revises science’s understand of where animals can thrive.

    Prior to this discovery, the only organisms capable of life in oxygen-free environments were viruses and bacteria.

    Unlike plants, all previously discovered animals, and fungi, the newly discovered animal species don’t use mitochondria, the cellular organelle that converts sugar and oxygen into water, CO2 and, energy, to power their cells. Instead, these weird creatures have an organelle that resembles a hydrogenosome, a cellular component used by some microbes to produce energy with complex enzymatic reactions.

    The organisms themselves, none of which have been named yet, all belong to the phylum Loricifera, measure less than 0.04 inches long, and were found almost 10,000 feet down in sediment previous assumed to contain only viruses and bacteria. This is not the first time that scientists have discovered animals living in an anoxic environment, but all the previously discovered species needed to surface periodically for some O2. That makes these creatures the first animals ever discovered that spend their whole lives without oxygen.

    How these animals evolved, and what else might be down in this forbidding environment remains to be seen. University of Marche scientists still have a great deal of analysis to do on these animals, but one thing is for sure: our understanding of animal life will never be the same.

    * This post originally identified the researchers as working for Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California. -that-lives-without-oxygen.html

    Zoologger: The mud creature that lives without oxygen

    16:50 07 April 2010 by Andy Coghlan

    For similar stories, visit the Zoologger , Mysteries of the Deep Sea and Astrobiology Topic Guides

    Species name: Not yet assigned, but of the phylum Loricifera, genus Spinoloricus

    Habitat: Deep sediments lacking oxygen in the L’Atalante basin of the Mediterranean Sea south of Greece – and who knows where else…

    This tiny creature may not look spectacular, but it is one of the most remarkable ever discovered: the first that can survive and reproduce entirely without oxygen.

    As well as proving that animals that don’t have to breathe oxygen have already evolved on Earth, it bolsters claims that complex animals can evolve on other planets even if there’s no oxygen. Some have speculated, for example, that sulphur-rich areas of Mars might support life.

    On Earth, bacteria, viruses and ancient archaea that survive without oxygen are well-known, but they are simple, single-celled organisms. What marks out the new animal is that it has millions of cells and functions independently.

    Toxic depths

    Roberto Danovaro of the Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy, led the team that discovered the creature, plus two others that live an oxygen-free existence, in sediments buried deep beneath the Mediterranean Sea. They’ve identified the creatures as loriciferans, tiny sediment-dwelling creatures so named from Greek because their abdomens resemble girdles.

    Assigned the genus Spinoloricus, the animal is less than a millimetre long. The other two new loriciferan species Danovaro found resemble water fleas, one given the genus name Rugiloricus and the other Pliciloricus. Some specimens contained an unfertilised egg.

    The beasts live in conditions that would kill every other known animal. As well as lacking oxygen, the sediments are choked with salt and swamped with hydrogen sulphide gas.

    Power supply

    None of the animals has mitochondria, the "power stations" that generate energy from oxygen in the cells of all oxygen-using organisms. Instead, they rely on structures called hydrogenosomes, which generate energy from molecules other than oxygen, including hydrogen sulphide.

    Hydrogenosomes are well known in protozoa and archaea that live in oxygen-free environments, but the three new creatures are the first animals to be found that rely completely on them. One possibility is that the loriciferans acquired the hydrogenosomes from archaea.

    Detailed light microscopy images reveal that its abdomen "girdle" consists of eight plates connected to form a cone, tipped with a honeycomb structure of unknown function.

    Lisa Levin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, says that the discoveries offer the tantalising promise that animal life will be found in other environments devoid of oxygen, including beyond our planet. Perhaps, she speculates, there are animals on other planets with atmospheres different from our own. More encouragement could come from further exploration of our own "inner space", the deep ocean.

    Journal reference: BMC Biology, DOI: 10.1186/1741-7007-8-3

    Big news. This surely adds to the probability of extraterrestrial life in the universe.


    Every time a fundie abuses thermodynamics, Schrödinger probably kills his cat

  15. bleedingkiri
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    Fantastic film in my opinion, i wasn’t expecting it to be this good!

    I was captivated from start to finish- it’s a very well made and educational film that really gives us a fascinating insight into the trials Darwin had to go through in order to convey his ideas to the world, chronicling his life as he writes "Origin of the Species"; fighting both personal demons as well as the ignorant society of the time in order to do so. He struggles hard with his mind, body and soul as personal matters get to breaking point and even his family seems to slip away…whilst the rest of the world stand against him as he knows that his findings literally shake the very foundations of their lives, culture and meaning of existence. It’s a subtle movie (not over-exagerated in any way in that typical Hollywood way, this is a BBC produced British film) yet thankfully very powerful in meaning and this is thanks to the amazing well directed scenes as well as the superb acting by Bettany. Connelly acts as more of a light supporting role but I did enjoy her in this and she’s as good as to be expected as always, her chemistry alongside her husband was definitly strong, and her English accent was awesome!

    But the star of the show is definitly Bettany and he does a brilliant job, a very moving performance- i both understood and sympathised with him as he battled his own degrading health and impending "insanity" to try to understand what he has uncovered and come to terms with what it all really is and means as he found his thinking contradict his feelings, and found himself losing it all including his wife who of course was a firm believer in religion and a strict Christian whilst he was in the realm of science, two worlds which could not see eye to eye, so their relationship was at stake too.

    Anyway- a really very good, well acted emotional drama and dare I say I did shed a tear during the tragic climax which was truly hearbreaking as well as beautifully poignant. The film is symbolic and very intellectually artistic aswell, in fact i can’t wait to watch it again as there was a lot to take in first time round which i missed. Easily one of the best films i’ve seen this year.


    ~Everything’s true. God’s an astronaut, Oz is over the rainbow & Midian’s where the monsters live

  16. youngsmells
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    Darwin paved the way for the life sciences and much of what he did inside and outside of evolution contributed to the foundation of medicine. Even if you do not believe in evolution, Darwin still founded something massively important to humanity.

    This film is great simply because it was made to honor an often overlooked (in America) genius. (in England he is on dollar bills if that says something)

  17. greg-233
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    Since Charles Darwin has been talked about a lot this year, and this biopic is coming out, it seems appropriate to recommend some books about the great man. Obviously you can read books by Darwin himself, such as The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man but there are plenty of informative books about Darwin’s life and work. This is just a list of some of the books I have in my own personal library:

    Darwin – The Story of the Man and His Theories of Evolution – John van Wyhe

    Finding Darwin’s God – Kenneth R. Miller

    Darwin’s Dangerous Idea – Daniel Dennett

    Why Darwin Matters – Michael Shermer

    Charles Darwin in Australia – F.W. Nicholas & J.M. Nicholas

    Darwin’s Island – Steve Jones

    Here are some good books about evolution in general:

    Evolution – The Triumph of An Idea – Carl Zimmer

    The Blind Watchmaker – Richard Dawkins

    Climbing Mount Improbable – Richard Dawkins

    River Out of Eden – Richard Dawkins

    The Ancestor’s Tale – Richard Dawkins

    Human Instinct – Robert Winston

    The Origin of Life – Paul Davies (This book is called The Fifth Miracle in the U.S.)

    I haven’t got any books by Stephen Jay Gould, I’ve only read extracts from reviews. They sound pretty good too.

    "I cannot persuade myself that a beneficient and omnipotent God would have designedly created the Ichneumonidae with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars." – Charles Darwin

  18. alatarielnerwen
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    Some parts…

    Darwin was obviously very conflicted over his science and the religious beliefs of his wife. Did this struggle show up anywhere else in your family?

    Some of their children were Christian. Some of their children were agnostic. None were atheists. My great-grandfather was agnostic.

    There was a time when this was an issue. Francis [Darwin’s third son] published a biography five years after Darwin died. It was written from Darwin’s letters he left behind that were meant to be private and for the family only; in them, [Darwin] writes that he was sure he couldn’t join Emma in her beliefs about the Christian religion and her commitment to Christian faith. So, there was an issue in the family that was between descendants who were agnostic and descendants who were Christian.

    Why do you think it is important for the public to know more about his personal life?

    He was a very remarkable man in the way he did his science and the way he thought about the implications of it, before he gave it to the world. It is admirable, especially with an idea that he knew would be hard for most to accept. . . .

    I hope when people see the film, they can see that this theory came from a humane, conscientious person whose ideas, which he thought through so carefully before publishing, should be taken very seriously.

    I hope people take away a Darwin they didn’t know.

    Film spectators are quiet vampires. ~ Jim Morrison

  19. randy3140
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    Science Talk correspondent John Pavlus talks with Jon Amiel, director of the new Darwin biography movie Creation, and with Randal Keynes, Darwin’s great-great-grandson and one of the film’s scriptwriters. Then we’ll hear from a few of the exhibitors who spoke to’s Larry Greenmeier at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. ins-biopic-and-consume-10-01-23

  20. trhogg
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    Go ahead. Ask.

    March 22, 2010:

    Avatar = Worldwide: $2,667,881,000

  21. ikinmoore
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    He taught people to question religion and what goes with it. The fact that we are animals and behave as such is prove that evolution took place. The battle of survial, the mating game, the bringing up of our young, the fact we act in groups and protect our own terrorites, all sums up that we are intelligent animals which have evolved over millions of years. The only problem about society is that we are programmed to believe in this super sky daddy.

    Whilst religion is part of our culture. It is used by evil people to control the masses. Muslim States in the Middle East which are so right winged that the women have miserable lives as second class citzens.

    Religion does not allow science to progess. It always holds back even if it is for the benefit of the people. An example of this is the HIV in Africa. " Don’t wear a condom" the pope said.

    Darwin is my hero. He was the man that lead the world into a new era of Science and people think for themselves. Evolution is only a small part of this but it was the start of it.

    I am looking forward to seeing this film as it clearly sets out to question his faith when his daughter dies.

    The best films are made in an intelligent format.

  22. garethwilliams2003
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    Just watched this and came on here to see some discussion of the fine performances from all concerned, or the masterful direction by Jon Amiel, or Christopher Young’s sublime score, but all I can see is thread upon thread of fruitless bickering.

    Could you people (atheists, creationists, whatever) please grow up and have some sensible discussion of the film, rather than just repeating "If God is real then why is…" or "So evolutionists, prove this…".

  23. cshunt68
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    Just saw it at its world premiere at the TIFF. The audience LOVED IT.


    Bettany and Connelly were incredible.

    Do yourself a favour and see this film.

  24. bleedingkiri
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    Just picked up this month’s Empire magazine and it features a review for Creation. They enjoyed the film a lot, calling it "an original period drama", and praise both Paul’s and Jennifer’s performances:


    19th century naturalist Charles Darwin (Bettany) struggles with the decision to publish his world-shaking theory of evolution. Dispute the urgings of his friends, he’s discouraged by his devout wife Emma (Connelly), and still haunted by his late daughter, Annie.


    People get very worked up about creation, as in the conception of existence, having sprogs, and birthing art. All three definitions are explored in Creation, an ambitious, original drama disguised as a middlebrow period piece. Not only does it illuminate the evolutionary icon most people think of as A Beard, it’s arguably the most insightful film about writing since Adaptation. And a fine film about family, too,

    The fact that what and how you create can affect your environment has never been more keenly felt than by Darwin as portrayed here. He feared his theory of natural selection — that every species derives from common ancestors — would effectively kill God. And unlike some of today’s atheist ayatollahs — we’re looking at you, Richard Dawkins — Darwin didn’t think this was necessarily a good thing. Suggesting God didn’t bosh out the world in six days and then take a breather, well, it pulled the rug from his own religion and he feared society would fall down. Now we know that didn’t happen, but it’s tribute to the power of Paul Bettany’s performance that you feel his dilemma acutely. He has the A-bomb of ideas. So, creation is an anguished act for Darwin, one it’s suggested nearly destroys him — both through work and reproduction, as he’s really tortured by the death of his first child, Annie (Martha West).

    The film slips between two timeframes, one with Darwin as a young father, sharing stories with his beloved daughter, the other with the older man wracked by guilt over her demise and talking to her — a ghost, a vivid figment of imagination? — as he wrestles with whether to write. A different director might have highlighted an element of supernatural threat in her presence — she is, after all, a barrier between Darwin and his wife — but Jon Amiel plays it mostly straight and psychological, with the only off-beat a waking dream sequence that’s somewhat overblown. The trust he places in the performers is fully justified, with Bettany and West sharing a charming, unaffected chemistry — they feel like family. Jennifer Connelly, too, delivers. Hers is the role paid least attention — that of the believer torn between love for God and her husband — and could easily have appeared cold or shrewish. Instead, Emma is full of thought and affection, much like the film itself.


    Thoughtful, moving, and Bettany is brilliant. To be reminded of the power of love to redeem and repair, catch Creation. ****

  25. knight-in-black-leather
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    …but it’s time for ol’ knight to move on. (Hold your applause )

    I’ve done all I can here, and I feel my efforts will be better served somewhere open-minded people reside and are interested in an actual exchange of thoughts and ideas. I will still post on IMDB occasionally, but usually just to comment on movies.

    To bdollars and my fellow Christians, I wish you continued success in everything you do and may the peace of Christ always be with you.

    Take care and may GOD bless you all.

    If you love Jesus Christ and are 100% proud of it copy this and make it your signature!

  26. geode
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    One of the two most outrageous trolls this board has ever seen has returned to shamelessly entertain us once again…..(drum roll)…let as all give a big razzberry to welcome back Navaros.

    Oh Lord, you gave them eyes but they cannot see…

  27. Rangely8723
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    1. …the shape of the earth. Does the bible assume that the earth is a flat disc, or does it say the earth is spherical?

    2. …the position of the earth in the universe. Does the earth move or is it fixed in the universe? Is it in the centre of the universe?

    3. …the position in the solar system. Does the bible suggest a geocentric or a heliocentric system?

    Whenever the alleged infallibility of the bible is discussed and I’m making the point that the bible would suggest a flat earth and a geocentric solar system / universe, I’m told that this wouldn’t be true, that the bible wouldn’t assume or suggest that. Recently, a bible literalist even claimed that the spheric shape as well as gravitation would have been revealed in the bible, that it would be scientific knowledge originally coming from the bible. Can other bible literalists clarify that? What does the bible say, what does it suggest?

    (I will post this thread at other boards which are obviously frequented by bible literalists, too)

    « Et moi, je lui ferai porter la sienne comme Saint Denis »

  28. greg-233
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    Although I did have some interaction with knight-in-black-leather on my "Charles Darwin was brilliant!" thread, I had enough restraint not to reply to THESE threads that KIBL made. Just in case anyone is "missing" KIBL, I’ve posted his list of topics by way of a tribute!

    Why morality MUST be objective

    2 days ago (240 replies)

    Oh yeah, this just happened by accident……..NOT

    2 days ago (53 replies)

    And here’s part 3 – drew still hasn’t proven his evolutionary claim

    5 days ago (33 replies)

    Why atheism is ridiculous and illogical

    Fri Mar 12 2010 06:41 (99 replies)

    And here’s part 2 – drew proves rhodopsin is allegedly ancient

    Wed Mar 10 2010 14:54 (594 replies)

    Blind, random chance…

    Mon Mar 8 2010 04:45 (80 replies)

    Bye bye ‘primordial soup’

    Fri Mar 5 2010 21:04 (130 replies)

    Evolutionists: Impeding science for 150 years

    Fri Mar 5 2010 02:43 (131 replies)

    Atheists, we’re not your enemies

    Thu Mar 4 2010 05:58 (106 replies)

    Good think I kept a copy of my thread atheists had deleted

    Thu Mar 4 2010 05:42 (8 replies)

    If you’re an atheist, you lack the ability to think critically

    Wed Mar 3 2010 22:07 (185 replies)

    Richard Dawkins reaps what he sowed…and he doesn’t like it

    Tue Mar 2 2010 17:01 (40 replies)

    Uncommon Descent has a post about morality

    Sun Feb 28 2010 23:08 (51 replies)

    Atheist William Provine ..more evidence atheism is illogical

    Sat Feb 27 2010 22:24 (180 replies)

    ‘What Darwin Got Wrong': Taking down the father of evolution

    Sat Feb 27 2010 07:45 (15 replies)

    Andrew Koenig’s Father: ‘My Son Took His Own Life’

    Sat Feb 27 2010 05:37 (10 replies)

    Atheist admits it – humans no better than maggots

    Sat Feb 27 2010 04:52 (90 replies)

    Flabbergast: “Primitive” Human Ancestors Were Sailors

    Sat Feb 20 2010 06:44 (22 replies)

    Naturalism’s Moral Foundations – Jeffrey Dahmer

    Fri Feb 19 2010 23:30 (33 replies)

    Global Warming Honcho Finally Fesses Up

    Thu Feb 18 2010 15:10 (22 replies)

    ‘blind, random chance’

    Thu Feb 18 2010 10:08 (106 replies)

    Vandalizing Bookstores and Censoring Books in the Name of Darwin

    Wed Feb 17 2010 18:09 (122 replies)

    evolutionist admits his bias

    Wed Feb 17 2010 03:55 (190 replies)

    Dr Cornelius Hunter – Darwin’s worst nightmare

    Mon Feb 15 2010 08:05 (24 replies)

    Darwin was WRONG – according to ‘New Scientist’

    Sun Feb 14 2010 18:55 (38 replies)

    Birds from dinos…no, we mean dinos from birds…wait, ummmmm?????????

    Thu Feb 11 2010 16:14 (24 replies)

    Human microchips seen by some in Virginia House as device of antichrist

    Thu Feb 11 2010 07:18 (11 replies)

    Hitler was an evolutionist

    Sun Feb 7 2010 21:40 (153 replies)

    Thanks to Ponzer for helping expose Unvoiced – Apollo’s hypocrisy

    Sat Feb 6 2010 21:51 (14 replies)

    Scientists (Do Not) Find a Fingerprint of Evolution

    Sat Feb 6 2010 12:02 (14 replies)

    I just don’t have enough FAITH to be an atheist

    Wed Feb 3 2010 15:16 (144 replies)

    the correlation between climategate and darwin’s MYTH

    Wed Feb 3 2010 14:10 (7 replies)

    I just don’t have enough FAITH to be an atheist – pt 3

    Mon Feb 1 2010 06:30 (83 replies)

    PROOF we did not evolve – Deleterious mutation rates in humans

    Fri Jan 29 2010 16:01 (129 replies)

    Global warming proponents admit lying to influence political policy

    Tue Jan 26 2010 06:36 (5 replies)

    Hey atheistic evolutionists…

    Sun Jan 24 2010 02:29 (105 replies)

    Tamiflu Hoax

    Fri Jan 22 2010 20:51 (58 replies)

    William Dembski asks…..

    Thu Jan 14 2010 06:51 (27 replies)

    Hate to say ‘I told you so’ evolutionists, but……

    Wed Jan 13 2010 22:47 (73 replies)

    Priceless!!! Evolutionist Arthur Keith and ‘Piltdown Man’ hoax

    Wed Jan 13 2010 08:19 (8 replies)

    Hometown of Jesus Was Real

    Wed Jan 13 2010 01:27 (65 replies)

    Another ‘rabbit in the cambrian’…can’t wait to hear the excuses

    Sat Jan 9 2010 13:36 (18 replies)

    More egg on evolutionists’ faces

    Tue Jan 5 2010 19:23 (17 replies)

    What ALLEGEDLY evolved first…urine or the urinary system???

    Tue Jan 5 2010 15:51 (49 replies)

    More SOFT tissue in alleged 18 million year old fossil… LAUGHS!

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:50 (51 replies)

    evolutionist LOSES debate…then shows how classless he is

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:48 (70 replies)

    global warming fraud and neo-darwinism similarities are VERY telling Tue Dec 29 2009 09:46 (19 replies)

    Oh, this is PRICELESS..especially in light of ‘CLIMATEGATE’

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:45 (28 replies)

    Where did matter come from????

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:43 (20 replies)

    Dawkins gets PWNED again

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:41 (152 replies)

    I must be doing something right…

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:40 (51 replies)

    ANOTHER failed prediction by evolutionists

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:32 (153 replies)

    What ALLEGEDLY evolved first…

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:29 (33 replies)

    Richard Dawkins LIES

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:27 (69 replies)

    evolutionary ASSUMPTIONS

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:24 (60 replies)

    Richard Dawkins Still Peddling Haeckel’s Fraudulent Embryo Diagrams! Tue Dec 29 2009 09:21 (69 replies)

    Darwin PWNED

    Tue Dec 29 2009 09:19 (39 replies)

    What’s good for the goose…

    28 Tue Dec 29 2009 09:18 (28 replies)

    Fascinating article highlights the problems and hypocrisy of atheism Tue Dec 29 04:42 (335 replies)

    RNA Repair Better Than New…evolutionists have some splainin’ to do Mon Dec 28 2009 18:49 (13 replies)

    ‘Simple’ bacterium shows surprising complexity’

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:43 (21 replies)

    Evolutionary propaganda fools darwinists…Creationists right again! Mon Dec 28 2009 18:40 (26 replies)

    Another evolutionary fact DISproven

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:33 (18 replies)

    I’ll make it easy for Drew..Living fossils..what happened evolutionists?

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:23 (362 replies)

    How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research?

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:16 (16 replies)

    No Evolution in 58 Million Years???????????????

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:13 (97 replies)

    Mammoths Were Alive More Recently Than Thought

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:11 (26 replies)

    If this is ‘Science’ then GOD help us all

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:10 (72 replies)

    More proof the MYTH of evolution is UNfalsifiable

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:08 (105 replies)

    Facts CONTRADICT the evolutionary fairytale AGAIN!

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:07 (105 replies)

    Well kids, the creationist trumped the evolutionist AGAIN

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:05 (57 replies)

    ‘Ida’…just another example of EVOLUTIONARY PROPAGANDA

    Mon Dec 28 2009 18:02 (52 replies)

    similarity between global warming scandal and darwin’s MYTH

    Mon Dec 28 2009 17:55 (13 replies)

    Atheistic evolutionist’s FAITH defies logic and rationale

    Mon Dec 28 2009 17:50 (118 replies)

    I just don’t have enough FAITH to be an atheist

    Mon Dec 28 2009 17:47 (28 replies)

    This is why I waited before jumping on the ‘global warming’ bandwagon

    Mon Dec 28 2009 17:42 (46 replies)

    Fascinating argument shows why darwinism is illogical and Unrealistic

    Mon Dec 28 2009 17:39 (75 replies)

    Once again, evolutionists HATE free speech

    28 2009 17:37 (175 replies)

    Fascinating interview..Hewitt destroys Dawkins

    Mon Dec 28 2009 15:42 (77 replies)

    For Winter King

    Mon Dec 28 2009 15:22 (58 replies)

    Creationists knew this all along…darwinists always playing catch-up

    Sun Dec 27 2009 13:38 (24 replies)

    Demise of Another Evolutionary Link: Archaeopteryx Falls From Its Perch

    Sun Dec 27 2009 13:08 (104 replies)

    Need evidence for Darwinian evolution? Just make it up

    Wed Dec 23 2009 18:15 (87 replies)

    Hope evolutionists are listening

    Mon Dec 21 2009 08:55 (17 replies)

    Edit: This list may not be complete, so if any other threads have been forgotten, don’t hesitate to add more.

  29. bpierce
    Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/themovie/public_html/wp-content/themes/feed-me-seymour/functions.php on line 694

    …that evolution is a "theory in crisis." That there is NO evidence (NONE!)–gotta have both the NO and the NONE! in there, they always seem to–to support it.

    They claim that ALL of the evidence supports Creationism, and that the evil Darwinists are just misinterpreting it because they hate God.

    And they claim that evolution is crumbling before their righteous and Godly assault.

    Why, it must be true–just look at the progress they’ve made!

    A mere century ago, Creationists had the political power to ban the teaching evolution (as well as any other theory that contradicted their interpretation of the Bible.) They quite happily declared that anyone who disagreed with them should be punished for it.

    This is interesting, in light of their recent claims that they’re interested in "diverse ideas" and "making sure both sides get heard." They certainly didn’t have much interest in those things when they were in power.

    Since that time, they’ve come so far, and made so much progress! Just think: they’ve…well, they’ve lost the ability to ban evolution. And they’ve lost the ability to have Creationism taught exclusively. And they’ve lost on their claim that Creation Science should get "equal time."

    More recently, they lost on their claim that Intelligent Design wasn’t just Creationism with a paint job. They lost that one in front of a conservative Baptist judge who gave them unlimited time and scope to present their case.

    (And then complained about how unfair the situation was, and how they should have had more advantages!)

    Every time Creationists claim they’re about to kill evolution once and for all, they lose. And lose. And lose.

    This suggests one of two things. Either:

    A. Creationists have no evidence that’s remotely convincing to a reasonable person.


    B. Creationists really, really SUCK at arguing their case–so badly that they can’t win against a theory which supposedly has no evidence.

    Dishonest, or incompetent–I wonder which it is? :)

  30. geode
    Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/themovie/public_html/wp-content/themes/feed-me-seymour/functions.php on line 694

    …to harangue me. Should I take this as an honor, that his last blast of vile was

    spit at me ? 54575928#154575928

    Do you think he made a New Year’s resolution to not troll and bring mockery to Christ and Christians ?

    Oh Lord, you gave them eyes but they cannot see…

  31. simmyboyjolly
    Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/themovie/public_html/wp-content/themes/feed-me-seymour/functions.php on line 694

    Particularly with such an awesome cast, why didn’t the makers make the most of Bettany and ensure this became the "definitive" Darwin movie and actually show him discovering his theories?

    The family drama part was moderately interesting. And I felt the film dealt with his inner conflict about "to publish or not to publish" successfully. But had this film revealed Darwin stumbling across his ideas, it could have been exhilirating.

    Anyone have any theories on their decision to include such a lack of his theories? Or do you simply think that wasn’t their intention, and I’m judging the film unfairly?

  32. LastChanceForIce
    Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/themovie/public_html/wp-content/themes/feed-me-seymour/functions.php on line 694

    Thought I saw on amazon that it’s out now… Is that right? I live in Canada so if I’m wrong does anyone know the DVD release?? Thanks!

  33. cheeseman6969
    Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/themovie/public_html/wp-content/themes/feed-me-seymour/functions.php on line 694

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