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A mechanic (Elba) enlists the help of a successful-but-lonely attorney (Union) while trying to wrest custody of his three daughters from his treacherous ex-wife and her larcenous boy friend. Along the way, the working relationship between the blue collar dad and his uptown attorney grows into something more. This is a simple, touching story of two people trying to overcome their different backgrounds to find love, a down-on-his-luck man struggling to protect his children from abuse and neglect, and a community looking to purge itself from the criminals terrorizing their neighborhood.

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A reverse-Cinderella tale centers on a successful attorney (Union) who falls in love with a financially challenged mechanic (Elba) who is a single father of three children. The relationship hits a snag when the mechanics ex-wife comes back into his life and threatens to take away their kids.

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Genre: Drama,Romance

Daddy's Little Girls (2007)
Release Date: 14 February 2007 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Tyler Perry
  • Gabrielle Union
  • Idris Elba
  • Louis Gossett Jr.
  • Tasha Smith
  • Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Malinda Williams
  • Terri J. Vaughn
  • Gary Anthony Sturgis
  • Cassi Davis
  • Sierra Aylina McClain
  • China Anne McClain
  • Lauryn Alisa McClain
  • Juanita Jennings
  • Maria Howell
  • Rochelle Dewberry

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33 Responses to Daddy's Little Girls (2007)

  1. SymphonyAngel

    I just watched this film with my sister and we both laughed out loud when that cute little girl said that to Julia. Its my fave scene.

    I Run This.

  2. sunturion-1

    I really liked this movie but there are a couple of inconsistencies that really bothered me.

    The first one was the youngest daughter screaming when her mother was trying to take her but a little while lather she is asking why they can’t stay with their mother.

    And how can Julia’s girlfriends approve of a blind date with a guy who is 40 years old, between jobs and trying to be a rapper. But at the same time disapprove of a driver?

  3. sylviainmb

    His oldest daughter was 12 years old, he had been in prison for 8 years. Granted the 2 younger ones could have been conceived during congugal visits. But he told Julia he had supported his kids all their lives, HOW did he do that from prison? Doesn’t make sense.

  4. ade_xx

    The last two movies I watched by Tyler Perry, stressed the importance of celibacy among Christians, and portrayed characters who made sincere effort, to live the Christian lifestyle, despite the temptation and drama surrounding them in the world. So I expected the same from this movie. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed. The bedroom scene where Julia was drunk, combined with the bathroom vibrator, implied masturbation and fornication, which were unnecessary for this film to be a success. I hope Tyler does not fall into the trap of becoming too secular with his movies, at the risk of losing some of his Christian viewers. I would expect this from other movies, but I’ve always thought Tyler Perry tried to appeal to the Christian audience, along with the mainstream. Is that correct? Or did I misunderstand? I have not seen any of his plays or other movies, so I may be mistaken. I’ll have to look into that.

  5. Tyron_0991

    This is one of the many implausible details regarding this movie. What are some of your favorites?

  6. Savivi

    I haven’t seen all of Tyler Perry’s movies — but I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the ones I did.

    The one thing I’ve always been a little disappointed in was the lack of relationship of any kind when it came to white people – but I also understood that this is the vision that Tyler Perry had, and I respect that. And I also acknowledge the double-standard where nobody says anything if it’s an all-white cast.

    I DID enjoy Daddy’s Little Girls, but I have to admit I was put off that it was a white girl who put Monty in jail. This is the first Tyler Perry movie I’ve seen where a white person is vital to the plot line, and I’ll admit that I was uncomfortable with the fact that it had to do with racism (as well as being on that dangerous line when it comes to rape, as some women do pretend — but certainly not ALL!!).

    However, Perry’s stories are based on archetypes (not always stereotypes), and yes, situations like this do happen, unfortunately.

    "You’re just like the rest of them," I think is what she said. Or "Just like every other guy." She had obviously been hurt by "wam-bam-thank-you-maam" guys before — and she really didn’t seem stable. To get so emotionally attached to a complete stranger is not healthy. And I really don’t think she did it out of racial hatred — she did it as an escape from obvious trouble from her father — as HORRIBLE as that is.

    So yeah, at first I thought it was stereotypical. But, I thought it was also subtle in a way– in one brief line, the audience is allowed to make a character out of a plot device.

    What she, her father and lawyers did was INEXCUSABLE, and it’s an accurate picture of how some women are able to abuse the system (I’m not educated on jail times and such, though), and also how there is a massive unbalance when it comes to race and the law. But I think it’s also a good look at how pain drives a person’s decisions.

  7. rkfan28

    How could have Monty, a decent guy, been with the evil wicked witch Jennifer? and it was for at least 7 years

    she was a completely irredeemable character with zero good qualities. i don’t see how he could have fallen in love with her

  8. luxuriouslypink

    I don’t understand why her friends disapprove of her dating a chauffeur when the men they hooked her up with were so much worst!!! Come on, a 40 year old rapper!! and he wasn’t even fine. Monty was a way better catch than that guy.

  9. le_cois

    I am steadily losing respect for Tyler Perry because I feel he is playin’ us Christian folk. Maybe I need realize that a couple gospel songs and a church scene doesn’t qualify him as Christian, or a Christian artist. Smokin’, cussin’, drinkin’, and get the lonely girl in bed while she’s drunk. I don’t know how all of this has anything to do with the "Christian" film, which is marketed to church folk.

    Sorry, Tyler Perry, you have disappointed me and a lot of other folk. We are tired of getting played. Stop using Christian folk, Christian plays, Christian music, and church services SHOULD NOT be used as a gimmick to pull in a niche market. I guess Christians are just desperate for some wholesome entertainment and will settle for, what may be, the closest thing.

  10. david-1453

    That was hilarious when the rapper asked the asian waiter if they served Chinese food. LOL

  11. darrenmoran

    I mean i have seen plenty of movies that would warrant it, but this certainly doesn’t!!!

    It certainly doesn’t deserve high praise as a master piece, but less than 3 out of ten, come on.

    I gave it 10/10 just to help bump it up a little bit.

    If you look at the break down of the votes, you’ll find 33.4 percent of people gave it 1 out of 10, but only 3.7 percent gave it 2!!! Something smells fishy.

    I think this movie should lie between 6 and 7.5.

    I personally give it 6, i liked the story but didn’t so much like some of the cardboard cut out characters, no depth or reality to them.

    mother = hates her mom, hates the girls father, willing to destroy her kids life to get back at mum/girls father. Doesn’t explain why she hates her mum so much why se went so far off the rails.

    there are others but, that was the biggy!!

    For all it’s faults i liked the movie and it should deserve better here on imdb.

    Why would people vote a movie so low just because it is a predominately black movie, is beyond me.

    I dont have a problem sitting thru a black movie, even enjoying it

  12. cf1104-1

    I am all for celebrating, appreciating, recognizing and supporting the arts our culture generates but we must refuse to support half assed films like such. We do not get many many films that show the positive side of black life(good fathers, good jobs, etc.) so when they do appear like Daddy’s Little Girls we must have elevated standards. Im sorry but this movie was just poor filmmaking and if it had been made by a mostly white cast it would be straight to DVD and gathering dust as we speak at your local Blockbuster. Im simply stating dont support this film because it’s a black film, lets support films because they are good films. Check out Akeelah and The Bee if you want an African American film you can be proud of.

  13. jessmonic7

    Gabrielle Union playing a drunk Julia was HILARIOUS. Usually actors go overboard with drunk scenes, but Gabrielle’s was very accurate. She was so funny. I really enjoyed this movie (white woman).

  14. BlackHoney

    Clutch the pearls. There’s a going to be a movie with two darker skinned Black people in the leading roles and they are falling in love. My word, what’s Will Smith going to say? An AA woman who’s not racially ambiguous in love with a chocolate brotha? It’s madness I tell you. MADNESS!!!

    (LOL. I’m really surprised it wasn’t brought up sooner.)

  15. Anonymous
  16. PureChildInside

    Ok, that didn’t make any sense how the judge made the little girls stay with their mother and her boyfriend. Anyone would could see that the mother didn’t truly want the girls and that the boyfriend was abusive. Especially the scene where the oldest daughter gets caught trying to sell drugs because her mother’s boyfriend made her or else he would kill her dad. The guy sitting in the office should have figured it out by then. I think children have the right to choose who they want to live with instead of leaving it up to the faulty court system.

    Don’t worry be happy

  17. Anonymous
  18. HapkidoMaster04

    would you have done MORE than beat up that son of a bitch drug dealer Joe for him abusing China? All opinions are welcome! thanks

  19. Anonymous
  20. Animatrix_

    come out get to the bottom 100 – imdb has to many racist *beep*

  21. ngibbs-5

    I must say that everyone is hating on Tyler Perry and I do not understand why. This man went from having nothing to writing plays and producing movies, and for once he is not a black male out in the streets hustling. I applaude him and I wish him nothing but success. I cannot understand why African Americans cannot support our fellow african american successors. I try hard to see every black film possible, buy african american books, and buy music to support what the artist are trying to do. Have you ever noticed how well Jewish communities function? The reason for this is that before money leaves the community it touches 12 Jewish peoples hands, which shows that they are willing to work together. There are many cultures that will do this, but we do not pull together and once we learn to take care our communities, then we can working on ending racism in other communities. Always stay positive, you may not like the movie, book, and/or music, but applaude the efforts.


  22. Anonymous
  23. lloyddobbler

    The character of the mother, Jennifer, was just wayyyyy too much of a caricature. Ruined what could have at least been an half way entertaining flick.

  24. Isaac5855

    Did anybody else think this was one of the sexiest black men they have ever seen and the best reason for watching this movie? Why this guy is not a major superstar is beyond me. Totally hot!

  25. smswitzer-1

    When was the last time you went to the aquarium… with your daughter… on a Tuesday?

    The music from that commercial was all I could think of during that scene.

  26. rianna98

    I have seen a preview for this film. In one scene, a little black girl says something to the effect of "isn’t that a white girl’s name?", refering to the name Julia. If it was a white child critisizing a typically black name like La Queeshia, or Da Vonda, blacks would be in uproar, but of course it is ok, since whites are being insulted. Such a ridiculous double standard. Also, in the Bahamas commercials, they implicate that white skin is bad or wrong and that people "need a tan." Imagine if someone were to suggest that blacks need to lighten up. There would probably be a riot and lawsuits, which is what happens when they get mad.

  27. Anonymous
  28. BigMacWitbacon

    I did the math myself, they even give you the mean. So why does IMDB show a 3.7 rating for this movie? Think of a reason for yourself.

    I best to not see hair-loopies; an authentic Inuit/Native American hair style on Nicola Peltz!

  29. va_wulf

    …and mirror the world in which we live in. no black movies are in the top 250. no black movies get high ratings, when will things change? I’m done with imdb.

  30. looneyLALA

    wat is up wiv u ppl, why cnt u jus watch films like normal ppl , nd before u start i will not spell correctly bcoz i simply cannot b arsed, sum1 plz tell me how this film is racist in anyway, there are plenty of films out there wivout black people as der main character!!! so why when a blak movie is made everyone starts to cry, nd can i plz say, maybe this movie was rated low bcoz it was simply s h i t, ever fort abwt that???? coz i did, nd i fort it was alooad of crap 2 be honest, it was jus a copy of ‘Are we there yet?’ nd that was just as bad, i cnt remember wat i was gunna say, so wen u old ppl start moanin at me then i will probably remember wat i wus gunna say!!!

    nd before u ask, im a mixed race 14yr old! nd yes i cn spell but i do enuff of that in skool, nd its weekend nd my day off :D

    I’m sorry wendy,I just don’t trust something that bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die!-South Park :)

  31. weirdstr_boy

    Isn’t she supposed to be the smart woman. If you compare her to the mother of the three daugthers she was not really that stuck up anymore.

  32. xoxo_pink

    in the scene where the mom says "ur not just going to be sitting around here,"

    what does she want her to do?


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