Dark Command (1940)



A drama of undying love

When transplanted Texan Bob Seton arrives in Lawrence, Kansas he finds much to like about the place, especially Mary McCloud, daughter of the local banker. Politics is in the air however. It\’s just prior to the civil war and there is already a sharp division in the Territory as to whether it will remain slave-free. When he gets the opportunity to run for marshal, Seton finds himself running against the respected local schoolteacher, William Cantrell. Not is what it seems however. While acting as the upstanding citizen in public, Cantrell is dangerously ambitious and is prepared to do anything to make his mark, and his fortune, on the Territory. When he loses the race for marshal, he forms a group of raiders who run guns into the territory and rob and terrorize settlers throughout the territory. Eventually donning Confederate uniforms, it is left to Seton and the good citizens of Lawrence to face Cantrell and his raiders in one final clash.

Written by

Cowpoke Bob Seton becomes a rival for William Cantrell\’s girl and for the sheriff\’s job Cantrell covets. When Seton wins both, Cantrell forsakes his respected position as schoolteacher and leads a band of renegades through Kansas, looting and destroying, all in the name of the Confederacy.

Written by
Jim Beaver <[email protected]>

A Civil War era story of a renegade guerrilla band led by William Contrell. (Couldn\’t be a thinly disguised take-off on the real William Quantrill, confederate guerrilla commander, 1837-1865. No, of course not.) Cow town boss in conflict with the new marshal.

Written by
Ed Stephan <[email protected]>

The story takes place before the civil war when Bob Seton takes a run for Federal Marshal of Kansas against William Cantrell. He ends up Defeating Cantrell which infurates him. Cantrell then steals away Setons girl and manipulates her into marriage.The rivalry between them comes to a climax when Seton exposes Cantrell and his Guerrillas.

Written by
Christopher D. Ryan <[email protected]>

Texas cowpoke Bob Seton comes to a Kansas town with his friend, Doc Crunch, and runs for town marshal against school teacher Will Cantrell. Seton is elected but loses out to Cantrell for the hand of Mary McCloud. When the Civil War breaks out, Cantrell organizes a raider band, supposedly on the side of the South, but which, in reality, is nothing but a guerrilla army that loots and robs from both sides. Cantrell has dreams of carving out his own empire out of Kansas. Cantrell leads his guerrillas on a raid against Lawrence, Kansas, where they are defeated and Cantrell is killed. His widow finds happiness with Seton, the man she truly loves.

Written by
Les Adams <[email protected]>

Genre: Romance,Western

Dark Command (1940)
Release Date: 15 April 1940 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Raoul Walsh
  • Claire Trevor
  • John Wayne
  • Walter Pidgeon
  • Roy Rogers
  • George 'Gabby' Hayes
  • Porter Hall
  • Marjorie Main
  • Raymond Walburn
  • Joe Sawyer
  • Helen MacKellar
  • J. Farrell MacDonald
  • Trevor Bardette

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  1. kimpunkrock
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    The best way to buy this DVD is to buy it in the John Wayne Collection Vol 2. from Republic and Artisian entertainment. The set also includes one of my favorite Duke movies from the 40’s called In Old California. It also includes The Fighting Kentuckian. It can be purchased on Amazon from other sellers. You can no longer buy it directly since it is out of print. I recieved mine today from one of these sellers and it was practically brand new. Happy hunting.

  2. hisgirlfridayy
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    on tcm it says that Jean Arthur is in this movie. can anyone confirm?

    to die will be an awfully big adventure.

  3. ren-28
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    But in the hands of the great Raoul Walsh, it was bound to be great. Even with the typical Republic low budget, Walsh did great things. The script and story were outstanding, and with support from John Wayne, Claire Trevor and Walter Pidgeon, Walsh did an outstanding job.

  4. s-hill4
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    A minor role is "Dark Command" is credited to BOB SAENZ. If this Bob Saenz was a brother of Josephine Saenz, that would make Bob the brother-in-law of star John Wayne (who at that time was married to Josephine Saenz)…? — Prof Steven P Hill, Cinema Studies, University of Illinois "S(DASH)HILL4(AT)UIUC(DOT)EDU"

  5. Anonymous
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