Destiny (1944)



Two bank robbers, Cliff Banks and Sam Baker go their separate ways while being chased by the law. Now fleeing alone, Cliff begins to reflect, via flash back, the various events and unsavory people in his life that lead to his life of crime. Cliff ends up in the idyllic rural town of Paradise Valley. Cliff discovers the local people are very trusting and decides the town would be the perfect place to pull a scam. He meets a farmer named Clem Broderick and his strange blind daughter Jane. Jane seems to have super natural powers; she can use a dowsing rod to find water, has ESP, and can control the forces of nature. However, despite all her powers, she is unable to read Cliff\’s mind and discover his plan to steal the Broderick farm out from under them. However, when Jane discovers what the stranger is up to, she invokes a vision in which Cliff is terrorized by the forces of nature and drowns in the river. Cliff, now shaken, vows to reform, and in the process save Clems life when he is attacked by a bear.

Written by
Jim Riecken <[email protected]>

Genre: Crime,Drama,Fantasy,Film-Noir

Destiny (1944)
Release Date: 22 December 1944 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Reginald Le Borg

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  • Gloria Jean
  • Alan Curtis
  • Frank Craven
  • Grace McDonald
  • Vivian Austin
  • Frank Fenton
  • Minna Gombell

2 Responses to Destiny (1944)

  1. creightonhale
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    I’m letting you know that you can get a copy of this from Gloria Jean’s personal website.

    "Illusions are, by their nature, sweet."

  2. screengem418
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    I would very much like to see this movie. Does anybody know where a copy of it might be found? (on VHS, preferrably)

    I would be grateful for any leads, about good sources.



    P.S., I can provide a few sentences of positive descriptions, about this movie from a recent article about Gloria Jean (in Classic Images magazine).

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