Dust Devil (1992)



He's not a serial killer. He's much worse. See »

A woman on the run from her abusive husband encounters a mysterious hitch-hiker. Full summary »

Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller,Western

Dust Devil (1992)
Release Date: 8 August 1992 (Japan)
Country: South Africa , UK
Director: Richard Stanley
  • Robert John Burke
  • Chelsea Field
  • Zakes Mokae
  • John Matshikiza
  • Rufus Swart
  • William Hootkins
  • Terri Norton
  • Russell Copley
  • Andre Odendaal
  • Luke Cornell
  • Philip Henn
  • Robert Stevenson
  • Peter Hallr
  • Stephen Earnhart
  • Marianne Sägebrecht

33 Responses to Dust Devil (1992)

  1. neon_suntan

    Some of this commentary is very informative but the interviewer seems more than a little out of his depth… often asking the same question two or three times, you can almost hear Richard Stanley sigh at one point… is the commentary on the Optimum disc any better?

    It’s a shame ’cause the whole 5 disc edition is otherwise lovingly put together…

  2. neon_suntan

    Dust Devil according to director Richard Stanley was loosely based on a genuine series of murders that occured in the 10th year of a 10 year drought in the region.

    Police pursued and killed the primary suspect, whose body was so destroyed in the shoot-out it couldn’t be identified. Nevertheless the killings stopped.

    Does anyone know if this has any basis in fact?

    I have searched a few Namibian Newspaper archives and found nothing relevant.

  3. the_big_dogma

    During the course of the film the Dust devils coat is unadorned on the back, however during the scene when the devil conjures up the dust devil(also featured on the cover of the dvd) he appears to have bones wove into the back of the coat.

    Any thoughts on what these bones represent and where they appear from?

    "What’s truth got to do with it?"

    "What’s truth got to do with anything?"

  4. redrabbitbone

    From what I understand, this thing is an angel of death who’s ability is shapeshifting.

    So he goes around where there’s human despair and takes the ones who are secretly longing for their life to end. It’s methods are through sexual congress (men, women) for its own pleasure before killing-or-because it was once human, it still lusts for sex and so it takes a human form and goes killing for pleasure?

    Another question is who’s Yaga the snake father?

    And the police chief, why did he pack up and leave, was there war coming to the area or is that when aparthied was over?-thanx

  5. joel-680-883021

    And I was one of about 10 per cent of the audience that didn’t walk out during the movie… when I asked others why they hadn’t they replied (like me) that they wanted the opportunity to fill in the questionnaire to say how much they disliked the film. To be fair, this was a very short cut of the film (although it didn’t seem that way when we watched it). I might try the DVD to see if more means better.

  6. silverkid

    not the cover to the dvd box, the cover of the actual disc. its a picture of the lead character, the woman walking away from two dead bodies behind her, the dust devil and the black cop. thanks a lot dvd makers. *beep* morons.


  7. ironmanlucas

    Does anybody know where can I get a DVD with the 87 min. version?

  8. Kungfuzombie3000

    Who’s the guy in the background about 6 minutes into the movie, right after he’s killed the woman and is holding her body in bed. Someone in the background lights a candle. He’s wearing a hat. I thought that was weird, was wondering what that was all about and if it was intentional.

  9. badlt333

    I have not seen this film yet, which version should I watch first? the work print which is longer or the Final cut which is shorter?

  10. jekw23

    I’M sure first time I saw this you could see a big chunk of his face lying on the floor as he’s dying, I can quite clearly remember thinking "Man, that dude’s face is all over the place". Bought it on DVD and I can’t see it now although if you look at the bottom of the screen there does seem to be something there just out of frame..part of his scalp it looks like. Not sure if I’m misremembering or not. Not important as it’s just a small gruesome detail that I noticed was missing. Just wondered if anyone else remebered this, could be the film was reframed though not sure why it would be.

  11. NaturesMistakes

    When I was younger I saw a very surreal film that started with a native screaming. When he opens his mouth, we see that he has no tongue. At the end of the film there is a possessed women in a white dress walking near a tree. The scene took place in the twilight of the evening and the tongues swayed in the tree bye a gentile breeze. During this scene a distraught man tries to plead with this ugly demon women. At the end, the same native is screaming over a rocky ridge. I don’t think this is the film, however the style seems to be pretty similar from what I have read. Someone thought this could be the film. So is this the film I have been looking for, for 10+ years? Thanks for the help.

  12. the_big_dogma

    I had the impression that the Dust devil character was somehow connected to the character who delivers the killer artifact in "Hardware".

    This is what attracted me to Dust devil in the first place, but it appears to not be the case.

    "What’s truth got to do with it?"

    "What’s truth got to do with anything?"

  13. Danzig_doyle_graves

    There seem to be what seems like 4 different cuts of this film, so is it fairly gruesome and gory? Or just creepy and atmospheric? I’m planning on buying the 5-disc set that randomly appeared at our local ‘Borders’ book/movie store lol

    Does it make you happy you’re so strange?

  14. themanamp

    It’s in the scene where the policeman looks for his wife in the bar and gets beaten up for being in the army. (seems fair enough to me)…..



  15. DrDestiny

    Does anyone think that Dust Devil should be remade because there is some great content on that film and more people I think would like to see this

  16. dodrade

    The film is set in Namibia, but Ben Mukurob clearly has SAP (South African Police)on his shoulders.

  17. Devans00

    I hate when a movie has a very unlikeable lead character. Not only do they get on your nerves, but they are on screen a lot, so you have to keep putting up with their annoyingness.

    Wendy Robinson, played by Chelsea Field, was a very self centered, egotistical, numb nuts "heroine". I was begging for something bad to happen to her, but she kept sliding out of danger. While more deserving people got killed and mutilated.

    When we first meet her, she and her husband are fighting because she’s fooling around on him. Not exactly sympathetic. Later she get stuck in a ditch. A local man is kind enough to get her unstuck from the sand and the only thanks he gets is a face full of dirt as she peels off down the road with not even a thank you. By the way, the good Samaritan is finally paid for his efforts with a beating and torture from the local police.

    Next, she not only picks up a weird hitchhiker, but sleeps with him. Um, isn’t that what got her in trouble in the first place? Messing around with other men while married?

    The only good thing is that she didn’t have perfect glamour make-up on the whole time like they do in Hollywood movies.

    Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.

  18. expensivewino13

    Whew. If that boy was my husband, I’d have left him, too. Rarely do I find someone so annoying in a movie; however this guy completely set my teeth on edge. He came across as a whiny, insistent a – hole. The ending had me laughing because of what happens to him.

    The gene pool could use a little chlorine……

  19. Gorbo

    Okay, the local video store has 8 different Versions of Dust Devil (1992) & I can’t figure out what is the difference btwn them. Any help on which Version to get is appreciated.

    Dust Devil: The Final Cut – The Secret Glory 1993

    Dust Devil: The Final Cut [Limited Collector’s Edition]

    Dust Devil: The Final Cut – The Work Print 1993

    Dust Devil: The Final Cut 1993

    Dust Devil: The White Darkness – Voice of the Moon 1993

    "Without mercy, a man is not a human being." Sansho the Bailiff, 1954

  20. xxtreme-1

    This occurred after the first murder, I believe. The dust devil (before his true nature was revealed), was standing on the porch. Immediately behind him mounted on the wall were the antlers of some animal. The way he was standing, and the camera angle gave the impression that the antlers were coming out of his head. I guess the was a clue as to what he actually was.

  21. atlantic5

    I was wondering if you guys think i should buy this movie cause i havnt seen it before, heard it was good, and the 5-disc limited collectors edition came out yesterday. i know all of you guys are fans of this movie and probably no body is gonna tell me "IT SUCKS!" so from a good critical point-of-view, how good is this movie overall and should i buy it????

  22. Stoi1

    If someone has an idea: :-)

    http://www.sl-desig n.de/

  23. ratmouseman

    Ok, first i wanna say this was a good movie, but a really crappy editing mistake really took me out of the movie experience. I tried submitting this info to imdb, but for whatever reason, they didn’t post it so i’ll put it here, just as i originally typed it:

    In the recently released U.S. 5-disc DVD set, there is a glaring editing flaw which happens approx. 1 hour, 32 minutes into the "Final cut" version of the movie.

    (Spoiler warning!)

    After the scene of the Dust devil blowing up the vehicles, Wendy flees into the desert and finds a ghost town. As she yells out "There must be somebody here!!!" there are some far shots of the abandoned area. Here is where the goof can be seen. In one particular far shot (the one where she’s yelling), look to the mid-right, into the background. You can see her and the cop (Ben Mukurob) both standing on the steps of the building, with Ben handing a gun to her. You can even see his arm reach out to her and their clothes flapping in the wind. The problem is, she doesn’t even meet him (for the first time) in the movie until several moments later! They then meet and talk while standing on the steps. He hands her a gun. Only this time, the shot is completely close-up, with no far shot. So the previous far shot was an alternate camera angle of this scene. The editor more-than-likely did not notice the 2 characters standing (and clearly moving) in the background of the shot when recutting and restoring the director’s final cut. In other words, Ben gives Wendy the gun twice, once before even actually meeting her. Even worse, this shot is horribly looped — because she yells "There must be somebody here!!!" right in Ben’s face as she’s taking the gun from him. This editing goof is only seen in the "Final cut" version and does not appear in the "workprint" version of the DVD set. It is very odd that this version would be "director approved" with this kind of editing mistake within it. And the fact that this DVD set is limited to 10,000 copies is even worse because that probably means that a corrected DVD set will never be released.

    "All my life i’ve wanted the truth….now i AM THE TRUTH!!!"

  24. Anonymous
  25. Vigilante_no12003

    Just recieved my set in the mail. Which is better to watch first, the directors cut or the work print?

    Mr White: "You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologise!"

  26. themaki19

    it was shown on zone horror uk and it just finished brill movie but which version is it?? mirrormax or final cut



  27. Scatologist

    Check out all the detail here:


    A pressing of only 10,000 copies, so be quick on the draw with this one DD Fans!!!

  28. Jules__Winnfield

    I have never seen the movie. Which should I watch first…the final cut, or final cut: work print? and are they really that different?

  29. fettgen3

    Anyone know where i can watch a trailer for this movie?

  30. djsmokingjam

    Hi all,

    I’ve put a new article comparing the 87-minute Miramax-edited version of Dust Devil to Richard Stanley’s Final Cut. For those who have seen one but not the other and are interested, I hope you enjoy it. :)

    – James

    LINK: http://terrorobscura.blogspot.com/2007/03/demoniaca-vs-dust-devil-final-cut-1992.html

  31. Anonymous
  32. DiabolikBlake

    Available 9/26/06, but available for order now

    UNDER $21!!


    Dust Devil – Final Cut (5 Disc SE) (NTSC Region 1)

    When a lonely woman [Chelsea Field (The Last Boy Scout)] leaves her husband and drives off into the desert, she meets up with a handsome drifter named Hitch [Robert John Burke (Simple Men, Robocop 3)]. What she doesn’t realize is Hitch is the menacing "Dust Devil," a shape-shifting killer who preys on the weak and the vulnerable. Richard Stanley’s legendary thriller about a charming, chameleonesque killer finally arrives in America in a director-approved version. This new final cut restores over 20 minutes of footage previously removed

    NTSC Region 1

    5 Disc Limited Edition

    Limited Edition of 10,000 Copies

    See Below

    Disc One:

    • DUST DEVIL: THE FINAL CUT: 107-minute version with 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Stereo sound

    • 107 min Hi Def transfer, 16×9 widescreen (1.85:1). Transfer approved by Richard Stanley.

    • Audio commentary by Stanley and Hill

    • Stanley’s production diaries

    • A Demon Reborn: The Final DUST DEVIL featurette

    • Making of DUST DEVIL featurette

    • Trailer for the long-lost 16mm version of DUST DEVIL

    Disc Two:

    • Bonus CD: DUST DEVIL soundtrack by Simon Boswell

    Disc Three:

    • 114-minute reconstruction of the DUST DEVIL work print, in non-anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen with 2.0 stereo sound

    • New DUST DEVIL comic book by Phil Avelli, story approved by Stanley

    Disc Four:

    • VOICE OF THE MOON documentary about Afghanistan, with commentary with Stanley and Hill

    • THE WHITE DARKNESS documentary about Haitian Voodoo, with commentary by Stanley and his production diaries

    Disc Five:

    • SECRET GLORY documentary about the search for the Grail and the neo-Nazi movement, with commentary by Stanley and Hill and Stanley’s production diaries

  33. Pumpkinjack65

    since the dvd is coming out on tuesday, what kind of stuff are we going to see in this version of the movie dust devil. cause i have seen the us version before and just want to know

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