Friday Night Lights (2004)



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Based on H.G. Bissinger\’s book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers. Full summary »

Genre: Action,Drama,Sport

Friday Night Lights (2004)
Release Date: 8 October 2004 (USA)
Country: USA
  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • Lucas Black
  • Garrett Hedlund
  • Derek Luke
  • Jay Hernandez
  • Lee Jackson
  • Lee Thompson Young
  • Tim McGraw
  • Grover Coulson
  • Connie Britton
  • Connie Cooper
  • Kasey Stevens
  • Ryanne Duzich
  • Amber Heard
  • Morgan Farris

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33 Responses to Friday Night Lights (2004)

  1. Jar_of_Inspiration
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    Is this movie worth watching just for the Explosions in the Sky score?

    "We played with life and lost." – Jules et Jim, François Truffaut.

  2. Midknight14
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    I’m not not much of a reader so me reading a book is something that doesn’t happen often. It isn’t that have trouble reading but reading a book is much like work for me. I know people who can just skim pages and understand what they are reading. I have to read every word so if it takes someone 5 minutes to read a chapter it will take me 10 minutes. I know some "readers" can’t understand that statement, I’ve dealt with it my whole life but most of the time reading isn’t enjoyable for me. I’ve gotta to really concentrate on what I’m doing.

    now that being said I’ve gotten the book FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS from the library this past week. I’m not a big fan of the movie, I think it is a great football movie but I think Remember The Titans is a better movie, if that makes sense to you. I just thought that FNL just didn’t do anything to make me care about the characters in the movie. it wasn’t till I listened to the dvd commentary that I found a new respect for the movie. reading the book is really worlds apart from the movie. you really get a more in-depth feel for the players, family and town. it wasn’t till I heard in the commentary that I knew they take chartered jets to some away games but it is right there in the book. a lot of history too is presented in the book. so far I must say it is a really good read.

  3. dvanoss
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    Coach told Chris to get some more sleep on the bus to the Astrodome because there was a "6 hour ride ahead of him"…

    It’s 8.5+ hours to Houston from Odessa, guaranteed much longer for a tour bus full of teenage football players.

    How do screenwriters get away with this kind of lack of basic fact checking?

    How do they just arbitrarily make stuff up like that…eyeball a map and guess?

    Nobody on that TX set spoke up and said, "wait…6 hours? WTF?"

    I can’t stand that kind of stuff.

  4. aimsusie
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    Which is the BEST high school football team in America?

    Informal poll.


    "Club sandwiches not seals" –

  5. dreamy_bubble
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    hey, does anybody know where i could watch the deleted scenes. In my country, the DVD doesn’t have them. thanks

    -obvious again though potentially problematic -GOF

  6. Plague2005
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    Does anyone know what song was playing when they reached Astrodome? The song during the intro of both teams into the stadium. I looked it up in the OST but couldn’t find it.

    <<– Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest –>>

  7. jowel
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    "Remember the Titans", while good, is overrated; "Friday Night Lights" is significantly more realistic, emotional, and convincing, while using less famous actors than "Remember the Titans".


  8. reservoirdog909
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    On the IMDB page for this film, it says that Josh Pate co-directed. However, his name doesn’t appear in any of the promotional materials, and I can’t seem to find any references to his work on the film anywhere else. (Wikipedia only mentions Peter Berg as director) What’s the deal here? Did Pate co-direct?

  9. blakinsey
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    I love the scene where Dallas Carter and Permian are being introduced before the last game, the music and the footage fits so perfectly. Definetely my favourite pump up scene in any film.

    Visit for movie news and reviews.

  10. nick-1036
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    How come none of them went on to College or NFL fame? Doesn’t that mean they were small and average players? Does that mean that at High School level, even state champions are not fully formed athletes like college, which is really the pros training ground.

  11. running_blind5784
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    That’s all. I never saw this movie, but I’m sure it sucks. I’m one out of maybe 12 people in this whole town that couldn’t give a rats ass about football or the Permian panthers. Ohhh and uhhhh the panthers are cheaters. Seriously. Ok now…. That’s all.

    it’s a pornography store. i was buying pornography.

  12. patriot12
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    This has probably (I hope) been discussed somewhere else on this board but what a sad but accurate commentary on parts of American society this movie is. I grew up in Ohio and played high school football and it’s a religion there too for some communities/regions, not to the extent as is portrayed in the movie but close. Even as a teenager when I was playing I remember on many occasions thinking people needed to get a life if their whole world revolved around what we did on the field. I suppose to some extent the infatuation is understandable for some and in some respects is good and healthy but what’s portrayed in the movie is just sad. By the way I loved the movie.

  13. Anonymous
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  14. Roy72
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    For those players who don’t go onto college or junior college is that the last time they play? I have heard of semi-pro but I have no idea how that is organized- state/city level ????

    Is there such a thing as simply amateur leagues in the US? It seems so strange that players who love and adore playing have no chance to compete once they hit 18 years old if no college picks them up.

    In the UK I played junior ball 15-19 (inc 2x national titles) but then another 15 years in amateur leagues paying subs and for all my own equipment/travel etc. The standard is not great as you only train once a week and play on sundays but the enjoyment is still there as is the competition.

    Roy 72.

  15. ElGrande04
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    Thought I would answer some questions (except for song titles) related to the film and team—->

    "Did Carter really beat Permian in the State Championship game in ’88?" — yes and no… Carter beat Permian 14-9 in the SEMIFINAL game held at Univ of Texas’ Memorial Stadium. It was cold, rainy, and downright sloppy. Passing games were non-existant for both sides. Permian, ironically, has never played at the Astrodome.

    "Were the Carter players really that mean? Were they all black?" — It depends on your definition of "mean." Were they arrogant? Definitely, but they were VERY talented. Did they play "dirty"? Not really. They hit hard, were very fast, and knew it. Carter was a school that was over 90% African-American, so the football team mirrored that as well.

    "Did the ‘phantom catch’ really exist?" — yes, and it changed the momentum of the game entirely. The "catch" (which was for a much longer gain, actually) was caught in mid-air, then dropped (the ball hit the turf), bounced back into the receiver’s arms, then was ruled a catch. This allowed Carter to gain the go-ahead score.

    "Did the meeting between Carter and Permian school officials and coaches actually happen?" — Oh yes. And the movie actually gives a good account of it.

    "Did Carter really lose its title due to the use of an ineligible player?" Yes. The title was then awarded to Converse Judson HS (located in NE San Antonio, and quite the football powerhouse themselves). Carter forfeited all wins in the season where the player was used. In a lengthy court battle that spanned the duration of the playoffs leading up to the semifinal game against Permian, Carter was allowed, then disallowed, then allowed to keep competing in the playoffs.

    "Did Charlie Billingsley treat his son that way in real life?" — No, according to Don Billingsley there was no physical abuse at all. The rest of the relationship remains (and should remain) private between the two. In the DVD extras, Donnie does say that his relationship with his dad now is great, and that they spend good quality time together.

    "Did Permian, Lee, and Abilene Cooper really have a coin-flip to decide who would go to the playoffs?" — Yes, except that Midland High was in place of Abilene Cooper. Doug McCutchen (billed as Cooper’s coach in the film) lost the flip when it was determined that his coin indeed landed on "tails" after originally being called "heads".

    "Is that really Permian’s stadium?" — Oh yes. That is Ratliff Stadium, located in NE Odessa, and it does indeed seat just shy of 20,000 fans. More than 22,000 have been known to be in attendance when the grass end-zone sections open up for certain games. It is well-maintained and has held up very well despite being almost 25 years old.

    "Did Permian win a State Championship the next year?’ — yes, in ’89. Chris Comer was the leading rusher on the team. They defeated Aldine HS 28-14 in the title game, and were crowned "National Champs" by ESPN soon afterward.

    "Was Ivory Christian really THAT quiet?" — No. He was indeed soft-spoken, but his character’s quietness in the film was exaggerated a bit.

    "Is Odessa really that UGLY?" — Depends on who you ask… :-)

    "Is there a Mojo Radio? Do people really get that riled up on the radio each week before games? — No.

    "Are the boosters really that tough on the coach?" — This would be a matter of opinion, but yes, Permian coaches are held to a VERY high standard.

    "What was wrong with Mike Winchell’s mom? (Physically)" — It is unknown, and the book does not elaborate. Winchell himself was very quiet on the matter.

    "What happened to the main characters afterward?" — Winchell: Attended Baylor Univ, walked-on to the football team, then left after one year. Later, attended Tarleton State Univ and is now a surveyor in N. Texas. Billingsley: Lives in Dallas, TX and is an insurance agent. Boobie Miles: Attended junior college at Cisco JC, played football for one year, but was not the same after his injury. Now lives in Monahans, TX with his two daughters. Gary Gaines: coached Permian until after the 1989 season, then became an assistant coach at Texas Tech Univ. He then has had several coaching stints since, and now serves as athletic director for Ector County ISD (which Odessa is part of). Ivory Christian: Attended TCU on a D1 scholarship, then later became a long-haul truck driver. Brian Chavez: Attended Harvard Univ (did not play football as it was not on the same scale of competition he was used to), graduated, then completed law school at Texas Tech. He now practices law in Odessa.

    "Priest Holmes played for Permian…" — False. He played for San Antonio Marshall HS, which Permian defeated for the ’91 State title. Holmes was the leading rusher in that game.

    "Didn’t Ivory play middle linebacker?" — yes, there were some changes in the film regarding players’ positions. Ivory was actually the starting middle linebacker, Chavez was the tight end. Since real footage from the ’03 team was interspersed with the movie footage, it just made sense. #90 and #4 from the ’03 Permian squad fit the physical build of the two actors.

    "Didn’t Boobie’s injury occur in a scrimmage?" — Yes, it occurred in a pre-season scrimmage against Amarillo Palo Duro in Lubbock, TX.

    "Why does the movie have Marshall as the ‘Dawgs’, with Permian winning?" — Berg had to mix in actual footage of the ’03 team, and this made the most sense. It wasn’t possible to use footage of the ’88 game, nor feasible or cost-efficient to film "new" footage. In reality, Permian lost to Marshall in the second game of the season, in Marshall.

    "Why is Permian playing Galena Park North Shore in the playoffs? They never played." — Berg used GPNS as a favor to one of his assistants (I believe). Since the playoffs were presented as a montage, it really didn’t make much difference here on accuracy. Another team in the mix was Austin Westlake, which has also yet to meet Permian in football.

    "Isn’t Permian pretty bad right now?" — There are signs that they are returning to the glory of old, but Permian hasn’t reached the playoffs since the 1998 season. They have been through four head coaches in the past 10 years. This past season (2005), they won one district game after a promising pre-district run.

    "Where did ‘Mojo’ come from?" — several stories abound… the most common deals with a group of fans (after some adult beverages) trying to yell "Go Joe!" toward a player buddy of theirs, and it coming out "Mojo". The name stuck. This supposedly occurred during the late 60’s.

    "What are some good Permian websites?" — is a great start, along with — both are well-maintained and stuffed with information on the past, present, and future of Mojo by true knowledgeable Mojoites.

    Any others? Post away… I’ll try to do my best.

  16. reservoirdog1986
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    i’m a junior in high school, i play defensive line. i’d say that the linemen work the hardest out of everyone, what position do u think is the hardest?

  17. edlund32
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    I wish I had the dedication that these kids had for something in my life these days. I remember back in high school when I played soccer for a few years I really concentrated my life on bettering myself for the program. There is a lot of lessons you can learn about committement from this movie. One of my best friends has that locker room speach on his ipod, and I might try to download it myself. Win or lose these guys had a different kind of heart that is very hard to discover. They learned it was not all about the state championship, but just their duty to themselves as teammates.

  18. little1o
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    Mine is when Chavez and Billingsley are in front of the 7-11 pounding down their 99 cent breakfast specials, when the cop with the Permian ring rolls up on them, lol. I really like that scene, hehe. =D

    Whats yours?

  19. Anonymous
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  20. jstewart01
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    Anyone else think it was really sad when the black guy broke down in the arms of his friends about how he wanted to play football?

  21. MoNsTeR_eNeRgY_20m
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    For some reason, the girl who plays the mascot is not credited. Does anyone know the girl’s name who played the Panther mascot in the film?

  22. conversequeen64
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    SO it seems everyone is iether saying "soundtrack" or "internet"

    But heres some help from an actual post-rock fan

    I listen to Explosions hardcore on a regular basis because they’re one of my favorite bands. Their work is amazing. If you like a song or a snippet, GO BUY THEIR ALBUMS!!!!! Alot of songs in the movie are from their albums, and the others are on the soundtrack. It’s worth it. And if you really like explosions, then try listening to:

    -Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    -A Silver Mt. Zion


    -God is an Astronaut




    -Red Sparowes

    -This Will Destroy You

    And TONS more bands characterized as Post-Rock. Try, you just might like it.

  23. Anonymous
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  24. reservoirdog1986
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    there are higher and greater things to achieve and do in life than to play football in high school. just cause u play doesnt mean ur a hero like Audie Murphy

  25. Anonymous
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  26. rainefilms
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    I made this as a tribute to my High School’s football program here in Grants Pass High School. It’s only 3 minutes so if you guys can check it out that would be great. Friday Night Lights is awesome!

    Here’s my film:

  27. displacedbrett
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    Anybody else hear ever see the show Head to Head? It’s a documentary series following two rival high school football teams in Mississippi, very Friday Night Lights-esque. Unless you live in the area you can only watch the episodes online, (and for some dumb reason on cell phone company’s site) but I was able to extract the video and put it up so you don’t have to go thru their website… football/

    The coaches of both the teams are pretty fascinating guys, and it has surprisingly high production values for being kind of an obscure little docu-series.

    They were also smart enough to obviously copy some ideas from Friday Night Lights – it’s set in small, southern towns where high school football is god, they focus on very dynamic coaches, and they even use music that’s very similar to Explosions in the Sky….check out the song “Enchanted Hill” by The Album Leaf (starts at the beginning of Part 2 in the video link above)…gave me goose bumps.

    Anybody else into this at all?

  28. Anonymous
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  29. Chaseterrier
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    I wander how many football players got special treatment with academics becuase they were the football players at Permian High School?

  30. glpatton
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    I watched this on AMC the other night until I couldn’t stand it anymore and watched something else. Stiff acting and a Permian Basin cliche fest; it was like watching Glen Campbell in True Grit.

    Why this team was showcased is beyond me. WOW! What a joke!

  31. The_Great_Pantubo
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    The early scenes that concentrated on the kids, and the importance of the games to the townspeople, were quite good. I was hoping to see more about the pressure on the kids, and their dealings with celebrity status, and the inevitable conflicts that would arise.

    However, the film drops all that rather quickly to focus on the games, which leaves us with the very unfortunate fact that Billy Bob Thornton has to carry the second half. He can’t do it. He is reduced to slamming a rolled-up piece of paper in one hand into his other hand, while telling everyone to "wake up" over and over. Very, very lame.

    Then we get a weak halftime speech — no doubt intended to be powerful — and the endgame. Where, suddenly, we are again exposed to the fact that these are real kids with real lives to live. At which point we wish that had stuck with that theme for the last 80 minutes.

    I bet this was a good book.

  32. BauersHere007
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    I don’t remember which one…Thanks!!!

  33. maridgelyjr
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    Apparently she gets nekked in this movie. How did I miss this?

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