Godsend (2004)



Adam Duncan. Born: December 11, 1987. Died: December 12, 1995. Born September 23, 1996. See »

A couple agree to have their deceased son cloned, under the supervision of an enigmatic doctor but bizarre things start to happen years after his rebirth. Full summary »

Genre: Drama,Horror,Thriller

Godsend (2004)
Release Date: 30 April 2004 (USA)
Country: USA , Canada
Director: Nick Hamm
  • Greg Kinnear
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • Robert De Niro
  • Cameron Bright
  • Merwin Mondesir
  • Sava Drayton
  • Jake Simons
  • Elle Downs
  • Edie Inksetter
  • Raoul Bhaneja
  • Jenny Levine
  • Thomas Chambers
  • Munro Chambers
  • Jeff Christensen
  • Deborah Odell

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  1. z100
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    What was the thing with Adam2 getting "dragged" into the closet by someone/something? I cant figure out eve a half possible reason..

  2. clarklarry1
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    Let me start this off by saying that I watched movies on TV all day Sunday in between bouts of hating myself. One of which was Godsend. It wasn’t very good at all, and for the duration of this sentence, "wasn’t very good at all" really means terrible piece of *beep* movie starring yet another kid that knows how to crack an evil smile."

    So, on with the crappy movie itself. It opens with Paul (Greg Kinear) running through downtown of some random city with a present. He can’t get a cab so he runs through a dark alley. He obviously gets jumped by two guys because it’s a dark alley and he looks like a tool. One of the guys notices that the man he’s mugging is Paul, "the best teacher [he] ever had," and tells his boy to leave him alone because "hes cool." Then he apologized to Paul and skipped off down the alley with his gang-bangin’ buddy to rob someone else (as long as their victim doesn’t turn out to be the guy at McDonald’s that always hooks them up with extra fries – hes cool too). This is a huge point to the movie. It shows us that 1) Paul lives in a crappy neighborhood, 2) he’s a biology teacher, and 3) he’s such a damned good biology teacher that the students who respect him the most are stealing presents from people in an alley at knife-point. What a great teacher. The kid honestly says "He taught me everything I needed to know." So you learned about mugging people in high school biology class? Wow, and all I learned in high school biology was that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. I never once learned anything about life on the streets and how to steal presents. I think they took this scene from the movie they were originally going to make, which was about a tough teacher in the ‘hood helping kids see they can grow up to do anything as long as they believe in themselves and unicorns enough. Because, you know, that’s never been done before, especially not by Jim Belushi in the 80’s.

    When Paul gets home, it’s his kid’s eighth birthday party, complete with a precious little vanilla cake in the form of an 8. His kid is named Adam. The present he got him was a red jacket with white sleeves that probably had his name embroidered on it to make sure the other kids at school knew the name of the person they’ve been dipping head-first into the toilet. Post birthday party madness, Jessie (Rebecca Roman Stamos), his wife, argues with him about how she wants to move out of the city because he got a job offer somewhere else for more money. Paul doesn’t want to because he considers doing anything other than teaching hoodlums in the ghetto biology for peanuts "selling out." And maybe he’s right, but I don’t *beep* care. She then says, "Oh, it’s for Adam, not us." You lying, gold-digging bitch. She’s a photographer, which really means "housewife with a camera" so you know she doesn’t make any money at all.

    The next day, Jessie takes Adam to get him a basketball and the ugliest red sneakers ever made by sweatshop children. While she’s paying, he goes outside to play with his basketball next to a construction zone in the middle of a dead-locked street. The traffic is not moving at all. She wanders away from the register, while paying, because she’d rather watch her kid try to bounce a ball and *beep* it up than actually sign her credit card receipt and not hold up the line. *beep* bitch. Well, Adam can’t dribble because he’s a pussy and the ball bounces off of his ugly red sneakers into the construction zone. As he frolics past the barrier to get his ball, some guy on a bike rides into traffic (that wasn’t moving at all three seconds prior) and some guy in a Camaro does what everyone else does when they’re about to hit some jerk on a bike: he hits the gas, jumps over a conveniently-placed dirt ramp, and slams into Adam who stands there like an idiot while the impending doom flies right at his face instead of making any sort of attempt at getting out of the way. What a jackass. So now he’s dead. Unfortunately we’ll never know why a car that was literally sitting idle in traffic suddenly had the speed to get airborn off of a dirt ramp. My theory is that he wanted to run the bike over, and who else wouldn’t?

    Anyway, it’s now night time and Paul finally gets home from work. No one’s there, so he checks the messages and it’s from Jessie saying that Adam is a pancake. Since the accident happened during the afternoon and now it’s nighttime, it makes me wonder why he didn’t know earlier. Didn’t his stupid *beep* wife think to call him at his job? I know he’s a teacher in the inner city and the schools so poor that the student have to pee in a bucket, but I’m sure there’s at least one phone in there somewhere, even if it’s an old-timey crank phone, and a dead kid is kind of an emergency.

    At the funeral arrangements for Adam, Richard (Robert De Niro) approaches them and talks about how he’s a scientist and once had Jessie in one of his classes in college. Remember, Jessie’s a photographer, not a scientist. Makes perfect sense, because obviously he’s going to remember one girl he had in a big class ten years ago that didn’t major in science and probably never even showed up for class because she was too busy covering up her oral herpes with makeup. So yeah, she probably *beep* him for a B, because god damn she wanted that prestigious photography degree. Whatever. He takes them out to lunch and tells them he can clone Adam using a DNA sample, basically fertilizing one of her eggs with Adam DNA. Paul gets pissed and storms out, but not before Richard gives Jessie his card. After much pointless arguing, they decide to sever ties with everyone they’ve ever known (much to everyone’s dismay, I’m sure) and move upstate near Robert’s facility where he can clone Adam. Paul gets a job at the local high school, Robert buys them a house with a dark room, and the cloning procedure is a complete success. Wheeeeeee.

    Once again, they name this kid Adam. It’s the same actor, but now he has short hair to make sure the audience doesn’t think the rest of the movie is one long flashback because the audience is stupid. It’s his eighth birthday party, and they have the same *beep* #8 cake as they gave their dead kid, only this one is chocolate instead of vanilla. This is to symbolize that this kid is evil and the director is a racist. Otherwise why couldn’t the vanilla cake be for the evil child? Also, the only black people in the movie so far were thieves and the one black lady near the end of the movie is insane and an almost-murderer, but I’ll get to that later. So yeah, the director’s a racist.

    Paul makes some stupid comments to Jessie about how their new Adam is exactly like their dead Adam. Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s probably because he’s a *beep* CLONE. Paul also gives an example. He says that new Adam loves his stegosaur toy as much as the old Adam. I’m pretty sure that’s because you gave the new Adam the same *beep* stegosaur that the old Adam had, and all kids love dinosaurs. Remember a little show from when you were a kid called Denver the Last Dinosaur? How about the action-packed space marine adventures of Dinosaucers? Don’t lie, everyone had the Triceratops laser soldier toy thing. So Paul shouldn’t be amazed that the clone loves a dinosaur he was basically programmed to love by his own stupid parents just like the original.

    After that argument, Paul and Jessie try to make another clone the old fashioned way and we almost get to see Rebecca Roman Stamos naked. But not quite.

    At this point, the Adam clone (who I will refer to as "ultra Adam" from now on, and I’ll also refer to the dead Adam as "zombie Adam" because zombies *beep* rule) has lived longer than zombie Adam and he starts having bizarre dreams about a kid that looks like him wearing a red coat with white sleeves setting a school on fire and being laughed at by other creepy school children. You know, stuff that zombie Adam never did. Paul and Jessie ask Richard what’s going on, and he says that it’s only night terrors (COBRAS!!!) and that zombie Adam didn’t live this long so ultra Adam is moving into uncharted territory. Apparently he’s an explorer, but I think I missed the part of the movie where Adam finds Atlantis (it was in his pants).

    Ultra Adam starts acting weird around people and having hallucinations. There’s one where he imagines smashing a hammer into some random woman’s skull (I’m pretty sure that in the credits they list her as "woman getting ruined by hammer), there’s one where he sets stuff on fire, and then there’s a time when he finds some random shed in the woods while ignoring Paul. Paul follows him in there and Ultra Adam is acting like he’s hypnotized. Paul starts thinking he remembers his old life, Richard says it’s impossible, and there are about 400 more scenes that happen like this. At one point, Richard calls ultra Adam Zachary and that makes the little bastard listen. This confuses only Paul because Jessie is a stupid *beep* bitch. Wackiness ensues, but afterwards Ultra Adam still acts weird and has more bad hallucinations of stuff that never happened to Zombie Adam and Richard still says it’s night terrors and he doesn’t know who this mysterious Zachary is.

    Ultra Adam takes a bath one night and keeps staring at the door. He hears some weird noises and gets out to investigate. The shower curtain magically gets pulled off by itself, and when ultra Adam looks in the tub, a ghost kid jumps up from under the curtain and is being suffocated. Ultra Adam runs away and a random adult-sized slimy arm that came from the totally-out-of-context zone grabs him. And I don’t think the adult arms is supposed to make sense, because it doesn’t at all, even compared to how nothing else in this crappy movie makes much sense. Ultra Adam imagined it anyway because he’s a soulless clone and must be burned at the stake before Satan enters his groin and makes him do terrible things like burning down schools or getting his own sitcom with an ex-Friends cast member. Then Paul and Richard have another argument about night terrors. Retard. If ultra Adam was my kid, I’d start following him around constantly to make sure he wasn’t eating the paint off the walls, and I’d carry a big stick to whack him with in case he was eating said wall paint. Anyway, it’s around this point that this new kid (whose name I don’t remember but it doesn’t matter because I hate him, the little *beep* comes to school and acts like an *beep* From the first time you see this little bastard, you know he’s going to die. He’s strutting around the schoolyard in his bright yellow coat acting like tough nut because apparently the director didn’t realize that any kid wearing that coat is going to be tooled on constantly in any normal school.

    I feel like I should point out that no one should ever make a movie about kids if they have no idea what it’s like being one. I know everyone’s been a kid at some point, but they either forget what it was like, they were home schooled and are therefore socially retarded, or they’ve been living in fantasy land their whole lives. The hardass kid challenges ultra Adam to a swing jump competition, which I was hoping to be dumbass director for "sword fight." Nope. It was literally a swing jump competition. Just like what real bullies do. *beep* stealing lunch money, let’s see who can swing the highest! Suddenly this movie turns into an 80’s movie for three second while the two of them try to jump the farthest off the swingset to win the title of "lord of the playground." All this part of the movie did for me was make me wish I was watching an 80’s movie instead, like Rad. After a few swings, Adam starts spitting on the bully kid and his sycophantic cronies, jumps off the swing when some dumb bitch yells at him and almost breaks his genetically modified legs, and then very radly spits in the bitch’s face. Believe me, the *beep* had it coming. Then they have a parent teacher conference about how ultra Adam’s *beep* up in the head and the other kids are afraid of him, as they should be, for he will one day eat them all.

    Paul goes to Richard and flips out at him. Since Paul’s a high school biology teacher, he realizes that Richard "turned on" certain genes in the DNA used for the clone. Like a light switch. No, that makes no sense. The writer doesn’t know what DNA is. Paul thinks ultra Adam remembers things that happened to Zombie Adam despite the fact that Ultra Adam turns into Zachary when he’s zoning out and remembers nothing of zombie Adam. Who is Zachary? The movie tries to explain at the end and it makes no sense how it could be possible. I’ll get to that later, not that you’re still reading at this point. You know what? I’m sick of describing the plot.

    Here’s what happens: it turns out that Zachary Clark is Richard’s son. He was a psycho. Paul interviewed Zachary’s old babysitter that he found through impossibly dumb luck. She’s a crazy black lady that was convinced he was evil. She tried to suffocate him in the tub but pussed out and since the director is a racist, probably went downstairs to make some fried chicken and watch Richard Pryor on the TV. She also talks exactly how a guy who never met black people thinks they do. I was waiting for her to start saying "massa." Zachary eventually burned his school down because kids made fun of him out of fear. Because, you know, you make fun of people you’re terrified of. Then he killed his mom in his basement with a hammer, like in ultra Adam’s flashback (and I think she won an award for her excellent performance – oh, I mean she’s married to the director’s retarded cousin and that’s why she was in the movie), set the house on fire, and started playing again.

    He apparently dies in the fire. Richard wasn’t around because he was working on cloning at his hospital. Since his procedure wasn’t perfected yet, he couldn’t clone Zachary. Instead, he took zombie Adam’s DNA to create ultra Adam, and through some miracle of make-believe physics-defying science, he programmed the cell to have Zachary’s personality after the kid turned eight so he could see his son again. Because that could happen. Memories and

    everything. I’d be willing to give the movie the benefit of the doubt if ultra Adam only remembered zombie Adam’s life, but screw you for thinking anyone would believe he remembers the life of a kid he never met not to mention a kid who’s DNA was not used to make him. I’m no biologitologist or anything, but I don’t think you can add genes called "that time I burned down the school" or "that time I destroyed my mom’s skull with a hammer" into some other random kid’s DNA.

    During all of this remedial detective work, ultra Adam turns into crazy Adam, clubs the bully kid in the head, and then drowns him in the river. And it was labeled as an accidental death. Paul then threatens to tell the press about what they did, but Richard talks him out of it because Paul’s a pussy and would also be responsible. Me: That makes no sense whatsoever. What the …. are they talking about? Pandora’s Box? Wait – if De Niro didn’t have Zachary DNA, how the *beep* did he give ultra Adam Zachary’s memories? Gilligan’s Island is more feasible than that.

    Meanwhile, ultra Adam finds pictures of Zombie Adam, Jessie tries to explain (poorly because she’s a stupid bitch that left pictures of her dead son the clone doesn’t know about in a box out in the open in the basement, not locked or anything; dumbass), and he runs off. Then we cut to a clip of Paul running through the woods, and normally when you see someone running like this, it ends in hugs and everyone gets an award. Then, Jessie finds ultra Adam in the shed in the woods, and he almost axes her in the face but Paul comes in the nick of time to save her. Then, out of nowhere, it’s six months later, they’ve moved, and ultra Adam gets pulled into the closet by Zachary. Then the movie just kind of ends, and I thank god I didn’t actually pay to see this tripe.

    Their son killed some kid and nothing ever happens with it. We don’t find out what happened with Richard, and we don’t find out what the *beep* he was talking about with his Pandora’s Box rant. Nothing. It just ends with the kid still loony. In reading reviews of this movie, people kept bringing up some twist. I guess the twist is that the director can make a movie without an ending and still get it released into theaters. What a gyp. The movie sucked so bad. In all of ultra Adam’s hallucinations, he saw a kid in zombie Adam’s red coat setting fires and whacking people with hammers, and it even looked like zombie Adam’s face in half of them. He was even wearing zombie Adam’s ugly red shoes. But it wasn’t zombie Adam. And, how could he be remembering Zachary’s life when he wasn’t made from Zachary’s DNA. You can’t just mess with some genes to give a kid memories of son.

  3. btdroflet38
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    …after being belted by DeNiro’s character with a hammer and then left to die in a slowly burning church?? Were there some scenes deleted (like, how it was Kinnear could manage to save Romijn from being assaulted by the Adam clone – after he had been struck in the church?)

    Also, the scene where Adam2 is dragged into the closet of his new home may have worked better if it had occurred in the bedroom where he had slept in (the house where "his" parents were sent to by the clone doctor)

    Sorry if the above paragraph doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense….the ending was lame and the kid being dragged into the closet might have been a better denoument, IMHO

    "Live long and prosper"

  4. SCBUFF52
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    Just saw this movie and thought it was pretty good minus the ending, but when the whole family is driving in the car and they almost crash head on with a semi, did anyone notice that Adam says "boobies"? I had to rewind that scene a few times to be sure, but sure enough, he does say it. Strange.

  5. lobohombreriera
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    1. Why was it necessary for the couple to leave their old life, severe all contact with family and friends and move to another town, merely to play a charade and pretend that Adam 2 was their first and only son? It makes no sense. If all they wanted to do was clone Adam, they could’ve easily disguise the process as a regular in-vitro (they actually do this in order to hide the truth to the medical staff) and pass Adam 2 as their second child. Even though he would physically resemble their first son, nobody would’ve guessed that he was a clone. They would simply assume that they had a second kid who happened to look a lot like the first one. It would be weird, but not impossible. They could even give Adam 2 the same name, since this is something that has actually happened in real life (a couple gives their son the same name as a previously deceased child).

    I could accept the fact that Jessie could not conceive another child, which would make cloning the only viable option. But still, they could’ve easily hide this procedure from the rest of the world; if they can hide it from the very same doctors who perform the procedure, then it should be no problem whatsoever to keep it a secret from the rest. After all, IT IS almost a natural procedure, since we’re not talking about a fully grown clone right from the start; Adam 2 is born like a regular baby and has a normal growth rate just like the original, so it’s not like the memories of the first one would still be fresh to other people. And just because it’s a clone, doesn’t mean that he will behave in the exact same way. In conclusion: nobody would’ve even thought that Adam 2 was a clone, instead they would’ve merely thought that he was a second child born after a very risky in-vitro procedure.

    2. The twist makes no sense either: up until then, we have believed that Adam’s memories of his previous life were returning to him because he had passed the age he had when he died. This doesn’t make much sense, but I can accept it as a horror premise, no big deal. However, once it is established that the memories he is recalling are from another kid, the entire premise falls apart. If they are from another kid, why are they manifesting now and not before? Is the movie telling me that the other kid was the EXACT SAME AGE as Adam (8 years, 1 day) when he died? That’s just too convenient.

    3. The way Paul finds out about Zachary’s identity this makes no sense either: when he gets to Zachary’s old house, the woman living there says that she interviewed a nanny who happened to work for that family. But when he goes to visit that nanny, she is obviously deeply traumatized because of her experience with that evil kid. Why then would she be willing to work again in the same house? It certainly would be hard to get over the whole thing if she has to work in the same place.

    4. The ending that they used is stupid. Dr Wells did not have to go away. The fact that the Duncans still have Adam with them, and the fact that the newspapers don’t mention Dr. Wells as being wanted by the police, shows that the Duncans didn’t go public about the whole cloning procedure. They know that they cannot go public, because if they did, they would also go to jail, or at the very least they would lose custody of Adam, not to mention that the boy would see his life ruined because he would turn into little more than a media freak. You could argue that they have run away and gone into hiding, but it’s obvious that they didn’t do this, because they have the same names. They simply changed town (apparently they don’t care that their son killed a boy or that he tried to kill his mother). Either way, it makes no sense for Dr. Wells to go into hiding himself, not to mention start looking for another couple: how is he going to do the procedure again? With what money? How is he going to do it without getting out of hiding?

    Anyway, these are just some of the reasons why this movie makes no sense at all.

  6. deppxluva
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    Which movie do you think is better?

  7. filmbuff-6
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    Refried crapola is this one.

    Most obvious are:

    The scientist (complete with a smock, sheez) who is known by the protagonists for years before realizing how evil he is.

    The standard horror ending that suggests, the nightmare isn’t quite over yet.

  8. edwardholub
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    I was puzzled from the quick scene of the father standing at the scene of the accident. There was that yellow police tape surrounding the area. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they use that stuff exclusively for murder scenes and not accident scenes. Plus the fact that he went there days after the accident and the tape was still there. I just think if was a goof. Any opinions?

    Off the record, on the QT, and very hush hush

  9. vogueantichrist
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    I’d like to know.

  10. x-feigned-beauty-x
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    i just watched this

    and i have to admit

    i have no idea what the hell was going on

    i get adam died and was cloned

    but who the hell was the other kid

    zachary was it? cant remember his name, the one whose name adam replied to sometimes

    and who he dreamed about

    and who was the kid who died in the river?

    was he important?

    or just a random dead kid?

    and was the original zachary (again sorry if thats not his mame) a clone? the one who killed his mom with a hammer

    or was he just messed up

    so they cloned him when he died


    i need help

    im confused as hell!

    help pleaseeeee


  11. dachshundweaver
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    I mean, c’mon! The kid having flashbacks to his previous life? Cloning is creating a sort of identical twin in a different envronment/timeframe, not reincarnation, for God’s sake!

  12. filmbuff-6
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    Come on! Like we don’t see the meaning behind this name 1000 miles away.

  13. mfan0825
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    This wasn’t that bad like alot of people keep saying. And I’m a huge fan of Robert De Niro’s and I see nothing wrong with him in this!!!!

  14. smileyfacesteph9182
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    inserted some of his own boy’s cells into Adam, which would explain why Adam was acting like a pyschopath. But didn’t Dr. Wells know that his son Zachary was evil?? Didn’t he know that it was Zachery who killed his mother with the hammer and then set the house on fire?? I seriously thought that the boy who was Zachery in Adam’s dreams was the original Adam because Zachery looked a lot like the two Adams. He even had the same red jacket as the original Adam.

    Also, I know that the parents were grieving heavily when Dr. Wells approached them as their son’s funeral, but why would they have named their cloned son Adam, like their first son.

    This movie was good, but just a little too weird.

  15. sharkmeister
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    simple question, and i’d appreciate a proper response. i would have rated it at least a 6, maybe a 7, but 4.7 is a bit harsh!

    it was a good premise, decent acting, and whilst the ending isn’t great, the twist that you discover with the whole zachary thing is interesting and i think makes up for it.

    besides, that little kid scared the absolute *beep* outta me.

  16. saebre0
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    What aharoble peace of crap. I hated the storie and hoped it to die because it was so bad. Why, WHY couln’ot thay just make it so he is not taht other kid and his probalems were just from being a cloane? That would be a very very bettar storie.

  17. ceramic_leopard
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    A couple of times he mouthed the other actors lines, not good at all!

    This film was quite interesting but they didn’t succeed because I refused to believe that adam was a freak, he was a just a boy that had some strange genes lol.

  18. jimmyrcw139
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    anybody know what the other 4 endings were? are they on the dvd?

  19. downinawhole
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    I think I’ll agree with the better half of everyone in firstly saying that this probably wasn’t the greatest movie made, but I did want to point out how great of a job Greg Kinnear did in this role. To me it was one of his finer roles that I’ve seen. Greg captures what I feel is what every parent going through a situation like this would feel. He captures the joy, the sadness and the uncontrollable rage that are all associated with the events of the cloning of his son.

    I think it’s one of those roles that now I have seen it, I don’t think any other actor could have pulled it all together so well.

    Agree or disagree?

    Who else do you think could have done as good of a job?

  20. gc7234
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    okay how many panic-striken "ADAM!!!" moments do there have to be in this movie?! it’s going way too far…..and its running around in circles. i hate movies that are supposed to be scary, but all they end up doing is barely scratching the surface of creepy, and thru the same basic scenes over and over again. it never really gets past touching the surface.

    lets skirt the issue of discipline- let’s start an illusion with hand & pen

  21. thetitanicvoyage
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    Hey there,

    Well well well. This is interesting. I found out about this movie a while back, and I decided to watch it…only to jump out of my seat in shock!

    He he. Well, why you ask? Well…while you are all going on about how original this film is…let me tell you something. Ages ago, I wrote a short film screenplay, about a wealthy couple who want their son ‘re-cloned’ (he was genetically modified to begin with) because he died. They are adamant that the new son not find out about this, but the son discovers his ‘old’ brother, and starts to hallucinate and in the end kills himself. I have just recently got it made, but this short script was floating around cyberspace for quite a while before it got picked up.

    Coincidence? I wonder? Well…if you look at it from my point of view…Hollywood seems to be tapping into my brain at the moment. I have written screenplays…only to go to the cinema and find my ideas on the screen! Let me break it down for you:

    Secret Window (I know…it’s Stephen King…but seeming as I actually pitched this one to a mid-exec in HW, I start to wonder.)

    My idea was pretty much the same, about a writer who’s literary creation comes to haunt him when he kills him off. Hmm…

    Alien vs. Predator. Lost cities of Antartica…metal below the ice sheets…well. When I saw the trailer, I…again…nearly died. But…then the monsters came on, and frankly, I’m glad I’m not involved with that crap. But the beginning is so similar to a script of mine…it’s scary!

    Godsend (as I said)

    Thirteen (again, obviously a coincidence…but still weird). The first script I wrote (back in 2000) was about..a young teenage girl who wants to get with the ‘cool girl’ and ends up taking drugs and falling into a downward spiral. I even had the recovering alcoholic mother in there…so similar to my script, it’s starting to get on my nerves.

    Make your own mind up. If you’re a HW exec (perhaps the one who tried to seduce me at the Beverly Hills Hotel), you’re in trouble. But…I really don’t mind, after all, it’s great to see my creations up on screen. Even if I don’t get the money. What’s money anyway? ;-)



    …listen to my songs…

  22. digitalboy72
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    that part where it goes from dead silence to a screaming Rebecca giving birth scared the ever loving s hit out of me!

  23. sametic
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    I saw this recently, and for the record agree it was pretty lame.

    I don’t proclaim to have a better idea, but this is something I thought of based on the first few lines of the plot synop:

    The kid dies, a doctor offers them a chance to have him back via cloning. The difference is the child is already aged correctly rather than reborn. He explains this is a highly illegal process, they are bound to secrecy, they must sign an NDA, it will cost them a fortune, can be accomplished with something as simple as a hair, yada yada. They agree, and within a week or so they have their child back exactly as they last saw it.

    A few months go by without incident until one day the child is getting a haircut, and they notice a tiny scar on the back of the child’s head. They try to contact the doc to find out about the scar, but doc appears to be missing. A bit of investigation proves a fruitless endeavor and the family moves on with their lives.

    A few years later a news story breaks that Interpol has just captured a man in Germany who looks very much like the missing doctor. The story develops over the weeks, turns out the man is a convicted murderer who now stakes out potential families all over the globe (i.e. rich enough, obsessed with their children, etc), kidnaps the child and ‘reproduces’ it via cloning for a price. The child is injected with some sort of serum which precludes any memory of the event, yada yada.

    The story could simply end with that as the ‘shocking finale’, or any number of further developments could take place, such as the kid going crazy and killing himself, the father taking revenge, etc.

    Again, just an idea that popped up, seemed interesting.

  24. JohnDeming3
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    You know you have failed as a filmmaker when you make a horror film that DOESN’T creep me out. Anything can scare me. Anyone else feel this way?

  25. jdkraus
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    Well, Paul is hit in the back of the head, of course, and De Niro, escapes, leaving Pual for dead, who dies in the fire. Meanwhile, jesse goes to the shed, and there Adam is hiding. She turns around, and gets axed in the head, but it is off camera, except for a disgusting squishing sound. Then, you see De Niro, of course with the newspaper, and it reads missing doctor, but he flips the page, and it says six month of anniversay of Paul’s death and the burnt down church, and it also says at the bottom, missing wife and son. He shakes his nad, and then cut!

  26. iain_inkster-1
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    This film is a mishmash of pretences.

    It starts out as pretentious ethics — as if cloning is a moral issue. It’s part of this whole idea that cloning is somehow mystically different from other kinds of family resemblance. He had a dead twin brother — that’s IT.

    Then it moves on to pretentious horror, and even has a magical negro.


  27. greenbean13
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    If you have ever read any of my other posts, you know that I am a big wimp and many things about films bother me so much that I can’t watch them. I never saw this one because I can’t handle the death of a child very well. But after reading all the stuff about the ending being stupid, I read the spoilers. When I saw the trailers, I thought the problem with Adam would be that once he reaches the time when the first Adam dies, he is plagued with issues because he feels that he has died, or his soul was not supposed to be around longer or something like that. I know people have said on here that it is dumb that they made the doctor’s son in him too, which is most certainly is. There could easily be enough disfucntion in the fact that a child or any person, lives beyond their intended time not to muck up the story with a weird dueling personalities thing.

  28. interslicery
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    I had no clue what the hell was going on throughout the whole thing. first it seemed like a "cloning is bad" movie, then a ghost movie, then a skitz movie, then a ghost movie, then a psycho movie, then a skitz movie, then a "wtf? he’s ACTUALLY 2 people?"

    then of course the ending. it just made absolutly no sense

  29. christian_theringtwo
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    I’m not crazy, I swear when I watched it in the movies (I had fallen asleep, but woke up at the end) I saw the kid drawn into the wardrobe and the movie ending

    Then I rented it and the movies goes on, the kid goes out the house and he goes to Robert

    am I crazy? do these two endings exist?

  30. Llcooljosh2004
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    Quite a few years back I saw a movie somewhat like this, where this kid was suppost to be like the anti crist or some *beep* like that.

    His father and aunt nail him to a cross, and he goes on tv speaking backwards and a bunch of other weird crap like that.

    Around the end this man tells the kids mother that the only way she can stop him is by drownding him, and when she does that, the kid still doesn’t die.

    Anyone know the name of the movie?

  31. Mr_Wall
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    I just got done watching Godsend for my 1st time. It was interesting up until the last 30 minutes or so, and I would just like to mention how I would’ve had the movie end…

    Paul, Jessie & Adam should’ve all ended up dead; the closing scene should’ve been Richard propositioning a new couple who just lost their son the possibility of having him back.

    There you go, that’s all I wanted to say, because I personally think the ending in the movie SUCKS!

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.- Voltaire

  32. tidegrrrrl76
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    Anyone else think they could have done better casting? This actor that played Adam is a cute boy, but he looked SO MUCH older then the 8 years old he was supposed to be-

    Or maybe they could have made him 10 instead of 8- He was not a bad actor- he just looked very big for 8!

  33. kelani
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    I wonder what you guys think about this theory.

    First, Remove Zach from the equation, cos his being in it makes the already swiss-cheese plot even worse. Let’s start simply.

    If you believe that each body has a soul, and when a person dies under certain extreme circumstances, or simply had a very powerful personality in life, their spirit does not cross over to wherever the hell it’s supposed to go, gets stuck in-between, and wanders as some knd of ghost. Then could this entire thing not just be explained as Adam1’s ghost seeing his own body essentially alive agaian as Adam2? Adam1 (being the rightful owner) is lost, angry, alone and trying to get it back? Thus causing the apparent fight over control of Adam2’s consciousness? Perhaps that is helped by the belief that God only "assigns" one soul per body, and cloning screw with some kind of divine rule, thue leaving the body open to be fought over by displaced wandering souls (those damn ghosts, again).

    With the Zach bit added, that doesn’t work so well, unless in the process of cloning and monitoring Adam2, the doctor performed some kind of genetic cognitive/memory creation, or even hypnotic suggestion to implant false memories or personality traits, in an attempt to save a small poart of his own child (Zach), which then goes horribly wrong.

    Damn. You know it’s a bad movie when nobody can come up with a likely, (much less believable) scenario for what the hell the writers were trying to accomplish here! :)


    Me – IMDB http://imdb.com/name/nm1485711/

    ——–[fear the bitchy clone]——-

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