Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)



The Magnificent Seven are back – and they don't aim to please.

A Mexican revolutionary hires an American gunslinger to organize the rescue of their leader from a brutal army prison.

Genre: Action,Western,Adventure,Drama

Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)
Release Date: 14 July 1969 (Denmark)
Country: USA
Director: Paul Wendkos
  • George Kennedy
  • James Whitmore
  • Monte Markham
  • Reni Santoni
  • Bernie Casey
  • Scott Thomas
  • Joe Don Baker
  • Tony Davis
  • Michael Ansara
  • Frank Silvera
  • Wende Wagner
  • Sancho Gracia
  • Luis Rivera
  • George Rigaud
  • Fernando Rey

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10 Responses to Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)

  1. ejoe1
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    Isn’t this often used quote from this movie???

  2. Carycomic
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    There’s one scene where James Whitmore is giving a ride to the young orphan boy played by Tony Davis. Mr. Whitmore introduces himself as Levi Morgan, and I could swear Tony Davis replies: "Emiliano Zapata!"

    Is this a playful "hint" at how Senor Zapata was first inspired to be one of Mexico’s most famous pre-WWI revolutionaries?

  3. sneedy-1
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    …there’s a lot to be said for this movie that doesn’t often get credit. I simply didn’t find what I wanted in ‘Return of the [Magnificent] Seven’, which was directed well and visually stunning, but the story literally imploded upon itself, with it’s villian suffering from his own demons, and nothing spectacular happening after the great opening scene.

    The fourth and final film (‘The Magnificent Seven Ride!’) is a good film on its own; it’s got a solid storyline and (perhap being a TV movie itself) is the easiest film to tie into the 1998 Showtime series based on the ‘MS’ film franchise.

    So what is it with ‘Guns of the Magnificent Seven’? It’s definitely the odd-one out, and it suffers in places (that damned bouncy theme music playing every time the Seven ride up the coutnry or do something onscreen; it could have been toned down to portray light that this is the darkest chapter of the bunch).

    But still; great acting from everyone. I’m still confused as to whether chronologically this film would come before or after ‘Ride!’, since it clearly establishes a timeline by including a reality based character (Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who is here about eleven, making the period that the film is set circa 1900).

    And although it pales in comparison, it also approaches the late 60s reflection on "the Old West" as portrayed in other films of that year sunch as ‘The Wild Bunch’ and ‘Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid'; there’s a heavy death toll in this film, brutal torture scenes by the enemy, and questionable allies (consider Lobero’s gang–many aspects could point to euphemisms for Vietnam).

    There’s the scene between Chris and Keno where Chris laments the end of the Mountain Man era… the buffalo are gone, the horses will be next, and in the end nobody would miss these notorious Guns For Hire. Legends in their own time, facing a new century that has no use for them. There’s more depth to this film than some critics would have you believe…

  4. PeterBlues
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    notice at one scene, where the mexican is screaming "..and tomorrow when you’re half drunk.." and the people are standing around, and there is a fire a bit behind them, but you see it above one guys head, and it looks exactly like his hat is on fire!

    your care, sends a chill in my spine,

    you see so many successfull people passing by,

    yet you treat me like this,

    lady, you make me wonder if this is for real,

    you got the future by your pointing finger,

    still you care about me enough to make me cringel,

    from who i’d least expect,

    i guess that’s why your care feels greater yet,

    your treatment so kind,

    gives a chill down my spine.

  5. jdh1271
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    I am doing this for fun…

    Kevin Costner as Chris

    Sam Shepard as Levi

    Thomas Haden Church as Keno

    Wilmer Valderama as Max

    Will Smith as Cassie

    Karl Urban as P.J.

    Jason Patric as Slater


    Francesco Quinn as Diego

  6. nick_c_p
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    So who was Max’s cousin? I’m guessing Chico lol.

    "Do, or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

  7. wheezledick
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    had a baby face back in the day, didn’t he? One hell of an UGLY baby face, but a baby face, nonetheless…

  8. wtl471629
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    You will have to check your tv guide for the times. In fact I think all 4 of the Magnificent Seven Movies are being shown this month and maybe in February.

  9. bullit2513
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    Does anyone know if the Cave of the Rats, the prison/fort where Quintero is held, is still standing today? I know the movie was filmed in Spain, but I’ve never heard anything about this location. Watching the movie, I recognize several other locations that have been in some spaghetti westerns, like the town in the beginning and some of the background vistas.

    So does anyone know what became of the Cave of the Rats? It’s such a cool set, and one I’d like to visit someday if possible, and if it still stands.

    "Congratulations, Major. It appears that at last you have found yourself a real war." Ben Tyreen

  10. pcablade
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    Most reviews posted here I don’t agree with. This one, the guy above did well.

    It may not have the ‘immortal’ cast the first one had, but this one had a far better story, better lines and even better acting all around.

    One of the best westerns ever made. Too bad is isn’t on DVD. The rare times it’s shown on TV, they usually cut much of the beginning out.

    And remember: "Cowards die many deaths, the Brave only one"

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