Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)



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In the future, Highlander Connor MacLeod must prevent the destruction of Earth under an anti-ozone shield. Full summary »

Genre: Action,Fantasy,Sci-Fi

Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)
Release Date: 1 November 1991 (USA)
Country: France , UK , Argentina
Director: Russell Mulcahy
  • Christopher Lambert
  • Sean Connery
  • Virginia Madsen
  • Michael Ironside
  • Allan Rich
  • John C. McGinley
  • Phillip Brock
  • Rusty Schwimmer
  • Ed Trucco
  • Steven Grives
  • Jimmy Murray
  • Pete Antico
  • Peter Bucossi
  • Peter Bromilow
  • Jeff Altman

33 Responses to Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

  1. douglasfairbanks
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    Can somebody help me to find the opera song at the beginning of the movie.

    Thank You.

  2. Mjenner23
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    Ok this is just a little Uni fun so don’t hurt anybody over this please.

    I’m sick and tired of Movies being turned into Musicals and as a project just for fun I have come up with a way to poke fun at all that. So here it is,

    Highlander II: the musical

    Please join my facebook page and feel free to suggest any ideas you may have. Remember this is not serious and it’s more for laughs. And a bet that it couldn’t be done.


  3. evanmcdonald
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    Can anyone give me a link to download the original score? thanks!

  4. joyridingonthetitanic
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    I’m going to be in the minority here but here me out!

    Yes the acting is bad, the script terrible, the plot woeful and silly filled with holes and bad editing and lets not talk about the alien bit.


    As a stand alone film in the highlander universe its not really so bad. Its only when you start to compare the film to the original and try and link it in as a direct sequel does the film fail to stand up. The film its self rarely makes reference to its prequel and that is a good thing.

    Personally i quite enjoyed it as a rainy sunday afternoon film and lets be honest, a lot worse has been made since! I enjoyed he shield story line and thought that it was not a bad plot device at all. If it had been handled better it could have been amazing, but i think from looking at it they were dodged by financial troubles and interference form outside parties.

    Ask yourself this?

    Given the same circumstances, could you have made a better film?

    As a stand alone film, was it so bad?

    You must have seen worse? (catwoman anyone)?

    It did make a ton of cash and was not really considered a flop at the time?

    Ok i admit its going to be hard to convince anyone and thats cool, but surely there must be fans out there somewhere?

  5. georgewiggins
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    The original Highlander movie was released on Blu-ray format (a good release, indeed). The TV show from the 90’s was delayed but it was now released either (unfortunatelly it looks like crap, read the links bellow):

    http://forums.highdefdigest.com/blu-ray-software-general-discussion/72 188-highlander-hercules-xena-coming-09-a-3.html


    But all Highlander sequences were sadly forgotten. I would very like to see a BD release from Highlander II (one of my guilty pleasures) with all versions and features available.

    If you wish the same, please post here to show your support.

    Thank you.

  6. luciofulci-1
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    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone out there got the TV version or know where one might aquire it?

    It’s got it’s flaws but i like the film, I’ve seen almost all versions of it apart from the TV version.

    Can anyone help? Even if someone knows what channel it normally shows on then I can keep an eye out for it?

    Many Thanks

  7. My_Name_Is_Caine
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    Please tell me if its not.

    Your future’s in an oblong box

  8. ortegatwins
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    Ever since I saw Highlander 2 (even though it is considered crap by many of the franchises fans I still like to watch it whenever I’m in the mood) one of the things that always stuck out of the film was the ending credits song "One Dream" by Lou Gramm. Does anyone else find this song as entertaining as I did?


  9. georgewiggins
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    What’s the name of that soundtrack? I need a refference to search for.


    Note: It’s the one playing while Ramirez is changing his clothes on the store.

    Edit: I found it, it’s one of Stuart Copeland’s bagpipe songs. But where can I find that tune alone? I don’t think the CD/soundtrack features such songs.

  10. trekkie313
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    Use Thomas Jane with minor makeup and de-age Micheal Ironside with some digital magic. Seriously it would work great and make the film seem less butchered.

    "Listen, do you smell something?"

    Ray Stanz-Ghostbusters

  11. Gugliemo
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    I think this film is a lot of fun so long as you dont take it seriously. I don’t really understand how people take the Highlander films seriously anyway, imo even the first one was a pretty cheesy 80s movie but meh, i’m a star wars nerd so I guess each to their own.

    As for this film, I love the bizarre alien planet time travel plot, Sean Connery’s nonsensical reappaearance – followed by spending about an hour sitting on a plane before finally meeting McCloud and dying minutes later, I think the warped earth and the crumbling society is a cool setting, and i think it was a really clever idea to take a movie about immortals and set the sequel in the future. If the film weren’t such a mess, with random plots being incomprehendibly strewn together completely, this could be a decent, realtively serious movie. As it is, its just very silly and very funny. It drags in places, but generally its an entertaining drunken 90 minutes MST3K style. 7/10

  12. dantheman_1980
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    I know that they are doing a remake of the first Highlander as the next film, but I think it would be neat for them to also do a film (even if it’s direct-to-video or made-for-tv) in the current continuity with the original actors from the Highlander series and films (and yes, I am including elements from both HL2 and HL5, which I know both movies were not very well-received, and are generally considered non-canon, but hear me out on this one). Why don’t they do a Highlander film loosely based off of Highlander 2, but instead of Connor resurrecting Ramirez from the dead, have Duncan resurrect Connor from the dead? Have it take place about 10 years after HL5.

    Duncan, after receiving the gift from The Source, a child conceived with Anna, returns to being immortal after leaving the range area of The Source in Eastern Europe that made him and the other immortals mortal in HL5. Duncan has since moved back to Paris, France with Anna and their son. While Duncan has stepped out somewhere, an evil group of immortals break into Duncan and Anna’s home, and their child is kidnapped by the evil group of immortals who consider Duncan’s son to be an abomination to the immortal way of life. The group of evil immies also kill Anna in the process of kidnapping the child. Duncan returns, and Anna has a few moments left, telling him what has happened and that the group of evil immortals took their child. As Anna dies in his arms, Duncan swears revenge on the evil immortals and swears to find their kidnapped son.

    Duncan bumps into Methos, who successfully outran the band of cannibals on horseback in HL5, and is still alive and well. Methos tells Duncan of ancient scrolls in the Watcher Chronicles which he learned of during his time working with the organization in the 1990s under the alias of Adam Pierson. These ancient scrolls claimed something to the effect of "In addition to whatever gift that The One who passes The Source’s test might receive from The Source, The One will also have the ability to channel a fallen immortal of their choosing that they possess the Quickening of, and raise them from the dead for an unspecified amount of time, as long as they call upon the fallen immortal while receiving the Quickening of another immortal". Methos then basically tells Duncan that Duncan’s family problems are Duncan’s business and not his. Methos also says that he doesn’t want any trouble out of this evil group of immortals, but that he also doesn’t want to be the one that Duncan takes the head of in order to summon another fallen immortal that he possesses the Quickening of. Methos says that he hopes that he has been of some help to Duncan though, wishes him luck, and quietly makes his exit from the film.

    Duncan then goes on a quest to find more info on what Methos has told him, as well as more info on the group of evil immortals. Along the way, he meets up with one of the evil immie group members, takes their head, and calls upon the name of Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod while receiving the Quickening. Connor is resurrected onto the NYC rooftop in HL4 where Duncan took his head. Connor, a’la Ramirez’s return in HL2, hops on a plane and heads to Paris in order to find Duncan.

    Connor eventually finds Duncan in Paris, as the two of them head to the evil immie group’s lair and take out the evil immie group members, until the main evil immie is left. Remembering the "no two-on-one allowed" rule, Connor jokingly says "Ummm, rather than taking my head again Duncan, why don’t we flip a coin instead this time around to see who gets to have at him first? Or better yet, how about I just forfeit the coin toss?" Connor then naturally allows Duncan to have at the evil immortal since Duncan is the one seeking revenge. Duncan is getting the better of the evil immie, but the evil immie then runs over and attempts to kill Duncan and Anna’s child, managing to critically stab him! Connor runs over and grabs the child quickly, pulling him away from the evil immie, while also being sure not to interfere with the one-on-one fight ensuing between Duncan and the evil immie.

    Duncan, filled with rage, beheads the evil immie. After receiving the Quickening, Duncan runs over, tears in his eyes, as life is clearly slipping away from his child. Even if the child is to become an immortal, his first death will have occurred as a ten-year-old, thus making him a child immortal like the character of Kenny was in HL: The Series, thus leaving him physically weak and not able to fight fair swordfights with immortals whose first deaths occurred during their adult years.

    Anywho, Connor then realizes that there is one power that may be able to save this child who was a gift from The Source to Duncan and Anna. Connor, realizing what he must do, places his hand on the child’s wound, and then says "You know Duncan, someone once told me that most people have a full measure of life, and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you summon it all up, in one time, and in one place, you can accomplish something glorious", as Connor then uses his own Quickening to heal the child and restore him back to full health, just as he was nearing death. Connor then says, "My time is finished here. Goodbye again Duncan, my true brother". Duncan yells "Connor, will I ever see you again?" Connor responds "Who knows Duncan, *winks*, who knows", as Duncan turns his head for just a moment to check on his newly restored son, and turns his head back around, as Connor has apparently disappeared into thin air.

    Duncan smiles, with tears of joy this time as he holds his son, who is fully restored thanks to the life-breathing power of Connor’s Quickening. Duncan is walking with his son out of the evil immies lair, as Duncan then feels a buzz. Duncan draws his butterfly swords, tells his son to stand back, and awaits the arrival of the oncoming immortal. He sees the silhouette of a woman holding a sword, and much to his surprise, it’s Amanda! Amanda explains that Methos had just contacted her, and told her that while he wasn’t about to get directly involved himself, he thought that Amanda might want to help Duncan find his child. Duncan says some one liner about Amanda just missing all the action, but thanks her for showing up anyway. Duncan and Amanda’s eyes meet, old memories of centuries gone by filling their hearts, as they kiss, with Duncan’s child looking on.

    Duncan and Amanda then hear Connor’s voice saying "You both still have your full measure of life. Use it well, and your future will be glorious". The film then ends with a revamped version of the end credits theme from the Renegade Version/Special Edition of HL2’s "One Dream" as the end credits roll.

  13. speed_2
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    Some time after the 2004 version was released, a handful of fans took scenes from all three officially-released versions, as well as the deleted scenes, and edited together a fourth version of the film that runs nearly two hours, and contains all of the new Director’s Cut footage, but retained the Zeist aspect. In addition to the Director’s Cut footage and deleted scenes, they also took the so-called "Fairytale Ending," and incorporated it into the ending of the film.

  14. speed_2
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    Reactions to the updated versions of the film have been more positive. Reviewing the 2004 "Special Edition" DVD, David Ryan of DVD Verdict gave it a score of 69 out of 100 and said that "[this] is the best version of this film that [the producers] can make with the material they have on hand. It’s still not a particularly good film—but it’s infinitely superior to the original version. … What was once a horrible, horrible film has become downright tolerable, and actually somewhat entertaining at times."[12]

    Due to the strong negative reaction to the movie’s plot, this film (in any incarnation) is not considered canon by either the television series or the third film. However, stock footage from the film appeared in episodes of the series, particularly in the opening credits.

  15. speed_2
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    highlander 2 final cut will their be one like the blade runner dvd get an ultimate cut of highlander 2 a complete version of the film they way it was suppose to be with the kurgan ect.

  16. speed_2
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    in the future will they have an ultimate edition of highlander 2 where they can go back and completly sort it out i think the renegade version was better but could still use some more work

  17. speed_2
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    As a Highlander sequel It has more in common with Blade Runner or The Crow than Highlander. The film’s content is laughable but on an eye candy level it delivers. Forget it’s a Highlander sequel and appreciate it for what is, a flawed, cheesy sci-fi flick with Michael Ironside running wild. You might like it…a bit…

    To judge Highlander 2 see the RENEGADE version. DO NOT SEE THE QUICKENING version…AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!

    A third version of Highlander 2 exists. This version contains some of the footage from the "Renegade Edition" although the sequence of events is more like the theatrical release. It also contains footage and dialogue not seen in either of the other versions. Note worthy differences include the following: While Katana is fighting the rebels on Zeist soldiers from both sides use machine guns. Connor and Louise leave earth for Zeist at the end of the movie. This version is the one commonly used for television broadcasts.

  18. DeaconFrost2000
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    It still had one of the best quotes from any Highlander movie

    "Most people have a full measure of life… and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up… at one time… in one place… you can accomplish something… glorious"

    There can be only one

  19. speed_2
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    Director Russell Mulcahy (”The Lost Battalion”) does everything he can to turn the mess he’s been given into an exciting film. Chases, sword fights, spectacular explosions, corporate intrigue, gore, romance, and even a psychotic villain; the poor man works overtime to make a film that equals the original. But even a director of infinite talent can’t pull this off, even though Mulcahy does manage to deliver a mild diversion with flashes of excitement.

    This is the fourth incarnation of “Highlander II”, and it’s still not nearly as good as the other entries in the series. But this is the best version so far, and anyone who hasn’t seen the film and desires to do so should check this version out. Since the movie insists on continuing to evolve, maybe it might be a fantastic film by the seventh or eighth try.

  20. slayer409
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    The first one is better obviously but I don’t really have a problem with this movie. I can pop it in anytime and enjoy it, it’s a good movie to drink a few beers to. Ironside rules, the suit making montage, the scene where they bust into the sheild corp., subway scene, the fan scene etc. Screw everybody else, I like it.

  21. Anonymous
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  22. Anonymous
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  23. jdlund
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    Yeah they can doctor up the special effects (not sure the blue grid is all that much of an improvement), they can add more footage (what this film needs is less, like maybe two and a half hours less), they can restore the vision they originally had. It still sucks. Highlander II: Immortals From Space Past Future is an irredeemable and abysmal film. I mean it does get so bad that it’s funny. Climbing a ladder and somehow magically being above the blue grid that has been surrounding the Earth the entire film was hilarious. The fights were laughably bad. I was really hoping that when the trolly car ran over the immortal bad guy’s head that it would become immortal. That would have been awesome. But sadly it decided not to be quite that crappy.

    Seriously, nothing could save, restore, redeem, or fix this film. The sci fi plot is, in and of itself, incomprehensible and really dumb, added to that you have a really pointless environmentalist plot thrown in. Then there’s this bad guy who’s really lame and a blue grid that is somehow the source of everyone’s misery and the whole thing is an absolute mess with some truly terrible acting. Then Sean Connery shows up and doesn’t make it any better, in fact he gives the worst performance of his career. The one thing I really loved about checking out the director’s cut was seeing some lost footage. Nothing is funnier than watching Christopher Lambert dangling from a wire in front of a blue screen saying "a dream can live forever in your heart." I thought I was going to piss myself. That was the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. That’s this movie really, so unbelievably bad that it’s actually worth seeing just to mock.

    But if you want a good Highlander film, don’t listen to anyone who tells you the Director’s Cut makes it better. It doesn’t. At all. It’s awful, has a series of incomprehensible plots that don’t connect together and are all jumbled up, the acting is lousy and the whole thing just falls apart. Frankly I didn’t like any of the Highlander movies that much. I loved the series but none of the movies really did it for me. I liked the first one alright. The other sequels are so-so. Nothing special. But this one is a true treasure of crap. Very few films reach this level of just utter abysmal crap. It’s Battlefield Earth with just enough unintended humor to make it worth watching once.

  24. el_topo_the_mole
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    Call it a review if you want. These are just some thoughts from a younger Highlander fan regarding the sequel/s. Sorry if I write too much, I do tend to babble.

    After watching the Blu-ray of Highlander, I decided to re-watch the sequels while the excellent original was still on my mind. As a younger fan (Meaning mid 20’s) I never saw the theatrical cut of H2. I never even saw the Renegade cut either. I never really had interest in the sequels till their various DVD releases. The first one was better left by itself IMO. Although the TV series can stay.

    I suppose I’m somewhat lucky. I never had the original "red sky" look burnt into my mind. So when I watched the Special Edition, I was watching it with a clean mind set. I’m not exactly trying to defend the film. Trust me, I know it’s trash, but I happen to think H2:SE is highly entertaining trash. After watching the other two sequels (Have yet to see The Source, doubt I will) I think H1 and H2:SE are the only Highlander films I will revisit in future viewings. I’ve always been of the mindset that if you’re going to go out there, go way out there. I’ve always preferred the sequels that tried to do something different. Whether it’s Temple Of Doom, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, I hate when they simply try and redo the first one.

    When I first saw the special edition of H2 with the newly added CGI, I honestly didn’t think it was nearly as bad as people made it out to be. It wasn’t untill I saw the renegade cut with the "red sky" effect when I realized how bad of a history this film has had. In retrospect, It’s hard for me to imagine what the theatrical cut must have been like upon first viewing. The "red sky" gives off an entirely different vibe then the one I got from when I first saw H2:SE. Like Ebert said in his review (Which i happen to agree with regarding the first cut) the sky shouldn’t be in, what looks like, a giant heat wave. Upon my first viewing of the SE, I found the visuals reminiscent of Blade Runner or Batman. No, I’m not comparing the two films, merely the architecture or tone if you will. It felt dark, and as if the Earth was dying (Paralleling the dying immortal) Upon my shocking view of the renegade cut, I was reminded of Total Recall. Earth looked like Mars! It wasn’t the dying, dark future Earth I had first seen.

    New and old visuals aside, lets talk about the story in regards to the first film. While the first film was about the past and the present, H2 was about the future and the beginning. As most people seem to agree, the long time ago/Zeist scenario is rather ridiculous. Even then, I much prefer that silly scenario to explain how more immortals can show up, via time jumping whatever-it’s-called, as opposed to simply having "more immortal show up". It’s easy to complain about the retconned Connor/Ramirez relationship. Not only is it a lame excuse to bring back Connery, it’s simply a silly scenario. It’s very Star Wars/connection with the force-ish. That being said, since I viewed all the sequels around the same time, I noticed all the sequels have taken great liberties with the mythology/timeline. So while it may be out of place in regards to the first film, I really don’t see it out of the norm when lumping the whole franchise together. Put any of the remaining 2 sequels behind the first film, and they both fall incredibly short IMO. They’ve changed so much thats it’s almost become one big joke IMO.

    I can understand how fans would be outraged upon it’s first release. but It’s impossible for me to view it from that perspective. I really don’t care if the immortals are Aliens, or from a distant past. As a fan, it’s not my artistic decision to make. I know H2 is apparently not considered canon anymore (For whatever thats worth) but it’s the only H sequel that doesn’t pull a "Tricked you! We’ll ignore the fact that he won the prize in H1." All the sequels are equally silly in their retcons because they don’t even try to expalin their reasoning. Whether it failed is subjective, but atleast H2 tried. Unless people can’t get the images of the theatrical H2 out of their head, I don’t see how H2 is worse then the others. People complain that it changed the mythos. I saw H2 as adding to them. What I don’t understand is how are fans okay with the retcons from the next sequels? Every films has had an immortal win the prize at the end. I certainly see the inconsistencies, but it not with H2. By ignoring H2 and the ending of H1, H3 created more problems to the series IMO.

    Third, lets talk about the tone. I believe the reason I greatly enjoy H2:SE is simply because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. While the first one certainly took it’s story seriously, The Kurgan was mocking and laughing the whole way through. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one smiling during the Connery training scenes. Point is, the first film was fun and adventurous. I found H2 to continue this tradition. Not so with the next two sequels. Michael Ironside was, uh, Michael Ironside. Like The Kurgan, he was smirking and laughing the whole time. In other words, he hammed it up. Now compare him to Mario Van Peebles or Kell. I know who I prefer. H3 and H4 took themselves far too seriously. They had the hammy one liners, but where was the fun? The action scenes in the first two had a style similar to that of the old swashbuckler films. With H3 and H4, Dimension kung-fu-ed it up. Look at the Saber fights in the original Star Wars Trilogy and the new ones for another example. The originals = Swashbuckling. New = Fast Kung Fu. Same applies to H1/H2 and H3/H4. They lost the sense of adventure and fun.

    Also, I feel any Connery is better then no Connery. He really brings a certain presence to the film which the next sequels obviously lacked. Lets be honest, atleast for me, Connery and the Queen soundtrack are a big part of why the original is so memorable. The fact that H2 even tried to recapture this is good enough for me. H3 and H4 are like a Terminator film without Arnold…

    Like I said, I’m not really trying to defend the film. Just more or less defend H2:SE in context with the rest of the franchise. Do you think that newer fans who start to view the franchise for the first time will look upon H2 as bad as it originally was considered? Right now the main edition available is the SE copy. If there ever is a Blu-ray release, I would assume it would be the final Director’s cut, aka the newer CGI’d SE. I had the pleasure of seeing the film from a fresh perspective in it’s final cut. I came out with what seems to be a different perspective then what many H fans have. When I glance various forums and reviews, I always see major complaints regarding the ugly red look of the film and it’s poor effects. I never had that displeasure, and I would assume future H fans won’t either.

    To put my overall feelings of the 4 films into perspective:

    H1 = 9/10

    H2(theatrical/unfinished cut) = 1/10

    H2:R(Still red sky) = 2/10

    H2:SE = 5/10

    H3 = 2/10

    H4 = 2/10

  25. Anonymous
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  26. pieries_is
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    haven’t they done enough? I mean a remake/reboot would be great but hasn’t this been beaten, molested, raped and dismembered enough?


    I’m a fan and i’m sick of what a comedy the whole concept has become!

    Just leave it alone unless you are going to pull a ‘BATMAN-BEGINS’, there really is no point in a remake/reboot/sequel!

    "If the milk turns out to be sour, I ain’t the kinda pussy to drink it"

  27. KortanAskew
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    As a stand alone film.

    Forget the fact that it destroys the mythology of the first film.

    The Quickening works on tis own merit. It has great action sequences, a great villain. The films was brighter, the flashback to Zeist compares cinematically to the flashback to Scotland int he first film. The music and sound effects were good too.

    Then we get the Renegade version. *beep* beans what a piece of crap.

    Technically storywise it’s less bad. Although it kills continuity issues leading into Highlander 3 that i won’t get into right now.

    But the film itself is completely boring. Gone are the wide angle shots of the flashback, because they needed to hide the Zeist landscape and spacecraft debris. Gone is the quality score, now repalced by Queen songs. The film is much darker and gritty looking so much that it hurts your eyes.

    The tighter scene edits are extended or changed so much that its jarring. The bad voiceovers os some the characters. The fact that they changed the planet crap to time travelling dimensions wasnt that much better. And made for some silly ass inexplainable moments in the film.

    There were subplots that were added that really didnt need to be there in the first place.

    And then there’s the special edition version :\

    Sure ya cleaned up the effects and redited scenes, but its still not as good as The Quickening.

    It’s unfortunate that the Renegade version and the Special Edition are all that survive in today’s market. Because a lot of the NEGATIVE reviews I see towards Highlander 2, are idiotic moments from the renegade version, things that at least made SOME sense no matter how far fetched in the Quickening.

    I don’t even have my videotape copy of the Quickening any more. The Quickening version was still being aired on television after the Renegade version hit VHS. But its been years since Ive seen it.

    The only other instant of this happening is the Blade Runners directors cut overshadowing the original. But then again this is a good thing.

    in the future will these Special Unrated DVD’s with extra footage or Director’s cut of film’s like Alexander and Daredevil that are complete reworks of what was in theatres be the ones to survive?

    Check out Daredevil the Director’s cut compared to the Theatrical Release.

    Much like the Quickening and The Renegade Version. It’s two totally different movies. Neither of them being too good on their own. Viewing them together back to back is a great film lesson.

    How sound effects and Re-edits and voice overs can change a film Completely.

    Sometimes for the better as int he case of Blade Runner and Daredevil: the Director’s cut. And soemtimes for the worse as in the Renegade version.

  28. The_Ninevite
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    I want to like Highlander 2, I really do. I remember watching the first one and being in awe of it. When I found out there was a sequel, I immediately ran out and rented the VHS (I’ve dated myself haven’t I). The original "Quickening" version upsets me, Zeist, really, now what were they thinking? The Renegade Version & Special Edition still got it wrong. Stop explaining where the immortals come from. That was what was so special about the original, that we were made to simply accept that they were immortals and they had to compete until there was only one left. I’ve thought long and hard about how this movie could be redeemed once and for all and have finally figured it out. Now it’s a bit much to swallow at first but once you’ve digested it you may enjoy the idea.

    1. Omit all scenes depicting Zeist or the distance past of Earth. Make no mention of the origin of the immortals at all. The opening scene in the opera house should just be an old Connor hearing the voice of Ramirez and remembering his days studying with his mentor back in Scotland (stock footage from the original "Highlander").

    2. Now this is where technology and the actors coming back falls into play. While Connor drives through the streets on his way to the bar we should see a shot of him being watched by a video monitor. A shadowy figure (Michael Ironside) watches him. Show a slightly edited scene with Katana and his two warriors and let him tell them to kill Connor.

    3. Connor is attacked, kills the first immortal, and gains his youth back. He then goes and kills the second one, calling out for Ramirez. Now we have an insertion – he’s attacked before he can get to Louise.

    4. This scene requires Michael Ironside and Christopher Lambert to come back and use the technology used in X-Men 3 that made Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan look younger – Connor awakes surrounded by two men and Katana. Katana introduces himself and we get a speech about how new immortals are appearing. Katana has been immortal since the Shield went up and has learned from an ancient immortal’s diary all about the Game. He says that the Game is over and that instead of killing one another, he and Connor should join together (as partners) to rule all humanity. That’s why he sent his two goons after him, so he’d kill them and become immortal again. Connor refuses, attacks the three with their guns, but flees without beheading any of them. He goes and bangs Louise as usual.

    5. Katana’s two henchmen awake, chained, with Katana standing there with his sword. He makes a comment on how if Connor won’t play by his rules he’ll have to play by the Highlander’s. He beheads his two comrades, absorbs their Quickenings and the power surge sends him through the floor, landing in the subway car.

    Basically from there, well, it’s usual business. With that one new scene we get that Katana is a new immortal, wants power, and because Connor won’t join him, goes off to gain his power alone through the Shield Corporation. Problem solved. Let’s call up the crew! Haha!

  29. Euroman_28
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    In my opinion insteed of making the crap Jehovah’s flick also known and knowning..They sured have looked at this flick. Much better plot than in Knowing.


    I’m a Republican, and thats my opinion on this matter.

  30. shaggyhairedteen
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    and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous
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  32. Anonymous
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  33. The_Ninevite
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    From watching the first version of the movie "The Quickening" you really have nothing more to go with other than the producers wanted to make lots of money and it blew up in their faces…however to rectify the screw up they give us the "Renegade Version" now simply on DVD as the "Special Edition"…so for me they could’ve made this all a dream for Connor, him falling asleep in the Opera House then waking at the end to where we see "Jimmy" telling him that its over and Connor’s last words could’ve been simply "I thought so too Jimmy…I really did"…BAN lol continuity back into play (at least in the original trilogy universe)…tying that to Highlander 3 is easy where as you say it just happens between the two and Brenda can still have perished in the car accident because remember the future was all a day…

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