Jaws 2 (1978)



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… See »

Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters. Full summary »

Genre: Thriller

Jaws 2 (1978)
Release Date: 16 June 1978 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
  • Roy Scheider
  • Lorraine Gary
  • Murray Hamilton
  • Joseph Mascolo
  • Jeffrey Kramer
  • Collin Wilcox Paxton
  • Ann Dusenberry
  • Mark Gruner
  • Barry Coe
  • Susan French
  • Gary Springer
  • Donna Wilkes
  • Gary Dubin
  • John Dukakis
  • G. Thomas Dunlop

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33 Responses to Jaws 2 (1978)

  1. Anthony_Edwards
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    What’s sad about this movie is that The Pedophile never gets eaten by the shark. When I’m talking about The Pedophile, I’m of course referring to the curly haired gross guy who tells the small child, "I’m gonna break your ass!" and then when the kid makes it over to the rock or whatever The Pedophile begins to stroke him and kiss his head in a rather upsetting way. I’m sensing some serious molestation after the credits roll.

    "You take drugs, Danny?"

    "Every day."


  2. jawdforlife
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    There’s 2 trading cards in particular, from the Topps Jaws 2 trading card series, that clearly show scenes not found anywhere. I haven’t seen them mentioned in the novel or deleted scenes (on dvd) or ever featured on the ABC sunday night movie version.

    They are a card that says ‘rescued from certain death’ and it shows Andy grabbing and holding Larry Jr. from falling on Cable Junction.

    And another shows Hendricks with the boat captain pulling up some divers – perhaps after the scene where the diver encounters jaws and rushes to the surface???

    I was curious if anyone had any info on these scenes and if they are familiar with the cards that depict the scenes?

  3. presidentlincoln1863
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    I have a quick question. When Brody takes the pictures to the town council when he gets them developed.

    Now when they are looking at the pictures do they really not see the shark in the pictures. Or are they just being dumb???

  4. Eels06
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    What a babe! Do you think when Mike and the rest of the guys got back to the Island, Jackie would of been givin the boot and a line of guys would be waiting for Tina to recover from her traumatic experience? lol

    Farah Fawcett was the pin up girl of the 70’s (other Angels were hotter, but that’s another story), but Anne was a stunner and better. Remember when she cut the ribbon!!! :)

  5. Bobby-Briggs
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    Okay, first off, no, it’s not as good as the original. But it definately shouldn’t be thrown in with "3-D" and "The Revenge," which are legitimately bad movies. The only problem with "Jaws 2" is that the shark is more like a serial killer than an actual shark, but there are plenty of good qualities. Roy Scheider is excellent and the story of his being considered crazy is very gripping and sad. My favorite scene is when he comes home drunk and his wife comforts him. This is a good movie and if the series had ended here, it would be well remembered.

    "I’ve flown this route before."

    "When was that?"


  6. jmobleyj
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    I was waiting for them to get picked off one by one, like any standard slasher.

    Jaws 2 seemed to be playing it very safe, going for the family audience at the time.

    I say more screaming girls getting eaten by sharks, floating body parts and chunks everywhere!

  7. raskdog
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    I’ve never been able to work out why the shark didn’t kill Lucy when he had a chance but just brushed by her.

  8. jacob_crackhouse
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    Was clear as day when he was up in the shark tower, damn thin. Coincidentally not once in any of the Jaws films is Brody seen eating either; merely profusely smoking and drinking coffee.

  9. bunkerforever
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    Sure Jaws 2 is not on the same level as the first film but I don’t think it would’ve been even if Spielberg returned. Scheider’s performance is the best thing about the film. We see that Brody is paranoid when it comes to the Ocean after the events of the first film and thinks that any water related tragedy has something to do with a shark which of course ends up being the case.

    The one big weakness of the film is that no one believes Brody even after Amity was terrorized by a shark only a few years before. This aspect was pretty unrealistic but I guess kind of hard to avoid.

    The finale of the film is arguably more intense than the ending of the first Jaws. There isn’t a whole lot of depth to the teens but at the same time you still want them to be saved from the shark. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always been disturbed by the way Jackie (Donna Wilkes) screams. I’ve never seen any of her other work as an actress but she’s definitely one of the most convincing screamers I have ever seen on film. I also love how Brody acts right as the shark is coming at the big power cable.

    The Jaws franchise should’ve ended here though as both parts III and IV were horrible in comparison to the first two films. There is only so much you can do with a film series dealing with a shark.

  10. d_fife
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    I found it bothersome that Marge got killed and why did they kill her off and she was like a mother figure to Sean, why did they have to and how she died was awful too. I was sad when she died

    and between the first movie and this one, where there times when Brody thought there was a shark attack or was suffering from post traumatic stress (I mean in between the 4 years) and did the shark attacks in the first movie hurt Amity’s economy???? and did they show signs of that in this? and after the movie, did Brody get his job back as it was the truth of a nother shark problem and Brody just wasnt shark shocked, the mayor and town council still refused to confront the truth. AND, DID BRODY FACE ANY OTHER SHARK INCIDENTS AFTER JAws 2??? and how bad did he suffer from post traumatic stress do you think after this movie (And after 4 years before).

    why didnt a couple more teans get killed.

    remember what happened to the divers in the beginning. and What made the second Shark Appear, remember when Brody said that if a shark was destroyed another one would come and that person said sharks dont take things personally, well look what happens in JAws the Revenge.

  11. knowingitall
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    Jaws 2


    Jaws 4 Revenge

    Jaws 3

  12. electrorevolution
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    Jaws 1 – The first film isn’t dar fetched. Shark swims onto the scene. Kills some swimmers. Shark is huge, possibly the biggest on or off record. Jaws 2 – Another shark comes onto the scene, pretty much the same thing happens. Doesn’t seem too far fetched apart from the fact it’s even bigger. Were these sharks supposed to be related. Jaws 3 – Shark in a completely different part of the United States, even bigger, happens to stumble across the Sea World centre where one of the sons from the first two movies now work at, and the other happens to be visiting at that time. Pfft. Jaws: The Revenge – Now it’s a family feud. In the Carribean. Mom from the first two films AND the mother of the third films get’s away from it all, shark seemingly has been notified of her trip to visit AGAIN the son from the first, second, third films, kills the other son, seems to know the mothers exact move.

    They get more and more progressivly far fetched as they go on. Maybe they should have left it at Jaws 2

  13. the35mmman65
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    You know the one. As his friends pull the unconcious Mike Brody from the water, the shark comes directly at camera and hits the boat, where the entire left side of it’s mechanical jaw(and attached rubbery teeth) are smashed inward at a completely impossible angle.

    I always wondered how a shot of this ineptitude could have made it past the director, the editor and the Universal studio suits intact. It’s a deal breaker, as it exposes the shark as completely unrealistic in full view of the audience. Obviously, a shot like that can’t be easily recreated after the fact. However, you’d think someone on set (or in the editing room) would have noticed the gaffe and known that it would be laughed off the screen in theatres (as it indeed was at the time) were it left as is.

    Even some creative editorial cheating, such as dropping in a quick shot of legs being pulled aboard a boat, would have done wonders to cover up the technical foul-up. As it stands, that one shot completely deflates the menace of the shark.

  14. steve90215
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    I know Gary Springer (Andy) was in "Dog Day Afternoon" for like 5 minutes,Donna Wilkes (Jackie) did a short lived TV comedy with McClean Stevenson called "Hello Larry" and of course Keith Gordon did "Christine" and "Back to School" but did any of the other teenage members of the cast go on to anything else memorable?

  15. powderblue
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    I know everyone has raved about the score to the original Jaws film, and im very fortunate to have all four scores of the Jaws movies but i think Jaws 2 is my favourite.

    Some of the orchestral arrangements for the underwater scenes are so beautiful.

    Its such a shame that John Williams didn’t get the recognition he deserved for the second film.

    " well its a matter of life after death, now that he’s dead i have a life "

    Mrs. White – Clue

  16. byrotk
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    ….. in that they should have had (seeing as how this movie is called "Jaws 2")…..


    Surely that would have been waaay better! Instead of just re-hashing the first movie, they could double the peril and give Brody twice the nightmare to deal with!

    Imagine a shot where Brody is trying to battle off, or is witnessing, a shark attacking, or approaching, etc. Just as he is about to do something, he realizes that people are screaming, or a radio call is reporting disruption somewhere nearby, and then he sees a SECOND FIN!!

    Anyone else think this would have made a better movie?

  17. SamanthaLaneKelly
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    Sam x, tinkety-tonk, old fruit! And down with the Nazis!!!

  18. tkmeurleadrwee
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    Just my opinion but "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water" is the greatest tagline ever. Any contenders?

  19. Bobby-Briggs
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    How times have changed. I guess he wasn’t the chief of police at that point, but still……not responsible.

    So Long Old Friend, I wish that I could see you once again.

    -Here Comes Garfield

  20. ajuliopieper
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    Don´t get me wrong. Jaws is unarguably the best and one of the greatests of all time, but since I have memory I´ve found Jaws II scarier. In terms of scariness, I don´t think any scene from Jaws can be compared to the diver suddenly bumping into the shark in II, or when Mike is about to be eaten and we see the shary opening his mouth at biggest, or when the shark tries to kill the girl in the boat who burns it.

  21. Bobby-Briggs
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    I’m just watching this movie now for the first time in years, and I got to the scene where the shark expert tells Brody, "Sharks don’t take things personally." I immediately flashed to 1987, a little movie called "Jaws: The Revenge." Who knew this line was actually telling the future?

    So Long Old Friend, I wish that I could see you once again.

    -Here Comes Garfield

  22. hilljayne
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    Anyone ever figure out who that is? For years I assumed it was Tina (Ann Dusenbery) because it looked like her, but now I don’t think it looks anything like her.

    Professional Jayne Mansfield fanatic/lover™ since 1980.

  23. sarand
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    Is it true that both Marge and the Helicopter Pilot survive?

    If this part was filmed, how did they survive? did they swim to Cable Junction?

    Will this part ever be released as a deleted sence as part of a 30th Anniversity of Jaws 2 someday?

  24. PercyRodriguez
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    Well, it’s not completely solved, but the data is very strong. What do I refer to? Why, the debate about whether the whale from Orca or the shark from Jaws would be the victor in a fight. For those not in the know: Orca killed a great white in the film Orca and the great white killed an Orca in Jaws 2.

    Of course, they were killed for different reasons. Jaws 2 was probably for food–there was a huge bite taken out of the beast. In Orca, it seemed that the whale(er, dolphin, actually) attacked the shark to save a human being. While that may be Hollywood hokum, I just watched the show "The Whale that Ate Jaws" and it was pretty damn cool. I was already aware of tonic immobility, where if you are lucky enough to turn a shark over, it will go into a type of sleep and eventually suffocate from lack of oxygen, and apparently now it seems a certain pod of killer whales has also become aware of this. In a recreation of a documented attack by an Orca on a great white(using CGI) the Orca rams the side of the shark just as it did in the film Orca. This stuns the shark, allowing the Orca to swim up next to it, flip it over and wait for it to die from lack of oxygen(ain’t science nifty?). Now, the shark isn’t always easy prey and the Orcas of this pod do bare the scars from prior enounters.

    Of note for nerds(like me), the dead great white obviously bleeds into the water and also releases other bodily chemicals that other sharks in the area immediately become aware of. When Jaws gets killed, all the other sharks high-tail it out of the area, one swimming as far away as 2000 miles from the popular feeding area. Some followup experiments by scientists revealed that a chemical clone of the shark smells could be created in a lab and when tested in the water, sharks immediately bolted from the area, seemingly scared off by the smell of their own dead. Even a lemon shark placed in tonic immobility by a human close to shore was not immune to the smell and as soon as the smell was in the water, it had the willpower to snap itself awake, thrashed about, then got free of the human hands.

    Ok, I’m done.

    "You Can’t Run in High Heels, but You Can Die!"

  25. natewasche
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    First off I must say Jaws 2 the novel is far better than Peter Benchely’s lame Jaws. It’s not nearly as long, the characters are actually likeable including Ellen who was by far the worst character in Jaws, and the ending was far more entertaining. It does follow the film Jaws 2 in some aspects which is fine, instead of three children, they have two, there is no class struggle here, Ellen seems to be happy were she is, and she actually likes here husband in this version. There is no mention of the smarmy rich kid Hooper, or the idiotic, poinless affair Ellen and him had. If anything the second one kind of treats the original novel as a type of abortion, not even really acknoledging it. I suggest if you must, read the second novel Jaws 2, and be smart avoid the original, the film was fantastic, the book, nothing but a waste of time.

  26. oldsalt61
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    These are always fun.

    1. Kids who live in Amity Island and spend all summer around the water really can’t sail.

    2. If you want to keep your job as police chief don’t shoot the bluefish!

    3. The police chief on an island should know how to drive a boat.

    4. When the rumor is going around that you might be under siege from a 2nd great white shark you should buy a generator in case the shark decides to chew on the power lines.

    5. Don’t pour gas on yourself and then decide to use the flare gun.

  27. Catpuke69
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    An Orca would wreck the *beep* out of a great white.

  28. techbox14
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    "I’ll have mine drawn with butter!"

    I mean who SAYS that? C’mon actress, I know you’re a minor character without much pull, but PLEASE.

  29. jude-75
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    There are a lot of Jaws 3-D fans, and there are also some die-hard ones.

    One friend of mine (actually my best friend) started his own blog/site not so long ago about the forever fascinating third installment of the franchise, simply and beautifully located at http://www.jaws-3d.com.

    What started as a proper and avid collection of anything Jaws 3 related has now grown into a full blog compiling more than 100 articles about props, press, interviews, reviews and much more stuff about the film, and is truly a goldmine for anyone with any interest in the film, or any film of the franchise.

    It could also be viewed as an unforgiving dive into the obsessed mind of a fan, and so I’m confident to say that it is worth a look for anyone interested in movies in general…

    Passion is what drives this site, and so far it has been incredibly rewarding, with recent events like getting in touch with the awesome John Putch (Sean Brody in the movie) who granted us with unbelievable rare photos, or the screening of the movie in 3D at the Cinematheque de Paris for an epic and unforgettable experience.

    The ultimate goal for us would be to get in touch with Joe Alves or at least know he is aware of the existence of the site.

    To conclude, if you have anything jaws3 related or would like to be part of this experience in any way, please contact us through the site.

    … Unfortunately we are french, so the only translation available is through babelfish and it’s rather clumsy reading it that way, but at least we have beautiful girlfriends and we kiss like semi-gods.

    Thank you for reading!


  30. MarcatoLegato
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    and that story with the fish that was left from it’s family

  31. thedarklord_kitty
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    its on tv on sat 30th, 8:30, on channel ten, im watching it, cause its kinda lame and pretty damn funny (maybe cause all the jaws films were made before i was born) how many other ppl are gonna watch it?


  32. jbartelone
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    I enjoyed this movie. Nothing will top the original film, but as far as sequels go, this was still good. How many people did the shark kill in the movie? Some of the ways that people survived in Jaws 2, I found unbelievable.


  33. ericdraven1
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    This maybe stupid to think but is this shark mate to bruce in original? :D there must be bruce’s family in these sequels what you think?

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