Journey Into Fear (1943)



Welles and Del Rio together! as Terror Man vs. Leopard Woman–for possession of a mysterious stranger in the powder-keg Middle East…a man with a military secret worth than his love and his life!…It's menace melodrama thrilled with mighty mystery and suspense…SEE IT!

A US Navy engineer, returning to the US with his wife from a conference, finds himself pursued by Nazi agents, who are out to kill him. Without a word to his wife, he flees the hotel the couple is staying in and boards a ship, only to find, after the ship sails, that the agents have followed him there.

Written by
Albert Sanchez Moreno <[email protected]>

L\’ingegnere Graham e sua moglie stanno viaggiando attraverso la Turchia. Una notte subiscono un apparente attentato. Il colonnello Haki, capo della polizia segreta turca, consiglia ai due di lasciare immediatamente il paese. Sulla nave su cui sta viaggiando Graham incontra strani e misteriosi personaggi. Sfuggito a vari attentati alla sua vita, sfugge agli agenti nazisti e raggiunge la moglie. Banat, un agente nazista, vorrebbe uccidere l\’ingegnere, ma Haki lo salva, lanciando il nazista giĆ¹ dal cornicione del palazzo dove si sono scontrati all\’ultimo sangue.

Written by

Genre: Film-Noir,Drama,War

Journey Into Fear (1943)
Release Date: 12 February 1943 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Norman Foster

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  • Joseph Cotten
  • Dolores del Rio
  • Ruth Warrick
  • Agnes Moorehead
  • Jack Durant
  • Everett Sloane
  • Eustace Wyatt
  • Frank Readick
  • Edgar Barrier
  • Jack Moss
  • Stefan Schnabel
  • Hans Conried
  • Robert Meltzer
  • Richard Bennett
  • Orson Welles

10 Responses to Journey Into Fear (1943)

  1. craig-278
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    The film I have just watched has no pre-title sequence, no voiceover, and no flashbacks. It is 67 minutes long. I’ve just rated it but it sounds so different to the decription in some of the reviews here that the aggregate rating must be a bit meaningless.

    The editing here is not the films strong point. In the version I saw, there was less than 10 minutes left of the film when Howard left the boat, and it took just 6 minutes from that point to get him and Barat onto the ledge. It started to get a little rushed. I couldn’t work out why Josette was at the hotel at the end and the way she spoke to Howard implied a relationship that we saw no evidence of. I assume there is more made of this relationship in the voice over flashback version.

    I do think there is a case for rating substantially different versions of films seperately. There was a similar problem with a more recent film "Revolver" for which the version I saw bore little resemblence to the version described by others. With Revolver I think I saw the more coherent version. With Journey into Fear, I don’t think I did.

    "I’m entitled. Simple. End of.."

  2. mheckman-1
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    Not Josette, the one who sings Three Little Words and offers to sit with Howard if he will pay her money.

  3. Jeffthinx
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    Perhaps only an old disc jockey would notice this: At the beginning of the film the sound of the record sticking does not match the RPM of the record which can just barely be seen in the dim light.

  4. kmiv
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    Hello, everyone.

    In the news section of there is an item about an alternate, better version of "Journey Into Fear" that was shown at the Locarno Film Festival not long ago. It says that this was the version that has always played in Europe – by accident or by design – and that it could be a version of the film from before RKO did their thing with it.

    Dare we hope for a Stateside DVD release with both versions?

    Karl Morton IV

    [email protected]

  5. juliet01111
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    Go to for more on this movie.

  6. jtyroler
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    There are a few characters that are pretty obnoxious in this movie. Who’s the most obnoxious? I think it’s the captain on the boat to Batumi

  7. HoBopkins
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    well a fanspace anyhow

  8. daquila54
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    Is this out on DVD yet?

  9. wadetaylor
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    Does anyone know if this had a longer running time originally? It really seems like it fades out in odd spots as though there were more to some scenes, and the characters seem like they are supposed to be doing more than we are shown. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s really short and seems like something is missing that’s supposed to be in there.

  10. bong_leach
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    i love this movie. it’s quite relaxing. not a classic but it doesn’t matter. welles didn’t make it (produce it with mercury theater) to be the best movie of all time. he wanted something to entertain folks.

    to get to the point: welles himself, in the book THIS IS ORSON WELLES, stated that he in no way directed this film, that he directed no part of it, except that he helped plan the opening shot with the camera panning up into the hitman’s room. he said the entire thing was directed by the man he hired, who is listed as director. it’s sort of like tobe hooper being the director of "poltergeist" or joe dante directing "gremlins" or richard donner with "goonies", all are good directors and their style is apparent in these projects, but they all have a very deep speilberg impression and are often referred to as "speilberg films", although he wasn’t the director, just producer. same goes for "the empire strikes back" and "return of the jedi", which are known to be lucas’s films even though he didn’t direct.

    welles produced "journey", being that his mercury production made it happen, and of course as we know he acted in it, but he didn’t direct. also, this was more of a dream project by joseph cotten. he was the one who brought it to welles. he did a lot of the script, basing it on the novel by ambler.

    note: it was welles’s idea to have the opening scene come before the credits, rare in films at that time. he had thought he was breaking new ground but later learned that a movie in 1939 already did this.

    welles said that the best way to live is to always think you’re breaking new ground, even if you’re not. if you’re under the impression that you are the first, so be it… you ARE the first.

    ALSO: peter bogdonavitch (who is the interviewer in THIS IS ORSON WELLES, the book) asked welles if he was acting in a b-movie fashion "on purpose". welles laughed and said something like (pp) "you young guys think that all this stuff is intentional. i was acting the part like any other part not thinking of anything but playing the role."

    anyhow, i love this film. okay, it was butchered like all his other productions (‘cept KANE) but i still love it.

    i’m an average skunk, a real stinker, always on the run and not a deep thinker

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