King Creole (1958)



Having flunked graduation for a second time and needing cash to support his crabby (and thus unemployed) father, Danny Fisher takes a job as a singer in the King Creole nightclub – about the only joint around not run by smarmy crook Maxie Fields who wants him for his own place. He gets on pretty well with Fields\’ floozy though, and all this plus his involvement with Fields\’ hoods and with innocent five-and-dime store assistant Nellie means Danny finds his world closing in on him all ways round.

Written by
Jeremy Perkins [email protected]}

Danny Fisher, young delinquent, flunks out of high school. He quits his job as a busboy in a nightclub, and one night he gets the chance to perform. Success is imminent and the local crime boss Maxie Fields wants to hire him to perform at his night club The Blue Shade. Danny refuses, but Fields won\’t take no for an answer…

Written by
Mattias Thuresson <[email protected]>

Genre: Crime,Drama,Musical

King Creole (1958)
Release Date: 2 July 1958 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Michael Curtiz
  • Elvis Presley
  • Carolyn Jones
  • Walter Matthau
  • Dolores Hart
  • Dean Jagger
  • Liliane Montevecchi
  • Vic Morrow
  • Paul Stewart
  • Jan Shepard
  • Brian G. Hutton
  • Jack Grinnage
  • Dick Winslow
  • Raymond Bailey
  • Gavin Gordon
  • Leon Tyler

19 Responses to King Creole (1958)

  1. iggawitattitude
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    This film is such an insult to the novel by Harold Robbins.

    This needs to be redone. The original novel was such a moving piece of literature on a struggling boxer. James Dean was going to be cast as the boxer, Danny Fisher, before he was killed in a car crash.

    If this was to be redone, I’d love to see a solid actor being caste as Danny Fisher. Russel Crowe maybe? Daniel Craig?

  2. FloatingOpera7
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    I thought Carolyn Jones as Ronnie was terrific. She is mostly known for her TV stint as Morticia Addams in the CBS comedy series "The Addams Family" which ran from 1964 to 1966. But she was much more than Morticia. She was able to do serious dramatic acting. Ronnie’s character is so damaged and such a sad figure you really feel for her when she dies. She’s beautiful and she has great versatility and talent. It’s too bad she was not very well known. In her IMD resume she did a lot of films and tv series. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in "Marjorie Morningstar" (61 ? 62 ?)

  3. plwblj
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    Whats not to like :

    -Curtiz directs


    -amazing Cast !

    -Hart & Jones

    -new orleans


    -the Jordanaires

    -Vic Morrow


    -Elvis in High School !

    -Taut Drama

    -terrific Script(Hal Robbins novel)


  4. Billy1212
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    Great film, with great direction, cast and photography…as stated elsewhere here, it IS an Elvis Noir!!

    But….don’t you feel the DVD cover should have been Elvis and Jones???

    Um……hells yeah!! Still can’t believe Curtiz did an Elvis film…..

    I knew that someday I would float, and that time would be my window…not my crypt

  5. AlanSquier
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    Honestly, this film has the noir elements. Elvis portrays a classic noir protagonist, the "good girl", "bad girl" choice, the criminal kingpin and the film style, this is a film noir with way too much music in it…LOL But many of the songs such as "Trouble In Mind" fit. You migh guess that I’m not a great Elvis fan, but this stands up IMHO as his best and a very good movie.

    Where am I from, you ask? "Pomona, Glendale, ((Fullerton, La Habra, Anaheim)), whatever."

  6. samsloan-1
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    Sorry to disagree with everybody but I just played the movie on DVD and I thought the plot was weak and the movie poorly done. The movie is simply not believable.

    For example, in the near to final scene when Walter Matthau comes out wildly shooting and kills Ronnie. Walter Matthau is supposed to be a big-time gangster. Big time gangsters do not go out firing guns aimlessly at people. They have their underlings do that.

    Also, in one of the first scenes, Elvis rescues Ronnie from a man. Who is that man and why is Ronnie with him? Later, she is Walter Matthau’s girl, and has been so for a long time.

    However, I feel that the plot could be tightened up and made into a great movie. No need to hire new actors. Use modern techniques and bring Elvis back to life.

    Also, back in 1958 there was censorship. There are no bedroom scenes between Nellie and Elvis but we know or at least assume that they have slept together or at least want to. When she says, "I’m sorry too", we realize that she means that she is sorry she did not go into that dingy hotel room with Elvis the first time, but back in the era of heavy censorship she was not allowed to say that.

    I think the movie needs to be redone and updated.

    Sam Sloan

  7. johnsons-2
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    I read an interview – a LONG time ago, obviously – in which Elvis was asked which film he’d made that he liked the most; his answer was "King Creole". Not a surprise; I believe that most credible critics agreed with him. When you’re talking about Elvis movies, none of them – even this one – were really great, but this one does seem to garner the nost praise from fans & critics alike, as well as that glowing praise for Presley’s acting that came from Walter Matthau.

  8. kjph
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    Did Elvis say, "You bring out the beast in me, baby?" to a girl in this film?

  9. BigWhiskers
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    Just curious , I wonder if they would ever colorize King Creole and if they did would it spoil it like I’ve seen some other b/w classics.I love the outdoor shots of New Orleans even though it has changed a lot in the 50 years since this movie was filmed.I think it might look great in color.

    "So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey"

  10. newdrivers
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    Where is the King Creole in this movie?


    Nick "A hell of a great guy! NOT!"

  11. WarpedRecord
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    From Trailers From Hell. You can play with or without Don Coscarelli’s commentary:

  12. elleng
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    I saw a poster for this in Pizzeria Uno of all places and saw that Walter Matthau was in it. I haven’t actually seen it, so I decided I should put this in the message board section rather than the comments section. I had no idea that Matthau was in a movie with Elvis! I was a diehard Matthau fan and read his obituaries religiously, and I don’t remember any mention of him being in a movie with Elvis. I’m sure he got a kick out of telling his friends, family, and neighbors that he was in a movie with Elvis Presley. He wasn’t the only one, of course, but I can imagine that Mr. Curmudgeon himself would have been more amused that he was cast in an Elvis movie than other actors might have been. It seems like such an odd pairing, like putting Britney Spears in a movie with Dustin Hoffman or something. But it certainly aroused my curiosity. Maybe I will be able to find it somewhere. I had heard of it before, knew Elvis was in it, just didn’t know Matthau was in it or anything about it.

    E. Goodman

    Medford, MA

  13. altpensacola
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    "I’m sorry we are so poor we had to move to Bourban Street."

    Or something like that!!!!!

    My how times have changed!

  14. aukcahill
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    If only this movie had set the precedent for Elvis’s acting career. Solid story…great cast, and what about Elvis himself! You see…he could act if given the right material. We’d seen it in Jailhouse Rock…but he reached the pinnacle in King Creole. Sadly, the Colonel and marketing took over and we all know that story…

  15. iAm09
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    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ fourth major motion picture. The third and last of Elvis’ films to be released in black and white, the screenplay was adapted from the popular Harold Robbins novel, A Stone For Danny Fisher. This movie boasted arguably one of the best cast member ensembles of any of Elvis’ films, namely co-stars Walter Matthau and Carolyn Jones.

    The singles "Hard Headed Woman" and "Don’t Ask Me Why" were released to coincide with the release of the film. Both songs made the pop singles chart, peaking at #1 and #25 repectively.

    Happy Anniversary King Creole!

    Music Eternal

  16. johnnymacfox
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    Where was the party? Or should I say, what room was the party in? I thought Elvis was very slick when he winked his eye at the hotel clerk as he tossed the rent money for that room he wanted to use to make out with Dolores Hart. Elvis had some kind of a cool Fonzarelli-like look on his face as he made this quote "You know, the PARTY the fellas are having!" Obviously it was just meant to be a party for 2. And the only fella that was having the party was Danny (Elvis) Fisher himself. This was one of my most favorite parts of this movie.

    The rest of the movie wasn’t bad at all. I’m sorta glad to have learned that King Creole was Elvis’ personal favorite of all the movies that he made.

  17. scagnetti777
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    Michael Curtizs’ direction. the Kings’ acting. They dont make it like this anymore.

  18. mercury4
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    The fight scene that Elvis has with Vic Morrow was great. Does anyone remember that one?

  19. hwy505
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    Can you fish in N.Y.? Ever hear of Sheepshead Bay, Canarsie, Coney Island, Orchard Beach, etc? Not that "fishing" has anything to do with the movie other than the song "Craw Fish".

    I read "A Stone For Danny Fisher" as a kid, and re-read it again two more times following High School – Great Book! Hard to read??? Maybe if you have a short attention span.

    Personally I think King Creole was a slow paced movie – if the main chracter’s name as well as other names were different I believe anyone who read the book woudl never associate it with Harold Robbin’s classic about a Jewish Kid from Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, rises to power in the mob, and "[…} as one life begins, one ends".

    This would still be a great movie if produced today in the way the book should have been replicated on film in 1958. At that time Sal Mineo would have been the actor to choose, because soley on Elvis’ southern drawl just wouldn’t be believable as a kid from Brooklyn.

    If you have read the book, it is part of a trilogy with 79 Park Ave, and Never Love A Stranger. If you haven’t read the book it is out of print, and I suggest that you get it, read it, and then make your comparisons.

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