Ladder 49 (2004)



A bond forged by fire is never broken. See »

Under the watchful eye of his mentor Captain Mike Kennedy, probationary firefighter Jack Morrison matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he\’s made have put him in harm\’s way innumerable times and significantly impacted his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a 20-story building. And as he reflects on his life, now Assistant Chief Kennedy frantically coordinates the effort to save him.

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Genre: Action,Drama,Thriller

Ladder 49 (2004)
Release Date: 1 October 2004 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Jay Russell
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • John Travolta
  • Jacinda Barrett
  • Robert Patrick
  • Morris Chestnut
  • Billy Burke
  • Balthazar Getty
  • Tim Guinee
  • Kevin Chapman
  • Jay Hernandez
  • Kevin Daniels
  • Steve Maye
  • Robert Lewis
  • Brooke Hamlin
  • Spencer Berglund

18 Responses to Ladder 49 (2004)

  1. YoullNeverSeeMeAgain
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    1: Ladder 49: It make me cry just to think that this isn’t just a mvoie, but this stuff is happening all over the world and the same story could have went on somewhere. Also that he knew he was going to die when he saw all the fire surrounding him, that was when I burst into tears. :-/

    2: That was Then This is Now: I’ve always hated when freinds break up. But this was worse!! Mark and Bryon were like brothers, and Mark was such a bi*** to hate bryon when Bryon only meant to help. Sorry for swearing, its just the way I feel.

    Whats funny about this movie is, after I saw It I couldn’t stand the name Mark, I coun’t stand the furniture commercail, I hated everyone named Mark. And now, my favorite name to name people in my novels is Mark!! Okay saying that was totaly useless…

    3: The Outsiders: I luffed Dally, he had a great personality, he wasn’t meant to die so young, no matter how dumb he was, it was sooooo sad when those cops shot him!!!

    4: Rumble Fish: I didn’t like MotorCycle Boy that Much, but I felt so sorry for those fish, just think, they were all left to die out there. And they were comparing Rusty-James to the Bettas, so wouldn’t the same happen to him?

    5: Titanic: I think friendships are stronger then Love connections really, which is why I thought That was Then This is Now was Sadder then this movie, even though Jack dies :(. You just remember how much fun those two had on the boat together and then the one died. *cries* And then Jack was always saying "Make it Count" and he did, it should cheer you up a bit, but it only makes me sadder.

    I cry about alot of movies, I even cried about S.W.A.T. (Broken Freindship sort of thing). I used to love that movie, now I think its Lame, but whatever. I also Cried in the passion, but who couldn’t?? Thats why its not herre, I’m suspecting everyone who watched it had to of cried for a loved one that passed away.

    Yeah so Call me a cry baby, I take it as a compliment :D!!

    Post yours!!

    Crawl Before you walk, Walk before you run.

  2. el_repetto
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    This is maybe the worst piece of crap I’ve seen since—well, actually I can’t think of anything that sucked as bad as this movie.

    1: It sickeningly capitalizes on the nations unquestioning love of firefighters

    after 9-11.

    -Have you guys ever met a firefighter? Most (not all) of them are

    homophobic, arrogant, hero-complex, frat boys that save people just to

    feed their giant egos. They’re no better than cops.

    2: The dialogue is sappy crap. Who wrote this junk?

    -"Tell Linda I love her… That I’ve loved her from the second I saw her."

    -"But I make you this one promise, tomorrow when that bell rings, we will

    be back on the truck, because you were the bravest of the brave."

    A NY Times best seller is better written than this crap.

    3: The situations are retarded. Where are the paramedics? Why are they on the

    roof of a burning building? How can a dying man chisel through a 2-layer

    brick wall with a stick he found in the rubble? It’s ridiculuous.

    4: The final song is sooooooooo bad I laughed out loud in the theater during

    the funeral scene. It was so cheesy and predictable that I was able to sing

    it out loud wihtout having ever heard it before.

    -"Saw a shooting star like a diamond in the sky,

    Must be someone’s soul passing by"

    -"Shine your light down on me

    Lift me up so i can see

    Shine your light when you’re gone

    Give me the strength

    To carry on, carry on"

    Eeeech, the worst. This movie is HORRIBLE!!

  3. coolbrett
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    I think this might be his best performance. Better than Gladiator and Walk The Line. I’ve only seen it once when it came out 5 years ago and all I remember was how good he was in it. Everything else was pretty mediocre.

    The ship sinks in Titanic!

  4. mrskvacik
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    My husband was testing to be a full-time firefighter when this movie came out. We went to the first showing on the day it was first in theaters. I loved the movie right away, but watching it now hits so much closer to home than before. I come from a long line of firefighters, but being married to one is a completely different animal. I attribute it to being able to believe that your father/grandfather is invincible, but knowing that your husband is completely human. My husband had a close call a month ago (CO poisoning, to be exact), and the feelings of Linda are so familiar to me–particularly when she saw Jack rappelling down the building on the news. I found out about my husband’s CO poisoning on the news, as well. I also relate with her line about being scared and worried, but dealing with it, because, "I’m proud of you, Baby." The last time I saw the movie was before we had children, also, which adds another layer of realism in relation to my life.

    While the fire scenes may not be 100% accurate (and how could they be?), the feelings and relationships–both with the families and between the firefighters–in this movie absolutely are.

  5. Jakealope
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    I thought was a really dumb scene in a movie full of dumb practical jokes, it was cruel to the goose. But what would have been cool if he grabbed the bird, snapped it’s neck, cleaned it out then cooked it up for dinner for the rest of the boys at the house. Then let them wonder where he got that bird.

  6. agvph58
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    I have seen both movies and I thought they were both good,but I was a bit surprise that the Backdraft movie did not have the firefighters wear masks in the resure scene. How come??

  7. mouse__07
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    Upon watching this movie (my 1st firefighting movie), I’ve come to realize that what they do is so honorable that it’s sorry to see them taken for granted sometimes. They deserve a lot of credit for putting their lives on the line everytime that fire alarm rings, or that 911 call dispatches them. Plus, because they do their duty, IMO, that makes them hot. I can see why some women like myself would fall for these selfless people.

    So, knowing this, do some men, in particular, purposely sign on to become firefighters just so they can pick-up women? Just curious in a non-degrading way =)

    "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars." –Brian Littrell

  8. roses888
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    She could drink as much as the guys! She seemed really comfortable in a bar setting! Really lady like behavior. A real "nice" girl! Jack’s too good for her!

  9. bingcrosbyb
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    What a retard. He didn’t even try to get out!

  10. unholyinferno
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    What year(s) did the Baltimore City Fire Department acquire the rigs for Engine 33 and Ladder 49? I was wondering what year the engine and tiller ladder were manufactured by Seagrave? Does anyone know? Thanks.

  11. isreal578
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    Hollywood tried so hard to make me feel for the main character and his family. Well Ill tell you something, if every single scene in this film wasnt 100% predictable and hadnt been done in hundreds of other movies maybe my thunderous cackle could have been kept down to a dull roar. The woman next to me was balling and kept shooting glances to me, but that only made me laugh louder. Im relieved I didnt actually pay to see this movie and it failed financially as I wouldnt want a similiar one to ever be made again.

  12. usafa93
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    OK, so there’s one way out, and it’s free of physical obstructions, but blocked by fire. At that point, couldn’t they concentrate fire supression on that exact location, even for a minute or two, to clear an extraction path?

  13. texmexmartin
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    At the bury of Ray, who was the guy who gets his helmet??

  14. Jeff180
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    Was it realistic that the firefighters were often going alone? Jack went on his own to save the victim in the warehouse, Tommy went downstairs himself to look for steam, Jack was alone when he rescued Jenny. Does that really happen or was it just added for suspense?

  15. djsjeremy
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    Small technicalities in the movie?

    Here are a couple:

    -The chopper they load Tommy into is actually a police chopper, not a MedEvac helicopter.

    -When they loaded him in, he is secured to the backboard with X shaped straps. Normally we would do an alternating pattern with each handle of the backboard.

    -When Tommy is in the hospital, he has a C-collar on. Realistically, this injuries wouldn’t likely require C-spine precautions, especially once he was in the hospital’s care.

    Feel free to add more.



  16. kahloesque
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    Hi, I just watched the movie on the weekend and loved this one particular song in the movie so bought the soundtrack, but the song doesn’t seem to be on the soundtrack. I’m sorry I can’t give you more details then this, but my memory is jogged by hearing things, always, and I’ve forgotten the lyrics sadly. Does anyone know the song(s) that didn’t get put on the soundtrack? Thanks!

    – A.

  17. BoSoxRule
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    I would imagine they do pretty well.

    I’m happiest…in the saddle.

  18. cetta-1
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    I’m a huge fan of Jacinda Barret. Can anyone tell me what kind of role she has in this movie? Do you think I should rent the dvd? Thanks

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