Leningrad (2009)



A story of two women in the midst of the most intense battle of WWII.

When in 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, their troops quickly besieged Leningrad. Foreign journalists are evacuated but one of them, Kate Davies, is presumed dead and misses the plane. Alone in the city she is helped by Nina Tsvetnova a young and idealist police officer and together they will fight for their own survival and the survival of the people in the besieged Leningrad.

Written by
Marcio Eduardo

It is 1941, and World War II rages on; the Nazis succeeded in taking over half of Europe and part of Russia until they reached Leningrad. Hitler fails to take Leningrad after a four-month-long offensive in 1941. Hitler realizes that Leningrad could not be taken by force, and now he will surround the city for three years, and starve three million people to death. In the midst of this horrific siege, a young English journalist, Kate Davis, finds herself among surviving Russians within the famished city of Leningrad.

Written by

Genre: Drama,War

Leningrad (2009)
Release Date: 21 January 2010 (Russia)
Country: Russia , UK
Director: Aleksandr Buravsky
  • Gabriel Byrne
  • Mira Sorvino
  • Aleksandr Abdulov
  • Vladimir Ilyin
  • Mikhail Efremov
  • Mikhail Trukhin
  • Yevgeni Sidikhin
  • Olga Sutulova
  • Kirill Lavrov
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl
  • Alexander Beyer
  • Aleksandr Filippenko
  • Mariya Golubkina
  • Sergey Nikonenko
  • Valentina Talyzina

25 Responses to Leningrad (2009)

  1. smetskoy

    Dear All,

    Thank you for paying attention to the film. The current information in the film profile is inaccurate and will be changed in the coming weeks. The full feature film "Leningrad" will be avaliable for you to see and buy during the end of 2007 – beginning 2008 in Europe and the US as well as other territories. It has not been yet distributed anywhere.

    A trailer will be added as well in the coming months. Please do note that though the film ("Leningrad: The city of survivors") and the TV-series ("Leningrad"), were produced at the same time and mostly by same crew and with the same cast, these are different stories and titles. These changes will be reflected in IMDB in the coming weeks.

    If you do have questions, please write to the message board and we will help you out.

    Kind regards,

    KoBura Film

  2. cbee2

    After watching the trailer


    my conclusion was B grade amateur production!!!

    Then seeing on the movie poster and dvd / blu-ray cover

    American torpedo planes – "Grumman TBF Avenger"

    that only were used in the Pacific against the Japanese during World War 2,

    made this even more of a joke production.

    "Leningrad / Attack on Leningrad" poster


    Grumman TBF Avenger


  3. The_Khazi

    The film gets off to a good start with an impressive action sequence but is ultimately let down by erratic editing,poor acting(Sorvino is terrible as is her accent-was she dubbed?either way it doesn`t help))Byne isn`t much better,subtitles that you need a bloody telescope to read and a Director who just seems intent to add a random explosion or two after running out of ideas.The actual hardware on screen is impressive and the depiction of Leningrad as a city under siege is visually stunning-sets,costumes,equipment look convincing although the CGI on the planes looks decidedly fake,compounded by the fact, already mentioned by someone else, that all the bombing raids seem to be undertaken by ME109`s .Sure it`s only a film but this is just sloppy and shows a lack of attention.Olga Sutolova is memorable as "Nina" and provides most of the emotional punch but the great potential of this film has been wasted.

  4. martin_humble

    Anywhere – Ofcourse one shoud buy the original dvd-release. I have – but lacks translation.

    Any subs will do – any language; links somone?


  5. Renato-Guttuso

    Or was this the film he was going to do but for some reason passed it on to another director.

    Shocking…positively shocking

  6. tjaa_11

    Hello there,

    I have a question about the Siege of Leningrad. Did the German army hold the siege until the Soviet Army drove them back to Germany, or was the siege lifted before that?

  7. jpownz

    why is it called Leningrad if it takes place during WW2 when it was called Stalingrad?

  8. trailinghome

    A saw a horse!

    Horses ended up on the dinner table long before dogs, cats, and rats.

    And I think that a German General wouldn’t be driving around in his staff car with the top down during the middle of a Russian winter. The staff car is cold enough with the top up.

    I was surprised when Chigasov didn’t report, arrest or shoot her superior for his incompetence and lying about the death of Kate. Instead she handed over her pistol, thinking that he might kill her and Kate? Duh. Remember how fanatical at the start of the movie she was. She was going to kill any of her compatriots for for not attacking the Germans or for retreating.

    For me, the movie fell apart right there.

    Continuity sucked too.

  9. greenwood-3

    Since I’m not an English mother-tongue I don’t dare to rewrite the plot

    outlines and summaries. However, this is not a story of love between

    two Western journalists – it’s more about how people in Leningrad

    survived during the siege, while to starvation and dangers of war were

    added the ever remaining presence of NKVD (KGV predecessors) and the

    heaviest pressure from the authorities ("make Lake Ladoga freeze or

    you’ll be shot"). The film lacks the authenticity and nerve-strain of

    classical films about WWII (e.g. The Dawns Here Are Quiet) but it’s

    certainly interesting to watch.

  10. stellakuru

    More info here:

    http://www.nonstopsales.net/news.aspx?template=pressreleaseinfo&co ntent_id=424&category_id=8


    Visit Byrneholics Online at http://www.byrneholics.com

  11. horus-ankh

    I just found this and my curiosity is driving me to ask. I was also born there so it has higher significance for me!

  12. boltag

    Anyone read this? its fantastic a love story between young tatiana a russian girl and alexandr a russian soldier who really is american

    set in leningrand ww2

    they should make this a movie

  13. yerseke

    I am know looking everywhere to find,when the realeasedate is in western europe, I am busy now 2 hours,looked everywhere,here on this site the april,but if I look at my country new realeases he`s not standing between it,mayby somebody here knows or has information for me,because this movie I really must watch.


  14. wiltvid

    This movie has become available here:

    However just in russian, without english subtitles.


  15. bradstory

    Tagline: "A powerful love story in the midst of the most intense battle of WWII". Oh God. Here we go again. The tragic hopeless love story in the midst of a major battle = Chick-flick with a war setting. Bad for women looking for a romantic movie, and bad for men looking for a war movie, so why even make it?

    This is one reason ‘Enemy At the Gates’ stunk and why ‘Pearl Harbor’ was an absolute abomination. I sincerely hope they make it like the Soviet epic ‘Ozvobozhdenie’ or ‘Liberation’, where the love interest scenes are a sideline to the battle scenes. But I have this sinking feeling they’re going to waste perfectly good film and a great subject well deserving of an epic film being made of it on this movie.

  16. philgrayuk

    A 900 day siege in which hundreds of thousands of people die is to be used as a backdrop to two western journalists love story? the Russians don’t count? We can’t relate to their stories so we have to invent our own?

  17. FilmFanDOD

    Anyone know where I can find one?

  18. MyVallie_MyVallie

    ….subject titles says it all WHEN DO WE GET TO SEE THE HOTNESS ON SCREEN!!!!!!!


  19. averageandproudofit

    Is this the film that features Gary Oldman as Hitler? If anybody has a more or less reliable source that can or cannot confirm this, please do! It would be very much appreciated.


    http://www.bmwfilms.com – Gary Oldman is the Devil!

  20. PatrynXX

    actually I get Stalingrad and Leningrad confused half the time.

    sounds like another Enemy at the Gates type film. Which I thought was a great film, but seeing it for $4.88 at Walmart … Walmart didn’t seem to think so. But then again… I’m someone who, although can’t afford some movies, thinks that having a lower price on good movies seem to cheapen them somehow. Like seeing Once Upon a Time In The West for $7.50 was disturbing.


    Books are meant to be read, if not, they’ll die and so will we!

  21. Maverick-22

    Okay, As a TV Journalist and WW2 nut you’ve managed to get my attention.

    Now, Don’t screw it up. lol…Impress me.

  22. tsampaamg

    Has anyone heard about any possible Leningrad screenings? It says it is being released nov 5th but i haven’t heard anything

  23. Anonymous

    This message has been deleted by the poster

  24. azumahh

    to make before he died? I know something that was at least similar to this was in the works at the time of his death.

  25. petermoranman

    There are two movies called "Leningrad" coming out, written and directed by two directors and one comes out this year and the ohter one comes out 2006. Whats up with that?

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