Les diaboliques (1955)



See it, be amazed at it, but… BE QUIET ABOUT IT! (original Finnish poster tagline) See »

The wife of a cruel headmaster and his mistress conspire to kill him, but after the murder is committed, his body disappears, and strange events begin to plague the two women. Full summary »

Genre: Crime,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller

Les diaboliques (1955)
Release Date: 21 November 1955 (USA)
Country: France
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
  • Simone Signoret
  • Véra Clouzot
  • Paul Meurisse
  • Charles Vanel
  • Jean Brochard
  • Pierre Larquey
  • Michel Serrault
  • Thérèse Dorny
  • Noël Roquevert
  • Yves-Marie Maurin
  • Georges Poujouly
  • Georges Chamarat
  • Jacques Varennes
  • Robert Dalban
  • Jean Lefebvre

33 Responses to Les diaboliques (1955)

  1. TheAnnoyingOne
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    The wife didn’t actually die. The policeman actually had figured out it was the husband and mistress who were trying to give the wife a heart attack and she just pretends to die so that the policeman can catch them celebrating her death.

  2. scamurra89
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    While I maintain that I respect the cinematography for it’s time, and it’s lighting techniques and use of black and white, let’s be frank here… The pace, plot, ending of this film are flat out horrific. You can’t justify the over-the-top acting and the weak characters, but even that would have been overlooked if it weren’t for this film being so overrated.

    *Spoilers below*

    It all starts revealing itself after the Principal’s death. Of course his body is going to be missing from the pool. The film is 20 minutes in, and it’s pretty much the only way to add chaos and keep the film running. After that the rest unravels in record time, and I’m left waiting for the scene where it’s revealed to us. Thankfully that was done with some taste, however I still was utterly disappointed with this flick.

    I saw it on the big screen for a class of mine, and I must attest that no matter how original the twist may have been for audiences fifty years ago, it does not stand the test of time. At all. I don’t know if that means the film is just not correlating with my youth, or if people have over time simply done this sort of thing a million times, and the plot becomes old hat to me. Regardless, I for the life of me could not find this film enjoyable enough for it to warrant the praise it’s been given.

  3. Void-face
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    I took a quick look on these boards before I began watching and found comparisons to Psycho, which I found to be ‘offensive’ not sure if anyone can sympathize with me, but when I’m about to watch a film that’s been compared to a cinematic great, I’m a lot more critical of the film.

    On top of this, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was watching, when the husband began popping up everywhere I actually believed that the film had gone horror :( very slow of me. But fortunately, my lack of foresight made the ending so much better.

    It’s obvious in a way, the story has been copied numerous times, and as far as I know this is the original, and it still worked on me.

    3/4ths through the film I was completely cynical, I believed the plot would not be able to turn and produce a good ending, as the pacing was very 50s. I still believe that the pacing (along with some of the acting) is the only real flaw in the film, but at the same time it is needed to give the last 1/4th of the film that unraveling feeling.

    I’ve seen people complain in about the characters not being likeable, but I gotta say it makes total sense the way they’re played. The wife is annoying and very weak in the presence of the mistress, and this annoyed me. Causing me to favour the mistress a lot more and seeing her as the favourite protagonist. When the final reveal came I didn’t feel too bad for the wife, felt kinda betrayed by the mistress and understood fully why the husband did what he did haha.

    All in all the trip made the final destination that much more memorable.

  4. 5thHobbit
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    IMDb says that the aspect ratio is 1.66:1, but the Criterion DVD (according to Amazon) has an aspect ratio of 1.33:1.

    Could someone clear this up? Which aspect ratio is right?

    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

  5. zuzalok
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    I mean, they both hated each other. wtf?

    That’s good. I like to viddy the old films now and again.

  6. pary_pv
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    I watched this movie yesterday – and didn’t think it was that good – definitely not comparable to Psycho. Although at times movies i dislike are liked by others.

    So I knew there was something bothering me about the movie – and i think i figured it out – not sure if this is it or not.

    Instead doing all this confusing crap – why didn’t the ‘lover and husband’ just kill the wife. She was obv soft and that – so why would they need to do this whole confusing act which is also much riskier – (they could have just killed the wife and got rid of her) – why kill the husband and then make him go through all that uncomfortableness in the trunk – sedate him – put him in the pool – have him come back out (also how could he stay in the pool that long – they were there for quite a while, how can he hold his breath for that long or not be eager to come up for air :S) – so if it’s between that or just killing the wife – who wouldn’t go for the latter. Typical cases in films/tv they do – or is that whole beating around the bush that makes this movie ‘good’?

    don’t mean to sound as if this movie wasn’t good – it was suspenseful :)

  7. MikeHunt1075
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    3rd best horror movie of all time? Exactly what was horrific in it? Maybe in the 50’s it might have seemed scary, but by today’s standards, this should be no where near the top 100.

  8. heykincaid
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    Even though "Diabolique" predates it by over two decades, I had actually seen "Deathtrap" first, another movie about two lovers who concoct an elaborate scheme to scare a wife with a heart condition into having a fatal heart attack. "Diabolique" was a better movie and excelled at building suspense, but once it was clear that the wife had a heart condition I knew where it was heading and the ending didn’t have the kind of impact it should have had. I enjoyed the ride, but the twist was anti-climatic because I had seen it before. I feel kind of cheated. I guess this is one of the pitfalls of being a lifelong movie fan; it is tough to be really, truly surprised anymore.

    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

  9. bettiegia
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    I think that Lena Clouzot looks so much like Grata Garbo!! Her facial expressions and manner really reminds me of her. And I also think Simone Signoret bears a striking likeness to Anne Baxter. Thoughts??

  10. zaxor99
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    Based on the trivia, Hitchcock made Psycho specifically to outdo Les Diaboliques…did he succeed? Which do you think is a better movie.

    Personally, I think Les Diaboliques wins by a nose. It’s definitely not as well paced as Psycho (the beginning exposition takes a little too long), but the scenes are genuinely creepier, more haunting, and more thrilling than in Psycho. Any other opinions?

  11. the_bloody_brutal_reservoir_dog
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    I’ve never watched a movie with such a creepy, suspensful and even scary, ending. I’m a film student and i recently watched this movie. I’ve watched most movies people are accustomed to say are creepy and scary vainly. There was maybe one, The Shining (the woman-in-the-bathtub scene) and a couple of others. But I guarantee Diabolique’s ending is unbeatable. I mean, Vera Clouzot’s expressions of fear, the way her husband rises from the bathtub and look on his face…H.G. Clouzot is good, damn *beep* good. It beats any Hitchcock movie.

    Anyway, I posted this thread basically to ask about any other movie that could have this kind of effect on someone.So, are there any movies alike ?

  12. Anonymous
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    This message has been deleted by the poster

  13. yahlliw
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    On the 2002 C’est La Vie UK DVD release, Monsieur le Directeur is translated as Headmaster, whilst Madame la Directrice is translated as Madame Delassalle. Sexist?

  14. scottshogs
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    OK. As soon as the body was missing from the pool (well less than an hour into the movie) it was clear as day what the obvious BAD plot line would be…but somehow that was the movie that everyone loves. I am huge fan of old movies and noir (mostly the late 30s – 50s), but as a middle aged man who has watched plenty of more modern movies this seemed like the most basic plot ever (save the last 30 seconds of “is she alive, a ghost, or dead”).

    SO MY QUESTION IS: Was this the first movie to make this “plot twist?” Would this have blown people away in the mid 50s? Why so loved? I will admit that Vertigo seemed very obvious as well.


    For me, the only thing that saved this movie was the acting of Paul Meurisse – I do not think I ever wanted a movie charter to die more than him. Played the best jerk ever (sorry Steve Martin, you’re a close second).

  15. DukeNukem1
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    This movie has a score of 8.0 and it has 2000+ votes so why is it not on the Top 250.

  16. vangelis81_2
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    Hi from Turkey,

    I prepared a list,there’re 113 foreign movies from 1895 to 2008..I did not pick any American movie and they’re my favourites from all time..I hope you’ll like it.

    113-) Grave of Fireflies {Isao Takahata,1988}

    112-) Fitzcarraldo {Werner Herzog,1982}

    111-) Taste of Cherry {Abbas Kiarostami,1997}

    110-) L’Argent {Robert Bresson,1983}

    109-) Before the Rain {Milco Mancevski,1994}

    108-) Los Lunes al Sol {Fernando León de Aranoa,2002}

    107-) Mephisto (Istvan Szabo,1981}

    106-) The Piano {Jane Champion,1993}

    105-) Wings of Desire {Win Wenders,1987}

    104-) Berlin Alexanderplatz {Rainer Werner Fassbinder,1980}

    103-) Man of Marble {Andrzej Wajda,1977}

    102-) The Spirit of Beehive {Victor Erice,1973}

    101-) Black God, White Devil {Glauber Rocha,1964}

    100-) Bin-jip {Kim Ki-Duk,2004}

    99-) The Gospel According to st. Matthew {Pier Paolo Pasolini,1964}

    98-) The Sacrifice {Andrei Tarkovsky,1986}

    97-) Paris, Texas {Wim Wenders,1984}

    96-) Death in Venice {Luchino Visconti,1971}

    95-) Cries and Whispers {Ingmar Bergman,1972}

    94-) La Notte {Michelangelo Antonioni,1961}

    93-) Eternity and a Day {Theo Angelopoulos,1998}

    92-) Cinema Paradiso {Giuseppe Tornatore,1988}

    91-) Pierrot le fou {Jean-Luc Godard,1965}

    90-) All About My Mother {Pedro Almodovar,1999}

    89-) Pather Panchali {Satyajit Ray,1959}

    88-) Ivan the Terrible I-II {Sergei Eisenstein,1944-1946}

    87-} Last Year at Marienbad {Alain Resnais,1961}

    86-) Germany, Year Zero {Roberto Rosselini,1947}

    85-) Man with a Movie Camera {Dziga Vertov,1929}

    84-) Tree of Wooden Clogs {Ermanno Olmi,1978}

    83-) Pickpocket {Robert Bresson,1959}

    82-) Ordet {Carl Theodore Dreyer,1955}

    81-) Three Colours: Blue {Krszystof Kieslowski,1993}

    80-) The Colour of Pomegranate {Sergei Parajanov,1969}

    79-) Fanny and Alexander {Ingmar Bergman,1982}

    78-) Rocco and His Brothers {Luchino Visconti,1960}

    77-) Satantango {Bela Tarr,1994}

    76-) Les Diaboliques {Henri-Georges Clouzot,1955}

    75-) Underground {Emir Kusturica,1995}

    74-) The Battle of Algiers {Gillo Pontecervo,1965}

    73-) Ran {Akira Kurosawa,1980}

    72-) Ulysses Gaze {Theo Angelopoulos,1995}

    71-) LAtalante {Jean Vigo,1934}

    70-) Day for Night {François Truffaut,1973}

    69-) Voyage in Italy {Robert Rosselini,1953}

    68-) Stalker {Andrei Tarkovsky,1979}

    67-) Talk to Her {Pedro Almodovar,2002}

    66-) Ikiru {Akira Kurosawa,1952}

    65-) In the Mood for Love {Wong Kar-Wai,2000}

    64-) Novecento(1900) {Bernardo Bertolucci,1976}

    63-) Rome, Open City {Roberto Rosselini,1945}

    62-) Un Chien andalou {Luis Bunuel,1928}

    61-) Diary of a Country Priest {Robert Bresson,1950}

    60-) Blow Up{Michelangelo Antonioni,1966}

    59-) Time of the Gypsies {Emir Kusturica,1989}

    58-) Passion of Joan of Arc {Carl Dreyer,1927}

    57-) The Conformist {Bernardo Bertolucci,1969}

    56-) Ugetsu monogatari {Kenji Mizoguchi,1953}

    55-) Chungking Express {Wong Kar-Wai,1994}

    54-) Dekalog {Krszystof Kieslowski,1988}

    53-) Funny Games {Michael Haneke,1997}

    52-) Amarcord {Federico Fellini,1973}

    51-) The Wages of Fear {Henri-Georges 1952}

    50-) Aguirre: The Wrath of God {Werner Herzog,1972}

    49-) Umberto D. {Vittori De Sica,1952}

    48-) The Mirror {Andrei Tarkovsky,1974}

    47-) The Wind Will Carry Us {Abbas Kiarostami,1999}

    46-) City of God { Fernando Meirelles,2002}

    45-) Jules and Jim {François Truffaut,1961}

    44-) Hero {Yimou Zhang,2002}

    43-) Le Samourai {Jean-Pierre Melville,1967}

    42-) La Strada {Federico Fellini,1954}

    41-) The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie {Luis Bunuel,1972}

    40-) Three Colours: Red {Krszystof Kieslowski,1994}

    39-) M {Fritz Lang,1931}

    38-) The Exterminating Angel {Luis Bunuel,1962}

    37-) Au hasard Balthazar {Robert Bresson,1966}

    36-) Wild Strawberries {Ingmar Bergman-1957}

    35-) Come and See {Elem Klimov,1985}

    34-) La Grande illusion {Jean Renoir,1937}

    33-) Barry Lyndon {Stanley Kubrick,1975]

    32-) Vivre sa vie {Jean Luc Godard,1963}

    31-) Gertrud {Carl Dreyer,1964}

    30-) Los Olvidodos {Luis Bunuel,1950}

    29-) Eyes Without a Face {Georges Franju,1959}

    28-) The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser {Werner Herzog,1974}

    27-) L’Age dor {Luis Bunuel,1930]

    26-) Zero for Conduct {Jean Vigo,1934}

    25-) Z {Costa Gavras,1969}

    24-) The 400 Blows {François Truffaut,1959}

    23-) The Leopard {Luchino Visconti,1963}

    22-) Rashomon {Akira Kurosawa,1950}

    21-) The Seventh Seal {Ingmar Bergman,1957}

    20-) La Dolce Vita {Federico Fellini,1960}

    19-) L’Avventura {Michelangelo Antonioni,1960}

    18-) Hiroshima mon Amour {Alain Resnais,1959}

    17-) Andrei Rublev {Andrei Tarkovsky,1966}

    16-) Persona {Ingmar Bergman,1966}

    15-) The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari {Robert Wiene,1929}

    14-) Breathless {Jean Luc Godard,1959}

    13-) Metropolis {Fritz Lang,1926}

    12-) Seven Samurai {Akira Kurosawa,1954}

    11-) Battleship Potemkin {Sergei Eisen.tein,1925}

    10-) Dersu Uzala [Akira Kurosawa,1975}

    9-) The Third Man {Carol Reed-1949}

    8-) Tokyo Story {Yasujiro Ozu,1953}

    7-) 8½ {Federico Fellini,1963}

    6-) Ashes and Diamonds {Andrzej Wajda,1958}

    5-) Week-End {Jean Luc Godard,1967}

    4-) Faust {F.W.Murnau,1926}

    3-) The Rules of the Game {Jean Renoir,1937}

    2-) Les Enfans du paradis {Marcel Carne,1945}

    1-) Bicycle Thieves {Vittorio De Sica,1948}

  17. luckydragon88
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    I can’t find the entire synopsis of this movie anywhere. If you have a link or if you can type it out, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  18. thirteenpunkemos
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    Were the two women implied to be sleeping together toward the end? Because when I saw the movie I figured that sort of thing wouldn’t have been put up front in a film this old. I mean it was never seemed heavily implied, but the way they were acting I should think it rather odd if they weren’t lovers.

  19. antoniost
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    You know how Moinet the little schoolboy says he’s been punished by the missing Michel Delasalle, but no one believes him. Then you realize he’s telling the truth when you find out Mr. Delasalle is alive. I want to know if he was telling the truth when he said Christina gave him the sling shot at the end of the movie. Are we led to believe that she is still alive, was it a ghost, or was the kid just fantasizing? Any thoughts?

  20. MustangGirl66
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    Does anyone know where I can watch Les Diaboliques?,


    TiReD oF tHeSe ReMaKeS!

  21. Qanqor
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    Man, I’m not buying it. And I’m amazed that everyone else is.

    I just saw the film for the first time. About 3/4 of the way through I had the idea of the husband really being alive and in cahoots with the mistress. And I *rejected* that idea as impossible, based on the fact that *we clearly saw him drown*. So I was *very* disappointed when the ending rolled around, and the resolution is indeed that the husband is alive and in cahoots with the mistress. I’m sorry, there’s just no way! We saw him underwater for a *long* time, without moving. There’s no way he could have pulled that off as an act.

    So I went back and watched the bathtub scene again. It was just as I remembered it. While there are enough cuts in the take that the *actor* was obviously able to come up for air enough to do the scene, there’s no way, within the story, that the character could have done it. A key part of this is that when he first goes under, we see all the bubbles of the air coming out of him. And it’s a lot of air. The husband would’ve had to deliberately exhale underwater, to make his drowning look real. But that enormously lessens how long you can hold your breath.

    Try it! I did! Do it along with the film. Try holding your breath and playing dead like he did, for as long as he did, after exhaling as much as he did. You’ll be desparate for breath, not able to continue to lie there looking dead.

    Somebody please give me a plausible explanation of how anyone could pull that off.

    And it’s a shame, because, to me, it’s just shoddy movie making. The scene could *easily* have been filmed in such a way to make it more plausible. The wife could’ve left the bathroom sooner. The husband could’ve struggled more, and only "succumbed" after the wife left the room. As it is, the movie left me feeling cheated that the solution ended up being something I had already rejected as impossible.

    Go ahead, somebody who has tried to hold their breath that long with empty lungs tell me how it can be done.

  22. jimbrown257
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    It would have been better if Nicole and Michel got away with it. The reason they didn’t, however, is because in the 50s there were these stict movie standards that dictated that murderers had to be punished. This can be seen in The Bad Seed with that horribly tacked on ending and in any Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode where someone pulled off a perfect murder (after the end, Hitchcock would come on and say something ridiculous like "She was apprehended by the police the next day, her dog told them everything.")

    I think Christina didn’t really die. Not just because that kid said he saw her alive but also because the moment she supposedly dies looks really faked, see here at 1:50:


    …Michel checks her pulse but you can easily stop the pulse in your arm if you put something in your armpit and squeeze on it.

  23. pliten2
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    It was kind of obvious from the start that the drowning would fail, but the twist at the end ruined the film for me. The theory that he survived a drowning attempt all by himself had that mysterious outer-worldly tone to it, which is perfect for a film-noir movie like this. But the fact that his mistress was involved in the supposedly drowning completely ruins it, because it makes his survival more obvious. The original idea was great, but the twist ruins it.

  24. bluevelvet1314
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    Another classic film(like vertigo) that is considered a masterpiece but in my hummble opinion they are not. I can’t deny the technical aspect of the film. It was great shot. But the acting and the script, were laughable. I may give points to the predictability of the twist because it’s an old movie, but i think even back then everyone could have guessed. But i’m not the kind of person who thinks the twist makes the movie. The acting was flat out horrible. Shallow without depth characters. Caricatures of good guy, bad guy. The script, was also laughable. First of all why this movie is in the horror list??? Secondly, why the dialogue was so obvious and without surprises? They were acting like the stepped out of an ancient comedy. I despised everything that has to do with the script.

  25. James_Goodwin
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    That of all the posts discussing the important (and the trivial) aspects of the film no-one’s talking about the scene where Nicole ‘dissapears’ when she’s walking down the corridor, and the voice over quote that’s played.

    Any thoughts?

  26. n20300
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    When he said it took him 1 hour to get out of the tub quietly, when was he talking about? Was it after she supposedley drowned him? and if that was the case what was the sequence of events? Was it Pretend to drown him, then he got up whilst she was in the other room and then he got into the basket?

  27. info-3508
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    One of the first foreign films, and noir films, I watched. Brilliant work.

  28. condor7
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    The ending was absolutely implausible, and destroyed the plot. I was enjoying the suspense of the film , until the stupid and ridiculous ending. I won’t go into details. I usually enjoy old films, french films, suspense films, etc. But this one left me angry and wishing I could get my 2 hours back. What a waste of film. I can’t believe anyone would call this a classic.

  29. cinenoir
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    Did anyone think that the TV character Columbo had a lot of the same mannerisms as Alfred Fichet, the commissaire?

  30. Juggertrout
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    There’s a bit near the end where one of the schoolboys tells the detective that he found something under the diving board. I think I missed what it was, or was it never explained?


    Meet you in Malkovich in one hour.

  31. cisje
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    Just bought a new (French) dvd with a restored version to replace my old VHS.

    Absolutely worth it.

    This definitely is one of the best French films ever!!!

    Great directing, great cinematography, great editing, great dialogues, great acting by all, and of course a great story.

    What else could you want, eh.

    Timeless classic!

  32. cisje
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    I read this in the FAQ section of this movie :

    "The film ends as everyone is leaving for the weekend."

    This is wrong of course since the film ends as the school is closing down.


  33. netflix_chick
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    is this movie still worth watching??

    1-18-08… Totally Worth It

    RIP Brad Renfro AND Heath Ledger :( May Your Movies Live On!

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