Los abrazos rotos (2009)



Harry Caine, a blind writer, reaches this moment in time when he has to heal his wounds from 14 years back. He was then still known by his real name, Mateo Blanco, and directing his last movie. Full summary »

Genre: Drama,Romance,Thriller

Los abrazos rotos (2009)
Release Date: 18 March 2009 (Spain)
Country: Spain
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Lluís Homar
  • Blanca Portillo
  • José Luis Gómez
  • Rubén Ochandiano
  • Tamar Novas
  • Ángela Molina
  • Chus Lampreave
  • Kiti Manver
  • Lola Dueñas
  • Mariola Fuentes
  • Carmen Machi
  • Kira Miró
  • Rossy de Palma
  • Alejo Sauras

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33 Responses to Los abrazos rotos (2009)

  1. nanilluc

    Please pardon me if this topic has already been discussed…but…is it possible that Harry Caine is faking his blindness, as part of the total immersion into the new persona that he took on after the accident?

    Two scenes lead me to believe that…first, when Ray X rings his doorbell for the first time, Harry looks out the peep hole to see who is there.

    Second, at the end of the movie, Harry is shown re-editing an intricate scene in his movie. Yes, he could hear the dialogue, and simply edit to the words and phrasing, but if you look closely at the precise editing of the scene that is shown (as opposed to the long, unedited scene that Harry didn’t like…the one he only "heard" on the DVD), it seems impossible to me that a blind person would be able to make those edits.

    There may be other examples of Harry’s ability to see, but these are the most obvious. Are there others…or am I simply on a totally wrong track?

  2. leos_imdb

    Don’t you just love Lola Dueñas as the lip reader! it made me roll on the floor laughing at how serious and professional the character was about it!

  3. WoodyWoolf

    How did you find the movie?

    She asked me how to spell orange.

  4. jitterbug_cowboy

    My favourite has to be the scene with Penelope Cruz chasing the newspaper on the beach. It’s an instant classic.

    ENOUGH from the clown!!!!!!!!

  5. warplover03

    I guess I might just be dense, but can someone tell me who tore up the pictures of Mateo and Lena which were found in a bag in the hotel room by Mateo’s friend?

  6. michaelflatley

    Since when can he habla espanol?

    We’re having too good a time today to worry about tomorrow

  7. HelloTherex

    http://tmchollywood.blogspot.com/2010/02/penelope-cruz-and-javier-bard em.html

    Hot couple!~ I hope they’re dating. They look great together!

  8. lazarina

    Must have missed something, but can someone please explain what was going on when Mateo is videoed by Ray X at the end, and what the booklet Ray gives Mateo while filming signifies? It felt like Ray was finishing his documentary about the story, but I thought it was already completed?

  9. ilikecinema

    There is a scene, just when Judit’s coming back from Barcelona and meets her son, where her son stares at some scar-like marks on her face, and she tells him something like "yes… didn’t have time for anything today, but I thought you were already used to it!".

    Does anybody know what this has to do with the story at all? Has this something to do with the accident? Don’t think so (she didn’t show any injuries in the scenes that are supposed to happen just after the car accident).

    Any hint on this?


  10. ketsunegari

    …the late Patrick Swayze? Anyone agree?

  11. rmartel79

    When Harry and Lena are reading the newspaper regarding the premiere of "Chicas y Maletas", the photo of Martel appears to have Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril to his right. Is that them?

  12. j_grae

    I love how Almodovar brought some of the old girls back, Angelina Molina, Kiti Manver, Rossy De Palma and of course Chus Lampreave.

  13. kapnkirk

    Do young, beautiful women screw middle-aged blind men in Spain or was it a groupie thing? Maybe she knew he was once a big time director. If Mateo was a well known director wouldn’t everyone know about all this (his affair with the mistress of a well known businessman who died)? How could they have kept it from their son?

    "No! That’s not true at all. Elvis takes fifty percent of everything I earn." Col. Parker

  14. surfergrlu2003

    Hey can someone PLEASE give me a very detailed summary of this movie? I have a test on it, but we watched the spanish version with no subtitles which was not very helpful lol. A very detailed summary would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

  15. tbros2000

    Do you think Ray X’s character (the gay movie-assistant) in this movie was inspired by Scotty J’s character (portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman) in Boogie Nights?

    Sorry if this was obvious and i didn’t notice

  16. beautifulsnob21

    Penelope, you STINK! You should be embarassed to call yourself an actress. The movie was just AWFUL!

  17. -501

    The U.S. DVD release of Broken Embraces includes the deleted scene Continuation of Girls and Suitcases as well as its continuation (no pun intended) the short film The Cannibalistic Councillor. This has its own IMDB site:


    To me, this is the brilliant gem that was cast aside. It is so funny and so brilliant. It’s Pedro Almodovar at his most funny while channeling Penelope Cruz as Audrey Hepburn.

    I enjoyed Broken Embraces and think highly of Almodovar … but the film I really wanted to see was Girls and Suitcases. What a shame. I would love Almodovar to pick this back up and show us where the story goes.

  18. coal980

    does anybody noticed the big painting in Ernesto Martel’s mansion? it’s abstract with the words "je t’aime" in italics. It looks like NY 80s style, I think the painter could be Julian Schnabel…. is it a kind of cameo?

  19. Calizo

    Roger Ebert says in his review of a one-take scene:


    "There’s one unbroken shot so "illogical" it may even slip past you. There’s urgent action on a sofa in the foreground and then a character stands and moves to the right, talking, and dawdles slightly and then moves to the left, and now we see for the first time the next room completely open to this one, and there is a young man seated at a table."


    What scene is this? I’m having trouble remembering this…

  20. mandawg9

    Admittedly, I usually never think Almodovar’s films are as good as the hype makes them out to be, but Alberto Iglesias never disappoints in the music department. I think it’s his best score to date.


  21. cbracamonte

    At the beginning of the movie he said that he started pretending he was a different person and blind. Was he really blind or was pretending it?

    I think he was pretending

    Also was he joking when he "saw" Ernesto through the door.

    Also he was picking beautiful girls from the street

  22. critic-2

    -not even one for Penelope Cruz, who got nominated for "Nine" instead.

  23. guy_anisimov

    Who is it the actress Lena sees when opening the house door in the last scene of ‘girls and suitcases’ we get to see?

    Was there anything about Lena being pregnant? we see her throwing up during the film after being in bed with Arnesto. I figured she might be pregnant from Mateo.

    Judit finds Mateo’s and Lena’s pictures wripped in a bag when going to check out of the hotel. Who could have wripped them if Mateo went right to the hospital after the accident?

    90 Minutes into the film, after Judit had picked up Harry and Diego from the beach, there is a quite long scene shot through a window. There is a couple with a baby and a man with a dog. All through the film it was the only scene in my eyse that was out of context and i was wondering if there was anything else behind it except for its artistic beauty.

  24. ycriver

    José Luis Gómez(Ernesto Martel)looks distractingly gay and that really doesn’t suit the character. I believe he is a good actor and all but that gayness nearly ruined the movie for me.

  25. coolinout1

    Wondering if anyone knew who played Ray X’s lover?

  26. real_frank_sinatra

    Can someone please explain to me what happened?

    If I understood correctly – guy rubs a bit of ecstasy on the gums (licks it?), then takes a few sips of GHB and immediately OD’s.

    If that’s the case, isn’t that scenario absurdly exaggerated?

  27. DexterManning

    I saw "Broken Embraces" on Friday evening not knowing much about it other than it’s by Pedro Almodovar, which in itself is enough reason for me to go see it. He’s one of my favorite directors and there hasn’t been a film I’ve seen of his that I didn’t enjoy. But this one, for me, is easily one of his best endeavors, as far as the portion of his work I’ve seen (most of his films from the 1990s and every feature from this decade).

    It even rivals "All About My Mother," which is still my favorite Almodovar film (and which happens to be the first one I saw). I found the story and the characters in "Embraces" to be quite engrossing, though sometimes the plot was a bit complicated (nothing that future showings wouldn’t help unravel though). But what’s an Almodovar film without juicy layers of complexity, right? I appreciate the fact that no major character, save for Diego, is flawless. A viewer can sympathize with a given character in one scene then hate him or her in a later scene because of their behavior and treatment of others, etc.

    Hopefully, soon a box set of this director’s films will be released, preferably on Blu-ray (I would imagine that would be inevitable). I would love to have this film in one package that also includes "All About My Mother," "Bad Education," "Live Flesh," "The Flower of My Secret" and "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown." (assuming the distribution rights to all those titles are held by one studio, which I’m not sure of).

    What do you think? How do you think this film stacks up against his many others?

  28. critic-2

    They have announced the nine semi-finalists for the foreign film Oscar. "Los abrazos rotos" is not among them. That mans it will not get nominated.

    Damn, the foreign film category is screwed up in the Oscar race! Why is it that the foreign films that should be nominated get nominated by other award committees, but hardly ever for Oscars?

  29. paul_is_taul

    a lot of times when i’m watching a movie I can sense that the movie has got me. i feel like it’s pulling me in. in a great movie i’m there the whole time, a bad movie never gets me once. this movie had me really invested most of the time but somewhere towards the end it completely lost me. i liked mateo’s character, i liked diego, i liked lena, i liked the different relationships that were being explored. it felt like melodrama, but fun. plus it was beautiful to look at.

    towards the end all the investment fell flat and i was left with nothing but the melodrama. it must have been the scene where judit overacts horribly and in one of the best examples of melodramatic soap opera schlock babbles on exasperatingly explaining the "crazy plot twist" while she chugs a gin and tonic. so bad. and guess what diego? he’s your dad! no way he’s my dad? crazy! i have to finish "girls and suitcases" cue 10 minutes of the end of girls and suitcases…great movie dad, it’s hilarious! i’m peeing my pants its sooooo funny! these girls found some cocaine! oh, and ernesto jr. didn’t cause the crash! i think he still wants to erase his dad’s legacy though…but lets finish this awesome movie about the cocaine suitcases which is a hilarious laugh riot by the way! end of movie. annnnnd….i’m completely baffled by the mediocrity of this movie.

    seriously ridiculous ending. and please don’t attack me for being a philistine that doesn’t get almodovar. i get it.

  30. imaintdan

    I’m a huge fan of Pedro Almodovar, huge. Also work as a writer and did an article on the decade’s best directors and, of course, put him way up on the list. Think few filmmaker working today have the level of skills he does.

    Anyone agree or disagree? Also, if you’re an Almodovar fan, who else do you love?

    http://www.examiner.com/x-1550-Seattle-Movie-Examiner~y2009m12d2-The-W ednesday-10–The-Top-10-Villains-of-the-Decade

  31. PhoenixPhuck

    What was the point? I enjoyed the movie but I’m not sure why…maybe I just love Pedro’s style so much that he can’t make a movie that doesn’t have several moments that I absolutely adore…but, for a film that felt a little slow at points (a first in an almovodar film for me) , certain things seemed underdeveloped…

    Anyone out there who loved it and could explain what the movie meant to them?

    Even the most primitive society has an innate respect for the insane.

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