North West Mounted Police (1940)



The roaring magnificence of "Union Pacific" . . . the pulse-pounding action of "The Plainsman" . . . two surging love stories woven into an unforgettable drama of human emotions . . . told against the blazing beauty of the northern forests . . . filmed in SUPER TECHNICOLOR !

Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers (“Isn\’t that a contradiction in terms?”, another character asks him) travels to Canada in the 1880s in search of Jacques Corbeau, who is wanted for murder. He wanders into the midst of the Riel Rebellion, in which M├ętis (people of French and Native heritage) and Natives want a separate nation. Dusty falls for nurse April Logan, who is also loved by Mountie Jim Brett. April\’s brother is involved with Courbeau\’s daughter Louvette, which leads to trouble during the battles between the rebels and the Mounties. Through it all Dusty is determined to bring Corbeau back to Texas (and April, too, if he can manage it.)

Written by
Ron Kerrigan <[email protected]>

The Northwest Rebellion took place in western Canada. In 1885, three mismatched frontiersmen (teacher Riel, whiskey trader Corbeau, and trapper Duroc) foment rebellion in western Canada; only the local Mounties stand in their way. Constable Ronnie Logan loves Corbeau\’s savage daughter Louvette; his pal Jim Brett loves April, the district nurse, but finds a rival in visitor Dusty Rivers, a Texas Ranger who wants Corbeau for murder. Treachery, battle, and tense situations follow in rapid order, with more lighthearted intervals.

Written by
Rod Crawford <[email protected]>

Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,History,Romance,Western

North West Mounted Police (1940)
Release Date: 22 October 1940 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
  • Gary Cooper
  • Madeleine Carroll
  • Paulette Goddard
  • Preston Foster
  • Robert Preston
  • George Bancroft
  • Lynne Overman
  • Akim Tamiroff
  • Walter Hampden
  • Lon Chaney Jr.
  • Montagu Love
  • Francis McDonald
  • George E. Stone
  • Willard Robertson
  • Regis Toomey

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  1. lorimarla
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    If anyone wants some background on this and other DeMille Westerns, try "Making the White Man’s Indian: Native Americans and Hollywood Movies." The book shows 100 years of Indians in Hollywood and gives an inside look at how some of these Westerns were made. The info on DM’s Union Pacific, The Plainsman, and Unconquered is worth looking at in an otherwise easy-to-read book.

  2. noirsam
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    The director of this film (good ol’ C.B. himself) must have liked the beautiful Paulette because he later used her again in "Reap the Wild Wind", but in both films she’s spanked! In this film it’s a public spanking by some scruffy-lookin’ fur trapper (I think) with a Scottish accent & in "Reap" she is taken over the knee of Ray Milland & smacked on her delectable derriere after she insults him. Though I must say she had one of the lovliest behinds in all of Hollywood history..hubba hubba! She was one hot mama in her day!

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