Observe and Report (2009)



Right now, the world needs a hero.

Bi-polar mall security guard Ronnie Barnhardt is called into action to stop a flasher from turning shopper\’s paradise into his personal peep show. But when Barnhardt can\’t bring the culprit to justice, a surly police detective, is recruited to close the case. Full summary »

Genre: Comedy,Crime,Drama

Observe and Report (2009)
Release Date: 10 April 2009 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Jody Hill
  • Seth Rogen
  • Ray Liotta
  • Michael Peña
  • Anna Faris
  • Dan Bakkedahl
  • Jesse Plemons
  • John Yuan
  • Matt Yuan
  • Celia Weston
  • Collette Wolfe
  • Randy Gambill
  • Alston Brown
  • Cody Midthunder
  • Deborah Brown
  • Aziz Ansari

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  1. paroharo
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    Why is it that American cinema finds it OK to show kids being brutally bashed by adults, a man being shot through the chest at point blank range and then bleeding everywhere, a man being gang bashed by the cops, people taking hard drugs etc etc…

    …yet Anna Faris has sex twice with her bra on?!?!

  2. straighttovideo
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    “Why’d you Stop *beep*

    Rape and the Seth Rogen Generation

    Hollywood movies are generally things made purely for the sake of entertainment. Sure, come November the market is flooded with “prestige” pictures for a month or two as everyone tries to win the talent show called The Academy Awards, but even that type of film is very often little more than high brow pseudo-intellectual pandering. Not so with the work of Seth Rogen, a man who’s body of work unintentionally speaks to some of the most prominent issues facing young men and women today.. Over the last few years his films have changed the face of comedy. But when the funnyman doesn’t understand the implications of his own jokes, the attentive viewer can peel back the veneer and see something altogether different.

    When Judd Apatow hit the scene with his breakthrough film The 40-Year Old Virgin he was praised for creating a new kind of comedy, a film that was funny, raunchy, boundary pushing, and yet filled with real human emotion to balance out the semen jokes and extensive scatological references. The film received some of the most positive marks of any broad-comedy in recent memory scoring a whopping 85% positive on review aggregator site Rottentomatoes. Lisa Kennedy of the Denver Post said, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin [SIC] offers some sparkling insights about the cumulative effects of performance anxiety, about how guys struggle with the transit from boys to men with little help from their pals,” (Kennedy). Jack Mathews of the New York Daily News said, “Carell and Apatow’s script is so hip, funny and — yes — innocent that it’s never offensive,” (Mathews). The film turned Steve Carell into a leading man and introduced Seth Rogen to the American public.

    Rogen’s star making turn paved the way for his first leading role in Apatow’s second film, Knocked Up. Knocked Up followed the same formula as its predecessor grafting incredibly crude improvisational humor onto a sentimental narrative that honestly has more in common with the average Lifetime special than Caddyshack. The reviews were even more stellar for this film with a 90% rating on Rottentomatoes. Adam Green of the Detroit News said “Knocked Up is full of huge laughs and witty pop culture banter but also offers insightful and honest explorations of marriage, relationships, friendship and parenthood,” (Graham). The enthusiastic notices and a domestic box office take of almost 150 million dollars solidified Rogen’s position as a leading man. He had arrived.

    But then came Superbad. Superbad saw release less than three months after Knocked Up. Unlike Rogen’s previous two films, Judd Apatow was only the producer here. Rogen, along with his childhood friend Evan Goldberg wrote the film, which also featured Rogen in a supporting role as an exceptionally irresponsible police officer. As with the earlier films, Superbad was a big, fat hit. But something was different. Superbad lacked the charm of Apatow’s work. Instead of complex characters dealing with emotional growing pains, Superbad focused on 17-year olds who couldn’t even seem to act their callow age. The plot of the film concerns two high school seniors who could never seem to find their place socially. Now, on the eve of college the boys are determined to finally get into a house party, and just maybe, finally get past third base.

    On the surface, the film looked fairly typical, Like American Pie, Porky’s and Last American Virgin before it, Superbad seemed like just another silly teen comedy about sex, and drugs, and trying to figure out who you want to be when you grow up. But boiling just beneath the surface there was something deeply wrong with Superbad—it was a comedy about date rape. At the beginning of the film Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are made fun of by the “cool kids” and forbidden from attending a graduation party. But, not content to let the 12th grade pass without at least one hook-up Seth comes up with a plan to weasel into another party. Using a fake ID obtained by the one kid in school who is even more of a loser than the two protagonists, Seth plans to purchase copious amounts of alcohol, alcohol that will guarantee that they won’t get kicked out of party. But Seth doesn’t want to buy the liquor to seem cool and sophisticated, he wants to get the girls so drunk that they won’t be able to say, “No”. As Seth summarily explains, “Tonight is our last party as high school people. You know how you hear girls say, ‘Ahhh! I was so gone last night, I shouldn’t have slept with that guy.’ We can be that mistake!” the boys embark on a night of zany adventures, learn the value of friendship, and don’t actually have date rape anyone. But, at the same time, never once does the film question the initial motives. The characters are never held accountable for their grotesque intentions and the movie never steps outside of their world to actually comment on the fact that the above quoted dialogue, which was plastered all over almost every trailer, TV ad, and radio spot, is discussing rape.

    One could counter the argument that Superbad is a film that promotes a rapist mindset by pointing to the third act wherein Evan finally gets alone with the girl of his dreams but turns her down because her drunken offer of “The world’s best blow-jay” makes him uncomfortable . But the questionable content of Superbad became all the more off-putting three years later when Rogen began to make press appearances for his latest comedy, Observe & Report.

    After a series of hits that included Pineapple Express (which Rogen and Goldberg also scripted), Rogen found himself in a position to get basically any movie he wanted greenlit. One of his first choices was Observe & Report. In this film, written and directed by Jody Hill, Rogen plays Ronnie Barnhardt, an overweight, mentally unbalanced head of mall security who finds a renewed passion for life while pursuing a flasher who has taken to assaulting women around the mall grounds. The film opened to disappointing numbers and quickly died at the box office. There was some media talk about what this meant for his career as a leading man, but precious little about the actual content of the film. And Observe & Report is the kind of film that really should be discussed publicly because it’s the kind of movie that makes it almost impossible to defend the content of Rogen’s earlier writing.

    The first 40 or so minutes of the movie consist of mildly enjoyable episodic sequences of schadenfreude centered on how utterly pathetic Rogen’s character is. He’s fat, he’s stupid, he’s none too subtly racist, his mother blames him for his father walking out and then falls asleep while he tries to have a heart to heart. he’s on some serious medication, police officers insult him to his face, he lusts after a woman who would rather drink drano than spend some time with him. Everything is always going wrong for this guy. But, after a fit of self-esteem stemming from a violent altercation with some crack dealers, Ronnie finally coerces Brandi (Anna Ferris), the object of his affections into agreeing to a date. But, when the big night finally arrives the joke is on Ronnie once more as Brandi shows up at her house four hours late and already plastered. Ronnie chooses to ignore this fact and takes Brandi to dinner anyway. During a montage Brandi down no less than 12 shots of liquor (she was already drunk at the beginning of the meal) and half a bottle of Ronnie anti-psychotic medication. After dinner, Ronnie literally drags Brandi up her driveway while she looks around confused and drooling. She vomits on her blouse and then slurringly muses that, “soooomeetheeng smeelllls liiike sheeeeeeet.” At this point, Ronnie takes her in his arms, and proclaims, “I accept you!” and then kisses her passionately.

    What happens next is well beyond the standards of lowbrow gross out humor; the film jump cuts to Ronnie on top of Brandi’s unconscious body, pounding away a-rhythmically. The shot lasts for about 10 seconds so that the viewer gets plenty of time to gawk at Brandi’s breasts bounce, (still in her bra), and Ronnie’s face as he sweats and pants, contorting his muscles in a pantomime on a man desperately trying to avoid premature ejaculation. When, Ronnie finally looks down and notices that Brandi is unconscious, passed out, and drooling all over the pillow he stops and tries to wake her but she remains almost comatose. Then, without looking up or even opening her eyes Brandi delivers the “punch line”; whyayoostoppin’ *beep*

    The issue is not that rape is used in a comedy. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II, famously features a sequence of violent penetration of a young woman at the hands of a demonically possessed tree. In Raimi’s film there is a sense of nuance and understanding in the gag, which helps to establish the tone of the film and the kind of unhinged black humor that is to come. The point of Evil Dead II is that it is set in a world that does not follow genre expectations. A world where only the good are punished, and purity is a sin. The film builds on the French tradition of Grande Guignol. The issue is that there is no such nuance to Observe & Report

    While one can hypothetically see the chance for humor in the set up of a guy who is so confused that he commits date rape and thinks he’s fallen in love, that is not what the punch line turns this joke in to. Instead, when Brandi mumbles her line the joke becomes snarling nihilistic mass, laughing and pointing at the dumb blonde who is so stupid that she even like’s getting raped. And in his one significant quote on the matter, spoken during an interview with The Washington City Paper, (in a video interview that has since been mysteriously deleted), Rogen digs the movie a deep grave—

    “When we’re having sex and she’s unconscious like you can literally feel the audience thinking, like, how the *beep* are they going to make this okay? Like, what can possibly be said or done that I’m not going to walk out of the movie theater in the next thirty seconds? . . . And then she says, like, the one thing that makes it all okay” (Jezebel)

    Except, it doesn’t make anything ‘okay.’

    The film was shot in and appears to be set in New Mexico. As outlined in section 30-9-10 through 30-9-16 of NMSA 1978, New Mexico’s definition of rape includes,

    “The perpetration of criminal sexual penetration or criminal sexual contact when the perpetrator knows or has reason to know that the victim is unconscious, asleep or otherwise physically helpless or suffers from a mental condition that renders the victim incapable of understanding the nature or consequences of the act” (Santa Fe Rape Crisis & Trauma Treatment Center).

    Perhaps Rogen’s definition or helpless is fairly narrow. But it seems to this author, that twelve average citizens might disagree that a woman who, after an afternoon of heavy drinking, goes out to a dinner where she imbibes twelve more servings of alcohol as well as half a bottle of antipsychotics, given to her by her date, is anything but helpless, even if she is semiconscious.

    And, in fact, Brandi is sexually assaulted not once, but twice, during the course of the film. Before her unfortunate date with Ronnie Brandi is assaulted by the aforementioned mall flasher. He runs up, waves his penis in Brandi’s face and then runs away laughing manically. Brandi’s feelings of violation are then played for laughs, as Ferris explains in a video interview,

    “Brandi is exposed to [SIC] by the mall pervert and It’s the most traumatic event that’s ever happened to her, which is funny because I always imagined that she’s seen a bit of male anatomy and it wouldn’t normally scare her. But I think she likes to use any opportunity that she can to draw attention to herself.” (Jezebel).

    Obviously this is not an issue of only Rogen’s ignorance. It is far more wide reaching if Ferris, who excels at playing idiots but appears to be fairly sharp herself, also agrees that this type of behavior is “funny.”

    And really, the issue isn’t even the movies. Rather, it’s the fact that American pop-culture has found itself in a place where not only can a young man with questionable morals make it to the top, but also a place where no one will object to this kind of material internally. Some 300 people work on a film. If one were to walk onto the set of even a midsized comedy like Observe & Report one would see 80 or more people waiting around. Now, it is understandable that the Key Grip didn’t stand up and say to Hill and voice any complaints. He or she is not privy to all of the details of a films structure and the idea of losing a career over a scene filmed out of context seems unfair. But it is harder to justify the post-graduate degree executives who read the script and gave it the okay. The team of lawyers who gave the script a pass. The top executives who signed off of the green light. It’s hard to justify that these same executives all saw the film in various rough cuts and had no problem . Even more strange is that the film passed through the MPAA with an R-rating and no mention of “sexual violence” in the list of reasons for the rating. But most queer of all is that, when the film was released, there was no major debate, no protests, no hoopla. Silence. And in pop-culture, silence most certainly is consent.

    Clues to this situation present themselves in the other film that Rogen signed on for after his big break; Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri make a Porno. In this film, Rogen plays Zack Brown, a charming, but distinctly homely Jewish man who decides to make a pornographic film with his long time platonic roommate in order to deal with crippling debt. In the film Rogen vaguely resembles Porn stalwart Ron Jeremy. Jeremy, often called, “The Hedgehog” because of his thick body hair, is one of the most famous and long lasting name brands in porn history with a career dating back to 1977 and a resume featuring over 1150 films and counting. Jeremy is not an attractive man. It is almost inconceivable that the any woman without a fat and or hair fetish would find watching him have sex to be erotic. Rather, many have postulated that Jeremy’s enduring popularity is predicated upon the fact that, in spite of his formidable member, nearly any woman would rather have sex with the guy watching the porn instead of Jeremy. Watching Smith’s film makes it clear that Rogen’s popularity is not dissimilar. He’s not a hunk . Not a pretty face. He doesn’t even have the striking screen presence of other non-traditional Hollywood stars like Steve Buscemi. Instead, Rogen is a star for the youtube generation. He is popular because his audience sees so much of themselves in him.

    And so maybe it’s not that there is anything wrong with Rogen at all. Maybe he is just the embodiment of a stereotypical frat boy. In fact, he is a prominent member of a group of comedians often referred to as the Frat pack . Looking deeper, his moral compass seems quite attuned to this subculture. He is loud, boisterous, vaguely gay , marijuana loving, alcohol loving, porn loving, and emotionally stunted. The troubling subtext of his film choices is also in keeping with Fratboy values. A full one quarter of college women have either been raped, or experienced an attempted rape while 1 in 12 college men will admit to the crime (Boswell, Spade 133). And, as anyone who has walked around Isla Vista on a Saturday night can attest, frat boys, and frat boy mentality have a great influence upon the creation of this rape culture.

    The best way to explain this rape culture is to relate an anecdote from a high school friend who asked not to be identified. While pledging a sorority during her freshman year of college this young woman was invited to a “Date Night Party” by an older fraternity member. She was excited because she felt privileged to be included in official fraternity/sorority events in spite of the fact that she was not yet a full-fledged member. She went out and bought a new dress and shoes and got her hair done up in anticipation of finally fitting in with the “cool kids”. But, her excitement quickly dissipated when she arrived at the event with her date, whom was already drunk and stoned when he picked her up. Things only got worse when they arrived at the frat house. Each couple was zip-tied together with one arm, and handed a 5th of Whiskey each. She was informed, she would not be allowed to leave the party until the bottle was empty. And this was a well-attended party. Luckily, she refused and left immediately. A few weeks later, her sorority refused to give her a bid for membership.

    And these events are supposed to be funny. The coercion is excused with the jokey inflection but menacing eyes. The illegal activities of the fraternity brothers are used to bond the young men together in kinship . It is not hard to imagine Rogen, with is pleading wide-eyes and over earnest intonation trying desperately to fit in with the “cool kids” at any cost. And, as he demonstrated in the screenplay for Superbad, his definition of coolness is directly tied to one’s ability to get laid, no matter in what way.

    When one looks at Seth Rogen, it is hard to see a monster. He is

    immensely likeable and seemingly sweet natured. The comic persona that he has built is predicated upon a sense of emotional vulnerability juxtaposed against a wry wit and sardonic edge. He is that one guy you know, but just a little bit quicker with a retort. His averageness is his marketing hook. But, when one sees this marketing hook, one sees a reflection of the values of modern young adults raised on junk food TV and grainy pirated copies of The Bang Bus. No one dares to point the finger at Rogen’s work and the ethical questions it arouses because to do so would be to point in a mirror.


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    Saul Williams


  3. alan-zibluk
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    This movie is a dark comedy. It is Taxi Driver meeting The Cable Guy. Seth

    Rogan plays a true sociopath. You feel sorry for him one moment and the next

    he is just scary. With the exception of the woman who serves coffee and one

    police officer, there is not a likeable character in this movie. I can not

    recommend this movie to anyone except if you enjoyed both Taxi Driver and The

    Cable Guy. Like I said it is a dark comedy. I liked it because if validated

    my decision years ago to stay far away from these people. I am giving it a

    solid 3 stars.


    The Internet Guy


  4. PhoenixReborn0601
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    He shoots the flasher, the movie continues as it is.. but instead of showing Ronnie at the shooting range, show him standing before the flasher’s dead body with the detective and police rushing in to take Ronnie away making the ending some delusional vision in his head.

    Ronnie is crazy and I refuse to believe that he shot that guy through the chest without any repercussions. He’s not a cop… Hell, he’s not even a security guard anymore. He’s a citizen with a stolen gun.

    The better ending would be him being dragged away by the cops with Brandi, the security officers, his boss, "Saddamn", the detective and everyone else in the mall watching him.

    I would have given this movie A LOT more credit.


  5. scoobyhalo
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    The song towards the end where the pervert is running through the mall naked is amazing!!! I had to download it and now I can’t get it out of my head.

  6. BlackManInABenz
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  7. bigbouncer75
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    This was one the worst damn movies I have ever seen. It had 2 funny scenes. The characters were poorly written and acted. Glad I did not waste my time going to the movies to see it. Seth is a better actor than this, so is Anna, but damn the director must of been high not to see how bad they were.

  8. asia-13
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    this movie was epic!

    |Gotta love IMDB message boards and their "insightfulness" on race, politics, and religion.

  9. tollsaver-2
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    I enjoyed it, and silly to look for what’s realistic is this, but shouldn’t he have gone to prison for resisting arrest and assaulting the cops?

  10. nubbytubbybiatchesgalore
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    he gets the hot girl who looks like the girl he likes, he gets his job back, randomly catches the perv, punches aziz, sticks it to the cop, etc. i think everything after the scene with with his mom in his bedroom is in his head … hence the song "where is my mind"

  11. louster6
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    it was so hard to get through this movie.

  12. seanwolfe
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    I’m sorry, there is no debate, what they depicted in the film was a lady passed out with vomit hanging out of her mouth being humped by a man.

    It doesn’t matter at all about the context, if that was your WIFE and she was lying on the bed motionless with vomit coming out her mouth, and you had sex with her, its rape. Even if she decided the next morning that it was the best 2 minutes of her life, it’s still rape.

    I’m sorry, but that scene was inexcusable to use as a joke. It is incredibly offensive to anyone who has ever been sexually assaulted and is sending a terrible message to everyone who watches it. As the audience we should NOT let this pass.

    Hey, that girl that just passed out and threw up on her pillow, yeah go ahead and hump her, even though she’s not moving. Here comes the biggest wave of high school date rapes you’ll ever see thanks to this movie.

    The moment in the theater was definitely awkward. Something like that has no place in a film, its a serious issue and not funny.

    Do some research on what ‘constitutes rape’ before you reply to this please.

  13. Ronnie_Barnhardtt
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    So Under rated, it’s sad.

    No one ‘understands’ the film and they dont get it.

  14. DJConz
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    now that it is on cable, watch it a few more times. awesome movie.

    when he’s being interviewed in the beginning and he says "you’re just gonna keep going after you *beep* up? ok, I’m here with this doctor" and it just cuts to the next scene i lost it.

  15. imonthetoiletnow
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    I just thought it was great, and it was a little misundertood. It was a really good movie. I don’t understand the hate. If you went into this movie thinking it was a Seth Rogen movie, and it was going to have Paul Rudd and Jason Segal you were wrong. This movie was not full of laughs, it was a really dark film. I thought that was the greatest thing about it. It was so dark, that it was almost like a drama, making it a great movie.

    The Ultimate Troll

  16. SpoLLe
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    Only part that made me laugh. I wish he had a bigger role.

  17. Guillotine39
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    What song was playing when dennis stole the car and drove it out of the mall

  18. scrapmetal7
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    Seriously. I downloaded it from itunes right after I watched it.

  19. kissthechaos
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    Anyone else pick up on how Seth Rogan acts exactly like Danny McBride’s character from the show?

    I know it’s the same writer, but Seth Rogan was Kenny Powers to a T.

  20. DonnieLewis
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    You Float Uprooted, Dragged Off, Lifted High

  21. pankoeken
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    The movie was lame and not very funny but I did enjoy the scene where Ronnie kicked all those douche bag cops ass.

    I thought the movie was dead on in the way it portrayed cops and cop wanna bes as pathetic assh*les.

  22. xxthanxvenomxxx
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    What was the song Brandi was listening to when she pulled into the parking lot before being "attacked" by the Flasher?

  23. greeneyesmykel
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    First, lets call a spade a spade.

    Brany popped pills and lots of liquor. Ronny had none. Right before dropping her home, she vomits. Ronny makes his move. Ronny contines to have sex with Brandy while vomit runs down her mouth onto the pillow. She, in very slurred speech, tells Ronny to continue.

    Now, consider the prissy girl that Brandy is, would she allow herself to vomit before getting kissed and DURING sex? I would say no and thus, she was not in control and Ronny raped her.

    Now, afterwards, I never really got the feeling that she knew Ronny raped her and he didn’t seemed to clue her in.

    What was up with that?

  24. Merc_for_JessicaAlba
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    This movie was brilliant, I laughed my ass off the entire time. This is one of the best black comedies ever made and Seth Rogan is really on another level here, just brilliant comedy.

    As usual I come on IMDb and just shake my head. what the hell people didn’t like this movie? it’s hysterical! sooooo many quotables.

  25. imonthetoiletnow
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    The song was written by Bob Dyland. Had the same sequence. Just one great film paying homage to another great film. Even though some people will likely disagree.

    The Ultimate Troll

  26. The_Terminator_805
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    I feel like most of the people posting on this movie don’t understand that it’s supposed to be a dark comedy done in the vein of Taxi Driver with Seth Rogan playing Travis Bickle. He’s delusional, psychotic, and dangerous. He’s an anti hero, this isn’t a Judd Apatow flick! There’s no bromance! In fact the sex scene discussed in another post isn’t showcasing how anna faris is dumb, it’s showcasing how delusional Seth Rogan’s character is and how he thinks they’re making sweet love while she’s simply high and drunk. I don’t even post on these things that often, but damnit, people need to start reading into things better.

  27. JmichaelK
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    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but seriously….. this is Taxi Driver played for laughs. A psychopath on a moral crusade. F-ing brilliant. I love this flick. Agree with me or I WILL F-ING MURDER YOU!!!

  28. The_Mizz
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    I mean I was shot at before and it doesn’t feel good and I didn’t expect to see this in the movie but when he shot the guy with the small penis I just started shaking and crying cause it reminded me of when I was shot. I find it disgusting that they put that in this movie. The guy didn’t deserve to be shot for showing his penis. I mean I have a sense of humor I laugh at knock knock jokes and fart jokes and even though this is a dark comedy I expected only to see knock knock jokes and fart jokes but a guy getting shot? That’s uncalled for. I know other people get shot in movies but it’s serious and they don’t use it to make money. This was clearly used for a cheap laugh and make money. People getting shot should not be in comedies. This movie disgusts me

    I’m an idiot.

  29. monkey-B
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    i was watching this last night and thought how much i relate to Ronnie (and the crew). so i came up wit this little bout here, about your own disabilities. it can be mental or physical…mines is PDD. this was a strange diagnosis to me, but after evaluating my life’s experiences, makes alotta sense now. i used to act moderately like Ronnie, lameness was bliss in my day…HA HA, those were the days.

    getting my a$$ kicked…getting my a$$ kicked was a pain.

    Monkey B is not a person…Monkey is a soul, that LIVES, in many bodies.

  30. worthwhilewhore
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    "Why would I threaten to blow up Chick-Fil-A? That sh!t is delicious!"

  31. Paulorama
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    I came on here to see if anyone shared my admiration for this bold and challenging movie, but I have found that most people only watched the date rape scene.. Come on people. This is destined to be a cult classic, the character interaction is TOTALLY on par with The Big Lebowski, and the best part of this movie is the way it makes you sympathize with a complete sociopath (although not the first film to do so). As far as comedies go, this is about as dense as fossilized brontosaurus *beep* It made me feel so many mixed emotions because I empathized with someone who had serious mental problems, and I could somehow relate to him. It almost scares me how much I can relate to him, and it almost scares me how much I respect this movie for taking such a tragic situation and finding the humor in it. The opening scene with "when I paint my masterpiece" playing in the background while mallgoers aimlessly wander about our country’s greatest monument to materialism is one of the most beautiful yet simplistic portraits of our enslavement to consumerism I have ever seen. I can understand how people expecting the signature Seth Rogan shtick of rambling funny/obscene things were disappointed. But this is Seth Rogan 2.0, showing that he’s more than just a likable manboy. I just know this film will gain a steady following. After all, the best movies are the polarizing ones…sometimes

  32. AiR1890
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    Really?!?!? This movie deserves at least a solid 7.3, 7.5, not a 6.1. I think the rating is so low because of idiots bitching about the semi rape scene in this movie.

  33. GeorgeHilton
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    It’s good to see two tunes by the awesome Patto used in the soundtrack: ‘The Man’ and ‘Sittin’ Back Easy’. It’s nice to see them get a bit of recognition.

    They’re possibly one of the greatest British bands of the 1970s. Their album ‘Hold Your Fire’ is the business, highly recommended!

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