One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)



If he's crazy, what does that make you?

Upon arrival at a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients together to take on the oppressive Nurse Ratched, a woman more a dictator than a nurse. Full summary »

Genre: Drama

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
Release Date: 12 February 1976 (Argentina)
Country: USA
Director: Milos Forman
  • Michael Berryman
  • Peter Brocco
  • Dean R. Brooks
  • Alonzo Brown
  • Scatman Crothers
  • Mwako Cumbuka
  • Danny DeVito
  • William Duell
  • Josip Elic
  • Lan Fendors
  • Louise Fletcher
  • Nathan George
  • Ken Kenny
  • Mel Lambert
  • Sydney Lassick

33 Responses to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

  1. EgyptianNarrator
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    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is one of the most important movies in all history

    In the last scene when jack was totally unconscious and Chief went to talk to him, there was about 4 cm cut in both side of jack’s forehead

    It was something big ( may be a surgery ) because when Chief saw it he said " OH No "

    anyone knows what was this cut ?


    UPDATE IN 30-3-2010

    why everyone assume that I didn’t get the meaning behind this movie when I asked about the surgery

    LOBOTOMY isn’t a common thing in Egypt or in middle east at all

  2. EraserheadDr
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    There were a few parts for me:

    1. After Nurse Ratched and the men find the place trashed, it suddenly cuts to Taber on the floor laughing, and that made me laugh as well.

    2. I never used to laugh at this scene, but when Harding’s cigarette goes in Taber’s pantleg, and few minutes later he realizes it burning his reaction is hiliarious, and starts screaming and shaking everywhere, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

    3. I thought the whole discussing in the tubroom with monopoly was funny.

    But that was about it for me. Did you find any scenes that made you laugh?

  3. niju786
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    Did anyone else notice that the morning after the party when Nurse "Wretched" (hehe) is talking to Billy about what he did, he says the first 2 or 3 sentences without stuttering (when everyone is laughing and clapping for him). As soon as the nurse makes him feel guilty about what he did and threatens to tell his mother, Billy goes back to his old stuttering self.

    So I agree with those of you who said the "date" could have actually helped in curing him. The nurse just made it worse, she wasn’t curing him, she was appalled by what he did and she made sure he felt bad for it. No wonder he tried to commit suicide. Until that point, I was double-minded about the nurse being a villain, but at that moment, it became black and white.

  4. Stupid_Young_Fellow
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    How would you like it if someone did a remake from the point of view of Chief Bromden, complete with all his hallucinations of the combine, the fog, the vast factory in the walls, etc., etc. and all of it done in the latest CGI.

    Do you think the depictions of the Chief’s hallucinations would be too distracting from the basic story of McMurphy’s struggle with Nurse Ratched, or would it be a more complete film if it followed the story of the novel?

    My username can be referenced by posters too simple to come up with intelligent replies.

  5. talbot12
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    Louise Fletcher’s performance was overrated. Yeah she did a fine acting job, but that was just fine not worthy of oscar winner at all. This let me think why so great performance like Emily Watson’s performance in Breaking the Waves which is one of the greatest female performances of all time just wasn’t enaugh good to win. And here

  6. denizefe2005
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    On other posts,i read something like ‘he caused billy’s death indirectly,she deserved death’ WHHAAAAT?Nurse Ratched,i think is one of the or maybe THE most lovable character in film history.she’s so cute and the way she looks people at the ”therapies”,my god i can’t believe you hate her.these are the adjectives she doesn’t deserve


    Billy Hobbit is friggin crazy and he killed himself.Nurse Ratched treated him as she treated the other patients,but no one killed himself.She just told him,he did a shameful thing and his mother should know about this.What the hell is wrong with that?And really,seriously who cares about Billy?He just wastes space in this perfect movie


    Hell,no.What the hell she should do?They are bunch of retards while majority of them can get out any second.I never felt sorry about the patients a bit.(excluding McMurphy)She was giving their medications,she was doing the ritual therapies like every other nurse.and therapies weren’t evil. patients must talk about their feelings and share stuff to heal,maybe the way she’s doin it is not ethical and her intentions are maybe not good but whose is?

    mcmurphy came and ruined the whole system.come on do you really think even these days if a patient didnt get his pill they would say ‘ok,mr …. you can have it whenever you feel ready’

    as a has-been-to-medical-institution myself (just kidding) never taught ratched should have fact,in the scene where mcmurphy was choking her i felt really bad and i’m glad she survived.

    i watched the movie with my family,they all disagreed with me.they said they wanted nurse dead.I dont know,i guess i’m alone because i think she was so sweet and down*to*earth.

    whatever,only fools think that this movie could be the same without Ratched and Louise Fletcher’s outstanding performance.perfect part of the movie is not how the crazy people dance,run away,love,hate.the perfect part is how Nurse Ratched got to do with all this and what she presents.

    and don’t tell i’m a troll,i didn’t get the movie,i didn’t get the character.this just prooves that you are not objective.a movie(a character) can mean a lot of different things to people

  7. Hopper10
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    Seriously I didnt even find myself hating her really. I mean sure she was mean but certainly not evil. Fletchers performance wasnt even that memorable really in my opinion. I dont understand how she can be so high on many Greatest Villains of All Time lists.

    Dear Warden, You were right. Salvation lies within.

  8. Fargin-Icehole
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    Is Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 according to IMDB voters. I have never seen it. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest however is an all time classic that gets better with each viewing.

  9. ckhafre
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    Martini: autistic, borderline personality

    Cheswick: depression/general anxiety disorder

    Harding: Schizophrenia

    Taber: not sure what he has, but he doesn’t seem to be mentally stable either

    Even though I don’t think McMurphy doesn’t have anything, he still kind of reminded me of Angelina Jolie’s character in Girl Interrupted (albeit a much nicer version of her!).

    Bibbit definitely had depression/GAD, but the only other problem he had was stuttering, so I thought he was the most ‘sane’ patient out of them all.

  10. laidhie
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    The whole movie condensed to 3 comic panels:

  11. swaroberts
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    Having re-watched this film for the first time in 20 years I was struck by the fact that McMurphy was in jail for being a paedophile. I didn’t notice this when I first watched it in the 80’s (but then there wasn’t such paedophile hysteria in those days), can anyone think of any other films that had a paedophile as a hero and how come so many people see McMurphy as a hero when the majority of people nowadays would probably think that lobotomising such a person wasn’t going far enough?

  12. noel_da_gangsta-1
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    The movie alone is a masterpiece, but when compared to the book, there’s far too big a gap. It misses a lot of the main points of t he book. They barely showed any parts with McMurphy and Ratched having their so-called rounds. Ratched wasn’t portrayed as much as a tyrant than how she should have been. When I read the book, it really made me hate Ratched and get on Mac’s side and think of him as a leader. It didn’t feel the same in the movie….

    This is not a sig. It’s just so you don’t think the last line of my post was a sig.

  13. kodrury
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    Nurse Rached. Disagree? who is worse?

  14. felixthacat
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    imagine that.. Brokeback Mountain too. nuts.

  15. justintime122189
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    I read a few things on lobotomies and it seems that many of the unlucky patients that had one still had some intellect, at least to be able to speak normally and to have some thought process. If Chief had waited a couple days or so before deciding to kill RPM, do you think RPM would have been able to regain any of his senses? Let me also make clear that I think it’s a great movie before the overly sensitive get crazy at me for asking a question haha. Thanks

  16. mguevarra61-1
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    Saw the film for the first time last night after purchasing the Blu Ray Book and Brad Dourif’s scene with Ms. Fletcher’s Ms. Ratched is heartbreaking. I seriously got all teary-eyed on that one. Brad Dourif should have won for Best Supporting at the Oscars that year. The emotions that play on his face is just plain riveting.

  17. Hermit_C-1
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    I know that i would have done so, and quite violently too, but i would have punched her in the face first and then choked her to ensure that she could not resist much.

    After her evil actions towards Billy she had it coming and deserved to die.

    Dont tread on me.

  18. foebane72
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    Ellis being the tall, bald, creepy-looking guy who had the lobotomy done on him.

    McMurphy has just arrived, is having the rules explained to him and they describe what happened to Ellis, the ultimate punishment. And you can see the scars on Ellis’ forehead.

    This was a DELETED scene, so why was it?

  19. foebane72
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    What is it? It’s the high-pitched warbling instrument with a sonic signature all of its own, yet I can’t quite place what it is. What is it?

  20. vbachynsky
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    Could they really lobotomize someone just like that in the 70’s (or whenever the movie was supposed to be?) Whoa! Human rights?!!!?? I mean, the guy was robbed of his free will!!!!!

  21. hazelnutty73
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    I’m showing this movie to my high school class. Are there any parts that I should fast forward or any reasons this movie would be inappropriate? We read the book in class but I don’t have time to watch the movie before showing it to the class. Thanks for the help!

  22. foebane72
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    You see, Louise Fletcher in the 90s ended up playing the scheming Vedek (later Kai) Winn in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

    When I realised that she was in this as well, I just had to see this. And her acting ability makes her just as evil in this (even more so) than her role in DS9.

  23. hyder_sagg2003
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    i would rate it …8.0-.8.3

    8.9 is too high……..

    Hope Is Life

  24. underwearhero
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    I like the film a lot. Also I read the book. I keep reading how people think teh book is better than the film and I’m curious, why is that?

  25. cynicphile
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    I was, in the early 1990s. I was committed by my parents for the exact opposite reason McMurphy was committed – I was very quiet, reclusive, a loner, and didn’t bother anybody. I didn’t fit in the mold of my parent’s expectations so they got rid of me. The hospitals will take anyone who is willing to pay or has insurance coverage whether you’re mentally ill or not.

    Truthfully, there wasn’t anything really wrong with me because I still have the same personality today, many years later, and I’ve done OK in life. A majority of the other teens I met in the various nut houses (I was shuffled around) had nothing wrong with them and were dumped there because they didn’t get along with their parents. Wow, now there’s an unusual concept. I remember one 14 year old boy committed by his parents because he fought with his little brother and got caught smoking a joint. This shows you who’s really insane.

    The nut houses of modern times (at least as of 1990) are more casual than portrayed in the book & movie. We got to wear street clothes, shared a room with one other patient, and had a lot of fun craft activities and outings (for those who behaved).

    A lot of things are (were) the same: being called to the nurse’s station for medication, never-ending group therapy sessions, and getting very little (if any) time to spend alone. I was put on an endless string of medications because being underage I didn’t have any say in it. The medications, mostly anti-depressants, caused me a lot of malfunctions and had no positive effect. I underwent 8 sessions of electro-shock therapy, also with no effect. I was put under anesthetic prior to each Shock Shop visit so I didn’t feel or remember anything.

    I get a kick out of the conflict between McMurphy & Big Nurse because I also had extreme difficulties with one of my doctors (she was missing some tools from her shed, if you know what I mean) and when our "therapy sessions" became unproductive or silent because I didn’t feel like talking she went all Nurse Ratched on me and doped me up with heavy sedatives so I would be out of commission for a couple days. Good times, good times.

    The padded cells still exist and I spent a few days in one due to "passive insubordination" – meaning I wasn’t in the mood to do something, so my clothes were taken away in exchange for heavy denim sleeveless shirt and short shorts (can’t choke yourself with those) and I sat alone in a brightly lit padded room for a few days. Yeah, that was totally therapeutic.

    I guess I was pretty much a guinea pig for all the nurses and shrinks I dealt with. None of their "therapy" ever helped me and all I got out of my year in the nuthouse were many good friends (mostly other patients but also some staff!). I am still friends with one of them now 19 years later. I turned 18 and legally had to be released, and that was that.

    I’ve seen Cuckoo’s Nest many times over the years – it’s a great film. Only recently did I finally read the book and I must say this is one of the best books I have ever read. Ken Kesey is an extremely talented writer and I encourage everyone who enjoyed the movie to please read the book. Many more details left out of the film! I feel such sorrow and joy for Chief.

  26. armagezon
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    I just watched the movie for the second time and i admired Jack’s performance even more.I think he was genius, absolutely marvelous!My top10 is(random order)

    McMurphy–>jack Nicholson,Cuckoo’s nest

    jack Torrance—>Nicholson, The Shining

    Travis Bickle,–>DeNiro,Taxi Driver

    Young Vito Corleone—>DeNiro, The Godfather II

    Daniel Plainview—>DDL, There will be blood

    Chuck Noland—>Tom Hanks, Cast Away

    Alex DeLarge—>Alex McDowel, Clockwork Orange

    3 roles—>Peter Sellers, Dr Srangelove

    sonny Wotzik—>Al Pacino, Dod Day Afternoon

    Serpico—>Al Pacino

    among many others, which i may have missed.

  27. mozartsfuneral
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    I bought and watched this movie today, having read prozac nation, girl, interrupted and going through mental health issues as well I wondered if the practice of dealing with mentally ill people has changed in the last 30 – 40 years. Sure don’t give lobotomies anymore, but we’re trapped by pills.

    Thoughts and comments?

    " Do you wanna fly?" – Special Agent L.J. Gibbs

  28. dnljack01-1
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    I haven’t read it in a few months. But it’s very different from the movie. The whole thing is to Cheif’s point of view. He’s the one telling the story.

    Slimer! That was my clean uniform!" Winston Real Ghostbusters Episode Lost and foundry

  29. doug7347
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    I thought the characters were not real people, and I felt I was being manipulated and told what to think.

    Perhaps I am allergic to Milos Forman’s filmmaking. I didn’t like Amadeus either!

  30. Crapfest2009
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    Hey, i would like to know who the physically deformed actor who played the chronic who was always up against the gate is. At the end, during the party, they put the alcohol through his feeding tube and it went all over his face. Also, when McMurphy was trying to get votes to watch the baseball game, he was asking everyone for a vote, and when he came to him, he just went "errrm" and then moved on.

    I hope you know who i am talking about. Thanks.

  31. choosa
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    I just finished watching the movie and I thought it was pretty good. I think it was similar to the Shawshank Redemption in its message of hope and freedom. One thing I don’t get is Nurse Ratched being called evil. Shes even been voted as the 5th greatest villain. I mean come on she’s not that bad. There has got to be worse villains than her. I understand that the reason she’s called evil is because she didn’t really seem to care about the welfare of the patients but then why would she try to help them through therapy. This is just my opinion but I want to know why everyone thinks she is so evil.

  32. Marguerite68
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    There are lots of threads about her ‘evilness’ and how controlling she was and enjoyed humiliating others.

    Perhaps her ‘evilness’ was the product of her own mental state and ‘illness’. She seems blind and oblivious to the possible negative effect she has upon her patients. Seems divorced from her anger, which when it emerges (such as with Billy) is cold and cruel. She doesn’t know how to play; a key factor in healthy emotional development. She interprets any ‘play’ as a threat.

    All her ‘patients’ are men over whom she has total control, it would seem, until McMurphy appears. Even the male psychiatrist, who wanted to return McMurphy to prison, defers to her opinion that he remain on the ward for longer.

    I would say she is narcissistic (perhaps even with a Narcissistic Personality structure) and had a childhood with lots of emotional punishment – uncomfortable silences designed to manipulate obedience from the child; threat of withdrawal of love if she didn’t succumb to being a particular way. The key to narcissism is the degree of blindness or lack of awareness that a person displays to their own motives and the effects of their behaviour. Plus narcissistic people are often seductive and she does seem able to seduce men and when that doesn’t work she uses her power and/or bullies.

  33. Aaroncorbin
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    I have always wanted to know what the name of that violin music that is played in the background. I believe it is played on the scene where McMurphy is asking the nurses to turn the music down because they’re trying to play cards.


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