Passengers (2008)



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A grief counselor working with a group of plane-crash survivors finds herself at the root of a mystery when her clients begin to disappear. Full summary »

Genre: Drama,Mystery,Romance,Thriller

Passengers (2008)
Release Date: 26 September 2008 (Spain)
Country: USA , Canada
Director: Rodrigo García
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Andre Braugher
  • Dianne Wiest
  • David Morse
  • William B. Davis
  • Ryan Robbins
  • Clea DuVall
  • Don Thompson
  • Andrew Wheeler
  • Chelah Horsdal
  • Karen Austin
  • Elzanne Fourie
  • Stacy Grant
  • Conner Dwelly

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33 Responses to Passengers (2008)

  1. mccollum_007
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    Just got a quick question, the first time we see Anne meet the pilot at the airport at the very end of the scene she stares at his open briefcase, when he notices her looking at it he quickly closes it. What did she see??

  2. AtheistRevolution
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    The I inside,Stay,etc. Enough with the they were dead all along crap.Of course it was obvious as usual.

    Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.

  3. johnharrold
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    it should have been subtitled Beating A Dead Horse.

  4. DLeon2828
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    People who may or may not know they are dead can do anything they want just like a living person. The key is whatever they are doing is only in their mind and psyche. Take driving for example, was she actually driving a real vehicle or was this all in her mind? The answer is the latter. If the vehicle was actually driven, there would be a car driving around with no driver. There is no vehicle! Another example would be when they were in the coffee shop. They believe they were in the coffee shop drinking coffee! Was it really happening? Nope, otherwise you would see people freaking out seeing coffee cups moving around in the air. It is a movie after all, so you have suspend some disbelief.

  5. SonicAndy
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    I don’t know much about Anne Hathaway, but I kept thinking: "She can’t act." throughout the film. I’ve seen many reviewers praising her acting here, and I’m really surprised. I say she didn’t deliver – at all.

    Anyone agree, disagree ?

    Dear Notcha-hooha, mookie mookie hama. Kau-kau manua.

  6. mb935
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    I sort of missed this… Did the train go thru him? At first I thought yes – because of the bright lights but by her reaction of "lets go home" I thought thats really weird if she just realized the guy is DEAD. SO I rewound it and it looked like the train was on another track – hence her reaction which then made sense….

    But then she speaks with the pilot who tells her they all died – so she knew then that all her clients were GHOSTS???? – but wasnt really shocked until she realized SHE was one as well..

    I need this cleared up…


  7. hannahp1
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    What a boring movie! I barely got to the end it was so slow. You could figure it out pretty quickly what was going on.

    Great cast in a slow boring movie with little payback. This movie was done before better in better movies, i want to write one but you will know immediatley the ending so I wont. The cinematography looked great though.


    3 out of 10.

  8. marcusmitchell
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    Passengers was a beautiful story about accepting death and don’t know why all the hate on this film. And for all the haters… I hope you accept your own death better than you did this movie:) & I hope you have someone to show you the way. As a matter of fact, you could be already dead and don’t even realize it, and that’s why you haters keep hating on the movie…OOOH Spooky!


    Follow me on twitter at

  9. placebeau1
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    So, as it turns out, Clarie was a passenger on the plane, but what I didn’t get was were they all dead and didn’t know it? Or still alive? Also, who were the people that she later identified as her aunt and teacher? How come she didn’t know who they were all along?

  10. rutica
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    So we find out the nosey neighbor is her aunt. Why didn’t Anne recognize her?


  11. maddie_662002
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    That could not remember who he was? The guy at the end who was hit in the head with the briefcase.

    Was he left to wander around? Did Claire help him move on too or was he in limbo until he realized the truth too?

  12. tennismenace
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    Am I the only person here who did not figure out the ending until it was revealed?

    Yes, when the hospital people ignored her in the 1st scene, the thought came to my mind that maybe she was not alive, a la Bruce Willis. But I quickly dismissed this thought as the movie unfolded.

    It never occurred to me ghosts were drinking coffee, driving cars, and having sex.

    What clues did you have that led you to believe she and the other passengers were ghosts?

    Okay, let me have it?

    – The Truth is Out There, and I found it in Christ!

  13. Anonymous
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    This message has been deleted by the poster

  14. kay_cee_d
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    I don’t know if anyone has seen this movie, but it is very similar to Passengers and in my opinion much better. (I put everything in spoilers just in case someone hasn’t seen this and has seen the other one so I don’t ruin it for them).


    The strange thing about the movies is that halfway through Passengers (actually, maybe not even 30 minutes in) I thought "for some reason this reminds me of Stay…" The tones in the movie are different but they have similar things (random things, people, animals popping up and spooking the main characters. Eccentric friends, strangers who seem familiar but weird) that happen in them. The atmosphere is somewhat the same though I think Stay is absolutely beautifully shot. It is so artistic and the thing that I love about it is that it is in the mind of an artist and the beauty of that world (the transitions, the angles, the colors) makes sense because of how artists see the world. As an artist I can say that I look at most things in my life as if I were to photograph all of it. I am constantly looking around everything and seeing the colors and the composition, etc…so I really applaud the director for getting it. Sorry to be raving about Stay so much, lol. The thing is, I was so disappointed by Passengers. I’m not a huge Anne Hathaway fan, but she’s been consistently pretty good in everything. I love Patrick Wilson and I am always happy to see Clea DuVall in a movie. The main errors in the movie were the fact that Anne’s character was so unbelievable and unprofessional as a psychiatrist. I completely understand that in the end it didn’t matter because none of it was real but honestly it took me out of the story so much that I almost stoppedwatching the movie. I thought "well since she hasn’t done much psychiatrist work maybe she’s just very very new" but then she continued to be awful at it. Plus with 2 masters and a phd she should have been amazing! I also believe that as she was trying to make sense of everything she would hold on tight to the "world" she seemed to have created and she would try her hardest to make everything as believable as possible even though things would be falling apart (another thing I think Stay did very well, throughout the movie the characters are convicted in being who they are and doing things that make sense even though everything around them seems to be going mad, I would assume deriving from who you think you truly are would only serve to make you more confused and loosen your grip on the fantasy you have created). The main thing that I was upset with was the fact that I did not care one bit about the characters (except for maybe Clea DuVall’s character who was convincing, consistent, and sympathetic throughout even though she wasn’t in it that much). It made me sad because Patrick Wilson is definitely one of my favorite actors and for his character to be kinda "eh" to me, was just…sad. I also think that Anne was passable but uninteresting. Her character had no definable traits, she was always called professional and proper but I never really got that fully from her, she just didn’t seem commt

    Only the shell, the perishable passes away. The spirit is without end. Eternal. Deathless.

  15. pmkh
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    The two leads in this movie are, without a doubt, the most annoying characters in any movie, without exception, I have ever seen.

  16. ChazzJazz
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    Cannot believe the ratings on IMDB….it s a great movie and great performance.

    Nothing really original (in hollywood anymore), but the performances were believeable

    Hathaway has shown some great versatility……the Meryl streep, Julianna Moore of her generation. (NOT YET, but more than a Alba, or julia Roberts )

    i thought she got the "swallowed surprise" in her voice pretty much on song. And her "rooftop" acting was over-the-top funny.

  17. WinsletKStews_wifey
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    The director shouldn’t have relied on the last 20 minutes to pick this film up. The film was scattered until the ending. It could have been promising with perhaps a different director. Anne Hathaway is the reason people will watch, but unfortunately she cannot revive it.

  18. marcusmitchell
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    The piano melody during the love making scene and right before the end credits is just so moving and beautiful. I play piano and taught myself that piece and it is touching. The music just says so much without words, just notes. It makes me reflect back on all the things in my life and makes me feel at peace with all I have done. Does anybody out there know what I’m talking about?

    Follow me on twitter at

  19. nbac6938
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    I was so glad that was resolved… as soon as i realized that Claire was on the plane i remembered that letter on her table and when her sister went into her apt my heart was beating so fast for her to find that note! I would have hated this movie if the issue with her sister had been left hanging.

    I give it a 7 out of 10 though – def held my interest!

    "Okay, let’s say Mike Ditka vs. a hurricane!"

    "Well that’s easy, Ditka!"

  20. jagerqueen
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    I decided to watch this over all the other movies that have been repeated for months and I am glad I did. I never saw the end turning out the way it did. I liked the twist and it was nice to see a movie where I was completely surprised with the ending…I get tired of predictable movies and IMO this was not one of them.


  21. nick-1036
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    Why is it that Hollywood keeps making the same story, the same way, over and over? Violent death equals lost souls who don’t know they are dead, then a gentle soul helps them see the light and accept it. The plots of these films and others, are identical; pretend the dead are in a real life mystery, drop clues that they are dead and need to find out why they died, or how they died, then after 90 minutes they find out and accept their death.

    Is it possible, is there maybe a remote chance that when you die something other than this happens, and maybe, just maybe, an original script might explore that, because I don’t know, but I suspect, that when you die, whatever happens, it has nothing to do with this life or this planet and when you’re dead, you know you’re dead and then you deal with whatever is in front of you.

  22. creatorof2002
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    Anybody seen that episode? woman does not know she was just killed in a car wreck and shes on a road trip to california, i think everyone she encounters is a dead person not knowing they are dead just like Anne Hathaway was in this. The "hitchhiker" was really the angel of death planning to take her to heaven once she accepted the fact that she was dead. Also, just as Anne in this movie did not remember the plane crash till later the woman in that twilight zone episode not only did not know she was in a crash but at the start of the episode the tow truck driver actually said to her its a miracle you did not crash your car.

  23. belchermanBTC
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    1000. If your a therepist and your patient is on a roof edge; climb up and hang out with him even if you are afraid of heights.

    999. When strange older patients that have been missing for several sessions get in your car, it is okay, go with them anyway.

    998. Airline pilots want to be forgiven.

  24. manchestervsreal
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    The movie is amazing, not because people died and that is fun, but beacause when she realized that she is dead, and the moment she realized that she was crashing, the entire ending of the movie is just speachless, showing at the end the streets and the airport looking so lonley, and it’s like nothing happened, It’s really sad, to know that you are going to die, and you can’t do a thing, is so good damn sad.

  25. LostFRINGE
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    So the engine did blow up but it was also a pilot’s fault that the plane crashed (because he was messing with the stewardess)?

    Even though they were in a ghost world, why didn’t they want to admit that there actually was an explosion?

    Even if the pilot didn’t fool around, would he really be able to land the plane with such engine problems?

    I don’t see how it was his fault.

    The True Hero of LOST:

  26. Sandy1978
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    Well, in the middle I almost fell asleep, but the end was absolutely beautiful !! When Claire was crying and repeating "Emma I love you" over and over, I was litterally in tears !!

    I travel a lot by plane, and the way she reacted when she understood that they were gonna crash was very powerful and felt real to me. I sincerely hope I’ll never know how one feels in this situation…

    And I was probably the only one on this board who didn’t get from the beginning that all of them (including her) were actually dead. I even thought the name she saw on the list was her sister’s !! lol


    "Mess with the best, die like the rest…"

  27. BennyEggs7
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    That is really screwed up to be killed in a plane crash, then spend time in limbo not knowing you are dead, only to find out to your horror that you are dead. The way Anne Hathaway’s character carried on while on that porch actually was disturbing when you think about the seconds before the plane crashed what she went through, then to be teased like she was living, only to find out your dead. "Deaths a bitch, then you die again".LOL….oh well, she did get ghost laid though.

    "Fuggedabout Joe the Plumber, what about Don the Jeweler?".

  28. cesetevi
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    It resembles a lot,there are many dead people hanging around in the movie.I got very bored within first 30-45 minutes of movie.

    I think scenario is very interesting,somehow director cannot spread this into movie and tell well.I was asking myself why Claire gets people her home and behaves as if there is not any police in the city.

    I only liked last 15 minutes of movie.It was not surprising to know that other people was dead.

  29. lesley6464
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    When they were in the airport and Anne Hathaway was confronting the airline pilot, what exactly occured then? Was the crowd of people just milling around and starring at nobody?

    Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers & orphans no more merciful beheadings & call off Christmas.

  30. JohnTheGreek
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    That’s what i say to myself everytime i disagree with the posters and this time around, man! they are plenty…

    And besides, since when does the ‘opinion of the many’ matter in the world of music , movies , entertainement, art in general? My psycosynthesis, my ideas, way of thinking, opinions, views on life and, in general, : me , like this movie..

    I like not having figured out the ending in the first 10 minutes. I like being shocked and swept in the twist at the end.. I like it when stuff doesnt make sense in the movies.. They are not supposed to.. Otherwise we would not have movies to escape to , since we’d like our movies the way our real life is supposed to be..

    The point of this post (yeah it has one!) is.. There really isnt a valid point in these long wars of discussions where everyone is trying to convince anyone that their critisism of the movie is the correct one.. It’s a movie.. You either like it or you dont.. You dont need to assert yourself.. You dont even need to have people agree with you in order for you to feel that your conclusion and the way you feel is right…

    It’s your taste. It’s your mind. It’s you!!


    This post was written listening to the song at the credits with the image of the backround people continuing their lives.. Life goes on.. Powerfull stuff..

  31. missinuhunniepear
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    I think it was great movie. I saw the movie without watching the trailer first though. Maybe that added a little more mystery/suspence. But the point is the movie had a great end twist. I guarantee no one knew they were all dead. Am i right?

  32. publixdiamond
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    I watched Passengers on Starz about a month ago, and I’ve watched parts of it again over the past week. I just now decided to check out what the imdb boards have to say about the movie. Like others on here, I’m surprised by all the hate! It wasn’t my favorite movie by any means, and it certainly did make me think of Sixth Sense, but I also thought it was quite a beautiful film. I know that sounds corny, but I loved the piano music, and I loved the somber, wintry feel to the whole thing. And I especially loved Patrick Wilson and Anne Hathaway together. I just really liked their interactions.

    So those are my thoughts. I wondered if anyone else felt the same way.

  33. CoverYourEyes
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    …having a hand-written note next to it that said "A tense thriller, much like The Sixth Sense" ……………

    Not kidding!

    This video store has several "notes" next to the newer movies… .hmmmmmm………

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