Polytechnique (2009)



A dramatization of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 where several female engineering students were murdered by an unstable misogynist.

Genre: Crime,Drama,History

Polytechnique (2009)
Release Date:
Country: Canada
Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Maxim Gaudette
  • Sébastien Huberdeau
  • Karine Vanasse
  • Martin Watier
  • Evelyne Brochu
  • Johanne-Marie Tremblay
  • Natalie Hamel-Roy
  • Pierre-Yves Cardinal
  • Pierre Leblanc
  • Francesca Barcenas
  • Ève Duranceau
  • Mathieu Ledoux
  • Adam Kosh
  • Larissa Corriveau
  • Manon Lapointe

13 Responses to Polytechnique (2009)

  1. hobos_live_forever
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    "Denis Villeneuve is a bystander who fails to show the real workings from behind the scenes and adheres firmly to political correctness to avoid an uproar by feminist hate groups. When bullies pick on loners in schools, they pay the price when the loner gets a weapon and hurts those girls who tormented him. A gang of girl bullies cornered and killed an Indian girl not too long ago. The world gets to see inside the minds of those involved, and pick out who is responsible for what part of the process that led to such a tragedy. Polytechnique avoids all of that. In fact, it is just an exercise in panning the camera about and never digging into the facts that is expected from a movie. It never goes beyond the information already provided by the news media, and even tells us less than what we already know. There was nothing gained by shooting it in Black and White, other than to give an amateur false sense of newsworthy material. It never mentions the Disturbing Misandrist Quebec society that fosters extreme Feminist hate, and discrimination via Affirmative Action. The misandry is systemic and is completely entrenched in the education system which leads to more sexist misandrist hate and discrimination against men.

    Marc was the victim of intense hate and discrimination because Misandrist hate is so ingrained in Quebec society that everyone, including young girls, think that it is acceptable to hate and abuse men because men do not have the political voice to cry out when they are victimized and oppressed. There is not a single men’s shelter in Canada and men are not recognized as victims under the current gender-biased sexist Feminist laws. At some point when the misandry is just too much to bear, the abused man will lash out and strike out against the feminist abusers to defend himself. Marc’s pain and suffering was not recognized, and his feminist abusers were not exposed so they will be free to continue their abuse and discrimination under the protection of the feminist misandrist laws. Men are not allowed to be victims, but must be held responsible. Girls are given absolute rights but are not required to be held accountable. Only girls get to hold the Victim Card.

    No one is allowed to speak out against the misandrist feminist tyranny without being silenced under such an oppressive Marxist regime. Larry Summers made such a mistake by speaking out, and he was silenced. Now Harvard University falls victim to the Feminist Communist oppression. Warning, you will walk away with the feeling that the movie was heavily censored and was an amateur attempt to evoke emotions, without providing known explanations for the misandrist backlash because of intense fear of political subterfuge from Feminist hate groups. The misandrist truth is far too disturbing for the public to fathom. 20 years later, and the disturbing feminist misandrist rampage has spread to little boys in elementary school. Only 32% of university students this year are men. The circle of feminist misandrist hate is now complete. "

    I understand what the author of this review is attempting to say, but is just me or is this review a little unfair to women. The women who were shot had nothing to do with Marc’s problems. Marc was abused by his father.

  2. comweb30
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    I just watched this movie and if the events in the movie unfolded the same way in real life I would have to say those men in the classroom were cowards! How could they just leave the women there by themselves with a crazy man who has a gun?

    There were about 15 men that he ordered out of the classroom, so I ask why didn’t they just all rush the gunman and take him out? He wouldn’t have been able to have killed all of them before they got to him and they would have stopped a greater tragedy!

    I for one can say without boast or hesitation that I would have taken a bullet before I would have ever have left those women in that classroom with him! I was so angry when those men just walked out of the room…I wanted to scream what the *beep* is wrong with you people!

  3. mouselady1
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    Does anyone know of where the English version might be playing in Edmonton?

  4. Helloween07
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    why did jeff commit suicide? it’s never explained aside from guilt for his friend’s death n injury to the other.

  5. joey-monda
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    I bought it, and watched it yesterday.

    It’s based on the Montreal School Massacre in 1989.

    It’s really disturbing (in a sad way). And it’s filmed entirely in black and white.

    The opening scene shows two female students at a photocopier talking and laughing and all of a sudden, lots of gunshots are heard and one of the girls falls, holding her chest… and then the camera cuts to the other girl, slowly walking away, holding both hands on her ear as we hear and see blood dripping… then we hear no sound at all – like she went deaf. It was a powerful opening.

    It was a pretty powerful movie. Recommended. 9/10.

    On September 11, Theta Pi Must Die.


  6. Jeromagnus
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    I studied at Cegep Ahuntsic and it’s clearly evident they shot the almost entire movie there, it’s very funny.

  7. Math_001
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    Does anyone know when this is coming out on DVD in Quebec?

  8. andres_canella
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    http://cinestrata.com/wordpress/2009/05/denis-villeneuve-retrospective -polytechnique/

    Part of retrospective series on director Denis Villeneuve.

  9. chloekicksass
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    Does anybody know when the English version of the film will be released across the rest of Canada (Toronto in particular)? I know the film has come out in Quebec already…

  10. CityNews-Toronto
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    Article and video with actress and producer Karine Vanasse on Polytechnique.


  11. danmax
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    I heard something about this film being a comedy, but the trailer is black and white and obviously doesn’t look like that. Anyone has seen it?

  12. ChrisMTL89
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    Le film va sortir le 6 février, 2009 en salles au Canada, et non le 20.

    La bande-annonce est sortie vers la fin de novembre.

    The film will be released in Canada on February 6, 2009, and not the 20th.

    The trailer was released toward the end of November.


  13. chevaldefer2002
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    Le tournage de ce film est déjà commencé et devrait être complété d’ici 2-3 semaines. Le film devrait sortir d’ici la fin de l’année…

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