Quicksand (1950)



A guy who yields to temptation just once…… ….and finds it's once too often! See »

After borrowing $20 from his employer\’s cash register, an auto mechanic is plunged into a series of increasingly disastrous circumstances which rapidly spiral out of his control. Full summary »

Genre: Crime,Drama,Film-Noir,Mystery

Quicksand (1950)
Release Date: 24 March 1950 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Irving Pichel
  • Mickey Rooney
  • Jeanne Cagney
  • Barbara Bates
  • Peter Lorre
  • Taylor Holmes
  • Art Smith
  • Wally Cassell
  • Richard Lane
  • Patsy O'Connor
  • John Gallaudet
  • Minerva Urecal
  • Sidney Marion
  • Jimmie Dodd
  • Lester Dorr
  • Kitty O'Neil

6 Responses to Quicksand (1950)

  1. coppington
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    Mickey said in his autobiography "Life is To Short" that "the less said the better," about Quicksand, which he said was aptly named…it didn’t help his career, and he was gypted by his associates out of what little money the movie made.

    I think it is one of Rooney’s best films from the the 1950-1975 timeline, and can’t understand his disdain for the movie.

  2. Sandoz
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    Well, this film is obviously a public domain title since it shows up as being released by a multitude of DVD companies…

    I’d like some feedback on any of these releases so I know which version to look for: ALPHA / IMAGE / TROMA(!) / and the Film Noir set that has Quicksand with about 8 other P.D. titles.

    I kind of already know from past experience with ALPHA video that their release is probably the worst (I just had to replace my Alpha DVD of the The Big Combo because it was about the worst transfer of a film I’ve ever seen on DVD). And I’m going to consider the Film Noir set as my last option, because in the past whenever I get one of these sets with more than 2 movies scrunched all on one single disc, I’ve always had a problem with freeze-ups (and besides, I already have most of the other films already on DVD or DVD copies from TCM).

    So I guess that leaves the IMAGE and TROMA releases…

  3. shotgunnergauge5150
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    This is my first viewing of the movie"Quicksand".Excellent storyline and the great Micky Rooney is at his finest.In fact Rooney makes,and holds the movie in the palm of his hand.A few minor flaws in which Micky waxes over nicely.I can only wonder why Micky was`nt utilized more durring his adult life?He well deserves much credit for carrying what otherwise might have been just an O.K.film.Micky`s character "Dan" is a working man that makes two mistakes many men have and will face throughout their lives.One financial and the other choosing the wrong female What starts out small leads him to get pulled deeper into crime and through hell as a result.The action is fast and furious after the begining.Trust is a big issue in this movie as well as regrets as it is with most people in life.I can pretty much gaurantee anyone of thinking of watching this movie please do so you wo`nt be dissapointed! For me it was AWESOME!!!!

    "Do not let thorns in your side become nails in your coffin".-Bruce Richard Bundy 10/2006

  4. jewellrunner
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    Is anyone familiar with the DVD collection metioned in the subject line of my post? It’s to be released on May 2 and includes the movie who’s board I am posint on. I am just wondering if anyone has heard whether or not this collection includes quality versions of the films. It’s at Amazon.com for $14.99 and includes 10 movies. That’s a heck of a deal, but I’m worried about the old saying "You get what you pay for." If anyone has heard a review on this collection or knows that the movies are of a watchable quality. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Reviews http://www.rottentomatoes.com/vine/journal_view.php?journalid=195926&view=public

  5. tommyuk
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    Just spotted the candy bar Bit O Honey by the cash register.Apparently it’s

    still made today by the Nestle company in the USA.On Trivia here it says it was one of the first ever product placements in a movie of that era.

    I’m also trying to work out some of the electromechanical gaming machines in the penny arcade see if I can identify them.

    Quicksand was a Great movie loved it.

  6. jeremy3
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    I was there a couple of years ago. It is much more touristy. There are restaurants and coffee shops. Back then, it looked like an abandoned dock.

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