Revolver (2005/I)



Your mind will not accept a game this big

Gambler Jake Green enters into a game with potentially deadly consequences. Full summary »

Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller

Revolver (2005/I)
Release Date: 22 September 2005 (Russia)
Country: France , UK
Director: Guy Ritchie
  • Jason Statham
  • Ray Liotta
  • Vincent Pastore
  • André Benjamin
  • Terence Maynard
  • Andrew Howard
  • Mark Strong
  • Francesca Annis
  • Anjela Lauren Smith
  • Elana Binysh
  • Mem Ferda
  • Shend
  • Bill Moody
  • Stephen Walters
  • Vincent Riotta

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33 Responses to Revolver (2005/I)

  1. sapperlott
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    It’s only slowly that I realize the potential of this movie to change

    my life. The basic idea behind the movie – taking your ego out of the

    equation – is striking both in its simplicity and possible impact on our lives.

    If everyone strived towards not letting their ego take control of their

    decisions and therefore their lives I’m sure we’d live in a much better


    I hope that I’ll be able to achieve what Jake achieved in the end – even if it’s a

    pain in the ass and a constant struggle.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?

  2. genremedia
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    …you’re going to need every bit of your IQ to process this film.

    Not for the A.D.D generation for sure. lol. Thus the rating. Belongs in the top 50.

  3. StarWarsMoviesRule
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    Put Roman Polanski in prison for life

  4. kellyjonez
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    This is intended for all people who have seen the US version:

    About 22 minutes in (just after the Horowitz scene), Jake explains in the car to Avi and Zach his history with Macha. With his sister-in-law and niece held as leverage by 3 of Macha’s flunkies ("the 3 Eddies"), Jake was involved in a card game representing Macha. He wins, but when one of the losers says a derogatory comment about Jake’s mother, Jake shoots him in the foot, a fight breaks out, and the lights go out. Money is lost and a couple days later one of Macha’s 3 flunkies points the finger at Jake and he goes to jail. A stupid argument takes place by the 3 Eddies and a gun accidentally goes off, whose stray bullet kills Jake’s sister-in-law and orphans the little girl we see in the US version (a baby at the time).

    At the 1 hour mark (the scene after the guy chasing Jake shoots himself by mistake), instead of the restaurant shoot-out scene, Jake goes to the Paramount City to talk with Avi and Zach. In the above conversation, Jake said that Macha buried them in cement for their incompetence, but Avi and Zach know that was a lie and recommends that Jake "revises" his story. The truth was that the 3 Eddies, fired by Macha, met up with Jake once he was released with the intent to kill Jake. Instead, Jake "borrows" money from one of the 3 Eddies (@ 3% ROI/month) for a small "profitable" deal he made while in the joint. Jake pays him back a month later (plus interest). "Nobody kills a man who’s going to make him money", so the Eddies protected Jake and each pitched in for a similar "deal" (@4% ROI/month), each thinking they were the only Eddie dealing with Jake.

    These "deals" continued for 2 years regular like clockwork. In actuality, he was taking money from one Eddie to pay another Eddie (plus interest) and slowly he was "buying" their trust – that trust was the "profitable deal" Jake mentioned. This is the setup for the con – after 2 years they gave Jake money to "invest" without a second thought. They got so greedy that they had to start borrowing money from Macha to make the "investment." Macha gets interested in their little sure thing investment and suspects Jake is behind it, but they each lie and protect him time after time. ("protect your investment") Macha loans more and more money to the 3 Eddies and Jake uses the money (now using Macha’s money) to gamble and making himself "seriously *beep* rich from the winnings. After a year, he had enough money to buy a chain of hotels. So much money that he decided to take a 3 month holiday with brother and niece. While gone Macha’s flunkies were shaking down the Eddies and the Eddies had no clue how to pay back the "obscene amount of cash" they owed Macha with Jake gone. After a lot of torture, they say it was Jake who "invested" their money. Since they’ve been protecting Jake for so long saying it wasn’t him, Macha didn’t believe them and had Paul kill them. And there ends the con. Avi and Zach admit that Jake is smart and a good con man, but not as smart as he thinks he is. (the torture scenes and "it was Jake" comments by the 3 Eddies was recut into the US version at 1:12-1:15 during the shakedown for information montage). The restaurant shootout scene follows….

    During the Driving Range scene, a couple extra comments are cut into it explaining the game. They tell Jake that he’s protecting Mr Gold with his pain. ("Embrace the pain and you will win this game). Jake remembers a comment he made in the car during their first drive that "nothing hurts more than humiliation and a little money loss." (in a Matrix-like epiphany) Zach and Avi say that if "you change the rules of what controls you, you change the rules on what you can control."

    At 1:16 (after the driving range scene and Jake gives the money to charity), instead of the Macha scene where we start to hear his thoughts (or Mr Gold’s thoughts in him, if you prefer), the structure of the film is changed. We see the Machiavelli quote, then we have the scene where Jake is standing in Macha’s bedroom, admitting his inferiority to Macha (the climax of the US version). This’s plays out just like the US version does. Instead of the US epilogue (where Jake and Avi play chess and talk about Jake’s enlightenment), after the "Fear me" scene it cuts right into the "crucifixion" of Lord John’s man and the scene where we can start to hear Macha’s thoughts. Originally, this marks the natural transition of Mr. Gold’s thoughts from Jake (where he is now powerless) to Macha who has just been humiliated by Jake and deep in fear of Mr Gold (So it now makes more sense why we now can hear Macha’s thoughts). Instead of the torture montage, Macha brags of Jake’s groveling the night before and that he "knows who’s boss" (conveniently forgetting to mention the "fear me" scene). Once Paul tells him Jake was behind everything, Macha has a very brief flash of the "fear me" scenes played back in his head (yelling instead of whispering the words) instead of the "they don’t fear me" monologue the US version has. The UK version omits the "Sam Gold will kill me" internal monologue and replaces it with one of the whispering/crying "fear me" scenes.

    In the UK version, instead of letting the Sorter shooting spree scene play out like seen in the US version, we get an over the phone retelling of the event by the surviving flunky Lou to Macha. He says he got tired of waiting at the car, went inside, saw Paul getting carried away with the little girl, and "from out of nowhere, Sorter shot him" (the dialog we hear in the US version is not in the UK version thanks to the voice over of Lou). Macha is in disbelief. "Then he turned the gun on the 2 bodyguards, both gone in a blink of an eye." The rest of the scene plays out the same in both versions. At the end of Sorter’s killing spree when he is wiping his glasses, Lou is the one who kills Sorter by shooting him in the back of the head. Lou says he was the only one left. Macha asks "where’s the girl?" before the scene cuts to the exterior of Macha’s casino. (In my opinion, the US version of this scene was better since it showed the internal struggle of Sorter that made his face-turn that much sweeter, but they should have added his demise)

    The next scene (Jake’s final meeting with Macha) starts differently since Avi explicitly tell’s Jake to bring the powder. One of the hotel staff tells Macha that Jake’s in the casino to which he replies in surprise "how does he know?" (Macha has Jake’s niece, but we don’t know this yet). When Avi tells Jake that he has a meeting, he suggests a game of chess since they have time to spare. Macha tells the clerk to bring him up. Now what was normally the US Epilogue (where they talk about Jake’s new enlightenment) is played out here with some added content. After mentioning that everyone has Gold in them because they think they are Gold, Avi follows that by saying "if you try to destroy (Gold) to save them, they’ll destroy you to save him." Instead of the large memory flashback leading up to the checkmate (US version), they just play the chess game out and Avi drop’s Jakes keys after the checkmate – then Jake puts the pieces together (cue flashback sequence). Once Avi told him that they were always going to take him with them, but he wasn’t ready for how hard that was going to be," he adds some more stuff that definitely fuels the debate if Avi and Zach were real or did Jake imagine them while in prison (these guys are all in his head – his superego). Avi says "We didn’t do this because we like you; we did this because we are you. Time for that meeting." Since the groveling/fear me scene has already played out, when Avi tells him to "give him what he wants", he’s referring to the powder, not the groveling.

    Jake goes up the elevator with a henchman and during the ride, we hear Jake’s thoughts (not Gold’s, because the tone of voice is the one Jake used when he fought Gold). He tells Gold he knows that he’s still there (in his head), because he can feel Gold dying. Gold wants something to feed him, but Jake goads him "now who’s clucking for a fix" (during this voiceover we see Macha sitting by a pool in a blue-lit room casually holding a gun at Rachel). Jake now knows that the claustrophobia is actually Gold’s fear and not his so he further goads that it is "tight in here because the walls are moving in" (referring both to the perceived walls of the elevator and the walls that once blocked his now expanding consciousness). He tells Gold that "his eyes are now open" and he won’t feed Gold what he needs anymore, so he needs to find someone else to move on to someone else to feed him. Someone who won’t see him coming or know he’s there. (during this, it focuses on Macha – lip trembling and eyes welling with tears just like at the end of "fear me", nervously awaiting Jake).

    Jake steps into the room, drops down the bags – he is on one side of the pool and Macha (w/Rachel) is on the other side. (Keep in mind that throughout the whole scene, he’s not aware that Jake has the powder with him in the bags.) Macha says "you think I’m an evil man, don’t you?" – internally he thinks he’s saying it coldly in coolly but on the outside he is trembling (this becomes a common thing throughout this scene – the calm Macha is how Gold perceives he is expressing himself, but the trembling Macha is reality (just like the Jake/Gold fight in the elevator) – if you try to keep in mind that whatever the "real" Macha thinks or says can be directed at and referring to Jake and Gold at the same time, the conversation takes on two totally different meanings. Jake is very calm and ignores Macha, but instead talks to Rachel to let her know things will be alright. Gold (inside Macha) says in chorus over and over "You think I don’t know your game, well I do! I see your game; I am your game!" Still calm, Jake continues to only focus on talking to Rachel (it’s like Macha doesn’t exist).

    (Calm)"You don’t play be the rules, Mr Green"

    (scared) "You like to play silly games with my head.."

    (calm)"Don’t you?"

    Jake still is serene while scared Macha cries.

    *beep* survivor (to Jake) "whiner" to Macha

    Macha cries while Gold keeps his internal monologue going – now Gold’s officially turned his attention to Macha. "You pussy drowning in your own sh*t." (Calm)"Shut up and leave me alone." said aloud

    Macha thinks to himself "I can’t let him kill me" to which Gold responds, "you are weak. It’s too late, you’re a dead man anyway. You’ll be dead before dawn." Cue flashbacks to Macha talking about how fearsome a man Sam Gold is and it’s Sam Gold that he’s "found himself chained to." It’s during this time that Macha may have a brief moment of understanding who/what Sam Gold really is. Gold quickly pulls him away from that revelation by telling Macha to "get control of yourself." Cue more audio-flashbacks from Gold’s assistant reminding him it’s "anything, but under control." Macha thinks "(Gold) will kill me" to which Gold replies "where’s your pride?" Macha gets enough balls to put the gun to Rachel’s head, but then Macha thinks, "I’d rather kill myself then let him kill me." Gold now getting a bit worried wonders why Jake isn’t scared ("he’s just staring at me") then after thinking about Gold’s assistant again, Macha thinks "he can’t kill a dead man can he?" (which he repeats aloud). Gold now also repeats that same thought. Gold goads Macha that "he can’t even do it, can you" (since he’s still pointing the gun at Rachel, it could refer to killing her, but it can also refer to killing himself, based on the previous epiphone). Macha on the verge of complete breakdown, thinks he sees Jake pull his fingers to his own temple, giving the sign of shooting himself in the head. Like a challenge or disbelief, wide-eyed Macha takes the gun off of Rachel and points the barrel at his own temple. Rachel hides her eyes, crying. Jake calmly looks at Macha while Avi recites via voiceover "the greatest con that he ever pulled, was making you believe he is you". We get a close-up of the barrel Macha’s temple and it cuts to black while Avi finishes his line…. then we hear a gunshot.

    Roll credits.


    Personally I think the UK/global version was far better than the US version, with the exception being the Sorter shootout. It also opens the debate further if Avi and Zach are real or just aspects of Jake (a la Tyler Durden in Fight Club, but instead of being the ego like Tyler was, they are the SuperEgo). Like Donnie Darko, this movie was too smart for it’s own good and although the American version gave a more fulfilling climax at the end, the story made more sense and was deeper in meaning and symbolism in it’s original form. Had Ebert seen the UK version, he may not have been so harsh (but he wouldn’t have maybe gave it 1 thumb up/2.5 stars – it’s a different film than Richie’s previous films so it would be a fairer judgment if don’t compare it to his previous work). Personally, once you watch it a couple of times, it’s like peeling an onion.

    Lets hope the "Original Director’s Cut" comes to the US, because honestly there was nothing wrong with the original.

  5. Doug384
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    I just saw this on cable last night and was blown away (Universal HD channel… uncut, but with nudity blurred out and commercial interruptions, ugh). I still can’t stop thinking about it and may get the DVD just to hear Guy Ritchie’s commentary.

    Since the US version is so different, I was left wondering about what happened to Billy. Did he get away from his hideout with that nail in his hand? If so, how? Did the UK version show a final resolution to that character? Mainly, did he live?

    I read that great board post by kellyjonez detailing the differences between the US and UK/Global versions and now know that (presumably) Rachel survived, but did Billy?

    The only other WTF moment I’m still trying to understand is a very minor one. When Lily Walker is talking to Macha about Mr. Gold’s expectations she walks over to a beautiful tall brunette with striking blue eyes. Walker holds her face in her hand for a moment and then seem to dismiss her for some reason. Was there any director’s commentary pertaining to that scene? Is there any significance to it?

  6. parmetd
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    I am huge movie critic… and I don’t like most of the movies I see. They have terrible, over used plots. Bad acting that is supposed to be overlooked because of overused special effects. They have so many goofs, holes and other crap that makes the movie just sucky…. but this… this film is easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Yes it is pretty easy to guess the ending but it still wasn’t ruined by that fact. It is a work of art. It is rewatchable.

  7. Miserlou57
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    Okay so first off,

    I love this movie, but probably for the wrong reasons.

    I’m trying to understand why this failed as a film and why it got such a hugely negative reception from the critic’s point of view, when so many of us (and youtube users) seem to really love this movie. It certainly has some flaws (in my opinion) and some parts that are downright silly, so I have some questions and comments about it I’m posing to the community. Feel free to respond to whatever; I’d love to know what you guys think.

    I’m speaking primarily of the US version, though I know whats going on in the UK film.

    1. This movie was confusing as hell. I actually didn’t like it after the first viewing. Yes, after multiple viewings it all really comes together, but a movie shouldn’t have to.

    2. What the heck is Sorter’s role/purpose. Who does he represent…? and why does he suddenly change like he did? I don’t seem to understand what drives his shift or why he misses his shots in some situations. And why did he miss Lord John for the first 2 shots but make the 3rd? Was there significance to that?

    3. The ending elevator scene came off as downright silly, as well as the Macha’s ‘fear me’ speech and the orchestra as he breaks down crying.

    4. The portrayal of Sam Gold…. I understand that it’s all a metaphor for your ego, but if you’re going to portray an abstract idea in the ‘real world’ as an actual mob-guy-whatever, then this personification should at least obey the laws of our real world, like actually existing! After all, we are watching people and events unfold in the real world. I can see how caring about what other people think shows how you are a slave to your ego, but it’s too confusing to show the viewer Sam Gold a real person one minute and then tell you it isn’t the next. If it’s all in your head, then where the heck did all the cocaine come from?? I think they were trying too hard here and ended up with something inbetween that just confused the viewer.

    4 1/2. Again, with the conflict between metaphor and what is going on back in the real world… How exactly is the viewer supposed to explain, understand, or believe how Jake’s rare and deadly blood disease magically disappeared?

    5. The directing was top-notch. I’m no expert, but every shot was excellent, and some of the scenes were just sooo cool. The unfolding Macha/Asian Assassin shootout scene leaving the viewer equally surprised and thinking ‘what the heck is going on’ overlayed with Beethoven’s 4th… until you see the shot girl and the cut to Lord John was a pretty major "oh *beep* moment to me. It’s one of my all-time favorite scenes.

    6. Perhaps its because I’m young and have a thing for this stuff, but the whole chess, cons, formula, and prison-mate back-story story all had a really, REALLY effing high coolness factor. Then the ending revelation scene was pretty darn cool as well, even though I predicted it was them. Maybe it doesn’t make it a great movie, but it was just the right amount of clever, and I really like it.

    From going over all this again… I’m starting to feel the UK version was a very strictly metaphorical movie and the US version tried unsuccessfully to bring it down to earth a bit.

    All in all I’m tired of writing this post… but this is enough for now… so tell me what you guys think.

  8. jackytreehornn
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    Hey, anyone know the name of the 2nd song (the classical piece that plays til the end) in this trailer?

    It’s been racking my brain for a year!! Please help!!!!

  9. JoshPatrickRiley
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    I thought this movie was brilliant. There I said it, and now I’ll tell you why.

    Obviously this movie can be hard to understand, but it blew my mind in that it shatters the entire idea of having an editing consciousness. Basically saying how you don’t need to listen to the part of your head that says you shouldn’t do something because of how you’ll be portrayed. A lot of times that conscience will prevent you from acting, and if you don’t understand then fine, but that doesn’t the movie’s bad because you didn’t understand it. By no means was this SUPPOSED to be an action film, it’s a philosophy film about freeing yourself from your limiting conscience.

    Is this the best film ever? No way, but if you actually THINK about what’s going on here you’ll have an epiphany and realize that Guy Ritchie can do more than make Cockney action movies. I expected this to be rated higher, and I feel the reason it isn’t is because people are too lazy to actually think about what a movie means. There is more to life than mindless action movies, and I feel most of the people on here would think Hot Fuzz is a piece of trash. And by the way yes it is better than this movie and you should see it. So get over yourselves people and don’t turn off your brains when you get to the theatre.

  10. ConscientiousObserver
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    Pardon the spoiler, but can anyone tell me why Jake would even listen to Avi and Zach if he only had 3 days to live? I heard them offer protection (which was clearly demonstrated), but not a cure for his terrible blood disease. With three days to live and more money than I could spend, I still wouldn’t trust these two strangers.

    So much is left for the audience to figure out that the story gets lost in allegory. Do you have to be into Kabbalah to enjoy it? I hear there is a lot of symbolism there.

    I’m Ritchie fan, but this one was not for me.

  11. Seb-15
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    Has any film ever set itself up so well to mock its critics. It’s right there, in the actual wording within the film, the very questions it asks of the main character the film asks of its viewers. And I for one am loving how many angry responses it has generated which seem only to confirm the message behind it. :P

    All you angry people who want to argue about it are making those of us who did think it through (and still probably have questions not yet answered) understand it more. Thank you


    "You cant drown, you’re immortal!"

  12. mson-3
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    Who rates films on IMDB? I can’t believe that a great film like this can receive such a low rating while the likes of Shawshank Redemption and Batman sit comfortably in the top 10 list of the entire website(lmao)

    Has the world lost the plot or am I some sort of naive idiot void of taste?

    That’s all. Just had to announce my disbelief at the low rating.

  13. mintatious_69
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    The main complaint about this movie was that it was too complicated.

    I think, IMHO, people complain about the complexity of this movie is a strange irony: the ego (which the movie is about) is unable to fathom such a transcendental concept for most movie watchers that it passes up on it

  14. avonfoust
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    Just remove all sense of reality. Consider every possibility. And slowly close in what is sensible in a different reality.

    This movie is not intended for those who think in the now. That is the con. The main character was so into the reality of now and in the future, he did not consider what could really be happening.

    This movie goes into the basic philosophical question, "What is Real?"

    We have to consider that there is no sense of reality and that everything around us is something that we create to con us into believing what is real.

  15. pai-dallaz
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    This film was great, no doubt about. However how does one go about loosing/ignoring your ego? How can that professor at the end say there are no external enemies when everyones elses ego are out to get you?

    From what I understood ego works under a buffer of fear of embarassment, greed and etc….But as soon as i wake up tomorrow I am going to turn on my television and be blasted with sitcoms and cartoons telling me otherwise. On my way to school, my music player is going to tell me in the form of Snoop Dogg that everything is about laying low. To even remove ego you have to completely remove yourself from this world and everyone in it. How is Jake going to accomplish that? Go back to solitary?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

  16. patrick-kicken
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    I just watched "the limits of control" and it reminded me a lot of Revolver. This also is about killing your false self and stop thinking you’re in control of life. The only third movie I know about is called "the sea that thinks", a movie made here in Holland.

    Any other movies which handle the subject of losing your false self one must see when interested in this topic? Thanks in advance!

  17. un_comfortably_numb
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    This has to be the perfect hate it or love it movie. I mean, just look at this board, all posts are either "the best movie ever" or "the biggest piece of *beep* ever". Personally I’m on the "love it" group.

    Love: 1

    Hate: 0

  18. mrb27896
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    i think i need to watch this again after i obtain a phd in psychology.

    i really liked everything about the movie, i just dont understand it much.

  19. jerker-jansson
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    I saw the movie last night for the third time and suddenly understood why it confuses people and why so many people didn’t like it.

    The problem is not whether people "get it" or not. The problem is that "it" is crappy psychobable, amateur psychoanalysis mixed with pop buddhism. The underlying message is banale and stupid.

    It reminds me of the simplyfied psychological insights that "saves" drug addicts or alcoholics, or worse, the Monty Python scetch were a guy is to be told the secret of the universe. And it is: "All men are brothers."

    The movie says: Your ego is your enemy. And: You are an illusion.

    Of course the ego is an illusion. But it is not your enemy. If you are a self centered violent criminal, it’s not the ego that is the problem. The ego simply is a mechanism in your brain that holds myriads of psychological processes together. The ego, a concept that I dislike to begin with, has to be an illusion, that is the point of it. It has to hide that "you" are made up out of countless biological systems. I love my ego, without it I would be a drewling animal. I would be authistic and without any means to understand myself or the world.

    This time I really listened to what the psychiatrists and that Chopra guy said in the end and it was all complete nonsense. Rubbish. Most of it was like hearing myself after two joints trying to explain the Bhagavadgita, which I haven’t read.

    The message that they all tried to convey is that your ego lies to you. But what they see as lies actually is the meaning of the ego. Without it the world would be impossible to understand. The freudians seems to think that there is a true world beyond the ego, a truer self beyond the ego. What they are doing is saying: You breath with your lungs, the lungs make you think that you need air. Duh, I think they say in America.

    I don’t belive there is any layers of the mind that are "truer" or "cleaner". Freudianism is your enemy, not the ego. Freudinism tries to make you think that there is something beneath and above. But there isn’t. The way to liberation does not go via denying the ego.

    This movie didn’t crash because it is too difficult. This movie isn’t hard to understand because it is smart. It crashed and is hard to understand because the idea behind it is banal.

    But I don’t dislike the movie. I really like it.

  20. modianos
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    i dont understand why singers assume they can act or why they dont give up once its apparent that they suck at it. and why do directors keep giving them parts? wtf? is there a shortage of actors these days? someone please enlighten me.


    call me snake…

  21. TheMightyMetalMessiah
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    Does anyone know what’s the name of the girl with the tattoos and a beer bottle in front of he you know what? She. Is. Beautiful.

  22. Xori
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    I’ve never sen him do that to any film before…

    though this film wasn’t a masterpiece, it wasn’t a total crap either.

    any thoughts?

  23. chelms224
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    i am looking for the song that is played on the menu screen of the dvd. it was also on last of the living. i understand it is a piece of production music but if anyone knows where i can get it i would be grateful

    im not down in the cave for my health im down here on orders

  24. WiseOne992
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    I caught this movie on the movie network and missed the beginning; however I started watching when Jake had his first meeting with Avi. I knew right away what he was pointing too, and as I watched intently I wondered who the hell wrote this movie and what a risk this person took. Why? I am a Spiritual teacher and the movie was talking about ego the whole time. I said to my 20 year old son "No one is going to get the depth of the movie unless they know what I know". I’ve been on a journey for the past 7 years of controling my ego and it takes a great deal of patience and dedication because it entails paying attention to yourself. Then when you realize that you had no control in you life you’ll do one of two things: step on the path to knowing who you are or call it *beep* and go on living the way you are used to.

    I was suprised how difficult it was to find a copy of this movie but I did. I watch three parts of the movie almost every night before I go to bed because it taught me how much more work I need to focus on to gain full personal power of My Self. This movie has launched my growth into taking a Quantum Leap to my next level of evolvement.

    I am not surprised how many people dislike this movie because no one likes to hear that everything they know and ever knew is a lie. But it is – I am currently in the process of what Mr. Green went through. I walked out of a perfectly good paying unionized job 7 years ago because I couldn’t handle being a robot. I also at the time had 2 children to take care of……long story short I am currently working for myself under my own rules. I’ve learned to let go of all investments yes all – in order to be free from Mr. Gold. I currently live in my brothers one bedroom basement apartment with my three chidren ages 20, 12, and 2. I am here because after canceling my life insurance, cashing out my retirement saving plan, I realized it was time to let go of the House that was purchased and causing lots of heartache to maintain. It was my last attachement to material stuff. I have learned that we don’t need any of this to be happy. I am happier than ever and now look forward to every moment of my day; no one telling me what to do; when to get up;diciplining me for being late; deciding what to charge for my coaching session and becoming more and more fearless of everything including having the government come after me because of taxes and crap like that. IF YOU DON’T FEAR IT – IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO YOU. I SWEAR THIS IS THE TRUTH! NO ONE CAN HURT YOU UNLESS YOU ALLOW THEM TO. This is not an easy road to step on so I’ve decided to help others realize this truth and has become the support person when things on the path get rough and it does get rough. It’s enough to drive you crazy and I mean this literally. For anyone who reads this, if you are interested in finding out more about the GREATEST CON, I can help because I am living this. And yes, I will give this info with no charge to you. I only wish I had seen this movie sooner.


    Natarsha (Wise One)

  25. Shaine19
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    Does Sorter get killed in the UK version? It cuts out with him wiping off his glasses after the whole shoot out. Then I see a pic of him and whats his name with a gun to his back while hes wiping his glasses? NOOOOOOOOO. I wanna see the Uk version now.

  26. Dreamcatcher9000
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    I barely remember the movie,but I read here that it has no opening OR end credits!!! How can this be possible?

  27. s_c47
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    I bought this used the other day and am just sitting down now to watch it and realized that this movie may be from Blockbuster.


    The reason I stopped using ‘Lackluster’ years ago (15+ years ago, as a matter of fact) is that I rented some videos (yes, VHS) from them that I had seen before and there were scenes cut out of it. So I refused to go back to them, period.

    My question then is this – has anyone seen an edited version of this and if so, what should I look for to make sure that I did or did not get an unedited copy?

    Thanks in advance.

    I suppose it would be just as easy to take it back and tell them that it skips and swap it for another one. But this brings up an interesting thought: How many of the used movies and TV series I have purchased used have been from BB or Mal Wart?


    Para tiempo means nada nunca.

  28. jagtesh
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    This movie is art of the mind and soul, not entertainment. See it such, and you’ll gain something for your life. Ignore it otherwise.

  29. lars-wadefalk
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    Oh gee, I’m sorry all movie-brainiacs out there but I was waaaay too dumb to watch this movie. After half snoring through some 90 minutes or so I had to turn the damned thing off.

    Perhaps I’m mistaken, maybe the movie was too dumb for me?

    Normally I actually do like movies with a sophisticates story that makes one think of it afterwards, like The Prestige as an example. But what the hell was this? To me, this was just pile of angry and confusing scenes that unfolded in some irritating ways. I couldn’t get intrested enough even to try understanding what the hell it was all about. Besides, there was a lot of meaningless killing and violence in it that didn’t bring the story any further. The characters didn’t interest me either.

  30. gobblegma
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    He would take Leon out through the walls

  31. fergusg
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    totally loved the scenes where macha was almost taken out by the waitress and we jumped to the scene of the asian guys at he table with the girl and the lollipop.

    anyone else find her drop dead gorgeous?

    good movie.

  32. flambard
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    Here we go, quick and dirty:

    Mr.Gold = Ego. Voice in your head. Or, in case of this movie, voice of narrator.

    Zach and Avi are enlightned people. They mastered their own egos and thus can control reality in any way they want. They can vanish from prison, they can materialize or dematerialize things, etc. They can make you terminally ill and they can cure you. They can have 12$ bills.

    They can make all Macha’s money disappear in a blink of an eye. However that is not their agenda – they are set to help Mr.Green to get rid of his own ego. That is why they do all the con/heist stuff, so he thinks he’s learning the art of con.. While in reallity, they are teaching him the art of life, or enlightment.

    When they say "we are you", they don’t merely mean ‘we’re figments of your imagination’ (what a meaningless phrase to say anyway), they mean "What separates human beings from one another is our ego, without it we’re all one".

    After Mr.Green battles his ego and wins (elevator scene, a very realistic scene, btw, if you have such experiences yourself) the focus of the story shifts to the last ego-driven developed character – Macha. Because there’s not much to say about Zach or Avi or Mr.Green after that point.. But there’s one final lesson to learn – what happens when ego wins? It kills itself.

    All that I gathered after initial viewing, and not by ‘piecing the puzzle together’ afterwards or interepting and trying to fit things together. I’m 100% convinced that was the intended message of the movie, and I think it was delivered rather well, consistently and logicaly.

    I’m astonished by the growing numbers of ‘interpretations’, not to mention all the "I don’t get it" posts.. For such a straight-forward movie.

  33. L_O_T
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    What’s the song playing during Slim Big chase after Mr. Green? It’s not on the OST. Please, help!

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