Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)



The greatest animated saga of a generation continues … See »

Picking up where the orginal series left off, Scott Bernard continues his search for Rick Hunter and the fate of the SDF-3

Genre: Animation,Sci-Fi

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)
Release Date: 5 January 2007 (USA)
Country: USA
  • Richard Epcar
  • Eddie Frierson
  • Mark Hamill
  • Alexandra Kenworthy
  • Yuri Lowenthal
  • Melanie MacQueen
  • Chase Masterson
  • Edie Mirman
  • Garry Peter Morris
  • Iona Morris
  • Tony Oliver
  • Arthur Santiago
  • Gregory Snegoff
  • Michael Sorich
  • Kari Wahlgren
  • Dan Woren

33 Responses to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)

  1. geometroid
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    Ok, I am not a troll, you can look at my posting history and SEE that I’m not a troll..

    Having said that..

    I just watched this thing and it’s the only DVD I’ve ever considered burning! Everyone who was involved in making this POS should die horribly and go to the special hell (Firefly fans.. you know what I’m sayin’). They should have to watch this movie for the rest of eternity as punishment for foisting this off on the loyal fans that have kept this show alive for 20 years.

    If you really want to get mad, watch the making of featurette where the makers sit and pat each other on the back for 45 minutes for how well they bent this show over and ripped it a new gaping MAN P—Y!!!!!

    Yeah, I wasn’t a fan

    My name… is GEO!!!

  2. calibanplayer
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    The three main female characters in this Maia Sterling, Ariel & Janice the android are strong women, but they are all drawn with huge breasts. Does exposure to Protoculture cause a second jolt of puberty?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against huge breasts, but if you are creating a tough female character and you give her a huge rack, that’s normally the first and sometimes only thing that gets noticed.

    In the original series, Lisa Hayes, Dana Sterling & Rook were all strong, bad-ass chicks, and they all had normal size breasts.

  3. SVin377348
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    That is the tittle to the next chapter of the Robotech story

  4. Triton1980
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    1. In the last episode of the original series, did Rick Hunter’s expeditionary

    forces actually return or was it just mentioned they were about to?

    2. In the last episode of the original series, were the Invid and Reflex Point

    not destroyed by the resistance fighters because in the Shadow Chronicles

    they are still on Earth and still seem to be at full strength?

    3. Why do the Children of the Shadow want to destroy all beings who use


    4. Is there any continuation of this storyline in either film or print?

  5. wallacesawyer
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    The Canadian network SPACE: THE IMAGINATION STATION is showing this movie Friday, March 8th.

    I had seen all the Season 1 episodes on SPACE. Sadly the schedule changed from afternoon to morning after four episodes into Season 2, and I have to work mornings, so I’ve missed most episodes of Season 2, and have never seen any of Season 3. I got a single disc DVD of the last six episodes of Season 2, so I was able to see the conclusion of "ROBOTECH: THE MASTERS" eventually. How is "ROBOTECH: THE NEW GENERATION" by the way?

    Been really into the show now and have been looking into seeing ROBOTECH: THE SHADOW CHRONICLES. Sadly I hear Rick Hunter has maybe a minute of screen time, and no Lisa Hayes?

  6. jimanchower
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    I don’t know if it’s just the way it was recorded or what, but it sounds horrible totally amateur.

    All the characters sound generic…….it sounds like a cheap VG, you know how the voice work in those always sounds half assed?

    And I don’t like the computer animation. Love the original, but this is lame.

  7. zillion29
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    The ONLY thing about Robotech that’s worthwhile is the original television episodes (and the DVD releases thereof). Everything else has been an abomination.

    The toys: sucked.

    The fan club: sucked.

    The videos: sucked.

    The 1988 wall calender: actually had dates WRONG.

    The books: get all bizarro with the Sentinels.

    The Comico comics: worst of the 80s.

    And then they give us this flaming turd to ice the cake? Every single thing in this movie is derivative: the credits are Star Trek The Next Generation, the Haydonites have HAL eyes, the space battles with capital ships ape every Gundam series ever made, Jean Grant looks like she was stolen from Silent Mobius, Ariel can zoom around and appear wherever she wants . . .

    This is sooooooo typically Robotech.

  8. Triopstor
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    Wanted to know if I should see this film FIRST as I have not seen any previous Robotechi films OR will this ruin the plot of previous ones? Thanks.

  9. iseng
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    Really disappointed by this latest incarnation.

    Macross: Do You Remember Love ( – movie created in 1984.

    It’s 22 years older and yet better in every way.

    Harmony Gold should be ashamed.

  10. naia_zifu
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    Just wondering, does anyone else find it hard to take Jean Grant seriously as a chara when she looks like a lolita? I think that was the chara redesign that irked me the most.

  11. dvakaj
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    I can remember when I would run home from school to get in front of the TV and watch cartoons, with them culminating with Robotech coming on last. A few years later I was amazed that the three genrations of Robotech were actually three seperate anime series that originally had nothing to do with each other. However, some crative person wove them together into the art that is Robotech! This is by far one of the greatest cartoon series of all time, and I am really looking forward to this new chapter! Anyone else feel the same way?

  12. c_mcvey
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    Back in 1985, I was eight years old. I loved G.I. Joe and Transformers, but when I started catching Robotech (which was only aired on Sunday mornings where I lived), I was hooked instantly. I had been exposed to Anime through Speed Racer and G-Force, but Robotech was really what made me take notice of the animation style. More than just the animation, it was the story. I know Harmony Gold adapted three separate series to create Robotech, but they retained certain "more adult" features in Robotech, such as romantic sub-plots, and the deaths of certain characters. I still consider Robotech to be one of my top 5 when it comes to animated programming, and I credit it for introducing me to anime.

    That being said, I feel like Harmony Gold is making some major mistakes with where they are trying to take Robotech. Although I liked "The Shadow Chronicles", I have some problems with it. My major issue is that it is not only a sequel to the original series, but to The Sentinels also. Since the story of Sentinels was never completed (only plot summaries found in Art III, and the novelizations exist, which are both now considered to be non-cannon by Harmony Gold), most of the audience has no idea what is going on in regards to the returning REF fleet. Overall, "Shadow" struck me as being a big mess in regards to maintaining on on-going Robotech franchise.

    Here is my suggestion to Harmony Gold U.S.:

    Start over. Look into the viability of re-imagining the original series for a more adult audience. Considering most of the fans are now adults, this may not be a bad move. Some of the more hard-core fans would oppose a new version, but it also opens up the ability to draw in new fans, including a growing number of anime friendly teens and pre-teens. After this effort — if supported by sales numbers — launch the story of the Sentinels, covering the events surrounding the REF and the SDF-3 in their search for the Robotech Masters’ home world. After this is done, then think about doing more with "Shadow".

    The market is ripe for direct-to-DVD projects, as well as the possibility of getting picked up by a cable network such as Cartoon Network/[adult swim], Anime Network, or even the Sci-Fi Channel.

    The issue I see is that Harmony Gold U.S. is too set in the past success of Robotech in the mid 80s, and is still thinking along the same lines on syndication possibilities. The market has changed, and they need to realize this in order to create any viable new product.

  13. dewboy30816
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    This is something I’ve been thinking about, although no I’m not Japanese. The animation style clearly looks like anime, so it might have an audience in Japan. The problem would be that the people in Japan wouldn’t know what was going on unless they saw Robotech. But changing that would require releasing Robotech either subed or dubed in Japanese. But that would be unlikely to sell very well since Robotech itself is three redubbed Japanese series. So, what will they do?

  14. fc2collins
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    Animation is great – but pretty pictures don’t really do it for me on their own. The story was pretty standard, although that might change if the story progresses in the next DTV offering. The characters were pretty much average and I didn’t really care much for them.

    Bottomline – I’m glad I rented it rather than bought it. Still looking forward to see where they are going with this, but I’ll probably rent the next chapter rather than buy it until I see if they improve on the weaker areas. Right now, it’s a "Slightly Above Average" rather than "Truly Great" movie.

  15. chewchuey
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    Well the subject sums it up. but to be more specific. i was looking at the credited roles and was wondering is this all of the people coming back? of course i havent read the novels, but what about Lisa Hayes? and im confused about marlene and ariel? is melanie mcqueen playing Marlene, scott’s dead girlfriend, or the Marlene/Ariel the invid? why is there an actor for marlene and one for Ariel arent they the same person? BTW on the side note tho i havent read the novels i would have preferred to see this as a tv series that way there couldbe a possiblity of seeing and hearing old cast members ie Scott’s group. Max and Miriya. maybe some from Master series(i dont like that one that much). Can anyone shed some light and what do u think tv series with old characters appearing or shadow chronicles the movie as is?

  16. tyrant429
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    I saw it at the premiere at Mecha con in Lafyette. Great movie. not going to spoil it but it is a great movie and worth waiting 20 years

  17. jmweber63135
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    Question would guys like to see Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles direct to dvd series or series on tv or a three part movie?

  18. sparkytc
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    I would like to see Macross continued so I may see what happened to the lost crew of the Megaroad 01. Yes I have read about it an seen the Flashback 2012 anime. I just want to know what has really happened to everyone?. It will be nice to see Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and see if they find or at least find out what happened to Rick Hunter an the SDF-3. Do not get me wrong I wanna know this too but I saw Macross originally in subtitled version before I even heard of Robotech. Forover 20 yrs now I still wanna know if they will ever release a continuation of Macross?

  19. mladenilic
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    They look like Pinocchio…

  20. indyjones7199
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    PALLADIUM BOOKS has a whopping 336 page RPG book coming out on 4-3!!!!

    PALLADIUM did the AWESOME ROBOTECH RPGs books in the 80’s & 90’s & now have the new license.

    Expect detailed stats & indepth info!!!!!!

    It is listed at a mere $16.95 & can be pre-ordered at

    Considering there is nothing new on the horizon for ROBOTECH, this new series of RPG books should slake our thirsts until Harmony Gold can get something new together!!!!!!

  21. GodOfPlague
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    I watched every single episode of robotech leading up to this movies release.

    I loved the macross and mospeda parts. I put up with the southern cross season.

    I even watched the Macross2 movie which I find kind of meh.

    The I saw this. I saw for the first time a real combination of the elements that made the series of robotech. I saw invid and veritech fighters collide in combat.

    The bad

    3d My eyes adjusted in time but I could have done without it. The invid did not look good in 3d.

    The good:

    Many of the original actors returned.

    Old characters are brought back and new ones are tied in.

    We finally see Rick hunter after his long abscence.

    A new menacing alien race is brought in. One that combines treacherous tactics and brute force. (Something many of the other aliens have been incapable of. Most of them relying on brute force alone.)

    We see humanities greatest hope and super weapons reduced to junk and cinder.

    Instead our heroic defenders must use old tech and start from the ground up.

    We have a part zentadi part human pilot related to dana sterling I believe.

    A salute to the music of the original series.

    It was good to see a closure to scotts ex girlfriend story arc.

    It was good to see the invid princess working with the humans. Her abilities will prove most useful and amusing.

    The robot and the doctor who loves machines made me laugh.

    I found this to be a very good follow up to Robotech and i want to see more.

  22. toyguy
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    Whether you liked it or not, its time to move the story forward now, isn’t it? They pretty much left the ending wide open for a series. Both Cartoon Network or maybe even SF Channel could use another installment of Robotech series, I’m sure.

    Anybody have any news on the future of this franchise?

  23. igetitfaster
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    It was good to see him after 20 or so years. For some reason, it made seeing TSC worth it, more than anything else.

    I’m not cool because I don’t use the word ‘troll’ on IMDB message boards

  24. mmv67
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    Why was the Alpha-Beta shown as one fighter unit in the film? I thought that was kind of dumb and sort of hurt the story a bit in parts.

    This is from Wikipedia: (just in case some didn’t notice or forgot!)

    The Alpha-Beta Combo is portrayed as a single ship. Ignoring the Beta as a stand-alone mecha. Examples: The portable syncro cannon is located over the Beta when ejecting it does not work Alex does not try to ditch the Beta. When Marcus is hit after rescuing Maia, he does not abandon the Beta to go with only the Alpha. Also, Maia does not tell him to do the obvious; ditch the Beta.

    Anyone have an answer?

  25. milkyway1
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    How cool was it to see Scott again after all these years?

    "When you get to hell, tell Satan his new assmonkey comes courtesy of Hayato Shingu"

  26. daynashines
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    my friend went to anime expo and saved me a little post card with information on Robotech: Shadow Chronicles the 2 Disc Edition. It just says coming November 2006 from FUNimation Entertainment. New! with NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Footage. I have to get to work and after work, tonight I’m going to upload a pic of both sides of the postcard flyer thingee from AX. My friend also spoke to Steve Yun who is story consultant and also was interviewed in the special features for Shadow Chronicles. He who told my friend that they are planning on making it into a trilogy. thats good news for us Robotech Fans. More Robotech for the years to come.

  27. Blackfrancis0708
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    The majority of the Robotech fans I’ve come across seem to be most loyal to the characters of the Macross Saga. I know it was the best of the three for me and in particular Rick Hunter’s story. Hell I even grew up to be wishy washy dude attracted to older women just like him. While I enjoyed the two following series is Harmony Gold making a mistake by making this Scott Bernard’s story? Did anyone find the Scott Bernard episodes more compelling than the Macross Saga? I’d be interested to hear other fan’s opinion on the topic.

  28. edokun
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    Much like Robotech Sentinels, which got a an animated jump-start that later got continued in novel form first and then comics afterwards (something Harmony Gold failed to mention during a panel I attended during Anime Expo 2005), what will the fate of Shadow Chronicles be?

  29. cpizanias
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    I grew up with Robotech and loved it as a kid and as an adult.

    First what I liked about the movie: For a movie that is produced in the U.S. it still manages to feel like anime…it has corny jokes which almost feel like mistranslations…stereotypical anime characters…women with big boobs (which no one seems to ever notice)…cute anime expressions etc. The movie feels authentic as an anime.

    The story is also pretty decent although confusing. I wasn’t sure who the new enemy was…were they somehow related to the Robotech masters? A throw away line made me think that.

    The bad: The characters were meh. The only character in the movie that I cared about was Rick Hunter and they show him for a second and he’s a really old man. Somehow Dr.Lang is still alive; he must be 120 years old. There’s no Lisa. No Minmei.

    The computer animation was pretty bad…so bad that they should have just stayed with hand drawings. I mean…why bother if it looks so bad? I think they were trying for 3D animations that still looked like a cartoon but it ends up making it look like 3D rendering from 1994 or something…very low quality.

    The movie is basically a sequel to what I and many fans consider to be the weakest of the three series…the series with the Invid. Honestly, I would have loved it if they simply did a reboot….pretended the robotech masters and invid never happened and just continued with Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes vs. the Zentraedi.

    I also hate how Robotech always has some sort of cliffhanger ending and this was no exception. Maybe that means they intend to make more and that wouldn’t be bad.

    I saw it in NYC for $5 during the afternoon so I don’t regret it. I’ll probably get it on DVD. Two out of four stars.

  30. Anonymous
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    This message has been deleted by the poster

  31. Dougie B
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    Its been announced that Mark Hamill is lending his voice to this movie! He’ll be playing "Commander Taylor", a new character.

  32. indecks
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    I know the Robotech books are not considered canon but come on, they made the Haydonites evil? They were one of the most helpful races in the Sentinels series!

    The Robotech Masters were the jerks, not the Haydonites. They mentioned the Awareness a few times, so that was cool but it wasn’t as good as the books as far as I’m concerned.

    edit: And what was with the SDF-3 looking like the SDF 1 and 2? It was supposed to be red and organic looking, like the Zentraedi ships.

  33. RagingARCangel
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    spoiler space

    spoiler space

    Ok, so now that I have seen the movie and realize it was about the events immediately after the INVID vacated Earth (and if I am not wrong, those Sentinels books took place around the same time as Scott Bernard and company were on earth, fighting), will there be another movie to close out the series? Meaning — will someone ever make something showing the rescue or destruction of the SDF-3? Last I saw, it was careening toward a black hole and crying out a mayday…


    an angelic aging raging inimicable misanthropic cackling contumacious curmudgeon

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