Running Scared (2006)



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After a drug-op gone bad, Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing the gun that shot a dirty cop. But things goes wrong for Joey after the neighbor kid stole the gun and used it to shoot his abusive father. Now Joey has to find the kid and the gun before the police and the mob find them first.

Written by
Kevin Yang (Canada, Surrey)

Joey Gazelle is a low level mob flanker who gets told to dispose of a gun used for killing some dirty cops. Joey however, hides the gun in the drywall of his basement instead of tossing them in the river. When Joey\’s 10 year-old son and his best friend, Oleg, witness Joey hiding some guns from a botched drug deal, Oleg steals the gun — a snub-nosed .38 — and shoots his abusive stepfather with it. Things would be bad enough if the stepfather didn\’t happen to be the nephew of a psychotic Russian mob boss… who happens to be in business with Joey\’s crew on a gasoline scam. But now Joey\’s also got the surviving dirty cop from the botched drug deal on his case… and that hot .38 out there on the street, changing hands in an underworld of freaks, pimps, hookers and pedophiles. As well as Oleg, who can connect Joey to the gun. And even if Joey can make it through the night, he\’s still got to answer to his wife…

Written by
Dan McDonald

The gangster Joey Gazelle is in charge of getting rid of the guns that killed dirty cops in a transaction of drugs between Italian mobsters and Afro-Americans. However, Joey hides the guns in the basement of his house instead of throwing in the river, and his ten years old son Nicky and his best friend Oleg Yugorsky witness Joey hiding the gun. When Oleg\’s abusive stepfather Anzor Yugorsky beats his mother Mila, Oleg steals the weapon from the basement and shoots Anzor, running away home with the gun. Along the night, Joey, the Russian and the Italian mobster and the dirty cops chase the little boy trying to retrieve the gun and disclose who ordered the boy to shoot his stepfather.

Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Genre: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Running Scared (2006)
Release Date: 24 February 2006 (USA)
Country: Germany , USA
Director: Wayne Kramer
  • Paul Walker
  • Cameron Bright
  • Vera Farmiga
  • Chazz Palminteri
  • Karel Roden
  • Johnny Messner
  • Ivana Milicevic
  • Alex Neuberger
  • Michael Cudlitz
  • Bruce Altman
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Arthur J. Nascarella
  • John Noble
  • Idalis DeLeon
  • David Warshofsky

33 Responses to Running Scared (2006)

  1. Corpus_Vile
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    In the commentary, the Director hints that the Hobo is a well known actor, yet he refuses to say who, and the hobo is uncredited.

    Does anyone know who the actor is?

  2. imdb-699-248802
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    Many people in this movie got off too easy, especially the pedo/serial killer-couple (even a lifetime in jail would be a worse fate than what they got, IMO).

    So, whom (fictional or real) would you choose to administer their punishment? I’ll go first: Hannibal Lecter

    (an eye for an eye, a serial killer for a serial killer).

  3. melhgum
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    I agree this movie was one big cliffhanger.. but the storyline?? Maybe if i was stoned and 16 years old i liked it… but it was laughable.. 7,6 omg !!

  4. ryder_78
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    It’s been a long time since I’ve watched such an adrenaline-filled movie like Running Scared. The suspense is unbelievably good that keeps me glued on my seat throughout the whole film.

    Are there any similar movies that offer the same quality of suspense, action, plot and acting that can equal Running Scared? Paul Walker really shines in this thriller.

  5. blues123
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    i have seen mom naked…no big deal !!

    this is one dialogue in this movie ‘running scared’. the way it is easily presented and people wont talk about it in msg board then i think something very wrong with american society, culture and morale of people (not all).

    i dont advocate watchng everything ‘goody-goody’ but ten yr boy says this in the movie…

    now u think about it.


  6. privateye-1
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    how the hell did they act out something like that.. does h actually lick her up!?

    it loooks pretty real to me..


  7. recebedou
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    This analysis is refering to the paedophile scene of this film running scared. My complaint with this scene is that it perpetuates the demonisation that paedophiles receive in media and culture. Not to say that i agree with what they do at all, or have any paeodphilic tendencies myself. But the degree to which people who even have the remotest accusations of paedophilia are painted as in-human, maniac, killer, psychos is unfair. when in fact the actions are usually the result of mental sicknesses which they may not be able to help.

    The way this film condones the wholesale murder of the paedophiles, while portraying the killer as a "hero" is extremely warped justice to me. If you reduce the scene away, looking at NOT the specific situation or circumstances of it, but the main themes, it insinuates that paedophiles are such sub-human creatures, that they deserve no right to due-process and should be murdered in cold blood. This creates a feeling in the viewers mind that this sort of behaviour is not only acceptable, but would be praised by society. It breeds the sort of ignorance illustrated in Wales in 2000 when some uneducated people drove a paediatrician out of her home, because they thought her profession meant "paedophile". Here is the link to the news story: …and from reading some of the posts on this board about what some people say they would do to those paedos in the movies is on the same level or worse than what they seem to have done.

    People in this society who are paroled murderers are looked at more favourably than people who are paroled paedophiles. Illustrated in the fact that they have the whole sex offender registry in the US and UK, restricting your ability to live in certain parts of a town that might be near children. While murderers or theives or drug dealers have no resrictions on where they can live. It appears to me from this that most people would rather than their child murdered than sexually molested. My point of view has always been that society condems the crimes which they most fear in themselves. Again, i want to reiterate, I dont condone paedophilia at all, anymore than i condone murder or any violent crime. But, what i dont understand is, why is it when someone has sex with a minor, even if its consentual, it brings out a bloodlust, torture and desire for vigalante justice hidden deep within society, that they dont seem to see expressed as often for worse crimes like murder or other violent crimes.

  8. uncle_g1234
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    I don’t see too many violent, gory movies. I pretty much skip Quentin Tarantino. But this one, whew, they didn’t hold back much. The last scene reminded me a lot of Reservoir Dogs (yeh, saw that one). I don’t remember so much BLOOD in RD.

    The soundtrack was really…………….different. Sounded like some psychological experiment. Supporting the crazed environment of the movie.

    Liked how well-groomed and straight the perverts looked. Some kind of point was being made there.

    Till the credits rolled, I thought Mickey Rourke was playing the pimp.


    Give yourself time to notice rainbows.

  9. radi-ali
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    it has everything in it russian mom and Italian mob, a pimp and idk lol. maybe if they changed the title more people would of watched it also the trailer

  10. gplechuckIII
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    With the New Alice in Wonderland movie out I thought of Running Scared yesterday. Then I thought about Freeway and how this is like the spiritual successor to those Freeway 1 and 2. Which I’m also a fan of.

    I dunno somehow the idea of taking a classic children’s story and making it completely twisted (oh and doing it well) seems kinda cool.

    Freeway was Little Red Riding Hood

    Freeway 2 was Hansel and Gretel

    Running Scared was Alice in Wonderland

    Are there any more movies that fall under this category? I think they’re cool adaptations.

    Sometimes, Just Somtimes, the joke’s on you.

  11. TannerDVader
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    Everytime I saw that *beep* I wanted to crack him in the face. He irritated the hell out of me.

    That said, I loved the film. Genuinely creepy. Especially the Raggedy Man.

    "The day your born, your already dead."

  12. radi-ali
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    to get rid of these hispanic and black gangs

  13. with_the_flames_i_die126
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    what’s up with the shadows of the people who kidnapped him? Was that just to symbolicly show how evil the people really were?

    The world will look up and shout, "Save us!"… and I’ll whisper, "No."

  14. nmball
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    I thought this was a great movie, but the swearing was far over the top

    I have no problem usually with swearing in a movie, but 320 f-words! Wow can’t they think of any other words to say????

    When there is so many it just makes them sound stupid

  15. vinengine
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    LMAO Whiteboys calling each other ni99er throughout the movie was funny as hell. They should do this more in comedies LOL

  16. brandonm_5
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    It made the entire movie seem pointless. The fact that he was a cop made everything unnecessary, his life was never in danger if he didn’t find the gun, he didn’t need it as evidence, his testimony would have been enough.

  17. uscbadfish
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    So I was channel surfing and saw that Running Scared was on HBO. I didn’t check the full details, because it’s obviously the Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal movie. How wrong I was.

  18. andscott
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    I can still hear the Vera Farmiga character yelling and yelling and yelling and aaaaaa!!!!

    It looks like it was written by a 12 year old.

  19. RenaissanceManRT
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    I just watched this, great movie, but I was a little confused by those scenes when the kid is abducted by the 2 crazy people.

    When he was in the bathroom, what the hell were those shadows all around him?

    And also, were the parents shooting child porn, were they murdering the kids, were they torturing the kids and then filming them? What the hell was that all about?

  20. Spacefille
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    1. Oleg still had his clothes on when Teresa got him out of the closet… so I’m assuming they didn’t have time to rape him or anything?

    If not, that is good, the kid went through quite enough already. Then again, is it possible they saw the markings on him and decided just to kill him ’cause the markings would show up on video… or found the cellphone and figured they would probably get a visit from whoever he called? (Probably the latter)

    2. Who on Earth continues to play hockey when shots are being fired all over the place?

  21. goonie8-1
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    So she made a cell phone call to 911 and then shot those two crazy people after leaving her fingerprints everywhere in their apartment…are we to assume that she got away with the murders?

  22. jsn_reece
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    I saw this movie once all the way through,and I notice the old man eating.He kept dropping his food in his lap,and Joey yelled something about if he is starting a collection.The Joey tells the boy a story of someone being abussive.Was it Joey’s old man who was bad?If so can someone clear a few things for me?

    What is this Wonka?Some kind of funhouse?

    Why?Having fun?

  23. insatiablexphile
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    First off, yes pedophile acts are disgusting, reprehensible. I am not posting this to rant about how evil pedophiles are… rather to clarify some misconceptions.

    Many people hear the term "pedophile" and assume that anyone who rapes/molests a child is a pedophile. This is not true. A pedophile is ANYONE who is sexually attracted to a child- many do not act on their urges. The ones who fantasize are still very sick individuals, but they are more common than most would believe and many sublimate their desires into chosing adult partners with slim bodies, small breasts etc (think Johnny Depp and his attraction to thin, slender, baby-faced models). Another trait in humans I think borders on the perverse are childhood "beauty" pagents (think Jon Benet)- there is something incredibly disturbing (to me) in shaving a four year old child’s legs and dressing her up like a hooker, but that behavior is considered culturally acceptable (I think it is sick and I think that anyone "frequenting" those beauty pagents who doesn’t have a kid involved should be questioned…. very disturbing show- "toddlers and tiaras" on TLC…. yuck!)

    The ones that do act on their urges are (even more so) sick fu**s and I can’t honestly say I’d feel badly if I saw them executed in front of me (and I am against the death penalty in theory- but in reality I doubt I’d shed any tears).

    Just a few major points- a pedophile doesn’t necessarily act on his actions, just like an alcoholic doesn’t necessarily has to drink alcoholic to be one. Pedophiles think they "love" children and have a special "bond" with them.

    The parents in the movie do not strike me as pedophiles, despite the toys and "overly nice" way they act. There are sexual sadists that will have sex with children not because they are "attracted" to children but because they know that a child is physically smaller and less able to defend itself. Most people assume all sexual abuse of a child by an adult is done by a pedophile, but most of those that sexually abuse/rape combined with physical torture and murder are sexual sadists who don’t necessarily chose children because they "like" (whatever the hell that means) children, but because children are smaller, it will hurt them physically and mentally worse, and the sexual sadist (and sadist in general) gets off on causing pain.

    Just wanted to say that I think the characters in this film aren’t pedophiles but sexually sadistic serial killers who target children because they are relatively easy to control.

    Also, fyi, pedophiles (as defined by most psochologists and the fbi) rarely murder their victims- those that violentally rape and murder children are usually not pedophiles at all (pedophile means "child"-pedo and "phile"-love- one that believes he or she "loves" the child, as sick as it is)…. they are sadistic serial killers who know that a child will feel even more physical and mental pain, terror and confusion than an adult. These type of people (sexual sadists that devolve to murder) will only "toy" with their victims- they get off on setting up hope and then crushing it (for a similar account of sadism read about Josef Mengele’s "twins", how he would allow them to keep their hair and clothes and even play soccer, make them believe they would live, and then snuff them out…. he got off on getting them to trust him and then in taking all that hope and innocence away)

    And no, I am not "defending" pedophiles, just trying to clarify a common misconception. I wanted to be an FBI profiler for most of my childhood and before anyone misreads this, please keep in mind I am not defending anyone, I am just illustrating the difference between pedophiles and sexual sadists who victimize children. Personally, I find sexual sadists who target children MUCH creepier than pedophiles because the chance of physical survival is MUCH less with the sexually sadistic killer and…. the sadist gets off on providing a glimmer of hope and then snuffing it out repeatedly (a form of torture- the US military has learned how to torture people this way, for instance, at Gitmo, where they will literally beat them until they arrest and then resuscitate them multiple times with the paddles… scary *beep*

    So, sorry for how analytical this is but 2 things to keep in mind…

    1. MOST pedophiles (according to the FBI) do not act on their "fantasies"- a person either is or isn’t a pedophile based on sexual preference… whether they decide to act on urges they know are harmful and abusive or get help is an entirely different matter…. AND

    2. Not everyone who sexually attacks a child or teen is a pedophile. As a general rule of thumb, if there is physical or explicit mental torture involved or if the victims are routintely murdered you are dealing with a sexually sadistic serial killer who targets children because they are EASY prey and easier to terrify….

    Sorry for ruining anyone’s day. Just when you think you can’t get anyone sicker than a pedophile, you get the sexually sadist who targets children (major difference).

    Also, the behaviors between these two types of perps is markedly different… the characters in the movie were overblown, but obviously pschopaths, beyond help. Killing them was like killing the "wolf" in "little red riding hood" or the "witch" in Hansel and Gretel and fit in the with the whole Fairy Tale theme of the movie.

    Another point to consider… the video tapes. people have debated whether they were for personal use by the "couple" or for sale… but I believe they were actually snuff films involving children, which sell for a lot of money between sickos- making snuff films would also give sexual sadists, like serial killers who take trophies, the oppurtunity to "revisit" their murders whenever they felt like. Notice how there was only one tape for each child of a single name? My money is that the "pedophile" angle was added to creep out the average viewer but for those of us watching with an interest in forensic psychology, psychological profiling, etc… we were meant to see something even darker… physical torture (if they just killed the kids as simply as Oleg, by asphyxiation, why all the knives and tools? They tried to smother Oleg because they knew he;d called someone and were panicking, but perps who use knives are deeply enraged, want to inflict pain slowly (as opposed to using a gun, which allows you to depersonalize the person more by not seeing their eyes, etc)… knife use can also be considered a form of piquerism.

    Sorry for the long post. I am very passionate about these issues and want to someday help write profiles, in some capacity, to help catch these people. I also used to write to serial killers on death row as a kid (ages 12-14, much to my mother’s dismay) to find out more about them and how they thought.

    I also was in contact with the author Jason Moss when I was 14 (he wrote "The Last Victim" about his interest in serial killers and criminology as a teenager and almost becoming John Wayne Gacy’s last victim…)

    I analyze movies way too much…. Lex

    BTW- for anyone who has a knee jerk response to the term "phile"- "phile" simply means love in Greek (I believe its Greek, and earlier than that, from latin). My name "insatiablexphile" was a term I chose for myself at around age 13 because I was an "insatiable" fan of the tv show The X-Files (and File and phile sound, phonetically, identical… I thought I was being very clever at that age).

    P.S. I wish the FBI’s BAU would consider Canadian citizens. I started reading about violent crime/true crime etc at age 4 or so (my mother, a psychologist, encouraged my interest in abnormal psychology… in Canada the only real career path for someone with my interest in criminal psychology is a police officer or lawyer, and I am not interested in either of those professions. If anyone knows if the FBI would consider a Canadian for training, please respond- I’ve looked into it but the division I want to join is already very selective- only 30 agents out of 4,000 feds or so).

    "Man is a social animal who despises his fellow man" ~ Delacroix

  24. Serpico1988
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    I haven’t seen it but from what I’ve read and I read the *beep!!!* spoilers on Wiki, the plot sounds like it’s been set on a noir-type premise.

    Plainview: I’m gonna bury you underground, Eli.

  25. southsideac
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    This film is Bad f’n Ass! Seriously, this is one of my favorites now. Plus, Vera’s ass is one of the best! lol Awesome movie.

    La Raza 4-life.

  26. NoseOfNicko
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    or killer in any horror movie. The fact that people like them exist scares the *beep* out of me!

  27. SugarSky
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    Too bad it sort of bombed in the box office, although I’m guessing it had very little marketing, because I’ve never even heard of it. Even the usually wooden Paul Walker put in a decent shift. The pace was good, lots of gunfights, and an okay storyline, if not a bit wild at times.

    Just two things though:

    – How can Nick even call Joey "dad" without being ashamed? The little brat could have saved him a lot of trouble instead of backstabbing him twice. I’m guessing maybe he’s not his biological son.

    – Cameron Bright might be the most annoying kid actor since Haley Joel Osment, or Jaden Smith in The Day The Earth Stood Still

    But it was still a fun movie and enjoyable for the whole 2 hours.

    EDIT: Like many of you, the pedo scene disturbed the **** out of me, one of the most creepiest scenes in mainstream movies for sure. As a matter of fact, it reminded me of a video game i played a while ago, Fallout 3, a post apocalyptic game where there’s a level where you enter this dream world where everything is colorful and rosy. It was just so out of place, like this scene. I just wish they didn’t cast Elizabeth Mitchell, cos she was hawwwwwt…

  28. bronzescag
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    If you missed RUNNING SCARED during it’s theatrical run and you live in L.A., it will be the midnight show at the New Beverly Cinema on Feb 6. It’s totally worth seeing on the big screen.

    7165 West Beverly Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90036

  29. burgershmurger
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    Why did he need the gun? Did he wanna hide his involvement in the shoot-out? Did Joey know that Rydell was one of the dirty cops despite his mask?

  30. jamasian_man
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    That Oleg kid had one messed up life. Not even a loving family will save him now.

    Let’s see.

    Start with having a John Wayne loving Russian guardian beat him all the time.

    -Steal a gun from his friend’s dad and shoot said guardian, and not killing him.

    -Shoot a scary junkie man, get kidnapped for a bit and witness two black drug dealers getting killed

    -Almost get face cut off by pimp

    -Have dinner with a prostitute, aas well as be an accomplice to armed robbery at a pharmacy

    -Get interrogated by a dirty cop, having to watch him drink a soda and shoot the breeze

    -Have dinner with beating guardian and escaping from him in parking lot

    -Be accidently kidnapped by serial killing kiddie porn directors and possible pedophles

    -Be tied up with black tape and have bag over head and shoved into cupboard

    -Watch friend’s dad almost get shot in the face at train yard

    -Be threatened with gun by beating guardian

    – Have dinner with best friend’s dad

    -Almost get face blown off by pimp

    -Go to the hockey game!

    He will be messed up for life.

  31. midwestmike9
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    After killing the two sickos, how did she get out of the apartment???

    There was a digital keypad lock on the inside of the door to keep anyone from getting out and she never asked them for the password.

    "I’m just a big, hairy American winning machine."

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    I have been reading all these damn posts about who deserves what and what is worse. Why is it that in American society, we feel that someone who kills someone is better than a child molester? Here is an example for thought.

    A woman walks into a small town restraunt with a gun. She shoots two children dead on the spot, sits down with a couple and makes them smoke weed, and then tells them they all have to get undressed and touch each other sexually. She then rapes a ten year old boy and then kills herself. We all scream *beep* nutter right? Well, what if this woman had a history of mental illness and was classified as a mentally handicap person, then would it be viewed as oh, she did not know what she was doing? I know it is way out there, but I want to make a point of how obserd a lot of these arguements are. I hear about the man raping a child, well in further reading it is a man (18 year old highschool student who was making love to his girl friend). She is 17 and will turn 18 in less than a week. This man is no a "child molester" and is on the national regrestry for sexual offenders… hmm that sounds right?

    Did you know that in a ton of Uninted Statess it is illegal to have oral sex, even in a married or consensual relationship because it is considered to be a form of sodomy?

    How about let the punishment fit the crime. You steal something, you get your hand cut off? You rape someone, then you are castruated or modified? You kill someone then you are killed? Eye for an eye? Do you think crime would drop if we tightened our punishment. Look at some poor bastard in jail because he liked to … Here is another example. Three strikes rule. 18 year old new college kid is in a fed jail for a decade. 3 strikes are – crossing state line with weed to smoke at a buddies house, littering on the capital, and speeding in a state park. All are considered fenoly crimes because of circumstance or location. Now that is *beep*

    Sorry for the long rant and many gramtical and spelling errors, but you get the point.


  33. Anonymous
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