Saw V (2008)



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Following Jigsaw\’s grisly demise, Mark Hoffman, the final apprentice to the serial killer is deigned a hero. Meanwhile, Agent Strahm is tested and follows all the leads he can get until it boils down to a gruesome and bone-crushing finale.

Genre: Crime,Horror,Thriller

Saw V (2008)
Release Date: 24 October 2008 (USA)
Country: USA , Canada
Director: David Hackl
  • Tobin Bell
  • Costas Mandylor
  • Scott Patterson
  • Betsy Russell
  • Julie Benz
  • Meagan Good
  • Mark Rolston
  • Carlo Rota
  • Greg Bryk
  • Laura Gordon
  • Joris Jarsky
  • Mike Butters
  • Al Sapienza
  • Mike Realba
  • Lyriq Bent

33 Responses to Saw V (2008)

  1. Jigsaw_Expert
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    *beep* idiots they cudve just kept spitting into the jar 2 fill it up

  2. GainesvilleRockCity
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    why and how did agent strahm know to check seth baxters case file alone? baxter wasnt the first killed so the obvious strategy ‘to look at the first one’ doesnt apply here.

    the whole film seems to hinge on the fact that strahm realises that hoffman is an accomplise after reviewing the seth baxter file and realising that hoffman was indded the perpetrator of this case, and was then involved in every case afterwards (after the confrontation with jigsaw, hence jigsaw then accepting hoffman as an apprentice).

    but i still dont know why strahm knew to check seth baxters file? did i miss something?

    another thing………at the end, when strahm enters a the house, which (is?) the house used in saw 2 and then proceeds to have the ‘glass coffin’ confrontation with hoffman…………whos house is that? is it hoffmans house? if so, then surely thats a major plot flaw? would nobody get suspicious if hoffman decided to move into a house that was previously a major crime scene? not only that but a major crime scene in the case that HE is working on?

    one last thing……….when strahm investigates previous crime sights such as the barbed wire cage and the pendulum room, granted the jigsaw death site was only recently discovered, but the other two? surely they happened ages ago. would they still be accesible?

    i hope there is an explanation for these flaws and i just missed it, because the whole plot of this film as i said hinges on these occurences and to just blow them off as coincidence doesnt rest with me.

  3. rpacejr19
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    But I’ve gotta disagree. Most of his traps involve self-mutilation to the point of massive blood loss. You lose enough blood, eventually you’re gonna pass out or even simply bleed to death. And even if you don’t bleed to death, you’d likely be too weak to escape the room you’re in, and who knows how long it’s gonna take the police to figure out where you are.

    My biggest beef with his mindset is with the Venus Fly Trap… trap. In Saw II (I believe), the guy was forced to either cut out his own eye and retrieve the key to the mask or die. We all know what happened, but how could he possibly be expected to cut out his own eye without killing himself? He’s not a surgeon, and even if he WAS, it still would be near impossible.


  4. NeoN9
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    Of the 6 Saw films made so far, what 2 films, are your current favorite ones and please separately say why, for each fave film named (as in for the film’s

    better script, the acting, direction, or a combo of all of these or any other factors).

  5. sectionx
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    SAW 5 is a lot better then SAW 4 and 3. This movie should not have the lowest score in the series.

  6. Hanscon
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    So… I have free Showtime this weekend and got to watch the 5th installment of the series. The other four flicks I own and for a series to have lasted this long and still be entertaining is a feat of its own.

    So without ruining the 6th movie I just want to make a list of who is still around at the end of the 5th flick.


    -Dr. Lawrence Gordon (possibly doomed from blood loss)

    -Brit (pretty sure she’s gone from blood loss but then again who knows)

    -Rigg (pretty sure he’s rotting from the gunshot would but who knows)


    -Little Girl Hoffman saves in 5 (doubt she plays anymore roles unless we get to a 27th sequel)

    -Daniel Matthews (doubt he gets any further plot development but who knows)



    -New FBI agent (forget his name)

    -Woman who was attached to her abusive husband in part 4 (doubt she gets any new airtime however it’s odd she’s a survivor and doesn’t evolve)

    Did I forget anyone of importance??

    And I just want a few "yes or no" questions answered about the 6th film without spoiling too much for me. Do we find out what was in the box that Tobin Bell’s character gives his wife?

    Do we ever find out what Amanda’s letter said that makes her so angry?

    Do we find out if Hoffman rigged Amanda’s traps to make them unwinnable?

    Also do we find out why Amanda visits Kerry’s body even though she couldn’t have put her up there without Hoffman’s help?

    Do we find out if Amanda knows about Hoffman’s involvement with Jigsaw?

    Is there any revelation by Jigsaw about his methods not "curing" people? (I remember Cecil not really being rehabilitated after his test.)

    I don’t think there is a whole lot more to add. Fun flicks though!!! I like how they keep building forward while looking back and filling in all the "holes" so to speak. Who knew they’d have made it this far and get to describe how Dr. Gorden’s pen was found on a crime scene. Deep down in my mind I always think (was this planned???) or do they just keep filling the gaps with subsequent flicks???

    Also I thought the series was supposed to only go up to 6 and I see there is a seventh sequel…. I’m game!!!

    And in the 6th installment does Hoffman ever start his test on the tape found inside Jigsaw??? I might have to rewatch 4 just to see what Jigsaw says at the end of the flick…

    Oh well… have a good night folks and hopefully I see part 6 sooner than later… I hear it’s one of the better sequels…

  7. sketchanderase
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    I just had a good idea…

    During the last test where 10 pints of blood was needed, there was a way they could’ve made it easier and more likely to survive, only issue is it wouldn’t be as good being that it’s a movie. In real life, however, the people could have actually urinated in the cup first. It wouldn’t be enough on it’s own, but it would sure help…I’m not sure how I thought of this, but it may have to do with the fact that I just watched it and wanted to take a bathtroom break, but was too engrossed in the story at the moment…

  8. alexweiss3
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    So I get that Stram dies for not following the rules. However if he did actually get into the box would Hoffman really have died.

  9. obsessedmovies
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    …after V? I was always in to the Saw franchise, but I became a true Saw fan after V. It’s a shame that it’s now my least favorite Saw. Anyone else?

    You chose this. – Saw IV

  10. Rigsaw
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    The scene was shown during SAW VI’s ending when recapping everything Hoffman did. Now I’m hoping that Mark got cocky / forgot about the pen since he didn’t expect Strahm to live. bb1298c9c9a1.jpg

  11. ryanaustinf
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    First time I watched the whole series, Saw IV was at the bottom and Saw V was right above it. I don’t know. Just enjoyed the backstory about Hoffman and the pointless Fatal Five Traps were better than the traps in Saw IV.

    Second time I watched all of them, Saw IV overtook this one, just a minor switch. I just realized how good the twist in the fourth was.

    But the third time was really when I got addicted to this series. My heart was pumping really fast during the endings of Saw I and II. The endings for Saw III and IV however were meh, just got chills. But for Saw V, I was surprised. My heart was pumping, at the opening, at the bathtub scene, and the entire final 20 minutes. The most out of any Saw film.

    Basically, I think Saw V being bad isn’t David Hackl’s fault since his direction causes the suspense to really get my heart pumping. I think it’s the screenwriter’s. The ending, however predictable, was a very intense, sad (Strahm was so badass, I’m a guy so no fangirl stuff), and disturbing scene and I love it (except for the sad fact Strahm dies of course).

    Right now, My list is a bit loopy and I have yet to watch Saw VI for the third time, so far I’ve seen it only twice but all I’m saying is this: Stop blaming Hackl, he’s pretty good. Blame the screenwriters and the people who made the decision to kill Strahm.

    u got rick roll’d

  12. Hoffman390
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    I mean when Saw V is actually introduced after Seth is dead. That theme is just amazing. Definitely the best of the series. It’s just so different to all the others which is good. It definitely suits the theme of the movie. It sort of a depressign tune, but really good. You make your decision:

    You want a chance? I’ll give you a chance.

  13. Ziglicadeth
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    I know it is meant to take place during ,or after 5 but does anyone else think it LOOKS like a scene from 5?

    like the lighting, and the colour of Jigsaw’s corpse reminded me of the Cover for V

    the directing i felt was very similar to part V too!

    What Brings You Around?

    Did You Lose Something The Last Time You Were Here?

  14. xpert434
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    say game over whenever you close a door

    now continue the game

    I am founder and leader of the Agent Strahm Army (ASA)

  15. lakersfan1030
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    I have a question… has this movie ever been on TV? i dont remember it ever coming on tv. I want to see saw 6 but i was trying to wait until 5 came on tv.

  16. Aerov53
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    So at the end of the movie one of the people a part of the sewer trap mention that each one of the five victims are connected to the killing of 8 people. I know that they explained each person’s role in the killing, but I missed that part of the movie. Can someone please explain how each victim is connected to the death of the eight people?

    Please be as specific as possible. Thank you!

  17. Eric_Simmons
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    the house that strahm follows hoffman into is the same one from saw II, correct? so what is the time frame between 2 and 5? And, whos house was that?

    Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.

  18. boondocksaint20
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    I copied this from my post on a thread for Saw 2, but wanted to hear others’ opinions that may have started with this film.

    Here is my ranking:


    Saw IV

    Saw III

    Saw V

    Saw II

    My ranking is based on my opinion of the series’ originality.

    The first Saw was the ‘most original’ just because it tried something fairly new, and despite its plot holes, was a good, suspenseful film. The acting was a bit off at times, but the scenarios, the motives and the ending made up for it, in my opinion. And like most horror franchises, I always have a soft spot for the first.

    Saw 4, which I was expecting to suck bad, was actually really good, and oddly enough, tied all the new events almost perfectly to the events of the previous films (which as a horror film fan, I applaud). Saw 4 tied everything so well, and introduced the new Jigsaw in an ALMOST believable manner (though the events were a little TOO perfect…hey, it’s a horror movie sequel). I must say, I was gripped at the backstory of Jigsaw (it was awesome), and the building up of his predecessor. Saw 4 had all the suspense, twists and gore that any horror fan would love.

    Saw 3 was a decent film with a great main character (Angus MacFayden…sic) and a great subplot with Jigsaw and Amanda…though it definitely upped the ante with the gore as a main attraction (which kinda works, but gets a little excessive when you know that is the main attraction). The furthering of Amanda’s character, throwing in Jeff’s entire family, the people responsible for his son’s murder and his murderer’s release, and Jigsaw’s demise made this one as good as it is. What a great film to have the balls to actually kill the main ‘killer’ in the third film of a seemingly endless sequel franchise.

    Saw 5 was another good followup to a great sequel (and another one I thought would SUCK), yet the acting of some of the ‘Final Five’ really hampered the rating. However, it really solidified Jigsaw’s successor, and explained a lot more of the plot. The Final Five trap really didn’t add much to the story, but the real show stealer was the link between Hoffman, Jigsaw and then agent Strahm trying to piece it all together. Good story, and great ending.

    Saw 2 was alright, but too much of a ripoff of the movie Cube for my liking. The acting was atrocious with most of the characters, and totally detracted from the film. Though, I will say, this was one of the more suspenseful (and cringe worthy of the films), the acting and ripoffs from Cube throw it down to the bottom of my list. This film could have been so much better with better actors and a better script…though the syringe scene is definitely one of the series’ most cringe worthy pieces.

    The Saw films are surprisingly good, and all attempt to link each successive one together (unlike the Friday the 13th series, though it is one of my guilty pleasure series). They are all good, in their own merit.

  19. pconway-695-601088
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    1) Hoffman’s sister’s ex boyfriend – There’s already a theory that there is an accomplice on the inside when this guy turns up dead. Are you serious? Wow Hoffman you couldn’t have just killed this guys and buried him in the ground somewhere? What makes you think you’ll get away with this one? Oh yeah, it’s really bad writing that’ll help you.

    2) The traps – Okay when they survive a room and move onto the next… why exactly do they have to shut the door. Because of the nails? Please. Why not just nearly close the door and let the bombs go off. All that would happen is the door would fly open but everyone would be fine. Then the timer in the next room wouldn’t be triggered. Jigsaw plan foiled.

    3) Elevator scene – After Jigsaw shoves Hoffman in the elevator he sticks the needle into his neck… He has the needle in his neck for like 10 seconds before he even starts injecting the knock out serum into his vein. So Hoffman was pretty much just standing there letting an old man put a needle into his neck. Yeah okay I’m sure Hoffman couldn’t have overpowered him or anything. I think a nice dose of chloroform would have been a little more believable.

    4) Why are they always going in these places without backup?

    5) Thank God Strahm didn’t shoot Hoffman and just conveniently through him in the tomb at the end.

  20. Lord_Jerique
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    Maybe I’m missing something here…

    Hoffman set up the Seth Baxter trap. Jigsaw says, "I don’t like taking credit for work that isn’t mine. Especially inferior work." At this point, Hoffman hadn’t begun working with Jigsaw yet. He didn’t know as much about engineering. How did Hoffman know how to rig the trap to still kill Seth but then undo the neck brace afterward? Hoffman was a cop, not an engineer and as far as I know, Hoffman learned all the trap engineering from working with Jigsaw.

    Also, just as a bonus…what exactly was Hoffman wanting to talk to Strahm about? He said he was unable to reach Strahm. However, if he reached Strahm, what would’ve been the discussion?


    "Oh Louis, Louis. Still, whining, Louis." –Lestat

  21. daschristoff
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    Did anyone else have a problem telling the two detectives apart? They have the same chin, hair and voice. In a lot of the darker scenes, I wasn’t sure who I was looking at. Next time they should use actors that don’t look the same.

  22. apotter3427
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    Is this the one where Hoffman is standing next to Kramer in the elevator and right when he gets out Kramer attacks him with a needle?

  23. omart3
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    like Strahm did? If i was in that situation, i wouldn’t even consider that posibility, he must have been extremely desperate, i mean how did he know where to insert it without cutting himself?

  24. BauerMan24
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    jigsaw clicked the shotgun but it didn’t go off, then jiggy checks the barrel and it shows that the gun was loaded? What was that about?

  25. katamari16
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    have put his coat over the box Hoffman since Hoffman had a front row seat . It wouldn’t help him no matter what, I’m just saying. I would have at least put the coat over the box so Hoffman can’t see me get crushed.

  26. Anonymous
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  27. xjaguarx2005
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    Malik the heroin 2 burn down the buliding? hoffman (who coulda grabbed it from storage), jigsaw, or Dr. Lawrence Gordan? somebody must have set it off….because hoffman musta known about it

  28. xjaguarx2005
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    we all know Strahm was supposed to die in 5, but he somehow lived, due to his breathing tube because of the pen, as shown by flashbacks from that bastard hoffman. but 4 real, who put it there? hoffman and Amanda both made un-winable traps. who coulda done it, Jill? im sorry, but no, a male FBI agent could easily over-empower someone like Jill even in a suprise attack. the woman weighs what, 90-100 lbs.? and that bastard hoffman was on the other side of a locked door. im sorry, theres one of 2 possibilities: DR. LAWRENCE GORDON, or some other dubmass douche that has been hiding in the shadows, but will *beep* all over the continuity

  29. kiwisoup
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    They kept not showing her do it, just the guy. Her face made it look like she was faking it and just letting him do the whole thing. I thought for sure the door was going to open and she would have been like "sorry, survival of the fittest" and left him there to die. I know that she didn’t actually fake it, although she obviously didn’t go as far as the guy did, but I thought that’s where they were going with the scene since the theme seemed to be stabbing each other in the back.

  30. Anonymous
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  31. AceTheMovieCritic
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    I’d say Saw 5, I couldn’t stand the fourth.

    Death Is The Road To awe…

  32. Anonymous
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    This message has been deleted by the poster

  33. Hoffman390
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    I watched all 6 Saws last week since VI came out to rent (Ireland, not USA) FIrst time I saw it I hated it. I watched it online as a recorded in cinema and didn’t understand a thing (I didn’t know how Strahm got out of his trap, I didn’t know if Strahm was Hoffman and vice versa) I watched it again when it came out on DVD after watching the first 4 again and loving and understanding them better, so when I watched V I loved it. The night before VI came out I watched it again and didn’t really know what I thought since I was doing other stuff while it was on. Last week I watched it properly and loved it. The whole beginning is brilliant (Pendulum up to Strahm’s escape) I’ll admit it seems like it was rushed just to get it out to follow the tradition of one every year. All they really achieve is answering questions bbrought up by the end of IV and some from III (what happens to Corbett, what happens to Strahm) and it also just achieves clearing up Hoffman’s backround. The Fatal Five, although it’s totally unnecessary, is entertaining. I know alot of people don’t like Mallick but I find him very funny (For some reason *beep* you, you b!tch, you get in the fvcking tub!!" makes me laugh) Luba is annoying, Charles is funny, Ashley doesn’t really give much to say and Brit is HOT!!! The traps in it are very good. The Pendulum, Saw Table and Crushing Room are fantastic. It shows more Hoffman than before which is of course good for me since he’s my favourite. Alot of people hate David Hackl because of this and blame him for it being bad. Personally I like him and think it did bad because of the writing. The acting isn’t the best. The best comes from Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor and Scott Patterson (although him talking to himself feels really awkward and isn’t good writing. The main twist isn’t good and they literally told you on the tape what the twist was ("The only way to survive this room is by enteting the glass box before you", he throws Hoffman in and we’re supposed to be surprised when the box lowers? I mean, this is Jigsaw or some form of Jigsaw we’re dealing with, of course you should listen. But then Hoffman makes the noise and tricks him) The Fatal Five twist is very good (Keys is good, Tunnels is bad, those things were huge, how did they think 1 person could fit in each? Bathtub was okay, and the Saw table wasn’t really a twist) The ending I love. Not because of Strahm’s death but because the trap’s good and the whole thing is just good. The more I watch it the more sorry I feel for Strahm and the more fear I get from him. He’s my favourite character after Hoffman. Anyway, I give it a 4.5/10.

    You want a chance? I’ll give you a chance.

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