Shallow Hal (2001)



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A shallow man falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her \”inner beauty\”. Full summary »

Genre: Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Romance

Shallow Hal (2001)
Release Date: 9 November 2001 (USA)
Country: USA , Germany
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Jack Black
  • Jason Alexander
  • Joe Viterelli
  • Rene Kirby
  • Bruce McGill
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Susan Ward
  • Zen Gesner
  • Brooke Burns
  • Rob Moran
  • Joshua 'Li'iBoy' Shintani
  • Kyle Gass
  • Laura Kightlinger
  • Nan Martin

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34 Responses to Shallow Hal (2001)

  1. FrenchDouchebag
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    I don’t know how you americans do it. Ever since I moved to North America, I see of lot of fatness. It is disgusting.

  2. atzimo
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    I love that scene. I sometimes play the movie just to watch this scene. I love the ending when his friend looks at them and sees them as they are and then Jack Black looks at them… Genius.

    The awesome track "Too Young" doesn’t hurt either.

  3. Trustnoone45
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    I have never had a girlfriend, and I was talking to my dad about this movie, and he says that I should try dating a girl who is chubby because they’re better than skinny women. They’re low maintenance and easier to please because they’re not princesses. Also, because they’re not obsessed with their looks, they spend more time studying in school, so they’re generally smarter.

    Is there anyone out there who can give me any helpful advice?

  4. ncmaster911
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    Most men make the approach, so why shouldn’t we go after the prettiest girls? We do most of the work and take most of the risk of rejection. Most women only put themselves out there towards most men in one way they’re looks. How are we ever supposed to know what your personality is like if you’ve never put something out there (looks or personality) for everyone (like men who haven’t approached you yet) to see? How are we ever supposed to go for your personality if you’ve never put it out there or displayed a confident one for everyone to see? Women don’t like a man when "nice" is the only feature to their personality, so you can’t expect men to be any different. In the history of man, the fact that most women only put there’re selves out there towards most men in one way: there’re looks, makes us only have 1 thing to go on, and I think men have adapted to that over the years so it’s nature. If you don’t get approached by men, the less you approach them or put a confident persona out there, the less your chances are. If men never approached women, I doubt there would be 6 billion people in the world today.

    About the obesity thing, it is un-natural for a male to go after a mate bigger than him, you see it in humans and you see it in most animals, its nature. A lot of obsessed women say I just want a man to love me for who I am; so they are basically saying that a fat person is who you are, which physical appearance is not who you are. Some of them say I can’t loose the weight, well I saw a man who was bedridden at 800lbs. on television get down to 200lbs, granted half of it was surgery but the other half (about 300lbs.) was him getting on a bicyle machine they set up for him, so if you’re walking around at 300 pounds are you going to tell me you can’t loose 150 pounds BULLSHlT, it’s will power. So if you want a man to love you for ""how"" you are stay that way, take your chances and don’t complain. Another thing, a lot of times what a person naturally weighs is passed down through parents and grandparents (genetics),a mate obviously found your mother, grandmothers, and great grandmothers (or the other way around) so one will probably find you enventually (or the other way around if you take my advice and put a confident persona out there for everyone to see or stop being too picky). I didn’t write this to hurt anyone’s feelings, just to be honest.

  5. tracyconnolly
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    Where’s that "dah, da da dah, da dah dah" theme that gets reiterated over and over and over again, foreshadowings of which can even be heard in the metellophone playing in the very first scene where the doctor is looking over Hal’s dying dad? That theme practically defined the movie! And where’s the suspenseful music that played when Hal had just had the whammy lifted and was in danger of seeing the real Rosemary at McIntosh’s (which, I should mention, has very subtle vocal "dah"s in it just like the main "dah, da da dah, da dah dah" theme!)? I mean, I understand that the soundtrack album was really released as a kind of pop-music song collection album, but still.

    I know it’s by IVY, But can i get a copy of it anywhere ??????????????????


  6. baconbit
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    Doesn’t mean they would get all excited about having someone that looks like Jack Black ask for their phone number.

  7. Emunah
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    I dont understand… Farrely bros made so many great, funny, sweet, imaginative, romantic and original films in the 90s and yet 10 years go by and no one cares anymore? Dumb and dumber and …mary are famous, but what about Shallow Hal? This is a really good movie! Its funny, smart, inventive, and most of all sweet at its core. Jack and Gwyneth are really good together and it has a GREAT moral to the story, in addition to being hilarious. I just dont get it… I watch Shallow hal every time its on tv.

  8. SLIMSHADY1973
    Warning: printf(): Too few arguments in /home/themovie/public_html/wp-content/themes/feed-me-seymour/functions.php on line 694 able to be with an unattractive, very obese woman- but to you she is gorgeous, like Hal in the movie. I don’t think I’d be able to. Sure what I’m seeing is a knockout but I just wouldn’t be able to show her to friends and family, it’d be too embarrassing. Plus I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to say "well listen everybody I’m under a spell and too me she’s gorgeous."

  9. comehome_8
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    When Hal finally sees the inside of the girls, he sees their "true beauty," WHICH HAPPENS TO BE REALLY HOT, SKINNY SUPERMODEL TYPES. If he can see their true beauty, why can’t he see them as fat or disfigured people. What this is saying is that fat people are ugly, because when he sees the true beauty, he sees hot women, WHICH IS A COMPLETE CONTRADICTION TO WHAT TONY ROBBINS WANTED. Why didn’t he go after that ugly Walt liked, CUZ HE WAS STILL FIXATED ON THE OUTSIDE. When he went after Paltrow, it was just because he saw her outside as hot.

  10. ladaskons-1
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    as we know him,totally destroyed the movie …not funny ,very annoying ,that cuckoo thing… i know that this is not Dumb and dumber but i think jim carrey was the best choice

  11. virgiltx
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    Question: Has there been any change in our society’s favoritism for the slim and pretty since this movie (November 2001)? Although there has been the worldwide "Dove Campaign for Real Beauty", started in 2004, I haven’t noticed a real change in the entertainment or advertising industries.

    Similar films–

    "Zoolander" (September 2001) touched on the beauty vs self-esteem issue.

    In 2009 there were a couple of beauty-attitude themed films: "Precious" and "Good Hair" (Chris Rock documentary). I’ve seen neither yet.

    Are they helping, or the Dove campaign?

  12. Whurdplae
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    I’ve always thought of ‘Shallow Hal’ as a drama sprinkled with comedy rather than a comedy sprinkled with drama. A scene I’ve always found especially moving is early in the film when Hal is walking Rosemary to her car. He says he’ll call her, and though she’s excited about this prospect, she says to him wistfully, “If I don’t hear from you, I really appreciate everything anyway.”

    I’ve read that Gwyneth Paltrow has more or less disowned his film, and I’ve never understood why as I feel it’s one of her best roles.

  13. dpo263
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    I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, the part where Rosemary is in the office and the two people have a chocolate cake and Rosemary asks if she can have a "sliver" and then takes a QUARTER of the cake, to me, totally ruined the movie for me.

    To me it’s like they STARTED OUT making the movie sensitive and compassionate. And then, they threw something in which they THOUGHT would give everyone a chuckle. Oh yeah, right. Let’s ALL laugh at the fat woman who takes an entire quarter of a cake and calls it a "sliver"!

    Oh yeah! That’s REAL funny alright!

  14. MrFrankCastle
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    anyone know the name of the girl who was bellas friend?

    The one who looked like liv tyler, the ugly version of her was fat.

    The pretty version was smokin!

  15. electrictroy
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    Being fat is NOT okay. Being obese or overweight brings serious health problems such as cardiac disease, clogged arteries, and ultimately death.

    90% of Americans, age 30 and up, are overweight.

    We need more movies to show that this is NOT okay.

    It’s a sign of poor health & diminished quality of life.

    Being fat, from a health viewpoint, is just as bad as smoking.

  16. gcpnkfzzya
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    In my own personal opionion (sp?) of myself I dont think i am attractive. Now I never been called ugly or anything mean, but I never had a bf or been on a date and guys hardly talk to me. The only ppl who say I’m pretty are my friends ( i dont have many) and my family, but arent they suppose to? Now I’m a real sweet girl, shy. But idk i just want to be pretty. Ok that all sounded lame. lol btw i’m 17, 18 next month.

    How do you feel about the way you look? dafault pic is the newest.

  17. JanelleOHanna
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    After having looked at all the topics and discussions here, there’s something I’m noticing that most people fail to realise about the matter of physical attractiveness. I feel it’s very important to bring it to your attention.

    Nobody on this board, or in much of society for that matter, seems to be realising the difference between a subjective matter and a factual matter – you’re all talking like "beautiful", "hot", "pretty", and "good-looking" are things that either are true or are not true. This is the wrong way of looking at it. It doesn’t make sense to say "you’re either beautiful or you’re not" – because THE TRUTH IS that one person’s idea of beautiful is someone else’s idea of ugly. Hasn’t this ever occurred to anyone here?

    I’ve said this on other threads and I’ll say it again: Beauty is entirely subjective. This society has become so corrupt with the notion that subjective matters are factual matters, including the matter of physical beauty. This is why you’re all acting as though there’s a set way to be beautiful and ugly.

    Physical beauty never was a matter of depth or superficiality. To be honest, I’m sure the media has fed us with the whole "beauty’s on the inside" thing just to shut people up. By doing that, the media is completely avoiding the real issue! They don’t want to have to answer as to why they only allow thin people in the modelling industry and such. I’m not saying that it’s wrong that inner beauty is important, all I’m saying is that it’s just BESIDE THE POINT.

    I’ll tell you EXACTLY why the media has established that only thin people can be "attractive" – Money. The whole industry has gotten rich by playing on people’s need for acceptance. They’ve convinced people that they’ll only be accepted if they’re a certain body type. What happens as a result? People pay for the weight-loss programs, pay to get on TV and be glorified as the "desirable" ones, pay for the dietary products… And all these things just happen to be highly expensive…

    Do you see where this is going? It’s only EVER been about money from the start. The sad thing is, people high up in these industries know that people are going to pay good money to look a certain way if they’re convinced that it’s the only way they can be accepted. The stigma on being overweight exists for this sole reason – and unfortunately, it has become so ingrained in society that people have forgotten that there’s no fixed way to be beautiful.

    I think movies like Shallow Hal represent this corruption. Though it sends a positive message, its message is beside the point of the true nature of beauty. It’s important to realise that beauty is subjective because it’s the truth that, unfortunately, the media (and now pretty much most of society) fail to take into account when they speak about "beauty" and "attractiveness".

    Please excuse the long post, but I really felt every word of this had to be said. I’d really like to know your thoughts about what I’ve expressed here.

    nobody ever earned any wages by being pessimistic.

  18. oliverfennell
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    … inevitably was asked at the end: "Would you still love me if I got that fat?"… and then she got upset at your "shallow" response?

    If I was a betting man, I’d go for somewhere near the 100% mark.

  19. willalexmac-1
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    The song that plays as Hal and Rosemary drive off into the sunset…when I’ve seen this movie on regular t.v. or pay per view, it’s "Where my Rosemary goes" by Edison Lighthouse. But I swear when I saw it in the theater it was "L.O.V.E." by Nat King Cole. Does anyone else out there recall the same?

    L…is for the way you look at me

    O…is for the only one I see

    V…is very very extra ordinary

    E…is even more than anyone that I adore

    And Love…is all that I can give to you

    Love…is more than just a game for two

    You…and me and love can make it, take my heart and please don’t break it

    Love…was made for me and you.

  20. famousnewbands
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    When Jack Black, and Gwyneth and Walt go for a day trip with that other nurse, she looks old and skinny with gray hair the first few times we see her.

    Then when Gwyneth and that nurse are in the SUV talking alone at the gas station, the old skinny nurse becomes a young hottie with black hair, albeit one that smokes, which is nasty.

    What does this say? Is the nurse really a young hottie, but she’s not a good person on the inside because she’s only with Walt because he is rich, and her inner bad personality shows at the "true inner self" that Hal sees, and therefore she appears to be the wrinkled old hag?

  21. kodak007
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    Jason is a little too much like Costanza, as he never really did enough to give us the full taste of what he can do.

    This is one of the only movies you can see him being as glorious as he is.

    wish he did more, but always nice when you find something he shines in.

    And how does this movie only have a 6.0 rating?! its so much better than people give it credit for. totally sick film, how does no one like it?!

  22. d2thekeno
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    Just watched this great movie again tonight and was horrified to hear how crap the Irish accent from Mr Shanahan was.

    It was one of the worst fake accents I’ve heard if not the worst


    Your thoughts

    Eddie Guerrero 1967 – 2005 RIP LATINO HEAT 4EVER VIVA LA RAZA!

    RIP Steve you were one of a kind

  23. Lord_Jerique
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    Jack Black shines really good in the scene with Cadence, after realizing she’s been burned all along. My God, the look on Jack’s face and his eyes are so sad and sympathetic. Anyone agree?


    "Oh Louis, Louis. Still, whining, Louis." –Lestat

  24. Lobster_Harmonica
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    It seems that the Farrelly brothers love to make fun of handicapped people (fat, midget, ugly, retarded) in their movies. Where do they get these people and why do the brothers put them in movie roles? Do they think it’s a funny thing and they want people to laugh at the disadvantaged folks or do they feel sorry and want to genuinely give these people a job that they would never get otherwise in other movies?

  25. avurself
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    whenever i watch anything that has jason alexander in it, its like hes still in character as george ha.

    like how he complained about that girl having a big toe, and then noticing how jack black came up with a comeback after like 10 seconds when they were talking

  26. Warrinsfuturewife_MrsBurris
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    When Hal and Rosemary are in his room and shes wearing purple lingerie. And its in the end when she accepts his apology.

  27. OfCENTERattention
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    Why is it that when Hal (Jack Black) says "here’s my e-mail" she starts to crack up? I don’t get it.

  28. Destiny3333
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    She is so disgustingly over weight. She could even die on him. Disgusting.

  29. RynoII
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    I tried since I couldn’t ever get women that aren’t big but it’s hard for me to get aroused with someone of that body type so I wonder how was Hal able to do it… or any other guy who went from thin to big?

  30. etoile73
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    They must have been kicking themselves! I wish George didnt die! When that Lindy girl said there was a Beatles reuion with George, Paul, Ringo…haha. Poor George must have died almost after this came out!

  31. Binkconn
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    So sad, and a nice touching moment with Black.

  32. Maserati7777
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    When he goes to Rosemary’s house and the maid shows up he thinks she’s Rosemary as he’s never seen her except for a second at the restaurant.

    He french kisses her and it’s mjust so funny.

    Rule #3: In what world is Spiderman supposed to attract a female audience?


  33. Destiny3333
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    It seems like society says men can be fat, bald, ugly and women will accept them but a woman better look like a gem? I want my men to be slim, gorgeous, and have hair on their heads and would never date Hal or Mauricio types. At the same time, I would not blame men for not wanting to date the dogs and heavy Rosemary. But, it sends a message when Hal is shallow, he can pick up on any attractive girl. He was heavy and not that hot. I would of turned him down.

    I hate the way this movie stems ugly and fat is beautiful on the inside and if you’re pretty and thin, you have something else wrong.

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