The Air I Breathe (2007)



Sometimes the things we can't change…end up changing us. See »

A drama based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. A businessman bets his life on a horse race; a gangster sees the future; a pop star falls prey to a crime boss; a doctor must save the love of his life. Full summary »

Genre: Crime,Drama,Romance,Thriller

The Air I Breathe (2007)
Release Date: 13 December 2007 (Greece)
Country: Mexico , USA
Director: Jieho Lee
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Julie Delpy
  • Brendan Fraser
  • Andy Garcia
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Clark Gregg
  • Emile Hirsch
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Kelly Hu
  • Evan Parke
  • Taylor Nichols
  • Victor Rivers
  • Cecilia Suárez
  • Todd Stashwick
  • Jon Bernthal

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what was Tristas real name in the movie The Air I Breathe?;

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  1. green_acres
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    I recently rewatched the film, and even though it had some serious writing flaws, the actors all around do perfect jobs, and ultimately make the film be powerful at the end. But I did like it better this time around

    I think Sarah Michelle Gellar and Andy Garcia deserve some Oscar Buzz, but it won’t happen(released too early). Gellar gives her best performance, and a performance that will surprise people.


    1. Gellar

    2. Garcia

    3. Fraser

    4. Hirsch

    5. Whitaker

    6. Bacon

    "No, No, I don’t wanna kill you, No, You Complete Me!"

  2. calcaraz
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    I cant believe it. I was so excited to see this movie, so many great actors…

    but jesus what happened.

    this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

    such a shame

  3. pulse_bhs
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    Nothing worse then a movie that tries so hard through dramatic music and corny scenes to be oh so "emotional" without even developing a remotely comprehensive storyline or sympathetic characters. Completely pretentious and pointless.

    I definitely say it is the WORST MOVIE EVER! (and yes I’ve seen many movies including Transformers 2 and Hancock – this is still way worse)

  4. boaconstric
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    dvr = slow mo – you can see her nipples

    I look better then Eliza Dushku – 5 foot 2 – size 2 – eyes of blue

  5. t_ALEN_t
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    While I was watching the movie, I noticed a curious little factoid.

    A lot of people think Trista’s real name was Sorrow.

    Well, I thought about her name…

    And since I’m taking Spanish in school, I realized "sad" in Spanish is "triste."

    I just translated "sad" in a translator in for languages:

    French: triste

    Romanian: trist

    Italian: triste

    Portuguese: triste

    Trista = triste?

    I think the writers/director deliberately did this.


  6. redalrt407
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    In the end, we see Trista walking through the Airport with a briefcase……would this be the same briefcase that happiness dropped when he got hit by the car when running from the cops? (BC if you think about it, she WAS broke) Thoughts???

  7. axl-rose-2
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    whats the significance of the title "the air i breathe"? how does it tie in with the film?

  8. Angelus111
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    This format, where a number of people are joined together by a series of events and manage to touch each other in one way or another, really is one of my favourites. I don’t mind if this is approached in a drama, a comedy, or action. I can think of dozens of examples where it has worked – Crash, Pulp Fiction and Love Actually to name but a few – so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this one at the weekend in the local Blockbuster…and in turn can imagine my disappointment having watched it.

    Let’s be fair now, it wasn’t awful and if anything, I found it very entertaining. However (and that’s a big however), I will never watch it again and shall always remember it as being full of holes and never being able to hit that emotional point that it worked so hard towards.

    If anything, I think it may have been the editor who is most to blame as some things just didn’t make sense. Let’s consider a few of these and other things that just didn’t work:

    An enforcer who can glimpse the future? Ha, well I’m sure this is something that has already been very well spurned here so I won’t spend too much time on it. Yes, I would be happy to get on board with that theme anywhere else, but the fantasy element just didn’t sit well in what was otherwise a serious drama. Aside from that obvious point, did I miss something, or did they fail to flesh this out in full? Brendan Frasier notes that he’s losing his ‘sight’ having been introduced to a photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar, but that’s it. We never really get anything more on the how’s, or why’s and it is left for us to decide for ourselves why he’s lost it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good thought provoker, but we were given so little to go on that it just became a guessing game. WEAK.

    Staying with Brendan, there is the scene close the start where we see him for the first time in this role (waiting in the home of forest Whiticar). Obviously we have to play the right time line here (see the cut on his cheek). We see what can only be assumed as an epiphany here where he doesn’t want to continue on this henchman course anymore, almost breaks down in tears and hands over his gun. Obviously this is about the time where he has met SMG which would explain his turn in approach, but again, it was all very rushed – we didn’t seem anymore examples of this and then he’s dead! Did they just try to cram too much in?

    Again, staying with Forrest…what was all that business on the roof about?! He explains that he’s going to rob the bank (fine, good plot line) and that he has his escape route (we see the plan). I can then only assume that he takes a wrong turn due to traffic and ends up back at the bank (nice, very funny), but the cops seem not to notice him, thus he could have just wandered off (they cops after all have only just arrived and don’t know who they are looking for). For what then makes ZERO sense, he then takes himself to the roof…where all the sharp shooters are waiting for him in perfect position (nonsense). Opting for death he then throws the money off the roof (conveniently so that it can be collected later by SMG), but why? Again this act makes no sense, as does the laughter he lets out. Is this because he will be granted the sweet release of death, or the irony that his plan went so wrong when he was almost free and clear? Sorry, I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but this was very poor.

    How about SMG? She’s a huge celebrity name who can’t walk the street in one scene, but cut to the end where she has her money and is making her getaway through the airport…and no one gives her a second glance.

    Hmmm, I’m sure if I watched this again I could find more faults, but that’s really enough for me. Silly errors, plot lines that could have gone somewhere, but never had a chance, it’s all a bit too much.


    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  9. C.S.Wood
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    Had to be the bank robbery. The guy shows up with no getaway vehicle and no mask. Then we assume he’s in and out in under 4 minutes since the cops didn’t show up yet. Then he gets away on foot. Then he steals the pizza bike after getting hit by the car…

    Then by the time he’s reached the end of the block the police already have him cornered and his escape route blocked off? What if he went down another street? Then he goes into the building, gets on the rooftop, and ALREADY the police have snipers in place and choppers overhead. WTF?!?!?!? Seriously!

    Since when have the police been able to mobilize so quickly and converge on a single bank robber with no hostages? It was so stupid and contrived I was convinced it had to be a fake-out dream sequence or something until the movie just kept on going and I started to hate it because no way would things happen like that. It was all just a silly way for Geller’s character to end up with the money at the end. That one scene just ruins the rest of the movie for me.

    Make a movie at

  10. TheManInOil
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    This is a really good movie. I’m not usually into the sort of mosaic storyline films that carry various characters along arcs that obliquely intersect, but this one is so well conceived and performed that it stands out. Why it went so unnoticed is beyond me. Far better than a lot of movies that get Oscar nominations imo.

    "I’ll book you. I’ll book you on something. I’ll find something in the book to book you on."

  11. too_rad
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    Sorrow’s father was dancing behind the bus and then danced his way into a car? HAHA, I thought that part was useless to the story and just plain funny.

    In Nomine Patris et Filis, et Spiritus Sancti

  12. rcshowers
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    Like what I mean is the most important to the story. If you had to choose one of the characters.

    If you’d have to choose between the main characters, who would it be the MAIN characters are

    Happiness (Forest Widkar)

    Pleasure (Brenden Frasier)

    Sorrow (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

    Love (Kevin Beacon)

    Fingers (Andy Garica)

    Gina (Julie Deply)

    Tony (Emile Herish)


    I would have to choose Sorrow (Sarah Michelle Gellar), she also did the best job!

  13. MichaelJacksonsPYT
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    I totally fell in love with him all over again in this movie he was gorgeous!

    I love you too

  14. Anonymous
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  15. RocknRollPt2
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    Blu-Ray leaves us with a selection that is less than average DVD rentals. So compare this to Jim Carrey’s Yes movie. Kind of like Liar Liar, just a different word. The last good new release for me was No country for Old Men.

    That should give you an idea of where I’m coming from. This was the best I’ve seen in about a year. Sure there are a few flaws, like the transition from Brendan Frasier to Kevin Bacon, was like watching a sequel. It didn’t flow properly. Other than that. Great cinematography. Great acting. Brendan Frasier is much better that Tarzan. We find here he can actually act. Act very well!

    Sarah M Gellar dares to show herself without pancake makeup and vulnerable. Very daring, and she does it well. I liked it a lot.

  16. djdylema78
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    If Trista was such a big pop star, where are the paparazzi at the airport as she is leaving? Wouldn’t she be fairly easy to find if she was so famous? Furthermore, wouldn’t her romance with Frasier (and his eventual death) be more publicized, as well as Andy Garcia’s thuggish management style?

    There are lots of plot holes in this story but I thought it was fairly entertaining.

  17. Anonymous
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  18. ScreamGellarCruzNine101
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    Best Supporting Actress- Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Best Original Score

    Most people will disagree, but that’s what I thought deserved. I get it alot more (it’s my BP winner-ties with Revolutionary Road & Doubt).

  19. meeyakey22
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    what was it? was it heidi? After they showed the flashback of kevin bacon a kept thinking it was. and with all the connection with everyone else.

  20. Anonymous
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  21. wheres_fluffy
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    i know it was whispered and we’ll probably never know but any idea’s what her real name was?!

    i chose to believe it was Sorrow!?

    i liked the movie and it’s def one of my fav performances of SMG (having ignored Buffy all my life!)

    [insert gay bitchy comment here]

  22. lovelindvall
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    I couldn’t see any difference between the two emotions in the film.

    Happiness is a story void of happiness but in the end the protagonist feels happiness because of the extreme situations he’s been put through.

    Pleasure goes in a similar pattern, the protagonist is living a life lacking any pleasure but in the end he’s assaulted and seems to feel pleasure but to me, that feeling is completely misplaced.

    Pleasure from being beaten is commonly known as masochism. Is that what he was? A masochist? I don’t think that’s what the director wants to tell us.

    Putting pleasure in that situation seems incredibly forced. It’s like the director had his plot figured out and all he needed to do was to pin the emotions to the characters.

    The simple emotions of happiness, sorrow and love must have been fairly simple to hand out and explain but pleasure, being a subjectively experienced emotion, he just pinned to BF’s character and explained the emotion with dialogue.

    What BF’s character seems to be feeling could easily be replaced with happiness.

    I think pleasure would have worked better on a character like Forrest Whitaker’s.

    A guy living an uninteresting, dull life suddenly, because of coincidence or feeling the need for change, decides to do some crazy stuff like leaving his wife, having some crazy sexual experience, taking drugs or whatever.

    Kind of like Kevin Spacey’s character in "American Beauty". That would have portrayed pleasure.

    At least for me.

  23. adiilie81
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    The way I see it, the movie holds true to the ancient chinese proverb it begins with. It shows us the four driving emotions, but felt in a pure form. We all feel all these four emotions (happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love), but only very rarely do they get so clear that they overtake our entire being, leaving no trace of any other emotion.

    More to the point:

    1. HAPPINESS: moment of pure feeling is when Whittaker’s character feels that nothing of what he feared most matters. In the face of certain death, with no good alternatives left for him (he had to choose between going to jail for a long time or getting shot to death by the police), his feels instant relief, and finds pure happiness in it.

    2. PLEASURE: moment of pure feeling is when Fraser’s character gets his first good beating. This kind of a situation, altough it may seem to be a bad place to find pure emotion in, is just that in real life: imagine about five people coming to you on a dark alley and beating you up real good. In such situations, your whole being gets very focused. You don’t care about anything else, about paying your bills, forgetting your wife’s birthday, your awfull boss, or anything else. You are in the moment, and that moment for Fraser’s character is the pleasure of the unknown. It is so new to him, not to be able to tell the future, and the moment so clearifying, that it takes hold of him entirely… pleasure of the unknwon.

    3. SORROW: the moment of pure feeling is when Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character looses Fraser. She has found love, and now it is taken away from her. Her entire story is focused on sorrow, she feels it all the time, but the moment she loses love is defining. The feeling takes her completley, she forgets about all other problems. She is untied form the chair, but she doesn’t try to run (feel despair), she doesn’t try to hit Fingers (feel revange). She goes directly to Fraser and is taken over by sorrow.

    4. LOVE: untold, like all real love is, hidden in small gestures… Bacon loves his best friends wife, and does anytinhing to save her from death when she is bitten by a snake. Moment of pure feeling: rooftop scene, when he is so focused to rescue Sarah Geller’s character, that he forgets all about himself, as he could die in helping her. His love for his best friends wife takes complete control over him. It is his only focus, there is nothing else in his mind. He would do anything for her.

    Aside from these pure moments, it is also a story of fate. Is everything already written? It appears not. Fraser’s character is decisive in establishing this. How many people could see the future? I believe none, but his character was needed in order to tell us that things that are suppose to happen sometimes don’t. The reason that he could not see Sara Michelle Gellar’s future is, I think, because she could not see it herself. In a similar fashion, Finger’s nephew manages to escape his fate. The kid is unpredictable even for himself. Fraser sees the vision of him falling, in a moment when the kid is very anxious bout starting his sexual life. But the first sexual experience moment markes the kid in a way, and as he feels more of a man than before, gains more self trust and manages to pull over the fence that his previous version couldn’t.

    And in the end, when Sarah Michelle Geller ends up with the money, you think that fate is done, and that Frasier’s character has actually planned all the action as he foreseen it, but then it hits you. He didn’t. Why would he choose such an end? He gathered a lot of money that they were going to use to leave probably togather and escape Fingers. He wouldn’t do that if he knew the end. And why would he sacrifice himself? His plans were undone by fate, but he managed to create a future for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character, a future in which she gets away with money, so in the end, if that was here new fate, it happens! The butterfly is a defininf moment in this. It takes both Fraser AND the butterfly to create action from Whittaker’s character. When Fraser leaves the gun to Whittaker, he is asked something like: "What am I supposed to do now?" and the answer is "I don’t know anymore". I think Fraser did not forsee any of what was about to happen to Whittaker, much less the part where he throws the money to Sarah Micheller Gellar (remember, he couldn’t see her future!).

    So, to conclude fate is not definitive, you can change it, but in order to do it, you need to change yourself! It is just what Fraser says when he can’t predict the future for the first time.

    Good movie, great actually, but in order to understand all, you need to see it more then once. It has hidden message, and the worst part is that it is hidden under a lot of action. I had problems finding the meaning of it all, as there was so much going on in the movie… Shooting, fighting, chasing, a lot of action that distracts you from getting it, which is in a way a bad thing, because many will not understand the movie, but good also, as no big clues in life are directly told to us, as we need to extract it from our daily actions!

    Hope it wasn’t that long, but that was almost all I got out of it. If you have more comments, or don’t agree with me, let’s talk about it!

  24. phoenix_smg
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    I was wondering if one of you knows, where I can find Tristas "Sweet Spot" Song

    from The Air I Breathe. I know it was recorded by Kim Wayman, but I can´t find it anywhere.

    I would totally like to hear the whole Track, so I would be very thankful for any helps!

  25. Gortheb
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    Hey, I really liked this one and I’m a big fan of Crash too (which reminds me a bit of TAIB, I got the same feeling while I was watching it). Any recommendations?

    Thx :)

  26. ScreamGellarCruzNine101
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    I think its The rooftop scene.

    What happens in the scene: She’s in the hostpital, as she exits her hospital roomsoft music starts to play, and you see her walking up the staircase to the roof, and she’s covered in her bed-sheets and the are draging on the stairs. She reaches the roof, the music starts to get stronger, and wind is blowing pushing her hair back, she walks slowly the edge of the roof. She gets to the edge and sticks her toes over the edge just a little (she’s in her bare feet). She starts to cry, but the tear dont roll down her face they stay in her eyes.

    Then Bacon comes in and thats where The line is drawed.

  27. jaimebien
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    I enjoyed the film very much and I’m fascinated by the premise of the film. Having said that, how did the the film, with its small budget and relatively new writers/director, manage to bring together the big-name actors? However that happened, I’m glad that these actors took a chance.

  28. jav4927
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    This movie was bad! I couldn’t care for any of the characters at all. What was going on with the ropey Britney wannabe? Why should we feel sympathy for her? Oh and it sure was a lucky coincidence she mentioned that she’s a rare blood type. Who knows where we would be if it wasn’t for that! It was just hilarious how every five minutes Fingers did something awful to the singer, she just couldn’t run away – not that you really could anyway being a famous singer. And then he turns up to tell her to get an abortion, ha ha, were we all expected to be booing the character by then? Then he leaves her unguarded yet again to run away.

    2 hours I won’t get back. The trivia section says it took the makers of this crap 6 years to fully complete…they probably should have taken a bit longer.

  29. ivan-308
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    in this movie that I found great were Andy Garcia and the Out-takes on DVD. The rest of it was too fake of a story. Brandon F. is too up and down and FW as always is just uncoordinated and a screw up. I found that none of the people seem to fit in the environment. Everybody was a character from a different movie. The ending: just pathetic!

  30. Frau Blucher
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    When Brendan Fraser is driving the nephew around , the boy talks about this movie,….. can’t make out what he called it ,.."Crawl" "Krull"? Is there such a movie?

    If you should feel really happy, be patient. It will pass.

  31. mrswizz
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    So, just finished watching it, thought it was an amazing film. Crash seemed too pretentious for my liking. This had an actual story, arc and a great ending.

    SMG has been showing she can act as well but this film was all about Fraser, Garcia and Whittaker.

    would have liked a bit more Delpy but after this I’m looking forward to see what the director does next.

    Great film

    we don’t need no education

    yes you do, you’ve just used a double negative

  32. sundance7490
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    I really loved The Air I Breathe. Upon seeing Crash, I instantly became a lover of interconnecting storylines. Films such as Amores Perros, Babel, and The Air I Breathe have a much better opportunity of grasping a hold of their characters because in each film there are only about six while Crash had as many as sixteen.

    But in developing the characters, I never realized it before but I think The Air I Breathe has to be the most unbelievable spectacle of them all despite being my favorite one.

    The one thing that never really bothered me until I thought about it was the ability for Pleasure to be able to see the future in bits and pieces. Yes, it can be argued it is crucial to the storyline but still really over the top and unbelievable. Then you have all these coincidental happenings that are WAY too coincidental for reality. I will list them and they have been argued before…

    – Love seeing Sorrow on the screen at the exact same time he needs to find that particular blood type after he threw a fit looking for it.

    – Sorrow hitting Happiness as he’s running away from the police.

    – Sorrow sitting in her car crying (blocking up traffic) long enough to allow Happiness’s bag to go flying about a hundred yards off the end of a building and crash onto her roof.

    I once wrote a screenplay like this (also with interconnecting characters) who also meet together in the end and submitted it to a low-budget film company hoping to get it made. It didn’t past muster which makes me wonder how this film did. I’m not complaining about it, simply that the ending was WAY too convenient. It’s almost annoying if you think about it. The rest of the movie was awesome, I simply prefer a progressive reveal instead of just BAM and that’s it.

    I don’t speak whatever.

  33. SFTomass
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    just what we needed in this country.


    I don’t know, I could be wrong, I often am.

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