The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2009)



Nine friends take a holiday at a Victorian home on a private island and uncover a game that when played brings out the worst in each of them. Jealously, greed, hatred, lust, all of the things they keep buried deep inside themselves rise to the surface and come to a boil. Full summary »

Genre: Fantasy,Horror,Thriller

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2009)
Release Date: 9 April 2010 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Gabriel Bologna
  • Robert Patrick
  • Danielle Harris
  • Sean Lawlor
  • James Duval
  • Nick Mennell
  • Mircea Monroe
  • Arcadiy Golubovich
  • Electra Avellan
  • Elise Avellan
  • Walker Howard
  • M.D. Walton
  • Declan Joyce
  • Nitsa Benchetrit
  • Adamo Palladino
  • Jason Loughridge

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33 Responses to The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2009)

  1. Iluvhorror1990
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    The film tanked…

    It barely averaged over $200 per theater on 404 screens.

    Keep in mind these figures are estimates –

    Friday $85,000 404 / $210

    Saturday $93,000 404 / $230

    Sunday $72,000 404 / $178 ond.htm

    This film has been heavily advertised in the markets it was showing for the past 2 weeks and was even plugged (via paid ad) on Howard Stern and during American Idol and every major horror news website online and it tanked.

    So let’s do a tally here.

    Screenwriter = FAIL

    Director = FAIL

    Producers = FAIL

    Producers coming to this forum and pretending to be fans = PATHETIC FAIL

    Distributor = EPIC FAIL

    These idiots had a better shot a making money this fall when scary/horror movies are expected. Only a moron releases a horror film that no one knows about during the month of April. A Nightmare on Elm Street (which also release this month) could be released December 25th and still do well.

    I’m pretty much done beating this movie into the ground. The fans have spoken and it bombed, tanked, failed. Word to the producers, next time don’t come this forum and horror websites to pretend to be horror fans. We called you out and OWNED you. Oh yeah and next time…make a better film jerkoffs!

    When ever there is injustice in the horror world … we will be there.

    When ever there is poor screenwriting and bad directing in the horror film … we will be there.

    When ever there is a film that has Sean Clark, Gabe Bologna and Jason Loughridge involved … we will be there.

    TO WARN YOU TO STAY THE F%^& AWAY!!! Stay safe my friends!

  2. smurdock-1
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    so you have 2 hot girls going off to a bedroom to get it on .. and you don’t show it … WTF !! Come on .. if they would have shown those 2 going at it my review would have went from 2 stars to 3 or 4 …

  3. TheMarwood
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    How this ended up on 400+ screens will remain one of the 21 century’s greatest mysteries. But with a $75,000 opening night, I think this will be on basic cable by next weekend. $186 per screen average. There are usually 6 shows per day — that’s $31 per showing — or 3 people per showing. Factor in an average of $10,000 per print to theaters — that’s $4,000,000 — in the mean time, I suggest the management of this distribution company read up on this:

  4. whispering_comet
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    were in the trailer for this movie! I went to see this Friday night, expecting something different, it was horrible acting, even the horse thing or whatever it was supposed to be looked fake, I mean I expected Danielle Harris to do a good job, as she usually does decent in the movies she is in, but this acting was just really bad I think, I mean the girls that kill the other girl and then cut her boobs off! Come on that was just ridiculous!


    Let’s never forget Mark Bingham, hero from United Flight 93 9/11/01

  5. dreamscape_11
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    Really gory and messy with Danielle Harrisand Robert Patrick!! cant wait!!!!!

  6. Ceallachain
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    In this movie?

  7. Iluvhorror1990
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    Rotten Tomatoes

    Bloody-Disgusting – Side note – Screenwriter Sean Clark writes for this site and they trashed the film.

    Fangoria id=496:the-black-waters-of-echos-pond-film-review&catid=50:movies- tv&Itemid=181

    I’ll post more when/if they are available. But for now these are some of the ones that matter.

  8. MaxPayne1080
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    why was he there?

  9. talktogabriel
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    My name is Gabriel Tyner and I am not the director of "The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond." Gabriel Bologna is the director. Has anyone posting these negative reviews even made a movie before? Or even tried? We should support independent Cinema! Even if you don’t like the movie, which has one of the best death by rake sequences BTW, you should still go to the theater and support independent cinema. If you don’t go then you will continue to see only big budget movies like "Avatar" and "Transformers 3." We need our voices to be heard in the theater so go see this movie! It will be opening in at theater near you on April the 9th.. To find a theater in your town go to


    Gabriel Kipling Tyner

  10. Poppoppopcorn
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  11. smurdock-1
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    all 3 were terrible and annoying as hell … what were Danielle Harris & Robert Patrick doing in this movie with the likes of Anton & the twins …

  12. PlanBFromOuterSpace
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    First off, whoever made the trailer did a horrible job, and I admit that it had me setting my expectations super, super low. It’s not advertising anything that isn’t in the movie and it isn’t misleading or anything, but it makes the movie LOOK like a bargain basement production, when the look of the film itself is actually quite good. The trailer makes the prologue look like it’s going to be in that phony looking scratched black-and-white, but it’s in color, and the film itself is well shot and looks like a real film, not like it was shot on a digital camcorder. The cinematography of the film itself is almost on par with what the Platinum Dunes folks have been doing with their films. Like them or not, they’re nice to look at.

    The acting was pretty good for the most part, except for maybe the "English as a second language" actors (the twins and the European guy), who seem to struggle a little bit when things start to get heated. I was also surprised in that most of the characters even had a bit of depth (!) to them, as i was expecting a bunch of stereotypes and caricatures. I had no problems with the story, everyone seemed to serve a purpose and had something to do, the makeup was good, and the effects were good for the most part, even if the creature stuff (of which there was little) was a little silly. Even Robert Patrick DIDN’T seem to be phoning it in.

    As I posted in other threads though, I still don’t think that this thing stands a chance at the box office. Having seen the film, it looks like something that could play in a wide release if there was more money behind it, but it seems limited to just a few hundred screens, which seem to be scattered about pretty randomly. I work at a small theater in a smaller market where it isn’t going to perform, because no one knows what it is. I almost think it would have been better if it had a very limited release in the bigger markets before going immediately to DVD and On-Demand, if they felt the need to release it theatrically at all. It would have cost them less and they probably would have had more money to promote it there, where it will hopefully do well.

  13. PeterCOTD
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    and it was pretty bad.

  14. ghostie0
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    There. I saved you money and (more importantly) time. The guy wakes up and it turns out it was all a vision that he had. The scariest part of it was that I thought the movie was going to start over again.

    I felt like I was owed money for this and I had downloaded it. This makes Uve Boll movies look pretty good by comparison. Seriously, this is a really screwed up joke that it is in theaters.

    People that say it is good have either not seen it or are the irritating high school aged failures that like anything that is rated R cause they can "totally go see it without their mom".

  15. dewboy30816
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    So, I decided to do my own review:

  16. HuevoDiablo
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    Having seen this piss-poor excuse for a film, I have to say that I’m shocked the producers managed to secure any type of theatrical release, even a limited one. The film’s going to make no money at all. It’s badly written and poorly cast. The first thirty minutes literally consist of the most annoyingly shallow characters you’ve ever seen in your life drinking and bitching. The "game," which is supposed to be ancient, has gamecards that appear to have been written in pen… in a Homer Simpson-ish version of Old English. Lots of "thy" and "thee" so that it sounds like a very bad comic book – writer Sean Clark clearly slept through his English classes. The amount of ridiculously dumb stuff in this film makes Uwe Boll look like an Ivy League scholar.

    The characters aren’t developed beyond the basic "who’s cheating on who" and "who screwed over who at work" cliches. Seriously, no one in this film seems remotely human. Worse yet, the Avellan sisters, along with Arcadiy Golubovich, can barely speak English. Their accents are damn near impenetrable. Why cast someone in an American film when you can’t understand a word they’re saying? I have a strong feeling that this was done as a favor to the financiers.

    The gore, when it comes, is unimpressive, and the acting during these scenes is especially laughable. There’s zero suspense due to the characters being so one-note and the actors playing them clearly not caring.

    My favorite bit of stupidity involves Mircea Monroe’s character. Through much of the film, people are constantly commenting on her apparent "boob job." Indeed, one of the gore scenes is based around her boobs supposedly being fake. However, there’s a shower scene in which she’s topless… and her boobs are clearly REAL. Hilarious!

    The ending contains the stupidest twist imaginable; the sort of thing that most people realize is a cliche when they’re about 5 years old. And I’m gonna spoil it right here, because it’s so unbelievably lame, I can’t believe an adult came up with it…


    IT WAS ALL A DREAM! GASP! The entire movie takes place in James Duval’s mind right as he sits down to play the game and stares at the board. After virtually everyone has supposedly been killed, Duval "wakes up" while staring at the game, and someone urges him to start playing. Oooooohhhh! Scary!

    *************END SPOILER************

    A note to the producers, director and writer: please stay away from the horror genre. You people are inept and painfully untalented. You’ve made one of the worst films of the year. I beg you all to rethink your careers; clearly, you’re not any good at making movies.

    For anyone thinking of seeing this… you have been warned.

  17. LPVmalo
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  18. Stynes
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    the black waters of echo’s pond better than H2. danielle harris better in black waters of echo’s pond than H2. black waters director’ better director than rob ‘uwe boll’ zombie

  19. jeffyoung1
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    If you’re just looking for a good, scary, gotcha, spooky horror flick to entertain you, I do recommend this movie. If you’re looking for the world’s best-written and filmed horror films, this isn’t it. I always judge a movie if I was entertained. I walked out of the theater feeling well-spooked and entertained. Of course this wasn’t a great horror flick. It was meant to entertain by shock and to make money. Simple.


    My opinion of the movie’s plot is that it is based on the SEVEN MORTAL SINS, not all of which are represented by the hapless victims in the movie.

    The plot essentially represents how ANGER can grow to murderous rage when fueled by the other mortal sins, like LUST and GLUTTONY.

    There’s a lot of LUST in the action to generate the anger and rage that causes the vacationers to turn on each other. The lust leads to mistrust, suspicion, possessiveness, anger, then murderous rage. There is a curious twist on GLUTTONY. Gluttony does not necessarily allude to only over-eating. It can refer to HEDONISM. One of the main characters, Mike, is intensely disliked by the group, but tolerated because of the financial favors and help he has bestowed on individuals within the group. But it doesn’t make him popular, quite the opposite. Mike is not fat. He’s not into drugs, eating, and only some drinking. But after inheriting his late father’s money, he has become morally and ethically lax. He is generous with his funds to the people in the group of young adults, but he has been boorish and insensitive and more or less bought the friendship of some of the individuals who still dislike him for his egregious behavior.

  20. jeffyoung1
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    Based on several imdb posters that this is indeed an intriguing movie, I’m going to see it.

    It’s true what is often said, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve watched a number of movies over the past decades that had limited screen release but turned out surprisingly good, for example, "Existenz", back in 1999.

    Okay, now for my post. I see by the imdb photos that the mythological Greek god makes its appearance from time to time as some kind of demonic apparition. The photo shows a terrifying monstrous creature. It makes you want to stock up on firearms with large-bore calibers.

    Yet in Greek mythology, the mythological Greek minor god, Pan, is not supposed to look terrifying monstrous. He represents the wild, chaotic, oft-enjoyable side of Nature’s life forces. The typical image of Pan is a playful creature of less than average height, the head and torso of a man with short, stubby horns on the forehead, and the legs and cloven feet of a goat/sheep, and a stubby bushy tail that sticks up. Pan typically carries around a Grecian handpipes, the sort that famous musician, Yani, plays. I think Pan was also depicted being able to play a small harp. Pan also played a sort of twin flutes, shaped like a, ‘V’, with the point of the V in his mouth. Mythology may also depict Pan using weapons like a sling or a short bow, but I can’t be sure about it. In Dungeons and Dragons, the description write-up for Pan mentioned that the minor god could melee with his powerful fists. I’m not certain what kind of food Pan ate, but he was probably omnivorious. No, he didn’t eat humans. Mythological Greek creatures, satyrs, are often confused with Pan. Pan supposedly had a strong sexual appetitie, which he tried to satisfy with the mythological Greek nympths, female spirit creatures who could manifest as flesh-and-blood, scantily-clad, sometimes nude human females, hanging around forests, woods, rivers, ponds, springs, the like.

  21. TheMarwood
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    Old school horror wasn’t shot with a consumer grade video camera.

  22. Poppoppopcorn
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  23. RickinHK
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    Just wondered after reading the title

  24. Cobb05
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    I just saw the trailer on tv and it looks like a really low budget movie. How did it not go straight to dvd?

  25. Bella_Vita
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    not a good thing.

  26. Ceallachain
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    Why doesn’t this have a listing at RT???

    BTW, how wide is the release going to be??? Theater number?

  27. PlanBFromOuterSpace
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    First off, this trailer has been sitting on the shelf at my theater for months and months. No one knew what it was, the studio putting it out was a total no-namer, and it hadn’t been put on any trailer packages, meaning that they probably couldn’t even afford to request to have it attached to big films. I’m more than a little surprised that I actually found out what this thing was BEFORE it just one day appeared on the DVD new release shelf at Wal Mart.

    Like just about everyone here, the trailer just snuck up on me. I was watching Supernatural a couple of weeks ago, an ad pops up for something that looks like another wretched CW teen show, and to my surprise, it was an ad for…this. Still not really caring, but seeing it was coming out in a couple weeks, I at least knew that we could get rid of the trailers at work.

    Then, mysteriously, we were booked with this film. Out of a total of about 300 prints, which is a pretty microscopic run in the overall scheme of things, Butler, Pennsylvania, is showing this film? I mean, I know we’re a tiny part of the Regal empire, and we’ve been used as a dumping ground before, but this is ridiculous. We have nothing to gain as a company by having this show ANYWHERE, as again, the distributor is a total non-entity, so I think the only sane explanation is that someone in the film buying or booking departments lost a bet…with God.

    Curious because we were going to be showing (not that anyone will necessarily be watching) this film that was being put out to die, we checked out the site for the film and finally watched the full trailer. It was even worse than the TV spot. Oh sure, it started out promising with the hilarious faux-scratched black-and-white sequence, and it was somehow all downhill from there. Speaking of the black and white stuff, did anyone else see the 30th anniversary edition of Night of the Living Dead? It came in the wake of the Star Wars Special Editions, so someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to film a new prologue that was supposed to fit in with the original material, but instead, it clearly looked like something that was shot today in someone’s backyard. The logic seemed to be that the lack of color = old n’ stuff. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah…

    I’m totally looking forward to seeing how bad this film is, and fortunately I won’t be putting any money in anyone’s pockets when I do so. I think the ONLY people I know that are looking forward to this are people that ALSO can’t believe that this is a real film. If it wasn’t for the presence of Robert Patrick ("Supercross: The Movie", "Double Dragon", "The Marine"), I would have easily mistaken this for a movie that you would only see at comic and horror conventions, their creators pestering you and pestering you to come to their booth and check out their other "movies", which aren’t even as good as THIS one. *shudder*

  28. pozzible
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    When I saw the trailer that was the only thing I could think of.

  29. Anonymous
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  30. grindbastard
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    TalktoGabriel = Gabriel Bologna?

    Did you really just review your own movie?

  31. Anonymous
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    This message has been deleted by the poster

  32. ooza227
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  33. malfunction
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    This past weekend (11/22/09)"The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond" premiered at Cincinnati Ohio’s HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival put on by HorrorHound Magazine. The film won the Audience Choice Award "Beast of the Fest". So far the film is 2-0.

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