The Cutting Edge (1992)



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At the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary we see Doug Dorsey battered in a vicious hockey game against West Germany. We then see a Kate doing her program and falling when a lift goes bad. Both have fought all their life to get to the Olympics and suddenly the dream has been shattered. The movie then follows a tempermental but talented figure skater Kate through many partners until finally her coach resorts to recruiting a hockey player. Through the difficult training of 15 hours of skating a day they finally prepare for Nationals and the Olympics. A romance is budding and their final show could bend or break them as they try to achieve their dreams of an Olympic Gold medal.

Written by
Pat Delin <[email protected]>

Kate is talented and spoiled. She and her coach have eliminated her most recent figure skating partner with little time to find a replacement. None of the candidates will do, and her coach finds a college hockey player with no figure skating experience as a last possibility. The two are from totally different worlds and argue constantly, but his strong work ethic brings both her father and her coach around. The two enter international competition trying out a new routine that is dangerous for each of them as their respect for each other finally begins to grow.

Written by
John Vogel <[email protected]>

NHL prospect Doug Dorsey is injured in an Olympic hockey game which leaves him unable to play professionally. Pairs skater Kate Moseley is an ill-tempered figure skater who no one will pair up with after a fall during the same Olympic games. With nowhere else to go, Kate\’s coach brings in Doug as a potential partner, although Doug has no figure skating experience. Kate is none too thrilled about this arrangement and tries to antagonize Doug into leaving, but his strong work ethic and lack of options convinces him to stay in it, to the point that he begins to like figure skating! The pair undergo grueling, rigorous training to finalize a program for U.S. National championships – and from there, the Olympics and a possible gold medal…

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Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance,Sport

The Cutting Edge (1992)
Release Date: 27 March 1992 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Paul Michael Glaser
  • D.B. Sweeney
  • Moira Kelly
  • Roy Dotrice
  • Terry O'Quinn
  • Dwier Brown
  • Chris Benson
  • Kevin Peeks
  • Barry Flatman
  • Rachelle Ottley
  • Steve Sears
  • Nahanni Johnstone
  • Michael Hogan
  • R.D. Reid
  • Dick Grant
  • Melanie Miller

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  1. dimrod80

    Just curious if Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney can actually skate really well or if they were using stunt doubles throughout the movie (not just for the really hard stuff). I noticed that a lot of scenes they focus separately on the legs then the upper body, but wasn’t sure if that’s because the actors aren’t really doing the skating or just to emphasize their leg movements. Anyone know?

  2. nonami18

    Is there a particular reason Kate could not have simply become a singles skater?, other than the fact there would be no movie.

  3. DannyGokeyFan

    I love the Cutting Edge and have watched it over and over, but one thing has always confused me, so I finally am here to ask! :) At the end of the movie when they do their Gold Medal Winning performance with the Pamchanko Twist, Doug says, "You didn’t have to.." and Kate says "Yes I did.. because I love you."

    Did she say that because she always had the skill to win the gold, but messed it up in the Olympics because she never really wanted to skate or win? She was only doing it to please her father who wanted her to be like her mother afterall. (In the skating sense) Which is why Doug always told her she would be better if she enjoyed skating. I feel like she could have won the Gold before, but she didn’t want to because then she would have given her father what HE wanted.

    When Doug told her "you didn’t have to" it sounds like he knew she always sabotaged her programs and he was telling her, she didn’t have to win for him.. He did know that it was her who messed up at the last Olympics.. in Calgary, so it would make sense. And when she said "Yes I did because I love you", it sounds like she finally wanted to win.

    What do you think?

  4. cjlove2523

    I’d like to actually see the whole move, but is it even possible?

  5. ninabug_3

    Did anyone else notice how yellow her teeth were? It was really very distracting, especially at the end when they’ve just completed the Pamchenko and are just about to kiss…

  6. rkenneally-2

    Both of these movies are (I think) based on the taming of the shrew. Which is your favorite?

  7. hunnybunny_twomo

    I could have done without the part where he jumps into bed with Lori Mcslutsky. That just pissed me off.

  8. retusafsnco

    What did Kate see in Doug that made her fall for him and what did Doug see in Kate that made him fall in love with her? It could’nt be their good looks or personalities alone. What could it be?

  9. Anonymous
  10. retusafsnco

    I don’t understanding the comment she made to Doug:

    "God’s gift to reckless abandon revealed as nothing but a prude in wolf’s clothing."

    I have an idea but can someone specifically translate this for me.

  11. Anonymous
  12. akensy

    I was just watching this on TV, my DVR is actually paused on the part I’m asking about. When Kate’s father writes Doug a check, after thinking he may not be what they were looking for, how much money does he write it for? The television version that I’m watching right now doesn’t show it clearly enough when Doug holds up the check and says "Double or nothing" so I thought it may be easier to see on a DVD copy.

    Just something I was always curious about. Thanks!

  13. dawsonscreeklovee

    bugged me a lot.

  14. shannonvirgo

    I was watching The Cutting Edge last night and I think D.B Sweeney looks like a few different actors rolled into one. I think he looks a lot like: George Newbern, Paul Rudd & Edward Burns. It’s weird because in one scene he’ll look so much like one of those actors and in the next scene he’ll look totally like a different one.

    I think he was so cute in the Cutting Edge, it was such a cute movie. I think all of those actors listed above are good looking too.

    Anyone else think he looks like any of the above or like someone else?

    Brown Mamba

  15. shannonvirgo

    Does anyone know the name and artist of the song that played when they were running together? Also, does anyone know if that song is from the 80’s or 90’s?


    Brown Mamba

  16. retusafsnco

    Doug: "There’s only two things I do really well, sweetheart, and skating’s the other one!"

    If skating is the other one, what was the first??

    Scoring goals?, women?, reading score boards?, throwing up when nervous?, finger painting? getting toe picked?

    What was it?

  17. retusafsnco

    As you well know, the ending left so many unanswered questions. Kate’s and Doug’s relationship was an emotional roller coaster ride (for two years) since they first met and at the end when they proclaimed their undying love for one another with their first kiss! They almost had s*x when Kate got drunk. Their "so called" kiss was at midnight on New Years Day but on the cheeks, no embrace. For two years they were in denial but were falling in love. Jealousy was all over the place. They did the impossible (Pamchenko twist) and skated with so much love, emotion, and passion. One would think that they would try be alone in a room after the competition/celebration and have their first s*x together. It would be the natural thing to do (heat of passion). But they didn’t according to the "Invincible" story. Don’t get me wrong, Invincible was great reading. Do you think the s*x should had come first than Kate and Doug having fun in the "broken-in" Olympic skating arena? Or should there be another ending? What would you like to see for an ending?

  18. retusafsnco

    After all these years, why do you love/like The Cutting Edge? For me, this romantic/comedy and the love/hate relationship between the two characters is great! It takes you on a rollercoaster ride especially at the end.

    How do you rate yourself? A fan or a die hard fan? A DB or Moira fan?

    I’m both a DB and Moira fan and a true Cutting Edge fan.

  19. Joletta

    I’ve never seen an actual "Pamchenko Twist", but I have seen part of it, called the "head-banger". A couple of other posters said that the male would have to be really tall and the female really short, that the male would have a lot of upper body strength, and that it would probably only be done professionally. All three counts turn out to be TRUE lol.

    Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman are IMO the most entertaining pair to watch on the professional circuit. Some of their throws and lifts are just insane…and would totally be illegal in amateur competition.

    The head-banger starts at 2:20, but even they can’t incorporate the throw twist. It’s still ridiculously impressive though. And the throw at 0:29 is just f-ing insane!

    I LOVE these performances <–this one has the head-banger too <–clearer version of above

  20. Anonymous
  21. dupont12345

    im in love with this broad!

  22. Glittermouse42

    I have to say that I enjoyed seeing this movie, although I didn’t pay attention to much of it (the plot ponts don’t seem to be very important to understanding the film) but I must say that it was hard to see past Moira’s seemingly boyish eyebrows…perhaps may I suggest some waxing?

  23. londa1027

    lori pekerofsky…..or how ever its spelt…her name in itself tells all she is good for. lol

    People call it a Cul-de-sac. I call it a Dead End

  24. Anonymous
  25. robertsays2182

    Why would this be rated R in canada?

    do they say something bad about canada in it?

    Are they offended by figure skaters?

    Are the tights really that tight?

    Your thoughts.

  26. armcclur

    Please advise when you first felt that either Kate or Doug showed they were in love with each other. What part of the movie?

  27. retusafsnco

    When Doug took Kate to her room drunk, I was wondering if she was really that drunk or did she actually knew what she wanted from Doug? She was kind of serious and looked directly at Doug when she talk about "playing with magnets and all you need is to flip them." Even when Doug came back with a glass of water for her, she still had this serious look and her eyes were fixed on Doug. Do you think the alcohol actually brought out her love and desire for Doug or she didn’t know what she was doing?

  28. fanofmany

    I watched this movie at least 10 times

    its so good even though it can be a little cheesy sometimes …but every movie in the 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s was cheesy so its acceptable.

  29. Lilly_Marie

    I just saw this movie on the $5 rack at target and I felt kind of bad. It’s a good movie, it shouldn’t be demoted to the loser shelf.

    Just thought I’d let y’all know.

  30. retusafsnco

    Why did Doug changed his mind about doing the Pemchenko when he wanted to do it in the first place? Is it because the move was dangerous to Kate that he cared and loved Kate? Why did Kate changed her mind? Was it because she realized that she loved Doug no matter how dangerous the move was? Was love the real reason to risk it all for the Gold Medal? Or was it to prove their new love for one another?

  31. Lu-21

    In TCE 3, when they decided to do the Pamchenko, the partner insisted on having the girl wear a helmet to avoid knocking her out and seriously injuring her. I can understand why Kate might have taken the risk to practice without a helment, but her dad, who should have known better and was there for all the practice runs, could have demanded that they stop trying to kill her by insisting she wear protective head gear. What do you think?

    FLY HIGH SUPERGIRL !!!!! Inspiring all generations of women to be SUPER in their own way

  32. waitingxforxyou-1

    In my opinion, at least.

    T~O #1122

    While you sleep safely, I’ll be thinking about you.

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