The Dark (2005)



One of the living for one of the dead.

While in Wales visiting her husband James, Adèlle tries to fix her relationship with her teenager daughter Sarah. They see a weird memorial without the plate and with the name “Annwyn” marked, and the local Dafydd explains that this would be the place where people go after dying in accordance with the Welsh mythology. Later, Sarah vanishes on the beach and the daughter of the local fanatic shepherd, Ebrill, who died fifty years ago, appears in her place. Adele makes a research trying to find how to rescue her daughter from Annway.

Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller

The Dark (2005)
Release Date: May 2005 (Canada)
Country: Germany , UK
Director: John Fawcett
  • Maria Bello
  • Sean Bean
  • Maurice Roëves
  • Sophie Stuckey
  • Abigail Stone
  • Richard Elfyn
  • Casper Harvey
  • Eluned Jones
  • Gwenyth Petty
  • Robin Griffith
  • Mike Keggen
  • Tonya Smith

19 Responses to The Dark (2005)

  1. kfk89
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    When most of us visit Wales we find a few harmless sheep, tons of rain and doddery old ladies serving home made ice cream in gift shops.

    Of course, an American family *would* manage to go and find the land of the dead…

    I shall certainly never see sheep in the same way.

  2. frostofsparta
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    I would like to attempt to find it…

  3. jimthechin
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    So many people seem to have interpretations of the ending, and I have yet to see the most obvious one. So hopefully this will explain things.

    Sarah hated her mother so she concocted a plan to be rid of her. She faked her death in the ocean. No-one saw her go in and drown, and she left a shoe there to make it look like she had drown. No-one in the search party was ever going to find her.

    Sarah then "haunted" her mother whenever she was alone, by calling to her and placing props such as her red cardigan. She knew how to open Ebrill’s box at the end because she was messing around with the keys at the start and had kept the key. This is also how she knew the story of Ebrill and developed her plan.

    The "shepherd" was Dave. He had abused his daughter Ebrill and performed the trepanation on her. It had left her in the state she was in, petrified and confused. This is why she killed Dave in the Abbatoir. It was also because she had just found a replacement father in James.

    Everyone immediately assumed Ebrill to be some sinister incarnation of evil because it is the stereotype for bland and empty looking little girls ever since The Shining. She was only ever scared and despondent. She actually did nothing sinister and we saw this more than ever in the hospital. She then ran off after her tearful exchange with James to kill her real father, Dave.

    By the end Adele was so delusional, a delusion added to by the newspaper clippings that were completely unrelated to the real Ebrill, that she jumped off the cliff because she thought it would bring Sarah back. Her and Ebrill, the innocent victim, died there and then. The "supernatural" aspects to the story are merely her delusions, and the post-jumping scenes are the last thoughts of her delusional mind before she drowns.

    The ending is therefore simple. The coldness of Sarah in the car is because she is showing us her real intentions all along. She wasn’t "possessed" as most of you would put it, she wanted her mother dead.

    This film was set up to make people grasp for the supernatural explanation before the rational one, and they did it extremely well.

  4. whodat_4
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    The Handyman and current Shepard warned her not to do everything possible to try to bring back her daughter. Because the last time it happened a Pastor brought his daughter back from the dead by convincing his congregation to commit suicide off of a cliff. The daughter that came back was harboring a dark and twisted soul, not his daughters. He eventually tried to rid her of the darkness, by using some obscene medieval methods to drain the evil from her body by piercing her skull with screws. Apparently, this was a method used on sheep for the same reason.

    Anyway the method kills the daughter again and he puts her in the ocean to rest in Annwwnn, land of the dead. The current handyman, was a child back then, pushed the Pastor over the cliff and went to join his daughter in Annwwn.

    The Sarah’s mother, not heeding the warning tries to make the currently returned Pastor’s daughter jump off the cliff, to get her daughter back. As you can now fathom, the Pastor’s daughter somehow got Sarah to fall in to the ocean, thus allowing a trade of bodies to happen.

    So anyway, the Pastor’s daughter is talked into not jumping off of the cliff, because James, Sarah’s father, tells her that he will be her be her father.

    The mother becomes pissed and takes the girl and they both jump off of the cliff.

    So the next thing you know the mother is walking out of the water and onto the beach of the land of the dead and sees the Pastor’s daughter’s true dark form.

    So the movie goes into a series of psychological affects, trying to break the news to the mother that both her and her daughter are dead and that neither are leaving.

    Moreover, the Pastor’s daughter informs her that she deserves to be dead, because even her daughter didn’t want her.

    Mom still refuses to believe that she is dead so the dark decides to play a final trick on her, by allowing pictures of a current happening to play in her mind.

    In her mind, she sees herself coming back from the land of the dead and she sees her daughters foot prints leading up to the house, as well as her daughter’s voice yelling for her father.

    As she reaches the view of the house she sees her ex Husband running out to greet the daughter, whom he thought had drowned. He takes her in the house and as the mother tries to follow, he shuts the door and she finds she can’t get in or even bang on the windows. Somehow she finds herself in the room with her ex and her daughter, and the Father says the mother didn’t make it from the ocean.

    Of course mom goes hysterical claiming that she isn’t dead, but soon accepts that she did die and is a ghost.

    Later in the evening, we see the daughter waking up to find the jewelry box that the mother had tried vainly to open many times early. Mom shows up and is talking to the daughter, telling her that she loves her. Then curiously, Mom sees the daughter open the jewelry box without a key, and replaces a an old picture of the deceased Pastor with his daughter, with that of Her father and her. Mom is bewildered by this and attempts to brush her hand against the daughter’s cheek, when the daughter jumps up and tells her that her daughter is not her. Mom, having heard this before, when she first saw the Pastor’s daughter earlier in the movie, is trying to wonder why her daughter is talking like the Pastor’s daughter.

    Then we see that she is not in her ex husband’s house but rather she is still in the house of the land of the dead. From here the mother is shocked to find that not was she not at the original house but she had never left, and that the girl at the other house is not her daughter.

    The scene cuts to the ex and his "daughter". She restates what he said to the Pastor’s daughter while she was in the hospital about picturing something in her mind and that it happened. When he asked what it was, she said it was a secret.

    The scene cuts back to the mom, in the land of the dead. Who is shocked to learn that she is truly dead and stuck in the Celt’s land of the dead.

    As she falls to the floor, her grief turns to despair, and then despair turns to terror as she hears heavy footsteps and into the rooms is the Pastor, looking far horrendous and non-human.

    The end.

  5. klhmk
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    Why were the mom and dad living apart and why was the mom’s relationship with the daughter so strained? If this was explained in the movie, I missed it.

  6. klhmk
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    Also, what was it that Ebrill’s father would do to her head and why? Is that really done in some cultures?

  7. PiperCharmed
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    Throughout this whole movie, it seems like there are many periods of time where someone is yelling out "Sarah? Sarah!" over and over again! The concept of this movie is great and I’m really enjoying it. That’s the only part that I can’t stand, though! Her name is driving me nuts now! lol! Anyone else agree?

  8. PrincessPorno
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    at first i thought it was based in Ireland because Adele says to James ( who is suppose to be English) Top of the morning to you, and then they started goign on about it being Wales i was like what the hell are they on, can they get the geography of the uk right?

  9. Anonymous
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  10. mitchellG
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    had the potential to be so much better.

  11. belleandguaca
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    That’s all. I was amazed with the resemblance.

  12. jmurray1-1
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    Can someone explain what happens from when adele jumps off the cliff until the end? The other posts dont answer it entirely

  13. user-153
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    Everything about this movie was bad: the idea was hackneyed, the casting dreadful, the development of the story hurried and often confusing and without explanation, the characterisation leaving you with absolutely no sympathy for the protagonists who are, with the exception of Sean Bean’s character (what was Sean Bean doing in this film? That can’t have been cheap), irritating. I like Maurice Roëves as an actor, but his welsh accent slipped into geordie/irish and it’s difficult to be fair about the rest of the actors given the rubbish that passed for a script:

    And, let’s face it, the script was horrible. Example: Adelle: "I thought it was her. But it wasn’t". Lets analyse this, shall we? You lost your daughter on the beach, and in the middle of the night you see a girl of identical description running away from your window, and you thought it was your daughter? Take my word for it, no one is going to criticise you for that.

    ‘she brought something back with her. The sheep started dying’. So what? The sheep started dying? That’s it? Are they magical, fairy sheep? Can they fly and talk?

    Here’s a tip: don’t kill her, GET RID OF THE BLOODY SHEEP. Just an idea. Or I suppose you could drill holes in your daughter’s head. Matter for you.

    ‘I can’t open the tin box’. What?! You can’t open a bloody tin box?! Tip: GET A TIN OPENER, or a knife, or just smash it to bits. And if you want to make that hole in the wall bigger, put DOWN the tin box, put UP the hammer you were just using. And when it’s finally opened, it has a hair brush, photo and some (not described) papers in it. So what was the point in all that then?

    and just when you get the the end, having asked yourself every preceding minute ‘I should turn this rubbish off and re-arrange the books on that shelf [or some other such task you’ve been putting off]’, the ending is just a mess. How many of you were just like me who, when observing the ‘morse code game’ played by James and Sarah thought, well, obviously this is going to be important later. And it was, but also, strangely, it wasn’t. I wonder if more was made of it in the book? Not that I would, for one moment, ask anyone to read ‘sheep’. (‘Sheep’. A book called ‘Sheep’. As if that wasn’t a good enough indicator of the quality of the story therein….)

    The only slight chill in the film coming right at the end with the appearance of that masked figure in Annwyn. But by that time you’re so intensely annoyed by Adelle you’re quite happy for her to spend the rest of her time in eternal torment.

    Now, I’ve been guilty of winding up people on these boards, I’ll admit it. Particularly those good anally-inverted people on the ‘Lost in Translation’ board, but ‘The Dark’ deserves to be heaped with damnation. It leaves you wondering how it got made in the first place.

  14. dm_dudkin
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    This film surprisingly correlates with Silent Hill (released 1 year later). Mother in search of a girl (here – Sarah, there – Sharon), the girl having an alter ego in the other world, Sean Bean in both movies, when mother and daughter return the husband cannot see his wife, and the girl is not what she was before. I beleive Christophe Gans did not do this on purpose, but did anyone notice the two stories were strangely close?

  15. jennifer-mcnab
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    I absolutley hated it!!! It was more gory than it was scary.It was a total rip-off of the ring except, the ring was a phsycological thriller, this was just horrific. My advice, to whoever wrote this script is to DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE THEY MAKE A FILM!!!!!

    Here is what I found wrong with it-

    1)The plot was totaly confusing

    2)It made Wales look totally uncivilized. Honestly, everything was just sheep and grass!At one point Sean bean hits stones together to try and light a fire. I live in Scotland, which is very close to Wales and belive it or not – we have computers, tv’s, i-pods ect….Shock horror!!!!

    3)The idiot of a woman says "Top o’ the moring to you!"


    5)The woman takes a kettle up the stairs when she hears a noise.

    6)Possesed sheep jumping off of a cliff!

    7)The fact that it tried to justify the torture of a young girl!

    8)The majority of Celts (SUCH AS MYSELF) don’t belive in these myths!!!

    9)It was a cheap rip-off of the Ring and other Japanese horror films!

    This is just me getting started – seriously! What are your opinions? They made Celtic people look like total idiots!!! What are your opinions??

  16. Demarates
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    Do you think he was the only gay in the village ?

    I am not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.

  17. WonderWoman2010
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    this movie is creepy as hell

  18. blogspot
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  19. Jo
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