The Fantastic Four (1994)



Part Elastic, Part Invisible, Part Fire, Part Stone See »

In this Marvel Comic adaption, four astronauts get bombarded with cosmic rays when an accident occurs. The four of them acquire special powers, and decide to form a superhero group called the Fantastic Four. They then fight their arch-enemy Dr. Doom.

Written by
Paul Zenisek <[email protected]>

When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are forever changed by cosmic rays: Reed Richards, inventor and leader of the group gains the ability to stretch his body and takes the name Mr. Fantastic. His girlfriend, Sue Storm, gains the ability to turn invisible and create force fields becoming The Invisible Girl. Her little brother, Johnny Storm, becomes The Human Torch with the ability to control fire, including covering his own body with flame. The pilot Ben Grimm is turned into the super-strong, super-tough Thing. Together they become a team of super-heroes and use their unique powers to foil the evil plans of villains.

Written by

Genre: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi,Fantasy

The Fantastic Four (1994)
Release Date:
Country: Germany , USA
Director: Oley Sassone
  • Alex Hyde-White
  • Jay Underwood
  • Rebecca Staab
  • Michael Bailey Smith
  • Ian Trigger
  • Joseph Culp
  • George Gaynes
  • Kat Green
  • Carl Ciarfalio
  • Chuck Butto
  • Annie Gagen
  • Howard Shangraw
  • David Keith Miller
  • Robert Alan Beuth
  • Patrick Richwood

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33 Responses to The Fantastic Four (1994)

  1. ggeff18
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    This is a very fun move, and a whole lot more enjoyable than the official movies. This should have been released in theaters.

    “You expect to break me? Impossible! You broke me years ago. You killed me years ago…” – Manson

  2. WhiteRangerPower
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    I just read in the trivia section that this movie was never meant to be released. That the studio that owned the rights were going to lose the rights if they didn’t make the movie….

    So why make it?? If it was never going to be released ever then why waste the money making the movie? Just so you could say you did it? That just doesn’t make any damn sense to me.

    Dragonzord! Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Saber Toothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus!

  3. Right_U_R_Ken
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    I became curious about this movie so I bought a DVD off Ebay. To say the image quality is bad would be a understatement. It looks like the original was shot with an old VHS camcorder pointed at the screen and then copies were made from one old 2 head VCR to another and then copies were made from copies degrading it several generations. My copy is so bad I couldn’t get thru watching it. I just couldn’t see what was going on. It’s really bad. Too dark, fuzzy, bad color, overall really bad. Years ago a couple kids I know made a movie with a VHS camera and edited it between the camera and a VCR. The picture quality of their movie was better than my copy of this movie. Did I mention my copy is bad?? Yeah, it’s really bad.

    So is everyone’s else DVD that bad or is there a better version out there? Seems from what I could see that this movie might at least be fun to watch if i could see it more clearly. I put it aside for a while but recently I transfered it to my computer to see how much I could fix it in Vegas. I’ve been able to improve it a little but it’s just to far gone to do much with it.

  4. re_zuleta
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    Last year, in 2005, I friend of mine acquired a Bootlegg copy of what he thought was the New ‘Fantantic Four'(2005) movie. But what was really inside the DVD-R was a digitized version of this atrocity. I mean the special effects are like 1970’s retro-style ….I mean they’re terrible. The funny thing is…my friend was sold a DVD-case with the poster-art and pictures from the New! "Fantastic Four"(2005) movie. That movie is good to sit down and watch it, knowing how awful its going to be.


    [email protected]

  5. Njae2000
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    Does anyone know where I can find this version?

    Luke Spencer: "Love is a perfect notion, people expect too much out of it…"

  6. scottray1
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    This is her first ever signing convention. She looks forward to meeting her fans. See you there!!!

  7. coolhatproductions
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    I cut a trailer for "The Fantastic Four" doing what I could to make it look like it was a larger-scale film. Let me know what you think.

  8. pmai-1
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    As I was cleaning out my bedroom, I came across an old box of comic books and in it was Issue #25 of Wizard Magazine, dated September 1993. Inside there was an article about the upcoming release of Fantastic Four. After knowing what ended up happening with the movie, the article is just funny but also tragic. Anyway, here it is, taken from pages 102-103 of the above mentioned magazine. Enjoy:

    Hyde-White Stretches to Make Richards Fantastic in Film

    This fall, Concorde Pictures hopes to get a high box office return with its low-budget Fantastic Four film. While sales the size of Jurassic Park might exceed Concorde’s reach, the man who plays the stretchable leader of the Fantastic Four, Alex Hyde-White, plans to give it his all.

    Hyde-White, now 34, remembers watching the sixties Fantastic Four cartoons as a kid, but hasn’t followed Marvel’s quartet since. "It didn’t take me long to get up to speed," says Hyde-White, noting thatt he folks at Los Angeles’ Golden Apple were helpful in getting him research material. "It was great to have a store of knowledge available. When we started the film, Marvel had a recreation of the first issue on the stands."

    Hyde-White’s past credits include Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers (with his father, British actor Wilfrid Hyde-White), Biggle Adventures In Time, Time Trackers, Pretty Woman, and Robert Englund’s Phantom of the Opera. He found playing two sides to Reed’s character enjoyable.

    "One was the traditional character that I was going to have to put a movie spin on, which I got from Marvel Universe and the comics. The other side was that he was an astrophysicist," says Hyde-White. "I’ve always been sort of a closet theoretical physicist in a way, with Steven Hawkings books and t he blend of Eastern philosophy with Western science. It was enjoyable to go back and reread those as research."

    The film’s story closely mirrors early issues of the comic book, though Hyde-White says there’s an added dimension to their powers. "They discover that they have inherited unique powers based on their own psychological makeup," he says. How do Richards’ abilities relate to his mind? "Stretching is a desire to be all things to all people, a desire to be all things to all people, a desire to take care of everything all the time. ‘Stretching himself too thin’ is a phrase that Reed can use about himself," says Hyde-White. Of the others, Sue Storm (Rebecca Staab) is shy, and in moments of stress, she disappears. Johnny Storm (Jay Underwood) is a hothead, and the Thing (stuntman Carl Ciarfalio) relies on brute strength when intelligence would have sufficed."

    Referring to Richards’ questionable actions about bringing the quartet into space in the first place, Hyde-White laughs, "I think if Reed wasn’t such a nice guy, he’d be one of the most dangerous people in the history of the world," he says. "He seems to have this will that enables him to do the most ridiculous and seemingly un-thought-out things."

    "Seemingly ridiculous" is a statement in most fans’ minds when they hear of the low budget for the film. "They had to commence principal photography by December 31, 1992," explains Hyde-White. "I think that’s the reason Concorde was involved. They’re able to do things quickly, cheaply, and with a certain level of quality. I have a certain level of experience with making low budget movies, and I can say that the Fantastic Four was on the higher level of those experiences. There was an added stimulus that people wanted to put an extra effort into this one. It was more than just a job. The crew seemed to have an affinity to be proud of the Fantastic Four. That’s what you need to have a successful low-budget film. Money does not buy the desire from the crew to put their hearts in it."

    Special makeup effects for the film are provided by Optic Nerve. Besides the Thing’s body suit and Dr. Doom’s armor, it also created a hydraulic arm for Alex. "It attached to my side with a shoulder-mold. My real arm was tucked to my back, and this arm was strapped on," says Hyde-White. "I’d hold this control bar in my hand, which controlled the level of the fake arm. In a fight scene, if I was fighting one of Doom’s guards, I’d reach back to throw a punch with my real arm. As I’m throwing the punch, they’d cut to the hydraulic arm actually shooting out about two feet or so. The third cut is computer morphing effects. The idea is to time those three cuts so that it looks like I’m throwing a Slinky against the wall, and that it comes back. The stuntman on the other end of the frame would have to time how they were going to receive the punch. They’d have to wait a few seconds to time it so they’d get hit by the imaginary punch that was going to be added in later."

    While filming the shuttle-crashing scenes in California’s Chatsworth Mountains, Hyde-White’s 3-year-old son visited the set. The crew began playing baseball and soccer with the youngster on lunch hour, among the shuttle wreckage. "It began to feel like a Boy Scout troop from that moment on – a real camaraderie. My boy now refers to the film as the ‘space shuttle movie’," says Hyde-White. "Having a child come into it when we were all fatigued reminded us of two things: the magic of making movies in general, and the magic of making this movie, with all of its fantastic elements. It put the wonder of the child back into us."

    Though the film will have lots of special effects, Hyde-White cautions fans to lower their expectations, and realize the limitations of the budget and crew enthusiasm. "If people are expecting full manifestations of their powers, realize that the FF don’t know they can do all these things yet, and even if they did, we (the crew) couldn’t afford to show them to you," he says. "If the audience gives it a break and it does well, we can go back and make another one of these and compete with Jurassic Park."

    Throughout the interview, Hyde-White kept talking about the fun he had making the film. "When you’re making the Fantastic Four, you really get to play. You have fancy sets and spaceships, Doom guards in green suits flying all over the place, stunts…this was fun," says Hyde-White. "He hopes that translates to the fans as well. "If you find yourself – halfway through this picture – having a good time, please just go with it," says Hyde-White. "We have not done the definitive Fantastic Four. What we’ve done is little more than a screen test for future possibilities."

    Hyde-White is not contracted to play the role in future films, though he says that the cast expects to be back if the film does well. Meanwhile, he adds that "What I want, and what I’ve always wanted, is to play pivotal roles in important movies. I believe I might be working my way towards that with this picture." Hyde-White is now working on a syndicated TV series in England, and will appear at the San Diego Comic Con.

    Honestly, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy after re-reading this article with him. He must have been crushed when he learned the movie was never going to be released.

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  10. Wooterminator
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    Than the Craptastic 4 movies that actually got released, it was funny *when it wasn’t trying to*, cheesy *when it was and wasn’t trying to* but I’ve actually watched this movie twice and the other two movies once.

    The Wooterminator. Hater of Bad movies and Lover of good movies, Neutral about okay movies.

  11. yeah_yeah_yeah_4
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  12. lord_malasombra
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    I’m just wondering if I’m the only person who thinks that, despite its flaws, this film is hugely superior to the modern take on the FF? Without having CGI to fall back on this movie concentrated on story and characters, especially the Torch! Just check out the pose when he’s lobbing fireballs! Thing was cool, in a turtley way lol and it even managed to stay pretty much true to their origin. In my opinion, bin the remake and its sequel and repair this movie. Just keep George Lucas away from it!!!

    "Where do I go to now I’ve gone too far?"

  13. just-alice
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    I just saw this and it wasn’t actually that bad. If you compare it to the new Fantastic 4 film this one seems like crap but it was made in 1994. It was a bit ridiculous but come on! It wasn’t as bad as Batman and Robin! My rating = 6.5/10. This deserves a bit more than 3.3.

    Venom is returning! (2008)

  14. strangenuf
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    I got a pretty decent copy of the FF film (Complete with trailer),for $11.99 postpaid at

  15. eric20other2002
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    One, this film was directed by Roger Corman, when the studio HAD to make a film or they would have lost the rights to the film. Roger Corman and the cast had no idea that this film would never be released.

    Secondly, it’s been almost 15 years since this film was made. Countless fans, both Comic Book and Movies alike have seen this film. The studio should just make a limited time agreement with Stan Lee and Marvel comics to release a limit edition Fantastic Four box set. It would work well as a three disc box set, with the forth disc being the limited edition 1994 Version.



    Fantastic Four


    Theatrical Edition with Seemless Branching of Extended Edition scenes.

    Commentaries from both editions(theatrical commentary, and extended edition commentary)

    Music Videos

    Velvet Revolver-Come In Come Out

    Anastacia ft Ben Moody-Everything Burns

    Other features from both editions


    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer


    Special Features from the current edition

    New Featurettes


    Fantastic Four (1994-Version)

    Commentary by Roger Corman

    Interviews with Roger Corman, cast and Stan Lee

    Segment of Stan Lee’s Mutants, Marvels with Kevin Smith about this film.


    DISC 4:

    Fantastic Four: The Comic Book Documentary(exploring the countless incarnations of the characters)(2hours)

    Fantastic Four: From Comics to Televsion and Movies Documentary(2 hours)

    Option to splice the two documentaries together.

  16. junkySTL
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    Probably the best you’ll find on the web for quality and packaging.


  17. teako170
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    To coincide with the upcoming release of the new Fantastic Four movie on DVD, I’ve just completed a lengthy article on Roger Corman’s unreleased Fantastic Four film from 1994. The article includes quotes from cast members and crew, new interviews, and loads of clickable jpegs – including some behind-the-scenes photos. The article is not a film review. I leave that up to the viewer. If you haven’t seen the film, there’s also an opportunity to receive a free copy on DVD. Enjoy…

  18. texaschainx
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    sawe it last night , me and my friends laughed so hard , this movie was amazing!

    strung on hooks like pigs to slaughter heads will roll and throats will be slit

  19. e-orlowski
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    I mean the story and special effects were pretty decent. The effects on Johnny were really good, not bad for a low budget, and I loved how the camera followed him and how it made it like an epic when all you see is him, the laser and the NY landscape behind him. Sure the story could have been better, but after watching it, I wasn’t the least bit confuzed as to what was going on. I think that watching the Fantastic Four (2005) helped a little, as it helped me understand the characters a little bit. Sure there could have been more character development and all, but still, it’s a pretty good movie. I don’t understand why people dislike it and why it has such a poor rating here on IMDb? If anything, it deserves a 5-5.5, while the 2005 one deserves a 6.8, and the sequel should deserve at least a 7.1-7.5. What I have found out about watching these films is that it’s not all about the action at all, but more about the characters and how they react to the world around them before and after their accident, and also how people react to them. I never really thought of it that way before. Now I have never read any of the FF comics before, but as a film, they do what they were supposed to do and that was to entertain us, and it did. Sure it’s not like the other comicbook movies out there like Spider-Man or Iron Man, or even the X-Men, etc., but that’s what sets them apart from those and takes us into another direction. If anything, I’d say that the FF films are more like your average soup operas, if not better, because I hate those, but I love the FF LOL. The theme song was pretty catchy too, and now I can’t get it out of my head. I must admit that I feel pretty good after watching this film, as I didn’t feel cheated at all. Heck even Captain America was pretty decent, though I do agree with some people here, that they should have showed more of Cap, and less of his alter ego, Steve Rogers I think his name was. I just watched that last night on TeleToon and I thought that it was shot well, along with the lighting and the action. Before watching the film last night (CA), I thought that the movie would be like a Power Rangers show, with bright colours and all, but it wasn’t; it was pretty dark and atmosphereic, almost epic like. Well that’s my two sense worth, and now I must prepare myself for the bashing. For those of you who also enjoyed this film (FF), then please post and share your stories and experiences as I have done so. One thing I do find quite funny, is that Dolph’s Punisher is rated higher (not by much though lol) on this than both FF and CA combined, and yet people keep on bashing that film, why is that? I loved that film too, and am proud owner of it:)

    How about a shave? I can guarantee the closest shave you’ll ever know.

  20. RenaudMan
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    The crazy thing about all this is not just the fact that the old movie is still sot available on official DVD release, but that the 1994 Fantastic Four movie no matter how bad some id$^%$ at marvel thought it was, even with it’s ridiculous low budget it’s still much more fun to watch than that real dumb 2005 movie with hundreds of millions in budget and publicity

    The only reason the 2005 movie ever made any money at all was because of it was a long overdue thing and fans had great expectation, in the end the 2005 Fantastic Four movie had about 30 seconds of fun scenes and the rest was a waste, from character development to story and direction, while the 1994 Fantastic Four movie even with a tiny budget still had some real interesting moments, I specially likes the Thing character development and seeing everyone at an earlier age

    the 1994 Fantastic Four movie was good and Marvel was real dumb to oppose it

    * * * * * * * * * * * *


  21. a_moore
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    With the new FF movie about to be released in theaters, I decided to check out some of the IMDb info about this ’94 version. I read an article in Starlog (or some similar magazine) about the movie back then, and I was anxious for it to hit theaters. I remember thinking, "Wow, the guy who played The Boy Who Could Fly, Bug (Uncle Buck), and Chip the Robot is Johnny Storm?" Of course, I was disappointed when it never made it to the big screen.

    Anyway, I found this online recently about Corman’s version. It’s mentioned in the Goofs for the movie, and someone else may have already posted this in another thread; but it’s stupid-funny enough that I have to share it (but I do apologize if I’m being repetitive):

    "Doctor Doom’s henchmen come to kidnap Alicia Masters. They sneak up behind her and do the standard ‘chloroform rag over the mouth’ bit to render her unconscious. And the audience gets to see the standard point-of-view shot from her, seeing the bottom half of the screen covered by the rag and then the rest of the image going from clear to fuzzy to black, to show us what she is seeing as it happens. Pretty standard for numerous low-budget action movies. One problem though. The character of Alicia Masters is completely, totally, and in all ways, blind."

    Here’s the link to the page that this is on:,13693323


  22. Froggy-21
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    I have it. If you’re interested, e-mail me at [email protected] :)


  23. ryanatgeekside
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    I was not aware until just now that there was a link to the trailer on IMDB for another site – but I just found the trailer on @

    I really want to see this movie.

  24. J. Spurlin
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    My friends and I just went to a digitally projected late-night showing of this putrid superhero movie, which never got a proper release, and until recently was available only on bootleg videotapes. The point of watching it is to laugh at its badness. Half of it is hilarious; the other half boring. The villains are Dr. Doom and the Jeweler. The latter is tedious; but Joseph Culp as Doom overacts and uses idiotic hand gestures. He provides a lot of the unintentional comedy; so do the rotten special effects and the acting of the super-foursome, who are each bad in their own individual ways.

    I rated this a 2, giving it an extra star just because it entertained me. What did you rate it? And what do you think of it?

    … Justin

  25. famourt
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    I just watched this with a buddy yesterday for the first time. We’d both grown up with comic books, so we had our ‘fanboy/geek’ helmets firmly in place before it started.

    Well, we knew it was gonna’ be good for a laugh or three, but had no idea of the ensuing hilarity that would occur. Godawful is too kind a word.

    What are some people’s favorite awful and laughable moments?

    Here’s a few of mine:

    — Johnny Storm telling Reed he was about to operate the "turn signal". On their rocket! In outer space!!!

    — Reed stretches his leg across a hall space to trip the chasing soldiers, and about 30 guys end up continually falling over his leg.

    — Dr. Doom bizarrely breaks character for a moment, and speaking of Latveria, says "Come by some time, bring the kids." in a jovial voice. What the hell was that?!

    Goddamn, my sides still are aching.

  26. skywolf2009
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    The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Howard the Duck, Supergirl… wich is the worst of the worst and wich is the best of the worst comicbook movies ever.

  27. dgordon-12
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  28. JasonCav
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    Here are some "highlights" from the movie:

  29. wuchinaclan
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    come on they need to put this movie on a legal dvd, i mean the last 2 have been huge hits, it wouldn’t be to hard to put this on dvd and thay could put in special features about the controversy about the release or something. it would be awesome to see this film the way it was ment to be seen.

  30. at2ecw
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    I have heard a lot of rumors about the 1994 version being torched. I don’t believe they would do something like that. Wouldn’t it be against some part of the contract if they did that? I know the facts were that if they didn’t film it back in ’93 -’94 they would lose the rights to it. Of course if they lost,destroyed, the movie reels BEFORE the new release of the FF4 i just wonder……..makes you think doesn’t it? As for me i hope they do release this 1994 Version on DVD. I’t sure can’t hurt anything and there is a fan base around who would buy this.

  31. Das-Edelweiss
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    I seem to have missed the chloroform part, and I truly payed close attention to all the parts Alicia was in.

    A fun little movie (like a bunch of kids playing ‘The Fantastic Four’), but a bit of a weak ending (and Doom didn’t really seem to posess some super power).

  32. creepingobesityX
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    Anybody here read Marvel Knights: 4? Its a Fantastic Four comic for those of you who don’t know.

    Anyway, in issue 19, Sue Storm (invisible woman) is in a meeting complaining that years ago they sold the rights to their life story to a guy named Richard Kornberg (play on Roger Corman) who optioned to do a movie about them. She complains that instead of selling the rights to a well-known company like FOX (who is releasing this new Fantastic Four movie), they were convinced to go with with this Kornberg guy who, when the option was about to expire, rushed a movie with poor actors, unfinished script and a tiny budget. Its obviously a reference to this piece of garbage. I just thought it was funny. Man, I’m a nerd.

  33. Kronocide
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    "We’re in a horrible Roger Corman B-flick and you tell us to not over-act?!?!? Well… *voice cracking up* EXCUSE MEEEE!!!!" *flailing arms wildly*

    AHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is great. Not for some peoples’ careers, to be sure, but a lot of fun.

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