The Goonies (1985)



They call themselves "The Goonies." The secret caves. The old lighthouse. The lost map. The treacherous traps. The hidden treasure. And Sloth… Join the adventure. See »

A group of kids embark on a wild adventure after finding a pirate treasure map. Full summary »

Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Family

The Goonies (1985)
Release Date: 7 June 1985 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Richard Donner
  • Sean Astin
  • Josh Brolin
  • Jeff Cohen
  • Corey Feldman
  • Kerri Green
  • Martha Plimpton
  • Jonathan Ke Quan
  • John Matuszak
  • Robert Davi
  • Joe Pantoliano
  • Anne Ramsey
  • Lupe Ontiveros
  • Mary Ellen Trainor
  • Keith Walker
  • Curtis Hanson

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34 Responses to The Goonies (1985)

  1. comicon
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    So, how is it that these families all had to move away because of the construction of the golf course? Eminent domain laws may have forced them to sell their homes, but they wouldn’t have been kicked out of town. Kind of funny to watch now that I’m older. Still awesomeness.

    "I offered you a chance to be a cop and you blew it! You blew it." -Robert De Niro, Cop Land.

  2. XtroTerrestial
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    Was it ever discussed why he looked like how he did? I always thought that he was born with the same disease John Merrick (the Elephant Man) had.

    Plus what happened to him after the movie was over? I know Chunk said he was going to live with him from now on, but I found it unlikely that his parents would’ve allowed that. So he must’ve been placed in a home afterward, where The Goonies came to visit him regularly.

    PS: I know this movie is 25 years old, but I still put Spoilers to cover myself, so no one can say that I blew something for them.

    "HEY YOU GUYS!" ~~ Sloth

  3. ExOblivion
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    This is a film every kid needs to see.

    "The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving."

  4. jlr12345
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    I’m a 28 year old guy who grew up with this movie as a kid. Of course as a kid at the time I thought Kerri Green was the hot one (And she looks freaking smoking now. Did you see her in the commentary?) but now when I watch the movie as an adult, and in the present day, I think Steph is kinda hot in her own right.

    I have a lot of reasons for thinking this but I was just wondering if anybody else felt the same way? Or am I just weird?

  5. fawvincent
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    5000 copies are available. This is the real deal, folks. Finally!!!

  6. thewestwing1980
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    We see the movie end with the pirate ship sailing in full view of the characters. So tell me, what becomes of the ship itself and ALL of the treasure still aboard?

  7. Bobby-Briggs
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    ….is hot.

    "Fellas, don’t drink that coffee! You’d never guess, there was a FISH in the percolator!"

  8. Pentrazemine
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    Anyone else do also?



  9. bombay6905
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    I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately, and what better way to relive my childhood than to make a list of my 10 favorite movies growing up in the 80’s. My list would go like this:

    1. The Goonies(obviously)

    2. Ghostbusters

    3. Real Genius

    4. Spaceballs

    5. The Princess Bride

    6. Labyrinth

    7. Howard The Duck(sigh)

    8. The Karate Kid

    9. The Wizard(Now I want to marry Jenny Lewis!)

    10. Monster Squad

  10. AriaOfTelengard
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    I’m feeling old.

    Maybe it’s because I was born in the late 1970’s, but it appears to me that there are some critical 1980’s movies that all children need to see before they reach the age of 15. Because at 15, your imagination slows down and things like movies arn’t so magical anymore.

    Anyhow, here is my opinion on which movies all children should see:

    1) Goonies

    2) The Neverending Story

    3) The Secret of NIHM/The Last Unicorn

    4) The Princess Bride

    Does anyone agree with me? I’m an older TA at a university, and I noticed that students who were born in the 1990’s or late 1980’s rarely ever seen the above movies, in fact, they claim that these movies are ‘too old.’

    Do younger children today have anything even comparable to the mentioned movies? Was there another Goonies made in the early 2000’s? I get it that there was the Lord of the Rings, so that’s cool. But I’m not so sure there is another Goonies or Neverending Story for the most recent generation.

  11. AwakeNweary
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    Why does Data say "the octopus was very scary" to the reporter and cops? I don’t recall a scene w/ an octopus. Was it in a deleted scene? Did he say a line that was meant for Chunk?

  12. eponaquest
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    Have any parents shown this to their kids? What were their reactions?

    Is it a timeless classic?

  13. charles_allen95
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    The scene where Sloth gives Chunk a big kiss, what did Chunk say he smelled like?

  14. joanna164
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    im confused…

    well first of all i never realized there was so much swearing in this movie…because my whole life i was watching my vhs version which wasn’t even the official one it was taped off the tv….ihave had that tape probably since i was 4 yeard old and i am 24 now…..that was always what i would watch over and over again. but then a couple years ago my mom bought the dvd because she wanted to take it to the daycare she works at and they wouldn’t let her due to the rating..(what is is pg or pg13) and my mom was like huh my daughter has been watching it since she was four. well i haven’t watched it in a long time so i went to watch it the other day for the first time on the dvd and i was like wow no wonder they wouldnt let her bring it in. ( imean i think they should have it is a classic it is something all children need to see)but now at least i understood…(i wasnt offended by # of times they sayd"S H I T"…but never heard the swears before.

    the thing that i really am posting about the above was just what i inittially noticed… that i swear on my taped-off-the-tv version there is 2 scenes missings.

    one when the kids go into a convenience store and troy, stef , and andy are there….and mikey compares his map to a vacation map and tells them all he knows where to go that its right in astoria…..meanwhile chunk is eating pink colored ice cream out of the freezer and mouth is like looking at playboys. then troy takes mikey’s map and pretends to use it as a cigar.

    the other is the scene with the giant squid….i know i remember that…..and then at the end of me watchign the dvd version data said " something about the octipus was big" or something and i thopught did i fall asleep because i know i didnt see that part.

    but i just saw another thread that said it was deleted from the movie theater version

    my question is why would the tv version have extra scenes and the dvd version have less scenes?? i was kindo of upset about that. i think there may be special features on my dvd but i would like to see all the scenes in time with the movie…

    anyway its one of my fav movies EVER regardless!

  15. Escape_Reality
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    So finally I find out the reason why Sean Astin disappeared from the Goonies commentary

    is this footage or any Sean video interview explaining this available anywhere in the world for us to see ?

    He left the recording studio to change his clothes, then returned to apologize and explain why he had to leave. Sean gave a "shout out to Joey Pants," and jokingly left an action figure of Samwise Gamgee (his character from the "Lord of the Rings" films) at his seat to take his place.

    However, Sean’s departure and explanation were edited out of the finished product by the DVD producers for reasons unknown, making it look like Astin simply vanished from the studio.


    BTW Mouth was too talkative on the DVD commentary even more so than the film ! LOL

    many thanks


  16. Eracacke
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    How long will it be before Hollywood decides to remake this classic 80’s movie?

  17. ThrowItUp
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    It’s a great movie when I watched as kid but after a recent viewing I saw that the movie lacked that special something that makes it a timeless classic. It’s just an okay movie.

  18. Agent_Mulder89
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    I was just wondering, since the movies are compared quite a lot (and both star Corey Feldmen), what the general opinion is on which is the better film? I saw The Goonies yesterday for the first time in ages and, although I’ve seen Stand By Me more times, I have to say that The Goonies is better. SBM is a lot more serious and quite sad but The Goonies is pure childhood fun. What do you think?

  19. ElijahLoverx
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    Can someone please explain to me, becuase i’ve never really understood. At the beggining when each character is being introduced…why is Stefs head in a bucket:L? i really dont get it lol. x

    Elijah Wood, Shia Labeouf, Bradley Cooper, Fernando Torres<3:)

  20. jpc8024
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    Jeff Cohen could’ve gotten nominated for best supporting actor.

  21. PrincessMagical
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    I can’t believe they will be showing this at midnight tonight at a local theater where I live. I would love to see it in the theater even though I have it on DVD and have seen it so many times. I might just go for the experience of seeing it on the big screen.

    Your chains are still mine, you belong to me! – The Phantom Of The Opera

  22. DrIsaacVenkman
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    If you have offered the role of Andy and in the script it says that you have to walk off a plank and into the water; However, you are wearing a mini skirt. Would you still do the scene even if that upskirt display exposing your underwear was unintentional?

    How do you think Keir Green feels between Now and Then about that scene. I’m sure she has seen the movie and spotted that one moment

    • Leo
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      Kerri Green’s panties were displayed plenty WAY more times than on the plank- that was just the obvious showing that no one could ignore.
      Watch closely, as there are about 2 or 3 poorly lit single frame flashes when she is bending over walking through the tunnels and such. You can briefly see up her skirt when she is sliding down the water slide tunnels. At the very end of the movie when Sloth is holding up the rock and she walks under, you can see her panties a little bit. Her skirt rides up exposing her ass when they run into the mouth of the giant rock skull, and you can see under her skirt from the rear when she is climbing up the rocks after the “slick shoes” moment. There are two crotch shots in the wishing well scene. The first is below from a distance: when she is standing next to the bucket about to climb in, the camera is shooting up and you can see her ass under her skirt (from the front). A second later, she lifts her leg to step into the bucket and you can see her ass and crotch. The second crotch shot is at the beginning of the scene: Andy is crouching down and Mikey walks by her carrying a torch that perfectly lights up her crotch.
      Next, Andy plays the skull piano and when the stone plank falls she forgets to grab the map and turns around to get it. The scene was shot from below/behind, and you can see up her skirt the entire time she walks along the stone bridge, including a very close up detailed shot. Last, on the pirate ship, after walking down the stairs below the deck, Andy crouches low while walking around, making her skirt rise up over her lower ass as she swings her butt close in front of the camera. She then crouches down, giving a very full, very long crotch shot.
      It seems to me that the directors were having a fun time getting creative shots up Andy’s skirt. There was another water tunnel scene that was deleted where you can briefly see the rear of her skirt flipped over her butt- I wonder how many other scenes like this were cut and never released?

  23. fiatlux-1
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    *Spoilers below*

    Would those jewels really be worth ‘enough’ for ALL those kids’ homes??

    Even in 1985?

    "I’d say this cloud is Cumulo Nimbus."

    "Didn’t he discover America?"

    "Penfold, shush."

  24. thewestwing1980
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    Who is it that the Fratelli’s shoot in the restaurant? One novelization implies it is Troy’s father, which obviously isn’t true since we see him at the end of the movie. Did that car show up to the Fratelli’s because the land that the restaurant was on would also be "acquired" or was it to follow up on a police lead related to their escape?

  25. kcmet79
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    I think that Goonies (and to a lesser extent, Gremlins from 1 year prior) pushed the boundaries for what was acceptable in a PG movie. I’m not an uptight PC type of person, but some of the content of each movie (i.e., pushing Chunk’s hand into the blender, the statue’s penis and balls; the Gremlins getting food-processed and microwaved in the kitchen, and Phoebe Cates’ dreadful story about her character’s father getting stuck and dying in the chimney) was IMO a bit intense for a PG movie. What do others think? For that matter, was the PG-13 rating available in 1984-1985? If not, movies like this (and similarly, Raiders of the Lost Ark) certainly didn’t deserve an R, so I guess PG would have to suffice back then…

  26. revengine
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    When Mikey says something like "Sorry Dad, we had it in our hands and we blew it to save our own lives" speaking of One-Eyed Willie’s treasure, the Dad’s reaction is kind of strange; even though he says "It’s all right" the way in which he says it is like "Stupid kid, you screwed up again." Anyone else think that?

    "If you’re waiting for a woman to make up her mind, you may have a long wait." Preacher

  27. mynameisRoxanne
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    Was the woman immobile? Just saying, she didn’t have to yell from so far away. She could have walked/ run up to the man and swiped away the paper or made it a little more obvious that she was talking to him instead of just babbling in a language he didn’t understand and making it not-so-obvious who she was addressing. I’m not bashing the movie at all; it’s one of my favorites, but it just bothers me whenever I see that part. Thoughts?

    – If I rolled my eyes any more, I could smoke them.

  28. ffgodbq
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    I think the director wanted to exploit Kerri Green into showing her panties.

  29. KingAtor42
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    Goonies 2: Copperpot’s Legacy


    The movie starts with a flashback of pirates in 1629 attacking a Spanish ship in the midst of a storm and escaping with a trunk of treasure. As they come back aboard their ship we realize the ship is the Inferno and lo and behold, Captain One Eyed Willie. As the Inferno pulls away from the disabled Spaniards, translated, we here them yelling about how they will pursue them to the end of time to get back that treasure.

    So it’s modern times. The jewels paid off the debt to the bank and saved the families. The city claimed the pirate ship and artifacts, used the money to revitalize the goon docks and hilariously, plowed over the country club to build a new massive museum dedicated to the find. Mikey works there as a tour guide and assistant researcher, having spent his life dedicated to the find. We see him leading a tour as our introduction to the museum.

    Brand is now a (divorced) policeman. Mouth became a plummer, Chunk has his own chain of pizzeria’s, and Data is multi-millionaire after inventing some gadget that made him rich overnight. Troy, his family is one of the rich ones that stayed and hates the Walsh’s more than anyone and sadly, is now mayor of the town and is bent on destroying the museum. One day, Data is in town to give a big gift to the museum to easily keep it running for many more years to come. This brings the ‘guys’ all back together.

    At one point one of the guys wonders aloud how Copperpot ever even got the ‘Key’ and knew what he knew anything without the map itself. Then Mikey mentions how he has been researching up on that and has boxes of papers and files from the living relatives. So they all spend a night at Brand’s, which is empty because his ex-wife took most of the furniture, going through files, sitting on the floor and eating Chunk’s brand pizza. That’s when they find references to a "Soul of Spain" and the adventure begins.

    It turns out Willie had stolen a grand treasure bound for Spain beyond all other treasures. In old tales, it was this reason the Spanish sent their fleet after him and spelled his doom, but not such item was ever found on the Inferno. It was THAT which Copperpot was after. Willie knew if he was caught with it, the Spanish would kill him. But if he hid it, they’d keep him alive until he told them where it was. Copperpot had an idea of where Willie would have hid it and hypothesized that an item on the Inferno would tell them.

    So they sneak into the museum at night and grab what clearly looks like another ‘key’ and from Copperpot’s journals decipher the place to be a seaside cave down the coast. Well known since pirates marked the cave walls and hid ships there, they head for it. Unbeknownst to them Spain never did forget.In fact, since their find was made public years ago a Spanish secret agent has been trying to find the artifact himself. He has been following the guys.

    From there, they get to the cave and find a hidden doorway and that leads to a new set of boobie traps and hijinks.

    Aristophanes once wrote, roughly translated…

  30. Anonymous
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  31. jsn_reece
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    When the goonies are hiding from the Fertelies in the basement,Momma Fertelie yells Quiet!Somebodys been here the coolers broken,go cheek your brother.What cooler did she mean?Was it when Chunk knocked over the water jug?

    What is this Wonka?Some kind of funhouse?

    Why?Having fun?

  32. slimjimpui
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    …the Fratelli chase, in my humble opinion. In fact, there’s loads of really awesome orchestral music throughout the film. It’s about time they released an instrumental score for this movie. Hurrumph, I tell you!

  33. CLOSE_6
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    I actually dont know how a sequel should go (or f I want one at all?) but Ive always thought (and bear with me here)

    It should start with one or two of the kids playing about in a big dusty old attic and finding some old pictures/newspaper clippings of his dad and friends (original Goonies) finding pirates treasure…… you know the rest. After discussing this with his dad (probably mikey) he/they decide to round up the other Goonies, kids (some willing, some not) and form…….. wait for it……… THE GOONIES mk2 and they all head off on some adventure involving, ghosts, sea creatures and zombie pirates.

    Really what happens story wise doesn’t matter as long as it retains one key aspect? Heart, Goonies was full of it, most hollywood kidult movies of the 80’s did, Indiana jones, Explorers, Never ending story, Princess bride, Go kids etc etc all had heart, remember when Bastian started reading in Never ending story? remember when Elliot first met E.T, remember when when David first max in flight of the navigator? all these moments had heart and a childlike sense of wonder.

    If Hollywood can reign it in a bit and just concentrate on why these movies hold such a warm place in our hearts in the first place and not just release a depressing cash in on an old property purely based on nostalgic value (Lost boys 2 anyone) then a Goonies sequel/reboot whatever you wanna call it, is a great idea (and i’m really against remakes) Just do it justice.

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