The Last Sentinel (2007)



The last of the warriors could now be our last hope. See »

No emotion. No fear. No pain. They were the perfect soldiers to protect civilization-until the drone police became the perfect enemy. With little hope left for mankind, Tallis, an electronically enhanced soldier, rescues a rebel beauty from a failed resistance mission. A force to be reckoned with, she will learn to fight and think like a machine for the final battle to save the human race.

Written by
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

Genre: Action,Sci-Fi

The Last Sentinel (2007)
Release Date:
Country: USA
Director: Jesse V. Johnson
  • Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
  • Katee Sackhoff
  • Bokeem Woodbine
  • Keith David
  • Peter Allas
  • Matthew R. Anderson
  • Steven Bauer
  • Levi Harrison
  • Joe Hess
  • Maddy Howard
  • Erken Ialgashev
  • Dawnn Lewis
  • David Mattey
  • Caryn Mower
  • Tamas Nadas
  • Philly
  • BooBoo Stewart
  • Nils Allen Stewart
  • Jerry Trimble
  • Austin Vaccaro

33 Responses to The Last Sentinel (2007)

  1. btucker
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    Ok, maybe I’m the only one. Maybe I’m just strange. I LIKE the silly violence scenes. I LOVED the talking weapon systems. I enjoyed the interplay between Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Katee Sackhoff. This movie wasn’t made as a documentary on the geopolitical implications of autonomous artificial intelligence units, it is a popcorn eating, silly violence, FUN MOVIE! Sometimes, we just need to enjoy a movie for what it is, not for what we think it should of been.

  2. Mxdmeta4
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    That’s worth one viewing at least.

  3. zerodevo
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    1) In a firefight, the best course of action is to walk slowly toward the enemy in the open as far away from cover as possible.

    2) Rush the enemy. They can’t fight back when you’re right next to them.

    3) Jumping into a pool of water will save you from any danger.

    4) Knee deep water is four feet deep once you’ve submerged yourself in it.

    5) The "super scope" just tells you that it has scanners and other benefits just so you won’t throw it away.

    6) Survive by ANY means necessary, except eating dogs.

    7) Tending to someone’s wounds consists of wiping the blood of of their cheek with a Kleenex.

    What did you learn?

  4. jorgito2001
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    My job was having a "book" sale & there it was, sitting among the standard DVDs. Since I’m waiting for my PS3 Slim in the mail..I figured "what the hey!"

    Judging from the ratings & reviews on here, looks like I’ll have to keep my expectations low.

    Let the Right One In:9/10


    Mirrors: 5/10

    Nightmare Man:6.5/10

    Brave One:7/10

  5. plopmasterj
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    If there is any connection to this film and Tom Cruise’s "The Last Samurai", what is it? The poster design looks exactly like the design used for "Last Samurai", but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or if the poster was inspired by the poster for "Last Samurai". Can someone clarify?

  6. MeridanB
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    Katee Sackhoff offers compensation money to her fans for watching this movie. She even said at an event recently "collect your checks for watching The Last Sentinal on the way out the door".

  7. shide_85
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    1. Some of the effects (dustclouds, some of the early bulletwounds – SOME) are quite nice.

    2. The overall experience with the main character built in AI.

    3. Conan o Brien has a small part around 1.17-18, decent work but the talk show host feeling ruined the little feeling the moment had.

    The concept were ok, but the realistion terrible, as a sci-fi fan (not hardcore though) i found some parts a little entertaining as mentioned. But time spent on viewing this movie overall is better spent with a side activity (IF ever viewed)(surfing, managing ure comp…).

    [A WARNING] This specially goes out to those with tactical experience, you will get annoyed or laugh your way through some parts (even though it aint meant as a parody).

  8. ldyrdal
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    If anyone enjoys bad movies such as this one, you should check out Skeleton Man. It’s pretty hilarious.

    I’m the guy who does his job, you must be the other guy.

  9. pink_rapid
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    Think about that one for a hot second.

  10. philosophyguru
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    If the Premiere of the movie is still hours away, how could 125 people already have reviewed it???

  11. warlord-20
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    Human has feelings, but drones have laser vision robotic movements, in reality the would kill with only one shot ,do 1nano second math of trajectory and kill again.

    It s just stupid to think humanity could ever win. Ecept of using EMP-electromagnetic pulse. I think this movie was total cr*ap, in about 30 mins i was bored to death.

    Ant another thing-the kiss of grandad Tallis-just OMG

    The film:swimming and shooting and bad kissing

    final verdict-1

  12. iwii
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    …that nathan lenz worked as a costume fabricator on this movie?

  13. Trik_Ster
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    or is this movie the movie Soldier only reworked a little?

  14. Charmles
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    Katee Sackhoff’s sideboob shots when she’s washing.

    Other than that, it’s crap.

    But that was pretty hot.

  15. Capnamerica07
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    Now i know it says 2007 but i think thats just the release date, I can’t see katee doing a flop like this and she had like no acting ability whatsoever and she’s a good actress she’s pulled off some pretty deep scenes in BG and BW i think this movie may have been made a few years ago and not released until now,

    You will all taste oblivion… Which tastes like Red Bull…. Which is disgusting!

  16. Stevenp1023
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    In the beggining i felt like i was watching a bad video game…script was terrible…i was hoping it would have been better….

  17. general_shuda
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    Who here likes Angel, Tallis’ talking rifle, who has an advanced AI?

    She is not very talkative like the other rifles and she gives important information at times. She even obeys orders, like when Tallis tells her to turn off her talking function, basically to ‘shut up’.

    Post your opinions please.

  18. moonlitreverie
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    Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to address a few of my formers by saying that in no way does this movie have any redeeming qualities. I almost feel sorry for the actors for having to act out what these people wrote.

    Secondly, and I address this to any fortunate souls who have not yet experienced this ‘film’, save your money and a little bit of your lifespan.

    The ‘horrible, deadly robot army’ moves like pissed off geriatrics/WWI vets. The main character has virtually no dialog throughout the entire movie, and his super-sophisticated, pseudo-futuristic talking weapon doesn’t have the common sense to lower its volume whilst talking about Katie Sackhoff behind her back.

    I died laughing throughout ‘The Last Sentinel’. Thank God I didn’t spend money at a theater for this.

    For one fleeting moment, I had this hopeful spark of joy bouncing around in my head. I recently watched ‘The Mist’, ‘We Own The Night’, ‘The Number 23′, and ‘Beowulf’ – say what you want about ‘The Mist’, it caught me completely off-guard. Totally out of left field************SPOILER**************what the hell with the military opening a door to another dimension? Thanks, King. That was…cool. But no, I seriously thought that maybe Hollywood was done making *beep* B-grade movies. Maybe everyone had graduated from collectively drooling over badly choreographed fight scenes and abnormally large explosions. Ohhhhh, how my poor, fragile hopes were shattered.

    I hope ‘The Last Sentinel’ is *truly* The Last. I don’t think I could deal with another one of these.

  19. swansonfilms
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    So I rented it the other day thinking it was the other Last Sentinel, by the beginning of the night I had friends over, by the end of the film everybody had left and I was bored to death. The most cheesy action sequences with the stupidest plot. I felt I had to Imdb this garbage and see who were the ones involved in it.

    Or perhaps I am being too harsh and this movie was made for 10 years old with a love for the Power Rangers?

  20. satohon
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    I just saw a movie called The Last Sentinel.

    I have to say I was never a Don Wilson’s fan, but watching this movie

    made me change my mind. I’ll most definitely pick up his next film if it’s directed by

    Jesse Johnson. It was pretty cool and I also saw his previous film Pit Fighter and the Honorable which

    I heard that was made for $25,000. It was bad ass and I cannot believe this guy isn’t the biggest action director in Hollywood yet. Whatever he does next, I’ll be watching. Hopefully, he’ll team up with real life phycopath Dominique Vandenberg. cannot wait!

  21. general_shuda
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    Wouldn’t it be cool if the High Frequency blade was used in the TLS universe?

    I think it would be neat to see the Type 2 Drones running around with them. It would make them more deadly [and explain the light saber sound].

    By the way, if you don’t know what a HF blade is than here is some info from

    "A "high frequency blade" is generally used only in fiction, though it may exist in real life.

    In the video game series "Metal Gear Solid", it is used in "The Twin Snakes", "Sons of Liberty", and "Guns of the Patriots" by the ninja characters and Raiden.

    Essentially it is a Samurai sword-like blade (or "shinobi-gatana" or "ninja-to" to be more proper) that has a device in the handle that vibrates the blade at a high frequency (hence the "high frequency blade") enableing it to cut more easily and with less friction through harder substances.

    The blade moving up and down very quickly and marginally makes it function as a sort of jigsaw to accentuate a normal human’s cutting power."

  22. rogue_andy
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    i honestly have to say this is the worst movie i’ve seen in probably 5 years or so

    i normally stay away from trashy movies, but this looked nice , and i love adventure/sci fi genre, so i thought i’d give it a chance

    dialogue, the gun fights ( HAHAHAHA ) , the acting, everything is just awfull from beginning to end

  23. imnot_stupid
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    This was a waste of time.


  24. M&J
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    Well, this looks like an entertaining straight-to-video B movie. I hope this is the start of something bigger for Katee Sackhoff. She more than holds her own with the "big" stars on Battlestar Galactica. So like the subject says… Katee, you gotta start somewhere. See ya at the Oscars in ten years.

  25. general_shuda
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    I would like to mention that it seems like it didn’t take long for the Drones to replace the human police force judging from the old news report that Tallis was watching, perhaps under two years. And also do you know how many people you would have to kill to make the human race on the brink of extinction? Right now, as of 2007, we are up to 6.7 billion. In the future there would be close up to 9 billion. So either the Drones are really efficient killers or the human race is really fragile. It would take many, many, many, years to go from town to town, city to city to kill as many humans as possible.

    Even if you somehow miraculously managed to kill on average a million a month than it would still take a very long time to kill even half of the human race. Now, if you consider that at every police department in America all of the human authorities are replaced by Drones than you could easily have many millions of Drones in America. Man, I kind of wish I was better at math! So imagine all of the local policemen in your town being Drones that want to kill you and ask yourself how exactly would you would survive. Would you hide or take up arms and fight?

    Now you have to consider the fact that the Drones have the advantage in the long run as they reproduce without sex by way of cloning and the Drone does not have to learn anything. All of the information is downloaded to their brains or chips located near their brains. Humans have to mate and then the female has a baby grow in her body for nine months and then once the fetus pops out she has to protect the fragile thing and teach it much which is very time consuming and heavy on resources. Obviously the Drone army has the advantage when it comes to reproduction. If the Drones kill off all of the scientists first than the remaining people woun’t have the knowlege to clone even if they wanted to.

    Now comes the question of which country would develop the Drones first. I would be betting on either the United States, Japan, or Russia. The United States would probably replace all of their police forces first and then other 3rd world countrys with high crime would be utterly drooling to get their hands on the Drones next. Soon you would see a influx of Drones around the world and less and less jobs for humans. Millions would lose their jobs to the Drones and some humans may even attack Drone production centers/labs. This reminds me of an anime movie called Metropolis, where the humans are losing their jobs to machines and the following events that unfold.

    Now comes the question of who strikes first. Certainly there would be millions of jobless and very pissed off people who would love to take a whack at a Drone but in truth it probably would be the Drones who would strike first. If they evolve enough to see that they are treated more as slaves and or tools instead of equals than they would probably resist human control.

    You also have to consider that the humans have nuclear weapons, tanks, helicopters, and such so the Drones would be out gunned unless they were put in control or had access to those things too, minus the nukes as that would be unlikely. I don’t think any human would hand over a nuke to a non-human any day, they would have to take it away from them forcibly.

    It is likely, however, that they Drones may secretly infiltrate government facilities and take over but wouldn’t the humans have a backup plan? A plan B or C? For instance, here is an example, couldn’t they do something such as pushing a button and wiping the memory from all the Drones via their chip implants?

    It would be a tough fight as government facilities are heavily armed but the Drones being kind of like SWAT are well equipped, may even have access to RPG’s as they are readily available in just about every country, especially in Asia, in the surrounding Iraq area.

    The Drones would have to wipe out the internet and computer systems, along with the satellites. Basically they would have to disrupt communications and make it to where the human race is unable to fight effectivly. By not being able to communicate [even by way of media] the Drones could wipe out entire cities and nobody would say a peep. Eventually the news of the invasion would leak out but it would take some time.

    We do know the Drones did take over the media and communications system as Tallis watched pro-Drone propaganda TV programs on his laptop, so this is indeed TLS fact.

    They probably also targeted the food systems. By stopping the production of goods the human race would be forced to go to the old ways of hunting. They may even have contaminated the water supply, making many sick, although I am just speculating.

    Seeing as the Drones do not need to sleep they can launch sneak attacks at night on sleeping citizens. Drones probably do eat but it is unlikely that the humans could use the Drones own food as it probably would be unedible and or toxic to humans but nutritous to Drones. Remember, although human-like the Drones are far from being human in their physiology.

    Before the Drones were self sufficient they probably relied on captured scientists to help them maintian developing Drones and such. The Drones probably threatened the scientists and said that they will kill their families if they don’t comply. They may have even said that they will leave them for last if they comply. In truth, the people working for the Drones are/were terrified of them.

    The Drones eventually gained full autonomy and did not need any humans to maintain anything anymore, and would eventually kill the remaining people working for them off whenever it suits them.

    Whew, I think I pretty much covered just about everything. Post your opinions!

  26. apage5773-1
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    If this movie wasn’t a Terminator ripoff I don’t know what is

  27. strycker
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    …that trailer was AWFUL! Uwe Boll’s pieces of crap trailers look better then that!

  28. tag8833
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    OK, I enjoyed this movie from start to finish, but any script that features a line like has plenty of room for improvement. The plot seemed to start to disintegrate towards the end. When the final bad guy took off his masked to deliver cumbersome exposition, it solidified itself as nothing more than an over-the-top action movie.

    edited because I can’t spell

  29. cryptoking2991
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    lol anyone else think they might have been shooting for solid snake type character. hell he ever got his eye cut out at the end. cool show though

  30. general_shuda
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    Who here liked the Red Drone, the one who took his helmet off when it started to rain, to reveal his face to Tallis.

    Post your opinions, please.

  31. ajcookfan
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    Am I mistaken or did I read an article where she stated that she did all her stunts?

    <3 Mandy

    I had a cool sig, it exceeded 100 char. So instead of something cool, you have me complaining.

  32. Xcalate_1776
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    absolute crap

    1 out of 10

    I Worship The Goddess Amber Tamblyn

  33. scimon2000
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    Hey all! So glad to read that the world will finally get to see and judge for itself when the film premiers on the Sci Fi Channel in a month or so. I have seen the film and I gotta say, don’t believe the negative press posted on this site.

    This film is equal to or better than any premiere Sci Fi has ever had and definitely hella (yeah I used that word) better than some of the recent genre films to hit the theaters. Need I mention Doom? What’s wrong with being a bang ’em up, blow ’em up flick? Sure the trailer looks that way, but personally there’s nothing I like better that watching a bunch of stuff blow up on TV while munchin on my bag o’ popcorn. And in this movie, stuff blows up and then blows up some more.

    Katee is great and looking mighty fine, even when covered in blood and guts. I hope this will lead her into more features. Trust me when I say that Katee on film is a good thing. Did I mention that the mighty fine Katee Sackhoff digs electronically enhanced and genetically engineered super soldiers? I already got my camo and boots on order at my local army surplus store.

    Some of you martial arts fans might be disappointed in the lack of kung-fu by the former world champ Don "The Dragon" Wilson, but sometimes even a guy who is used to knocking out foes with his bare hands needs to take out some aggressions by emptying a few hundred rounds into anything that aint human. That’s right, those drones are just too ugly to let live (wait ’till you see them without the helmets!)

    Bokeem Woodbine and Keith David are also in the film, albeit in a smaller capacity, but they do help deliver some of the most memorable scenes throughout. Let’s hope that someday there will be a prequel made and we get to see the back story on those characters. Born to fight and engineered to kill, the soldiers of the EE700th will give you a gut check. Did I already mention that Katee digs super soldiers?

    So in conclusion, don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Watch it on Sci Fi on May 1st and see for yourself. Then come back here and pucker up, cuz I told you so.


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