The Sound of Fury (1950)



A blonde with ice cold nerves and deep warm curves !

A man down on his luck falls in with a criminal. After a senseless murder, the two are lynched.

Genre: Film-Noir,Drama

The Sound of Fury (1950)
Release Date: 12 December 1950 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Cy Endfield
  • Frank Lovejoy
  • Kathleen Ryan
  • Richard Carlson
  • Lloyd Bridges
  • Katherine Locke
  • Adele Jergens
  • Art Smith
  • Renzo Cesana
  • Irene Vernon
  • Cliff Clark
  • Harry Shannon
  • Donald Smelick
  • Joe Conley

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  1. Figbird
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    This is being shown by Channel 4 on March 2nd 2008, 1:40 am. One of my favourite noirs. Packs a real punch, catch it if you can.

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