The Wizard of Oz (1939)



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Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home. Full summary »

Genre: Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Musical

The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Release Date: 25 August 1939 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Victor Fleming

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  • Judy Garland
  • Frank Morgan
  • Ray Bolger
  • Bert Lahr
  • Jack Haley
  • Billie Burke
  • Margaret Hamilton
  • Charley Grapewin
  • Pat Walshe
  • Clara Blandick
  • Terry
  • The Singer Midgets

33 Responses to The Wizard of Oz (1939)

  1. bradhig
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    I remember seeing a special about the Wizard of Oz that showed a scene in which the tornado overtakes the house Was there such a scene filmed and then deleted?

    Think outside the box Logic was meant to be defied.

  2. raphael65
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    First of all, though I have many favourite films, “The Wizard of Oz” will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first movie that I ever saw, at the tender age of four. Being 42 now, I come from a generation that had to wait a year to see the movie, and its annual broadcast was a major event. Children today can pop the DVD in any time they want, and cannot imagine the breathless anticipation that the older generation felt when the clips were shown on CBS and NBC (and then on CBS again) announcing the coming event more than a week in advance. The film deserves to be in the top 10 of all time, what with the incomparable cast, beautiful score, delightful songs, and charming story. As for the visual effects, the tornado is still amazing. It is mind-boggling what Gillespie and his team were able to do with a muslin stocking attached to a motor on a track beneath the stage floor! I am posting here, however, not to laud this film, since almost every poster here loves it as much as I do, but to assess the quality of the blu ray released last year.

    The 2005 edition, with its Ultra Resolution process, is, without question, inferior to the 1999 edition, which is the one that I have. Since the movie was shot in the 3-strip Technicolor process, the question of just how bright the colours should be is a question of personal taste. However, the black levels are, without a doubt, too deep and mask details of the Wicked Witch’s costume, for example. Unforgivable is the fact that the people working on the 2005 edition digitally removed the piano wire holding up the Lion’s tail! This might be perceived as a flaw, but in 1939 the use of the wire was unavoidable. Removing it amounts to tampering with a National Treasure. Should we attempt, through some painstaking digital manipulation, to minimize the traces of the animator’s fingers, which can be seen on King Kong’s fur in the original film, or eliminate the matte lines seen at the tips of the waves of the parted Red Sea in “The Ten Commandments”? I think not. People have lived with these little imperfections for well over half-a-century. Those who worked on the 2005 edition of “The Wizard of Oz” were even so bold as to zoom in on the image, thus slightly cropping the sides! People raved about details that they had never seen before – presumably because they saw what they wanted to see. The details in costumes, the texture of the Lion’s fur, the amazing matte painting of the river surrounding the Witch’s castle, which is seen in that fantastic overhead shot of Dorothy and her comrades attempting to escape from the Witch and the Winkies – ALL of these are readily apparent in the 1999 edition.

    The blu ray features an uncropped image, increased film grain (due to the higher resolution image), but the same black levels as found in the 2005 edition mask details, and the more vivid colours make it patently obvious that Judy Garland is wearing rouge and lipstick, whereas the more subdued palette seen in the 1999 edition makes her look more natural; and yet the sparkling ruby slippers are appropriately vivid, as are other things which should be bright. The piano wire is gone, and a glitch occurs as the Munchkins run off to bid farewell to Glinda as she floats away in her bubble. A lot of minuses in my opinion. For those interested in comparisons, go to: There are numerous “screen captures,” and it is these, plus the admission of the reviewer that, in spite of the overall clarity of the blu ray (at 1080p), details that can be seen in the 1999 edition are, in fact, no longer visible, which made me decide to hold on to my 1999 edition, so that I can see all the details that blew me away when I first viewed it.

  3. weird_beard
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  4. phoenixfire81
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    Ok. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question: How can the coroner examine the dead witch so thoroughly especially with Dorothy’s House resting atop of her? I was wondering about the forensic aspect of it. That part always makes me laugh everytime – LOL.

    I love the film though.

    Do and Say What Others Only Wish They Could – We Are All Outcasts of the Soul.

  5. PennyForYourTots
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    If the film was originally released in black and white did audiences get Dorothy’s reaction to the horse changing colors? Did it change to white to black to gray or did it remain the same? Just something random I wondered.

    "You’re a woman, Harry"

  6. samflowersun
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    Here are some..

    the magic slippers are ruby in the movie, and silver in the book

    the "oz" adventure is a dream sequence in the movie, but landing in a foreign land in the book

    i will come back and add, help me add some more!

  7. gourami-1
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    I did not like this line much and kinda turned me off from the movie.

  8. Trackstar88
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    For me it was:

    The tornado

    The witch

    and when the tin man couldn’t talk

  9. choochoo2112
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    Anyone who acted in it or was behind the scenes? The film is over 70 years old now so I’m wondering.

    Sometimes things are right there, you just don’t know it right away

  10. WllmShakespeare
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    How come I always hear that phrase "He`s a friend of Dorothys" when decribing a gay guy? And then this whole thing with Judy Garland being this "gay icon" for gay guys? WTF is that all about? I don`t see the connection at all, there is absolutely nothing gay in this movie. There are no guys making out, Dorothy doesn`t go into a gay bar in the movie so how did this all start?

  11. shulma2002
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    I always wanted to ask what was the Wicked Witch’s first name? I don’t think it was ever revealed in the film.

  12. urrutiap
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    Ive seen this movie a bunch of times when I was a kid and never noticed that. That’s the most weirdest thing I have ever seen in an old movie that I’ve seen dozens of times.

    Plus where the hell did Scarecrow get a freakin gun in the first place?

  13. bemibet
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    I love this movie; it’s one of my favorite films. But I’ve always thought that the scenes in Kansas were in black and white because it was such a dreary place for Dorothy. But since she’s happy to be back home at the end of the film, do you think that scene should have been in color?

    "Drive hard, Peter Lake. Drive hard."

  14. Papa_Dragon
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    Jim Carrey would have to be the scarecrow, thats the only casting call for the main characters thats is totally obvious i think

  15. BWRocks
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    Why did she get last billing? Her part was just as important, if not more so at least Uncle Henry. And was there many publicity pictures of Auntie Em? I have only seen 1 with her, at the end of the movie of everyone gathering around Dorothy’s bed.

    Do you, Miss Peel!!??

  16. fellsmuli
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    not remade as such but another adaptation of the book. This movie just has not aged well at all and is no justice to the book "The Wizard of Oz". I would want to see a total epic 170 minute movie based faithfully on the book.

  17. VolleyballGirl1234
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    And if there was would she have been Glinda’s sister because if I remember correctly, the Wicked Witches of the West and East were sisters.

    `When a real vampire meets a Smeyerpire:

    + =

  18. candie-durvis
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    In 4 years itwill mark the films 75th anniversary. Now would you see it if they somehow turned it into a 3d movie? I MIGHT..

  19. Glimpz
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    I don’t know if everybody is aware that there are a lot of different Oz-movies in development. I for one am very interested in all of them and I thought it would be interesting to list them here.

    Brick (2013)

    Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Live-action

    Synopsis: Brick delves into how the Wizard of Oz came to sit behind the curtain. The wizard is a charlatan from Kansas who’s part of a traveling circus, but goes on a similar odyssey as Dorothy when he mysteriously lands in Oz. Based on pieces from several other L. Frank Baum Oz-books as well as original ideas.

    Source: onderland-disney.html

    Dark Oz (2010)

    Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Horror

    Synopsis: Based on the comic series Dark Oz, the story centers on a much more violent and scary Land of Oz. A grown-up Dorothy Gale is back in town along with some of the familiar faces like Tinman and the Scarecrow, and even some less familiar characters from Frank L. Baum’s fantasy.


    Dorothy of Oz (2011)

    Genre: Adventure | Animation | Family | Fantasy | Musical

    Synopsis: There is trouble in Oz and Dorothy is needed! With Glinda’s help, she and Toto return to Oz. Joined by her old friends the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, the Lion as well as exciting new characters, Dorothy sets out on a perilous journey to stop the crafty Jester from using the power of the Wicked Witch of the West’s wand to turn the people of Oz into puppets. That seems to be the least of Dorothy’s problems as her travels lead her straight into a treacherous maze, a cave full of very hungry dragons and an evil spell that could destroy the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy has the daunting knowledge that it is up to her to stop Jester’s terrible plan.

    Source: age-featuring-stills-images-and-synopses-for-dorothy-of-oz-jackboots-o n-whitehall-alien-vs-ninja-and-more/


    Oz: The Return to Emerald City (2012)

    Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Live-action

    Synopsis: It’s a modern-day sequel. The story centers on Dorothy Neil, a bright and ambitious young lawyer for a prestigious law firm in Chicago. Neil is the grand-daughter of Dorothy Gale, who is now an old woman living in Kansas and telling her tales about her time in the land of Oz to a new generation of kids. However, trouble is afoot in Oz, as a new witch is destroying the magic that keeps the entire place running. While babysitting her boss’ kid, the kid and Dorothy Neil are brought back to Oz and united with the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow and tasked with killing an evil witch and restoring order in Oz.

    Source: -a-logline.php

    Wicked (2012)

    Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Musical

    Synopsis: Wicked tells the incredible untold story of an unlikely friendship between two girls who first meet as Sorcery Students at Shiz University: the blonde and very popular Glinda and a misunderstood green girl, Elphaba.

    The Witches of Oz (2010)

    Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Live-action

    Synopsis: The Witches of Oz follows the exploits of the grown Dorothy Gale, now a successful children’s book author, as she moves from Kansas to present day New York City. Dorothy quickly learns that her popular books are based on repressed childhood memories, and that the wonders of Oz are very, very real. When the Wicked Witch of the West shows up in Times Square, Dorothy must find the inner courage to stop her.


    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2011)

    Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Fantasy

    Synopsis: The retelling of L Frank Baum’s story of Dorothy’s adventures in Oz drawn from Baum’s original material. Return to the book, including the fact that the Tinman is a Munchkin and shorter than tomboy Dorothy.

    Source: z/

    If you have any more information about these movies, please share them with your fellow Oz-lovers. Of course it is not certain that all these movies will see the light of day, and even if they do, a lot of the known information can, and most likely will be altered.

  20. hannahxue
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    Local redneck Dorothy Gale was convicted yesterday of the deaths of two elderly women and found guilty of mansalughter. She was sentenced to life in prison at Oswald State Penitentiary.

    The judge said that the juvenile perpetrator failed to express remorse for her part in the killings, stealing one of the victim’s shoes off of the corpse, and bragging "we melted her!" about the other elderly victim.


  21. Bran2214
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    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly WANT a remake because I LOVE the original, so this is hypothetical so in your responses put your dream cast, and don’t insult me saying they shouldn’t remake it, because this is just hypothetical. I’ve been thinking about this for about three years now. If I could do a remake of the Wizard of Oz, here is my cast:

    Dorothy: Anne Hathaway

    Scarecrow: Johnny Depp

    Tin Man: Matthew Broderick

    Cowardly Lion: Jim Carrey

    The Wicked Witch of the West: Helena Bonham Carter

    Glinda: Kristin Chenoweth

    The Wizard of Oz: Jack Nicholson

    Auntie Em: Meryl Streep

  22. Eric_Northman77
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    I can’t believe this!

    If I want Sookie, I can simply take her.

  23. Mydoona
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    I re-read the classic book and was amazed at how much the 1939 film had clouded my memory of the book.

    Firstly Glinda doesn’t meet Dorothy when she first arrives in is her sister the Good Witch of the South, Glinda is the good witch of the North and she only meets Glinda right near the end of the book.

    also the witch is short with one eye.

    and there is a golden cap that controls the flying monkeys.

    AND talking MICE (well yes ALL animals in OZ talk)

    I want to see THAT version!

  24. studpuppie83
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    ok i’ve never read the book but i was wondering how many of the famous movie lines such as "i’ll get you my pretty and your little dog to", "we’re not in kansas anymore" etc. are actually from the book?? Or were all of these lines made up just for the movie??

  25. raymilesprime
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    Why is this thing so god damned expensive?

    In the UK especially. Couldn’t they get off their thumbs out of their asses and make enough prints of this DVD?

    £10 pre-owned for one of the most popular films in history is ridiculous.

  26. superstu86
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    This is a question I want to ask about the musical ‘Wicked’. For those of you who have seen it that is.

    A) I noticed how Elphaba was actully quite a nice person and was wondering why

    she goes off and does it her way. (devifying Gravity) She built up a dream to

    meet the wizard, and then when she gets to meet him realises the wizard

    ‘fake’. that he holds no real powers. Why then does she become the villian? All she wanted to do was to do good deeds.

    Can anyone help.

    Does the book answer this? by Gregory Maguire.

  27. Shadowfang1
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    I just saw Wicked for the first time yesterday, and I have to say, it was an AMAZING musical, and really threw things into perspective. If there’s anybody on this board who hasn’t seen it, I’d advise you go. It’s great if you’re a fan of The Wizard of Oz, and particularly of the Wicked Witch.

    I don’t look for trouble! Trouble finds me.

  28. jessica_sites_8
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    I would like to know how many "Oz" fans think Oz was real. I, personally, do. I don’t think the gray Kansas is reality, and the bright and colorful Oz is imagination. I believe that Glinda sent Dorothy home, with the Ruby Slippers, and she woke up, believing none of it was real, when it actually was. How many fans believe Oz was real?

    "Oh but Aunt Em, there’s no place like home!"

  29. Badwolf2007
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    My Plan worked

  30. jessiegwatts
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    I know there has been A LOT of talk about this, so i’m sorry for another topic about it.

    Many people are talking about the woods scene, where dorthy, the scarecrow, and the lion are singing "we’re off to see the wizard..". And I do understand that that IS a bird in the background.

    But there is another part, where Dorthy first arrives in Munchkinland where it looks like two girls are hanging. Does anyone know about this? Or can explain please?

    Please watch this video(skip the intro if you want) before you comment. (It shows the scene)

  31. studpuppie83
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    in your opinion which is a better story and book, alice in wonderland or the wizard of OZ?? i think the wizard of oz is a little more popular than alice but that could be just from the 1939 movie. Any thoughts on the matter??

  32. Vegeta-Needs-a-SNES
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    ….This film doesn’t need a remake. Now, a new version of the book with a faithful approach would be a great idea. But to remake this exact film (as opposed to a new adaptation of the book) is a bad idea. Part of the reason this film is so special is because of the era it’s from. The late 1930s were a great time for light, colourful musicals, and uh, last time I checked, the last few years have not exactly been great for childrens musicals in the United States. Plus, a remake with no musical numbers….well do we *really* need that?

    Yeah, this has been posted a million times since IMDb first started having message boards, but I’m making it 1,000,001 times. I’m probably wasting my time and your time by posting this but I feel it’s better than another thread about that non-existant Hanging munchkin.

    BTW, what this I hear of remake actually being made? Who’s making it? Is it really a remake or a new adaptation of the same book? (yes, there is a difference.) Sorry, I’m ignorant on this subject.

    I have a blue house with a blue window/Blue is the color I thought that i’d wear

  33. time_again
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    The witch says this to the head monkey before sending her army of them off but it doesn’t really make sense. I’m assuming it’s something that was cut from the film and they forget to remove the line but does anyone know what it was?

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