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The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas. Full summary »

Genre: Drama,Mystery,Thriller

Triangle (2009)
Release Date: 2009 (Australia)
Country: UK , Australia
Director: Christopher Smith
  • Melissa George
  • Joshua McIvor
  • Jack Taylor
  • Michael Dorman
  • Henry Nixon
  • Rachael Carpani
  • Emma Lung
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Bryan Probets

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  1. wanted-11
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    Triangle is a great movie with tons of clues to figure out its hidden mystery. If you want to solve this mystery yourself, I recommend you stop reading here. Go back and watch Triangle again, and try to solve the mystery. Warning, this is a rather long read, sorry.

    First, Triangle does something that to my knowledge hasn’t been done before, which is never showing us the scenes that hide the real mystery, and force us to put the pieces together. Here’s my interpretation point by point. ***Please note: this is just more connected to the plot line with only slight additional explanation beyond my other post. ***

    The story of Sisyphus is important to understand. He was the guy who had to push the rock up a hill only to have it fall back again, a personal hell and punishment that loops over and over, for eternity. So, it’s good to have that connection up front.

    Another thing to note is that there are many clues woven throughout Triangle. It can be read on multiple levels, so basically one man’s clue can be another man’s red herring and seem to completely debunk opposing theories.

    The movie opens with Jess holding Tommy and crying. She says, "Bad dreams make you think you’re seeing things you haven’t". Are there things we haven’t seen in Triangle? The details are revealed later, but scans the keys, scans her cleaning up paint and it getting on the dress, doorbell rings.

    She’s supposed to arrive at the yacht by 8:30, but Victor says, “you’re late.” Tommy is not with her. She takes a nap on the yacht, Heather says, “you’ve been asleep for a couple hours”. During this nap, her memory is erased of previous events. The wind dies down, and rogue waves capsize the ship.

    If you notice the scenario right before the yacht overturns: On deck: Greg, and Victor(no life jackets), and Jess(we know she’s dead). Others below with life vests on. Window breaks, Sally & Downey stuck below and drown. Heather is shown exiting out the broken window, Sally says, "she went out the window." So besides the need to add suspense as a potential killer on the ship, the interesting twist is that Heather disappeared because she survived, not died on the yacht. Perhaps stays on upturned yacht ’til she’s saved, maybe days later.

    The realistic nature of the yachting incident tells me that this was involved in the original day that’s being lived over and over. This would be the “beginning point of her Tartarus” or punishment with the arrival of the Aeolus, rather than the car crash, because there would be little need to tie-in the yacht or ship for that matter in her Tartarus.

    If you go back to the beginning of the cycles and imagine “how it all started”. It would be hard to believe that she would have originally crashed with Tommy and died. As a spirit looking at her son’s and her own dead body, she wouldn’t have ANY motivation to go to the Harbor. At this point, she would have no knowledge of the loops or the ship. In addition, if the Tartarus was created to have a sense of reality, crashing in a car and wandering to a boat each time would hardly feel realistic, especially if that was the fate of the original cycle.

    I don’t think it’s fair to the genius of the writing in "Triangle" to assume that this Tartarus is a loop that has always been there, or that it shouldn’t be taken literally. So basically she could be in this for an entirely different reason. Assuming she began in the middle with all the pieces already in place is just a lazy way to dismiss all the clues that we’re given.

    In the movie, we are already in her Tartarus, and have been through countless loops. There are certain elements from reality that are continually renewed or refreshed to make sure that her hell remains reality-like, by a god with a sick sense of humor(ships have captains, you know.). Many things are renewed or reset on the ship for this intention, like the food, removing traces of blood( in the theater), bullets are renewed, axe is reset on wall. So, another thing to note is that the piles of “Sallies” and Lockets and gulls could be continually reset a static level. This could literally be her 10,000 time around the loop.

    Some people are confused by the fact that Greg, Victor, Sally, etc. have the eternal fate of being killed over and over. I think it’s important to see that these people are like puppets in this Tartarus, to make sure Jess has the sense of reality. They are as real as the poor neighbor that has to continually cut that section of lawn, or the band that has eternal practice for what Jess did.

    Back to the yacht. Now they’ve been on an overturned yacht to the point where they’ve basically dried off and it’s blue skies(maybe a couple hours?) They get on the ship and walk around a little and enter the Ballroom. We see the clock “frozen” at 8:17, which matches Jesses watch(this time doesn’t change on her watch or on any of the instances of clocks shown on the ship). At this point it would be realistic to make the connection the time of death at the car crash, because it seems like it would have happened just before 8:30. Then Victor says, ”What time you got?”, and Greg says, “11:30” but if you put it together:

    8:30-9:00 Jess arrives at harbor, Victor replies you’re running late, yacht heads out.

    9:00-11:00 Heather says to Jess, "you’ve been sleeping for a couple hours"

    11-11:30 chatting, wind died down, storm hits…

    11:30-1:30 going from soaked and overboard, to picked up by ship, and walking around.

    Yet on the ship, "what time you got"… "11:30"???

    If time is telling us anything, it’s the time of their original time of death 11:30, on the yacht. It’s a pretty tight movie and I can’t imagine this oversight.

    With the connections to "The Shining", and a movie THIS clever with twists within twists, I believe that the clock/watch connection is a construct from the real world… like her house number being the room number, the drum coming from the marching band en route to the ship. I think her watch had broken/died, maybe days before, and it ended up manifesting itself on the ship. I think this is a HUGE red herring, a tribute to "the shining" when Danny draws Jack into the maze and backtracks out in his own footprints. The clock is Chris Smith’s way of drawing us all into his maze only to get lost.

    Back to the ship. They go out to the foyer and start to tell the story of Sisyphus, the man who had to push the rock up the hill for eternity. This was performed in a place called Tartarus. Tartarus is a personalized hell where the biggest threats to the gods were sent. It was a place where one’s personal punishment “fit the crime”. Victor says, “That’s a pretty sh!%#y punishment, what did he do?” More importantly, we’re supposed to ask ourselves, “This a pretty sh!%#y punishment, what did JESS do?”

    The keys drop and we find out that they are Jess’ keys. It’s reasonable to believe this may be just an element to add suspense by the suggestion that Heather brought them on the ship. We find out she is not on the ship, so we need to ask ourselves, “how did the keys get on the ship?”

    On the ship, Jesses go through basically 3 phases to make it simple(other posts do a good job of describing this in detail). She goes from “Clueless”(tank with locket), to “Learning”(tank top without locket), to “Figured it out”(Overalls mask). Then a 4th phase which involves going over the edge and returning to the ship. So there are 3 that we see on the ship at any given time, and an unspecified number of Jesses working their way to the ship to replace the Jess going over the rail. This could literally be like a line of ants.

    Her “conclusion”, even though she appears to be a “nice person”, is to kill them all to get a second chance, and fix what went wrong. She ultimately chooses to kill everyone to get what she wants, “to get back to her son”. If we mirror this, and assume that this is her basic conclusion on the ship, to kill everyone in a violent way to get a second chance with her son, wouldn’t this be a perfect punishment for a woman who came to the conclusion that she needed to kill her son(and did so in a violent way) for a second chance at the life and the freedom she thought she wanted?

    One of the symbols in the movie is the room 237. This is her house number(shown when she answers the doorbell). This is a construct from the real world that is projected into her Tartarus. It’s a tribute to room 237 in the movie "The Shining", about a father going crazy, and attempting to murder his wife and son(also a repeating story, where the father kills/attempts to kill his family shortly after entering room 237). 237 was a room they were never supposed to enter and the heart of the evil in the hotel. So, coincidentally, she not only enters room 237 several times, but lives there, too. This is another hint that this isn’t a case of abuse and a car crash, but a case of murder as a result of a snapped mind.

    When "Tank Top Jess" falls overboard, it allows her to return home. She sees "sun dress Jess” (at the end of the movie), she appears unnerved and ashamed, deep foreboding music starts, she knows something horrible is about to happen(Tommy’s murder). The paint spills because the boy sees "Tank Top Jess", then ringing the doorbell creates distraction when "sun dress Jess" would have lost it and killed her son. You can see "sun dress Jess" really losing it at this point. "Tank Top Jess" runs to the shed, grabs a hammer and bashes in "sun dress Jess" head, without hesitation.

    The problem is that not all of the "Tank Top Jesses" make it back to the beginning, Tommy wouldn’t have spilled Paint in one of the loops, and wouldn’t have intervention from "Tank Top Jess". Remember, Greg says, "That’s because you’re a good mother, you can’t be everywhere at once." So, 1 of the instances we see on the ship is "Sun dress Jess" that made it from home. But something causes this version to change her dress, assumably without the paint incident. We know this because she is always wearing the Tank top and shorts. This clue suggests that she murders Tommy(likely in a messy way that required her to change her clothes, either through the murder itself or the cleanup). It would make sense that whatever violence happened was at home, because she changes into the tank top and shorts.

    So Jess kills Tommy, not just originally, but ongoing. This is where we need to fill in the blanks, and this is where the car keys and hand bag are important. We know that this Tartarus is about “Tommy dying no matter what she does” in each of the loops. We have to make the connection about what would happen if the distraction of the spilled paint and doorbell didn’t exist.

    Besides the clues, there is understanding her stress and motivation to kill her son. She’s been invited to go sailing. Raising her son is a challenge. She tells Greg, “Everyday is the same with Tommy, if I do one thing different, I lose him.” Each day she deals with this, and all she wants is her “one effing day”. “Everything the same”… the opposite of freedom. All the build up of this and watching her snap at the end of the movie, it’s a logical connection.

    It’s also quite tragic, because Greg seems like a pretty compassionate guy. He took in Victor, "Just like that", clearly is aware of her son’s special needs and is interested in Jess anyway. 8:17… 8:30… she almost made it, had she made the right choices.

    The seagull is interesting bird as a symbol in "Triangle". It’s a bird, so it’s a symbol of freedom, yet at it’s core, it’s a scavenger. The seagull "follows" her throughout this journey. Pay attention to how she "interacts" with the seagull as "Triangle" progresses. She starts with a pleasant smile as she looks up at the first one while in the yard. Then, neutral on the yacht, on the ship she’s looks a little annoyed by the squawking of the next one, Then, sad. Next the seagulls start to "feed on the remains" of her dead friends, finally it’s killed hitting the car windshield. So, the clue: Her desire for freedom ultimately turns into a bloody nightmare.

    We know the car keys make it on to the ship, but how? We know that Jess wouldn’t have taken the keys out of the upside down, crashed car’s ignition, so she must drive to the yacht. If you follow the pattern, They are dropped by the Jess in front of our Jess, this is the “mean Jess”/”sun dress Jess” that arrived from home. Picked up and dropped by our Jess, then the pattern is changed, so the next Jess doesn’t drop them at that spot, they disappear after this, maybe go overboard with her, or possibly get dropped in another pile(not shown) on the ship. An additional note: “Mean Jess” is also wearing a sort of purse/bag over her shoulder before she knifes Downey. Where this purse/bag came from isn’t really known, but may be another connection that she arrived at the yacht in a different way, because we know our Jess doesn’t carry any type of bag after the car accident. Based on the pattern, right after our jess goes over the rail of the Aeolus, another Jess will be board. This would be the next "mean Jess" carrying a bag and car keys.

    The knowledge and awareness of this murder(along with a the keys) keeps boarding the ship with each new “Mean Jess”/”Sun Dress Jess” arriving. This Jess has a different perspective. She wouldn’t have taken the nap, so, she wouldn’t have the memory loss. She WOULD have knowledge of what happened to Tommy, but no knowledge of the ship(she just woke up this morning). This is important, because when “our Jess” has memory loss, she believes her own lie that Tommy is in school. By the end, she knows he needs to be saved. I believe this information is passed from the “masked Jesses” to the “Tank top jesses” during the conflicts at the bow of the ship(more intentionally omitted scenes where we need to fill in the picture). Confessing to the murder of Tommy by “mean Jess” at the front of the ship could have also caused the other version of Jess to kill her, rather than her ending up going over the rail alive like the others.

    The whole thing is her Tartarus, a punishment for murdering Tommy. The Tartarus is a perfect mirror of going to the yacht to get to the freedom she thinks she wants, then going there to save Tommy, alternating, over and over. She’s split into multiple versions. Her “nice side” is “cured by this bad dream”, yet it forces her to continually relive it and try to fix her mistake. Sisyphus was one guy pushing a rock. Jess’ different versions magnify her punishment which involves killing Tommy, killing her friends, killing her love interest, killing another version of herself. Oddly enough she keeps returning to the harbor at her own discretion and re-entering the Tartarus for opposite reasons, seeking out freedom of a new life without the burden of Tommy, and trying to correct the mistake and save him, over and over.

    You keep a tuna fresh… people will keep comin’ back.

  2. LostTruthSeeker
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    There have been several similar scenes/events/motifs in Triangle that I’ve seen in the early seasons of Lost. When I saw the episode with Desmond’s mistake of turning the key and blowing up the hatch to change the electromagnetic forces, the similarities were striking. "The universe has a way of self-correcting."

  3. panimu
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    Couldn’t use the subject I wanted due to spoilers but did you notice that the first time (a) Jess is pushed off the ship she then goes back inside and changes the record? A few moments later the next loop starts as indicated by the yacht showing up. Then when she’s back inside the record player skips a few times and so does the visual, it rewinds about a second and then plays forward.

    OMG! The record player is what is controlling the loops!

  4. mfaisal98
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    Because when the bird got killed after crashing in the car’s windshield and Jess picked up and threw away the dead bird.. there were already a pile of dead birds on the shore, signifying that up to that point in the movie, it was ALSO the part of the "Loop". Anyone like to comment on that please???

  5. notpictured
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    Jesus Christ, bro! Stop being a tease and give us YOUR interpretation of the film! I’ve watched it once and it confused the hell out of me. Ain’t no way I have time to rewatch it 100 more times to try and figure it out. Just give us your story, and maybe some of us will like it more and actually buy it.

    "I’m not educated, but I’m a lot of fun!" – Sam Puckett.

  6. cannygeet
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    I’ve brought this up a couple of times but the defenders of this film remain strangely quiet.

    If this film is so perfect and if this is supposed to be in some ways allegorical to the fate of Sisyphus, why do only some things repeat AND why are her friends brought along.

    Sisyphus’ punishment was only inflicted on himself and his punishment was repeated exactly the same ad infinitum. If this is the case then nothing should be repeated and it should only be the main characters punishment. It sits very uneasily that the director doesn’t mind murdering a few innocent people for the sake of one woman’s tortue. At least in a ‘typical’ slasher movie the unlucky souls are murdered by a nutter. To assume that in Triangle there is some higher power just doesn’t seem right.

  7. khaliathompson
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    Death-I watched the movie for the first time yesterday and I think I have figured out some things but my theory has a hole. Jess originally died on her way to the harbor @ 8:17 am with her son after she hit the seagull and it distracted her son which distracted her which caused the wreck. When she died in the wreck, death (cab driver) came to get her and told her it was nothing that could be done to save the boy, and asked if he could take her somewhere. Because she was already in the loop several times by the time the viewer is brought into the story I just dont know how the loop began, but I digress. She promised the driver, death, that she would be back, same as the Greek mythology that was discussed on the boat by Downy and Sally. So she’s being punished for not keeping her promise to death. If she doesnt go on the Triangle and actually goes back to the cab, that is the only time the loop will stop and she will go on to her afterlife (whatever that is). The Triangle is Jess’ hell. Greg exist in reality (note on fridge), but she is dead by the time she gets to the Triangle, therefore none of the group on the boat are real. I believe that the whole situation with the boat is "the rock up the hill" for Jess.

    Heather-I’ve read theories that Heather survived, but I do not believe that the boat trip are real. I may be wrong, I probably am wrong, but I think that Heather was there to give the viewer another train of thought before the viewers discovers that the masked shooter is Jess.

    Hole- My hole is how the loop began. When Jess originally died how did she get to the Triangle.

    Mirrors-I know there a big significance to the mirrors. Does she go through any of the mirrors on the boat?

    Someone please help me. I am stuck. This film is in my head and I am going to need to find the answer to this puzzle. The only part of my theory that I truly believe in is the part with death and the cab snd the promise to come back. Other than that I’m all over the place.

  8. erclikesrice
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    That Seagull has been through a lot apparently…getting hit by the same *beep* car several times…I think they should do a film from the Seagull’s point of view; technically he is in the same situation

    Just thought I would share this for a laugh, NOT being serious.

  9. warbabyx
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    I think I figured out how the keys got on the boat and what happened to Tommy… As far as I can figure there’s no holes in the logic AND it doesn’t require any help from ‘what-if’ either. I’ll just lay it out like it’s true, but don’t take it as me thinking it’s infallible. I could certainly be wrong, but that’s what you guys are for! adampetrook-655-484675’s post about the keys and taxi is what caused it to cement for me…

    The very first time Jess got on the Triangle, she was very much alive and she had Tommy with her. She drove to the harbor with Tommy, got on the boat (with her keys) and off they went. Tommy dies during this first trip on the Triangle… How? Dunno… Drowns during the ship sinking probably, but there’s no telling and it’s not really important… That he dies is the only relevant point.

    The group gets on the Aeolus. From here it’s business as usual on the Aeolus… Loop de Loop de Loop! With the exception that Jess has her keys, which she drops when the loops begin.

    Still alive Jess gets off the Aeolus (maybe even using one of those missing lifeboats =P, but probably by being knocked off by herself) and washes up on shore. She’s completely freaked by her ordeal and runs home to figure out what to do, only to find out she’s traveled back in time. The whole thing has completely changed her outlook since Tommy is alive again, she’s overcome with shame because of the way her past self treated Tommy, so she kills her past self, takes Tommy away telling him everything is going to be different now… Then she crashes… And now things are in the ‘Sisyphus’ phase from then on since she’s died, lied to Death and tried to run… She knows Tommy is dead now, but of course she remembers that the Aeolus took her back in time, so she heads straight there to try to fix it. She’s probably also unaware that she’s now dead, or she’s in denial…

    I still always hit the same block, but it’s really only a block in that we never know how/why things got to the point that there were always three Jess’s on the Aeolus. Since the rules of time travel the movie’s logic follows are unknown, any number of things could have happened…

    Some believe in a situation like this that as soon as the Triangle entered the same pocket as the Aeolus it was simultaneously ALWAYS part of that time loop. Or you could figure that the first time Jess hit the deck of the Aeolus she was the ONLY Jess on board, everyone else eventually died through starvation or sickness or suicide or really any number of things, which then triggered another Triangle, another Jess… Eventually leading to the fiasco we’re shown… Jess may have even died along with everyone else the first time or two, but it’s a loop so there’s always another chance…

    To be honest, I don’t guess it matters how things evolved to that point anyway… We’re only shown one particular Jess’s experience.

  10. termsandconditions
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    I’ve just been reading through some of the threads and you keep popping up so I just wanted to direct a question to you. You keep telling people to dig deeper and when they figure it all out it’ll be worth it. I’m just wondering: Are you in some way connected to the film? You sound as though you have all the answers and you keep probing people to figure it out for themselves.

    Death smiles at us all

    All we can do is smile back

  11. phoenix_smg
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    Does anyone know what the Song is called that starts about 1:13 in the Official Trailer?

    Would be great of someone could tell me ;)

  12. viperxx55
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    If you were caught in a timeloop, why would you make all the same mistakes that you’d just seen yourself make previously. Why not BREAK out of it. Makes no sense.

  13. Glory678
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    the X-files episode called Triangle. I believe it is called Triangle. Not exactly like it down to the last detail but there sure is a hell of a lot of similarities right down to Scully watching another version of herself in a creepy hallway. good episode.

    Alice Army

    Hello Daddy. Hello Mom. I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

  14. JavaClick
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    Without getting into the esoteric details and symbolism, I just want to say this was a really solid film, especially the writing and Melissa George.

    Two thumbs up, Five of Five, Must see, etc.,

    The way the details fit together, and the way the threads loop back on each other … things like that are *hard* to write, let alone putting an actual message in there too. It blows away 90% of what I’ve seen lately.

    This is a really worthy watch. I will definitely be putting it on my recommend list.

  15. Fenrir-5
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    Seriously, it’s so obvious that it’s shameful, from the basic plot to the cloth mask.

  16. mc_thor
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    Was he meant to be Charon, ferryman of the dead?

  17. GuiltyVictim
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    Had a heated argument with my friend last night after watching this. I believe understood what happened in the film – that the character is stuck in an infinity timeloop stretching beyond the ship because at one point or another she (or everyone) were thrown backwards in time which prompted her to “end” the smaller loop (falling off the ship) by arriving on shore before she went on the boat trip. I can also accept (suspense of disbelieve) that she loses her conscious memory of all the above events when she falls asleep on the boat.

    Problem is, going back to the end of the film (or beginning), she (the version who just escaped the ship) goes home, picks up the hammer and kills her “earlier” self, before taking on the identity of her earlier self to board the boat and repeats the cycle.

    This is paradoxical because it means she could never have entered the loop to begin with, considering she was actually killed by her “future” self in essence – the original version of her in the summer dress, having been invited to the harbour but got blue paint sprayed over it, with no idea any of the non-sense that was about to happen, never had a chance to board the boat, which means there’s no “entry point” for the time loop.

    The only way I can argue that it worked, is that – considering the duplication of objects (necklace, corpses) it implies that the entire world itself is stuck in a loop because that’s the only way that additional mass could accumulate over time. This means she did in fact enter the boat the very first time, but when the loop happens, the characters aren’t moving back in time but an older version of objects involved in the loop was duplicated and repeats itself.

    This also allows for the change of events to happen – namely Victor not trying to kill Jess during the very first loop we see in the film, because as long as the overall loop (where she’s thrown overboard) can happen, all the events onboard the ship is allow the variations as long as everyone dies.

    This could still kinda explain how her keys found their ways aboard the ship – long as they were carried onboard once at the very beginning of the entire cycle.

    But what it doesn’t explain is – if she writes “If they board, kill them all” at the lockers during the loop before she understood the concept of the loop occurring when everyone dies (she wrote it when she saw all the discarded pieces of paper on the floor) then she couldn’t have written it on the very first place, unless again, we argue that it was written in a slightly different turn of events when she actually wrote it after she becomes aware of what’s going on and wanted to leave herself a note for a later version of her during the second loop.

    I think the film on principle started with a good concept, although the execution was rather poor. This isn’t a case of “making the audience think”, but making the audience poke flaws in it because they disagree. At least in my case.

  18. themisfitsrock
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    Yip, total rip off of the 2007 film Timecrimes aka Los cronocrímenes. Watch Timecrimes instead, its way better

  19. jayskitstar
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    Just posted my review for Triangle so check it out if you have a sec. Let me know what you think and give me some recommendations for other movies to review. Thanks and enjoy.

    I’m runnin this monkey farm now !!

  20. ari85
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    38 and 77 th minute?

  21. fuzzy_wunz
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    Who else became tired of this? The film’s determinism is entirely due to one character’s neurosis, and the story suffers as a result. Timecrimes was a bit guilty of the same thing, but at least that film retains its mystery until the end and the character outsmarts his paradox.

  22. laticspaul
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    In other threads I’ve seen posters comment on the "original" Jess as being an "evil" or "bad" mother. The scenes of her swearing at her son didn’t represent either of these, just that she was an overworked single mum, who was struggling to bring up her son on her own.

    I disagree with suggestions that the recurring timeline was some kind of punishment for her being a bad mum. IMO, it more represented her desperation to see her son again, and the fact that she would do anything to achieve this, even doing a deal with the devil/Ferryman of the Dead/taxi driver.

    Following the opening scene, the sole driver for all of Jess’ actions was to see her son again.


  23. warbabyx
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    1. I watched the movie from start to finish looking ONLY for the bag the the ‘mean Jess’ carries around. From what I saw it is NOWHERE else in the film. She’s wearing it when she kills, and she’s wearing it when she’s thrown overboard. As a matter of fact, when she’s thrown overboard the bag is the last thing you see go over… It sort of sticks to the side of the rail for a second. It is NOT Sally’s purse, nor is it Heather’s. It is not in Jess’s house from what I saw, nor is it in her car or on the ground after the wreck. It is also not a bag belonging to anyone that is rubber-necking at the accident. I saw it nowhere in the storeroom with the weapons and coveralls. It was not in the room when ‘mean Jess’ knifes her friends… Well, a SECOND one was not there, only the one ‘mean Jess’ is wearing. Of particular note to me was that ‘mean Jess’ does not have a second ammo bag. She has her mask and that bag… I tried to see if ‘mean Jess’ was wearing it when she started shooting up the place, but could not tell.

    2. I’m fairly sure Jess’s roller-coaster ride would have to start directly after her nap on the boat. She dreams about being on the beach with the coveralls rolling in the surf… Then the abruptly wakes up. Her first words are "Is Greg OK?" Heather says "He’s fine, he’s upstairs. You’ve been asleep for a couple of hours" Jess says "I had this terrible dream." Heather says "What was it about?" Jess says "I don’t remember." That signals to me that she has now forgotten what happened… The kicker is that I think she either intentionally forgets, or that her mind forgets for her to keep her from cracking up completely… I know someone (wanted-11?) hit on this before (this being when she forgot) but this, coupled with the next bit, is pretty much proof positive…

    3. In the opening scene Jess is holding Tommy saying, "You were just having a bad dream, that’s all baby… That’s all it was… Bad dreams make you think you’re seeing things that you haven’t. You know what I do when I have a bad dream? I close my eyes and I think of something else. Like being here with you." Later on when she drops her locket down the grate she stops and then says "Tommy"… When she pulls the gun on herself in the dining area she says "You’re not me" a couple of times. When she’s finally decided to kill everyone to ‘force’ the loop to restart and she’s on the balcony with Greg she says "This is not real. I’m somewhere out there on the yacht with all of you." When she accidentally hurts Victor she says "I didn’t do this. I didn’t do this" She tells Sally over and over, as Sally is sitting among her numerous corpses, that "I didn’t do this to you" even though she knows some version of herself did. I saw Spielburger and someone else having a little back and forth about Jess being in denial and needing to accept things to change them… Well, here’s all the proof you need for that… She’s in a near CONSTANT state of denial, up to and including what I said in no. 2… She convinces herself it’s all a dream or it’s not really happening. Although she never TRULY forgets everything, which causes her bouts of deja vu…

    4. The keys, the keys… I looked for them throughout as well. At the beginning of the film, Jess from Aeolus picks up the keys when she’s walking out the door. What happens to them after that is unknown, but I’m fairly sure they stay in the ignition after the wreck… Victor picks them up after a Jess drops them, but first loop Jess takes them from him. After that… Dunno… She probably keeps them, only to drop them for the next new Victor to find and Give to the next new Jess… Dunno how they got there to begin with and I saw no clues as to how either, other than Jess from the Aeolus picking them up. I couldn’t tell if she was holding them after the wreck, but if she was it wouldn’t fit the logic and there would be a pile of keys just like the lockets, Sally’s, papers, etc. However, when she’s handed the keys by Victor initially, she tells the others she had them on the yacht.

    A final fun fact: At the beginning of the movie, when Aeolus Jess is packing her bag (which actually has Jess’s body but we don’t know yet) you can see her tucking in part of the paint stained dress.

    Soooo, we’re still left with only one real question… How in the HELL did those friggin keys get on that boat?

  24. colintb2006
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    has anyone noticed that in rm 237, its actually jess’s bedroom from her house, just that the furniture has been moved around( ala machinist).

    The bed is the same, as is the bedsheets,the sidetable is the same; also the mirrors are the same,a three paned mirror.

    Also the mirrors on the ship are the same as the ones in jess’s house.

  25. twentyfourcharacters_max
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    The time-loop in this movie reminded me of that film, only with more Melissa George.

  26. jamie147
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    Was it just me or were most of you guys just captivated by Melissa George in this movie? She was just so sexy – red hot, in fact. I think it was a combination of things. Her clothes were sexy, while not being too revealing or crude, and the mystery, unpredictability, understatedness and vulnerability of her character was really attractive (ok, I can overlook the odd murder!). The fact that she is just a lovely, feminine, beautiful actress anyway simply added to it.

    This was a nice surprise – I did not go into the movie as a massive Melissa fan, and did not expect to be drooling all the way through it, but I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her – even later on when her appearance deterioriates due to the events on board the ship! So much so that I couldn’t fully concentrate on the plot. Ironically, this wasn’t actually such a bad thing, as I feel that rather than studying the plot in minute detail, I just got a good general level of understanding of the plot, and let the potentially confusing bits wash over me, preferring instead to just enjoyed Melissa’s performance!

    Jeez, I feel like a dirty old man now!


  27. Spielburger
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    Okay: I’ve been alluding to this for a long time in other posts, and promised to write it up properly when I had the time.

    In Chris Smith’s DVD commentary (which I believe is currently only available on the R2 release), he talks at length about how "Triangle" was designed so that it could be interpreted, or "read", in different ways simultaneously. The following is a transcript of the main section where he describes the three possible readings of the film. (Although it’s interesting to note how quickly he skims over the "literal, Bermuda Triangle" reading…)

    This section comes immediately after a discussion of Smith’s love of, and study into, "The Shining", and he cites similarities with the way in which that film can be interpreted in different ways ("It’s either a ghost story, or it’s a film about psychosis and mental breakdown.")

    [Starting timestamp: 0:13:08]

    “And so, the real breakthrough in the script came when I realized that this doesn’t have to have a logical, rational explanation: it has to have a number of explanations, and they all have to work simultaneously, like a riddle, so that you can go: ‘Well, did she die in a crash? Did she just have amnesia? Is the whole thing real, and it’s a psychological thriller set in the Bermuda Triangle?’ I want you to have all of those answers simultaneously. And that was an ambition that we knew would work, I think, in the long term, but could be frustrating for people that watch the movie and just want an answer, which we never really give you. And I can’t sit here now and say, well, this is what happened, because the movie really does have three readings, if you like. It does have the reading that Jess is having a breakdown, maybe none of it ever happened, maybe she just lived this really sad life with her child, she was a bad mum, she gets killed in a car crash, doesn’t have the chance to help her child or to say sorry and then ends up in a kind of a purgatory-limbo where she is punished permanently.

    So that was one reading: the other reading is it’s all real and it’s a Bermuda Triangle movie and the other movie is that it’s about how someone can slip into schizophrenia and psychosis. And someone said to me having seeing the film ‘Did you know you’ve made a movie about schizophrenia?’ A lot of people that suffer schizophrenia go through a process where they begin to think of themselves in the third person, and ultimately by the end are so removed from themselves that they can actually see themselves, and aren’t responsible for their actions. And that’s the kind of subtext of the movie that I really like. And what really excited me about the film, and still excites me about the film, is that we get into the mind of a character who justifies to both herself and the audience as to why she has to kill her friends. And I think for me that’s the real success of the film; is that you feel empathy for her, and yet she’s the killer.”

  28. UberNick
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    I watched this out of curiosity, and was absolutely in awe.

    It really is an amazing film, although a few things I don’t think make a lot of sense so I try to piece it together. I literally sit here putting it all together in my head, before I just burst out laughing at how confusing it is and give up.

    Now I may be an idiot, but there is one thing I’m not sir, and that sir, is an idiot

  29. bagzzp
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    the scenario where she boards the ship with her keys starts way before the events depicted in the film ,or the ‘original’ scene if you like.

    That is why we see multiples of everything even during the second and third loop.the picture lockets,the dead birds and the numerous dead bodies of the character who was supposed to have been shot.

  30. adampetrook-655-484675
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    If in the original time line she took a taxi to the harbor. I know this would drastically alter the possibilities of most of the current theories but after giving it some thought i feel its feasible. I thinks it possible that when Jess asks the Taxi driver "who are you " it because she realizes he was with her in a previous accident and he keeps appearing after every accident she has. Continuing on from this i believe it might be possible that in the original time line Jess rally did drop Tommy at special needs school just like she says at the harbor. Im in the process of putting it all together.

  31. kingmidas4-700-107194
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    First of all, I can’t believe I went through such a complex registration process to get here! I’ve seen many movies in my lifetime but, this is the only movie that compelled me to join a discussion board!

    I love the theories here. I didn’t think about the depth of Jess’s guilt, but the allusion to the murder of her son makes perfect sense.

    Anyway, my question is regarding the masked Jess who gets forced overboard by "our" Jess and then later when we see from our Jess’s POV (after the dead-Sallys (which freaked me out to no end, worse than any gore I’ve seen) Jess axing and killing an UNmasked Jess.

    What is the significance of this?

    I wondered if she could stop the cycle if she unmasked herself to herself, but apparently not since she gets killed and thrown overboard anyway?

    And, did anyone else notice when she washes up on the beach the overalls/cover-up she was wearing on the ship when she went overboard? What is the significance of that?

  32. chris_bolbery
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    I firmly believe there are only 2 loops, but many of you believe there to be 3.

    Here’s how I see it very simply and briefly.

    Loop 1 :-

    Jess doesn’t die in the car crash and boards the ship with her keys (without Tommy?)

    Jess kills her future self with blood on the side of her face onboard the ship and throws her overboard

    Loop 2 :-

    Spirit Jess kills Jess at home

    Spirit Jess has car crash killing Tommy

    Spirit Jess boards the ship without her keys (they are still in car ignition)


    Random points:-

    We see blood on the side of Jess’s face both times she dies, which to me indicates she is the same Jess.

    Spirit Jess never dies, and keeps repeating the same pattern over and over.

    We see Jess fight with herself twice. Both times she is fighting a future version of herself.

    Although we see 3 Jess’s onboard the ship at once, 2 of them are the same Jess but at a different point in time.

    We see all the other crewmembers die twice.

    Please can someone point out if there are any flaws with my logic as I am convinced that there are only 2 of everything not 3.

  33. jeffscsr
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    and tbh, i think that’s a stretch. damn!


    Eric C 4 Prez

  34. PCP-Timelord
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    Because we see 3 Jess’s at one point in the movie, a lot of people are considering the theory of two sets of Jess’s — One good, one evil; or spirit and living versions. There really isn’t enough evidence to support a living Jess who arrives with her keys on her.

    But let’s say she does — She must survive an entirely different arrival than Our Jess because those keys never would have been dropped and found by her. The theory of missing Heather would never have come up. That entire act would have resolved differently — ie the very first crew had to die by starvation or insanity to begin the loop and spawn boarding_crew_002.

    On the other hand, Our_Jess arrives and starts finding clues left by her future versions: a set of keys she doesn’t possess, messages written in the blood of victims who haven’t died yet and collections of objects and corpses that basically serve to frighten the audience.

    What’s really happening, is a house-of-cards effect illusion created by the writer to give us a sense of a never-ending timeloop, but the act of dissecting the logic is almost more fun than watching the movie. One set of keys can not exist, neither can a pile of 30 corpses — once the loop has been intiated, the only possible combination is infinity keys and infinity corpse piles. A programmer can tell you all about such things. :)

    Essentially, the writer gives us just enough information to trick us into believing there is an infinite loop in progress. On the first viewing, we gobble up the misleading info and gasp at the apparent illusion, but if you apply any rules of logic to the situation it is exposed for the sleight-of-hand that is really is.

    There are actually 4 discrete Jess’s we see on the Aeolus. Our_Jess, No_Sweater (gives it to Sally) Sack_Face (with shotgun) and Bloody_Head_Jess but there’s no logical way to explain how Bloody_Head_Jess ever exists.

    Our_Jess never becomes Bloody_Head_Jess, but it is assumed she follows the loop in it’s entirety. Theorizing that there is a concurrent loop with Evil_Jess’s in play who eventually become Bloody_Head_Jess’s is a worse theory than straight up schizophrenia, since that would mean there were 5 Jess’s on board the ship — I know it’s a big ship, but really, they’d be bumping into each other constantly at the Armoury.

    So the illusion begins to unravel — why only 1 set of keys and 30 piles of corpses? Why a Bloody_Head_Jess when Our_Jess never becomes her? Why is Sundress_Jess such a cunt? Some of the pieces of this puzzle never logically connect but it makes for a thrilling movie. This is the work of a fair craftsman and illusionist.

    I hate to spoil the magic, but the illusion was driving me crazy until I mapped it out for myself. Perhaps someone else can sleep after reading this, too.

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