Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride (2011)



Dudley is due to marry Maggie. The boys decide to take Dudley out for one last ride.

Genre: Comedy

Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride (2011)
Release Date: 2011 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Walt Becker
  • John Travolta
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Tim Allen
  • William H. Macy

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30 Responses to Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride (2011)

  1. miskimees

    Ray Liotta must in it too!

    My vote history: http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=41932309

  2. mikemeenan1

    Wild Hogs 1 was incredible. Probably the best movie I’ve seen in the last 20 years.

    My Top 5 all-time favorite movies are

    1A- Monster Squad

    1B- Wild Hogs

    3 – Fast and Furious- Tokyo Drift

    4- The Pacifier

    5- Goodfellas

    If you dont like Wild Hogs, you just dont have a sense of humor. You don’t understand the plight of the biker, the joys of the open road, or the endless boundaries of true friendship.

    Best Black movie of all time too by the way. (Martin)

    Funny Quotes

    "It’s in my skin BITCH" Dudley

    "Thats because bears don’t eat poop" Doug to Dudley for baggin his poop

    Chill scene

    "Don’t you know Hogs run in Packs" Bobby tellin Woody that the hogs have his back

    "Ride Hard or Stay Home" -Damien Blade – I mean seriously, could you be any more bad ass

    Much Respect Due

    To Woody for that evil stare he gave the Del Fuegos when they were trying to bitch up the Hogs, Woody was having none of that. You know what how bout I burn your bar down with you in it. Hows that.

  3. rockinboom

    1) Peanut the dog would finally be reunited with his big screen soul mate.

    2) Brenden Frasier would finally be given a chance to return to respected comedy making an appearance as Link. Imagine the comedic interplay between the classic Wild Hogs crew, plus Pauly Shore and Encino Man. Weeez the juice!

    3) Pauley Shore is both wild and a hog.

    4) An Oscar Nomination is in order for the costume department due to all the "Weasel Wear" that would have to be bought.

    5) Pauley Shore in assless chaps is never not funny.

    6) The making of WH2 with Pauley Shore would ensure that WH3 would probably never get the green light to be made. Not because WH2 would suck, but because you can’t top perfection.

    7) A scene would be written in where Ray Liotta punches Pauley Shore in the face because Pauley Shore "wouldn’t need to be munching on his grindage if he had the whole brady bunch thing going on at his crib, cool buddy?"

    8) The Wild Weasel is waaay too cool of a name to never be used in some cinematic fashion.

    9) Pauley Shore all ready has experience riding tandem on a Vespa.

    10) There is no possible way that the addition of Pauley Shore could possibly make Wild Hogs 2 worse than Wild Hogs 1.

  4. wleas

    I can’t believe Walt Disney Studios has made this ill considered decision!

    This is without a doubt the dumbest move that Disney could make at this time.

    Wild Hogs 2 would have been a great success, with a nice box office return.

    It would be nice to find out just WHICH executive made this decision, so us fans could send him/her some well deserved hate mail!

    PS…Turns Out "Rich Ross" Walt Disney’s chairman of Walt Disney Studios is ultimately responsible for this tragic and "Extremely" ill thought out decision.

    One thing is for sure, if Ross is making poor decisions such as this, Walt Disney studios is in for a slump (Profit wise) and investors should take note of this.

  5. obsolhei

    For me Wild Hogs was the best thing Tim Allen had done since the Home Improvement days. It was very entertaining, and the biker theme was cool. My girlfriend and I was *really* looking forward to the sequel, and it was a huge disappointment to see that it was canned. :( :( :(

  6. chrisxD

    Seriously! It won’t hurt. I’d like to see what happens next. I don’t care if it’s a stupid movie. It’s a stupid movie that’ll rank in a lot of money and a lot of laughs.



  7. mistahardkill


    *Knocks on FBI car window* "Ok *beep* lets go for a ride" – Robert De Niro – Goodfellas.

  8. fourte_six_and_two

    Don’t it ?

    when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro ~ HST

  9. saucyswells

    I know it’s been posted on here earlier, but I noticed those posts have dropped lower so I am just here to reiterate that Disney has canceled the sequel.

  10. angrybeavers13

    It’d be funny if they got hasseled by the gay cop again like in the first movie.

    "Andy! You goonie!"

  11. johndough07

    Tim allen said it

  12. israelnotjacob

    Look I loved the first. Fun premise, great scenarios, and hilarious lines. There was a lot for each of these men to learn and experience, which made things very interesting. I have a pretty good idea this one will not be nearly as good though. I could be surprised, but ever since I heard this might be done it did just sound like the typical sequel where they essentially just try to do the same thing twice. Very little that’s actually new, and because it’s been done in the first, there’s less to work with. Now instead of men who each need to learn important things about life and who they are, now it’s just like "okay let’s go on another trip cause our friend is getting married."

    Again I know I could be surprised, but I’m certainly not going to be very excited for this film’s release. Sequels can work despite the annoying statements of ignorance that say the first is always the best, but if a good way to build off the first film isn’t done and it’s nothing more than basically doing the same thing twice, then it just ends up being mediocre at best.

  13. TheDoctorsTardis

    Will Maggie be in this movie?


  14. Justinmanning86-1

    I’m not one to ever post these sort of things, but since i saw this first hand I will. My wife and I were driving from Montana down to St. Louis. We passed by Sturgis SD and the biker rally is going on.

    We stopped at a Truck Stop an hour on the other side of Sturgis and the film crew was there. Got to see John Travolta, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen all there.

    Not sure what the plot of the new film is suppose to be, but I do know it will take them to Sturgis, and what better place to have thousands of bikers gathered up than Sturgis SD in the first of August? Way to go!

  15. kapnkirk

    If there’s a God in heaven.

    When you spot your flower, you can’t let anything get in your way.


  16. wuhrer36d

  17. obsolhei

    I loved Wild Hogs 1. Imho the best film with Tim Allen, next to The Santa Clause. The humour worked, the washed out family-fathers worked, the biker theme worked. I wouldn’t mind seeing even more sequels to this!

  18. Aniss1020

    Yell it… just yell it, really loud. It’ll be fun… just yell it, WILD HOGS!!!

  19. LieutenantJustin07

    DUDE No *beep* Way I Cant Wait For This To Come Out To the Theaters Cause Im Going To See It On The First Day When It Comes Out

    If You EVER Lay Your Head On My Back Again While Riding Bitch I’ll Throw You Into Traffic – Woody Stevens – Wild Hogs

  20. obsolhei

    No. 1 was one of my favorite comedies from this century. I’m so glad they’re making a sequel. These are the kinds of movies Tim Allen should focus on!!

  21. aaartnaz

    ken jeong is the asian doctor in knocked up and also is in the goods. he would be a great 5th member of the wild hogs. he and william h macy would get along the best.

  22. richenstony

    Wild Hogs was amazing fun lol :D

    This time we need more A list actors , maybe have Bruce Willis come in as one of there friends :D

    The thing is im the spawn of Satan

  23. lovepink7755

    The first one was SO funny! "I’ll get naked with my gay friends" lol…

    I’m so excited fo #2!

    I know I’m fabulous… this is not news to me

  24. Sick_Puppy2009

    Can’t get too excited about this mostly cause the first was good but nothing good enough to make a 2nd plus with the exception of Travolta the other 3 aging farts suck

    Tantric’s new album Mind Control is released August 4th!

  25. StaceyPilgrim

    The first one was sucky, this one will be too.

    Han Solo ain’t never had no sex with Princess Leia in the Star War

  26. bodoe5783-1

    2011….half of us will be dead by then

  27. xbjaminhobo

    they didnt even start to make it but yet its set out to release this year? doesnt it take months to make and atleast a year later to come out? esp. since the whole Travolta tragety (RIP Jett) John would probably wanna put some things on hold.

    Im Stuck In The 90’s

  28. dyls_smithy

    wow this will be awesome i loved the first 1

    i wonder what they will do hard to top the first

    dylan ninteno kid= the next avgn

  29. Zuchini_Man

    They are making a sequel, AWESOME!

    Can’t wait for this good movie!

    Captain Barbossa Rocks!

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