Wolf (1994)



Inside every man there are two people-one good, one beast. See »

Publisher Will Randall becomes a werewolf and has to fight to keep his job. Full summary »

Genre: Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Romance,Thriller

Wolf (1994)
Release Date: 17 June 1994 (USA)
Country: USA
Director: Mike Nichols
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • James Spader
  • Kate Nelligan
  • Richard Jenkins
  • Christopher Plummer
  • Eileen Atkins
  • David Hyde Pierce
  • Om Puri
  • Ron Rifkin
  • Prunella Scales
  • Brian Markinson
  • Peter Gerety
  • Bradford English
  • Stewart J. Zully

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33 Responses to Wolf (1994)

  1. jeffreysnydr

    Go to:


    It may have been from the deleted sex scene between Will and Laura.

  2. mtrusello

    Hi, board! My aunt would like to know if the horse head that was used in the close-up – the one in which the poor animal looked so crazy-eyed and terrified – was actually an animatronic. She says that "they can do a lot of things like that today", so I told her I’d ask. Thanks for any information! :)

  3. Zardoz2005


    I’m not suggesting that she is the original wolf but I have a feeling that Michelle Pfieffer’s character is indeed more than she might appear. I suspected it throughout the movie and immediately thought this to be the case with the last scenes. In those closing scenes I don’t think she was experiencing heightened senses for the first time, as it might appear, but we are just seeing her for the first time as she relaxes and plans to disappear off into the mountains to meet up with Jack’s wolf.

    There are clues throughout the film.

    Near the beginning after Jack hits the original wolf which then bites him (leading to his later transformation) when the wolf scarpers off into the trees you see other wolves watching and a shadowy human form on the left. Look closer and you may well find that this is a female figure…

    So, this theory suggests that the original wolf that bit Jack is incidental but the leader/mother of the wolf pack is Michelle Pfieffer.

    Some posters have speculated that MP’s character became a wolf because of a bite or scratch from James Spader. However, this is unlikely to be the case as the transformation process clearly takes longer than that.

    Others have suggested that her wolvish ways may be as a result of having sex with Jack. If this was the case, wouldn’t Jack’s wife also have ‘turned’… She did continue relations with James’s character for some time after they’d been caught out and he’d been bitten…

    Another clue is the way that she criticises Jack for scaring the animals. It’s more of a scolding, suggesting that she already knows what he is and this is something he needs to learn to control.

    Also, the ambiguity about her brother. Possibly he was the wolf that Jack hit (which would explain why she doesn’t like Jack so much at first).

    There is spider tattoo on Michelle Pfieffer right shoulder that is briefly revealed in the bed scene – I can’t figure this one out but it’s to deliberate to be insignificant.

    Lastly (and I’m not 100% serious about this) but does James’s character actually admit to killing Jacks wife? I don’t think so and no-one seems to have considered the possibility that Michelle Pfieffer might be responsible for this… She witnessed Jack’s wife saying she wanted to come back to him.

  4. deedlebug32

    I’ve seen this movie a few times now and i’m still wondering if Michelle is the one that bit him. We see that she is a wolf at the end of the film, but we never see her get bit. I still can’t figure it out…Great film by the way..It deserves a higher rating!

  5. reichstag1933

    In my case, my favourite scene is the conversation between Will Randal and Dr. Vijay Alezia.

    Post your favourites scenes.

    See ya later.

    Juan Carlos

  6. vampire_follower

    she did’nt transform the same night Will and Stewart did? because it was a full moon why did’nt it effect her?

    :Walt:you know the Business and i know the chemistry.

    :Jesse:you wanna cook crystal meth?

  7. FrankBooth_DeLarge

    I just can’t figure it out. Even the actors’ billings wouldn’t equal up to that ammount. The wolf effects would cost some money, but nowhere near $70 million. Does anyone know what made the movie cost so much?

    Master of Puppets- one of the best albums of all time.

    RIP Cliff Burton

  8. SheJoh0823

    It would have been better if he transformed into a complete werewolf….with complete body hair and all.

  9. opus_catpaws

    I bought a second hand film magazine some years ago that had a section on the making of Wolf. It was very indepth. 9 or 10 pages covering the original script, the production design, score and both Rick Baker’s and Amalgamated Dynamics effects.

    According to Nicholson the original script started with Werewolves from Romania being off loaded at a dock and some of them escape. Its one of these wolves that bites Will Randall. The film had a somewhat troubled production with Mike Nichols doing rewrites days or sometimes moments before shooting. The script is said to have gone through some overhauling that altered from Jim Harrisons vision. Greg Canom was on board as the original effects artist but disagreed with Mike Nichols over the metaphors for lycanthropy in the modern world.

    I’ll try and find someone willing to scan it for me. Some of you on here might find it interesting. This is the film that got me hooked on werewolf films.

    "There’s still some signs of life"

  10. Bundorama

    At what point in the movie did you think Stu realized he had wolf powers? Also, did you figure out Stu was a Wolf before it was revealed in the police station, or were you actually surprised? Discuss.

  11. Joseph-Zod

    Screwed each other…? Good film, though.

    As you can see I’m alot happier- Joker 89

  12. angelfish_2001

    The office building interior that Jack goes into right after he gets bit looks similar to the office building interior from the movie "What Women Want". Did anyone else notice this too?

  13. Jetfire59

    Will’s silver medallion was burning him in one scene after he’d begun his full-on transformation. But Laura was able to kill Swenton with regular bullets. If silver bullet were not needed to kill them, why set up that idea with Will’s medallion?

    When I discovered I’d been cloned, I was simply beside myself.

  14. monstermayhem32

    In the ending, Laura tells the detective that she could smell the liquor on his breath a mile away. I was wondering how was Laura able to transform into a wolf without being bitten? I know that the ending shows her walking back to the use and her eyes start to change color hinting at a possible transformation.

  15. jazzyblue

    Is there a significance to the spider tattoo on Laura’s shoulder? And if so, what is it? It appears to be shown for a reason but I cannot figure it out!

  16. Link1977

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Michelle Pfeiffer, and I especially loved the pairing of her with Jack Nicholson in this movie. Her natural beauty was captured perfectly here, and I find it interesting that she is graceful enough to portray Catwoman in Batman Returns and yet fierce enough to play a werewolf in this movie (at the end, anyway). But I think the most interesting connection in this movie is how much she physically reminded of the vampire Gabrielle de Lioncourt. In Anne Rice’s novels “The Vampire Lestat” and “Queen of the Damned,” Lestat’s mother is a beautiful woman that is described to have “yellow-blond hair like her son’s and cobalt blue eyes with too small, too kittenish features, that made her look like a girl." To me, this is the perfect description of Michelle Pfeiffer. In the novels, Gabrielle wears a beige safari type jacket during her adventures, and the two scenes that best captured this look were where she watches the horses react negatively towards Jack’s character, as well as when she was sitting near the lake with Jack.

    With her striking blue eyes and mane of blonde hair, I believe that the “Wolf era” Michelle Pfeiffer would have been perfectly cast as Gabrielle de Lioncourt. Anyone else think so?

  17. Colonel_Jack_Mustard

    The Curse of the Werewolf from 1962 produced by Great Britain’s venerable Hammer Studios puts Wolf to shame! No one does these types of films better than the British!

  18. bordeaux_boy

    That was so eww.

    Excusez-moi de ne pas avoir utilisé les accents.

  19. terminator86

    Anybody else love this line?

  20. godfatherofsoul

    This is one of those flicks I *barely* remember being advertised when it was in theaters and just caught on AMC for the first time. Michelle Pfeiffer looked about as hot as she ever has been. I liked the different take on werewolves, very original. Did anyone notice that the characters deliberately stopped from saying the word "werewolf" throughout the movie?

    Great observations as well from other posters. I was confused about Pfeiffer’s role, but I think it’s pretty obvious she was "infected" by her romp with Will.

    Cheesy special effects, but the storyline made up for it.

  21. Nicolegirl

    I heard that the mansion was in Old Westbury on Long island. is this true?

  22. bufster3

    I love this movie because of the great cast and score and quality directing and production. Most of all, I love it because for once the innocent victim who gets turned into a werewolf doesn’t have a tragic end.

  23. sharkmanface

    I was about 12 years old when I saw this when it first came out and I’ve noticed that as time has gone by all modern day ‘monster’ movies like those Underworld flicks and twilight or Van Helsing all have one thing in common, they rely way to much on overly special affects to make these so-called ‘conveniencing’ [spelling] monsters and take too much away from the actual acting and just basically becomes afew big name actors and a bunch of teeny boppers acting along side cheap cgi cartoon monsters. Here on the other hand, we actually have a creepy toned film with three excellent actors, two of whom turn into the monsters through actual makeup like they use to do when it all started out with the classic days of Lon Chaney Jr. Not only that but they were able to act as well as rely on the prosthetic’s; and I’ll teel ya this, I was alot more on edge watching Nicholson and Spader go at it literaly ‘like dogs’ rather than just two computer chacters in a supposed death match like in the Hulk movies, again better with human actor Lou Ferrigno. In short I like real people playing roles that can creat tense and fear instead of ones that just want to get a few minutes of screen time and hope their animated counterparts will launch them to fame.

  24. JerryDandridge83

    The production was delayed so that they could change the third act because of bad receptions (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_(film).

    Does anybody know that?

  25. feargal72

    i mean they had contact after he was bitten and made love i believe after he had that long sleep kate nelligan would have made a great shewolf!!! foxy baby!!

  26. Jackfrost52883

    My favorite was, when he was in Central park, and attacked the gang members and bit off on the guy’s fingers. He said, "I’ve got about a thousand dollars in my wallet, how much did do you like to barrow? Five, Ten," the one of the gang member’s said, cut the bull *beep* man, and give me the money. Then wam, took his fingers right off. That was awesome…

  27. cannon1975

    Anyone know where I can find a free download of the script for this? I’ve searched a lot of free screenplay sites, but can’t find any that has the screenplay for Wolf.

  28. mrjjmac22-1

    Can this guy be a worse actor?

  29. aawsmith-1

    Looks more like the 1980s because of the picture quality and the special effects.

    Anyone else agree?

    From The Joker.

  30. MovieMania7

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the last 20 minutes of that movie scared the crap out of me! The creepy music, and Will and Stewart as the werewolves…I can never watch that alone with the lights off. Also, Laura was a wolf at the end right? I would think yes because we see her eyes are a wolf’s and she can smell the detectives vodka. But how did SHE become a wolf? Was she the wolf that bit Will in the beggining? Did Will bite her when having sex? Important questions.

  31. Mister_Anderson

    Okay, this is a stupid post, but I’m curious so here goes…

    There’s a particular scene in this film that freaked me out when I caught it (the scene) on TV years ago. It’s the scene near the end with James Spader and Michelle Pfifer in the police station. I hadn’t even watched the entire movie yet, but James Spader freaked me out with his performance with lines like: "Bitten? What an odd question." And then when he sniffed Michelle Pfifer, lol.

    Anybody else think James Spader is a good actor / did a good job in his role in this movie (especially when he began to show signs of becoming a wolf)?

  32. mlfouchey

    Granted it will make for great cheesy saturday afternoon B grade horror watching 40 years from now —— but it really was a stinker.

    I can’t believe some think the effects were good ! I expected more I guess from this cast .

    If cheesy low budget bad lines look is what they were shooting for then it’s not bad but still no Ed Wood classic.

    The pairing of Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer ? Someone could have poured gas on them and struck a match and it wouldn’t have lit. no chemistry !

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